Holiday Open Thread

| January 17, 2022

Nearly 59 years ago, Martin Luther King Jr. made a speech on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial. In a part of that speech, he expressed a dream where descendants of both slaveowners, and slaves, could sit together at the table of brotherhood. Here is a link to this speech. Enjoy your holiday.

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Veritas Omnia Vincit

And a rather wonderful speech, thanks for the link it’s good to remember the whole of it rather than the more often quoted smaller components.

It is a shame today that our politicians dream small dreams, rife with partisanship as opposed to those big dreams of a future of a cooperative, equal society that leaves the individual free while building a larger society with benefits and responsibilities for all Americans.

Responsibility and accountability seem lost in much of today’s commentary.

A Proud Infidel®™

Most politicians only look at something and seek what they can gain out of it whether it’s currying favor with other pols or getting a chance to hog the limelight.


MLK must be crying in heaven today… to see where race relations are now in this country.

A Proud Infidel®™

I claim Honorary First once again.


MLK, Jr.– “I have a dream that one day that will one day my four little children live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin, but by the content of their character.”– is now an evil RethugliKKKan “racist” as too “individual” and not collective about race (“woke,” solely focused upon skin color) for left/liberal progressives.


I had the same thought. How screwed up is it that his dream of a colorblind society is now deemed as Racistnow a days. I’m hoping that most people that are Democrats don’t think this way, but the politicians seem to be so scared of their radicals, they have made the radical opinion the mainstream Democratic platform.

In other news, looks like the website got an update and I can now use rich text in my posts.

  • Fancy.
Join or die.jpg

The Dems kind of asked for it, Fuze. They brought it on themselves, and it is backfiring on them.

Stay tuned. It is going to get even nastier!!!

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I love it when Democrats ask if I’m on the side of MLK, Jr. or Bull Conner because I actually know (unlike them) which one was a Republican.


Very True.


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Much like Robert E. Lee, Martin Luther King Jr. is being co-opted by those seeking power to pervert what he thought and did to their own ends.

Kinda makes me thankful that I am not famous.


I’m thankful for free enterprise where both UPS and FEDEX are
open today while the Post Office is closed. Mandated holidays
are no holiday for lots of people.
As I recall, this one had unions all tied up like those memes of
the guy trying to make a choice as to which button to push.
Rest in peace Dr. King. This country needs you now more than ever.

Green Thumb

I agree about the holiday part.

The False Commander “Phony” Phil Monkress (CEO of All-Points Logistics) and his new batch of Phildo Supporters are hard at work today trying to procure more set aside, taxpayer-funded, government contacts based upon his highly questionable and potentially felonious Native American, Law Enforcement and Navy SEAL claims.


The tranny-kissing, kneepad-wearing, patriot-hating CJCS, with 2 jabbinations and a booster!, has the COVAIDS and is spreading it around like the barracks wh0re he is.

Clown World.


Think aOc took horse past?




Considering that my family had an Underground Railroad stop on their farms in NE Iowa, I was teargassed at 16 during an equal rights demonstration in Iowa City it really frosts my ass that these stupid politicians have allowed these race pimps to totally destroy all the good that came out of that struggle.
I firmly believe that the best thing that ever happened to race relations in the US happened after President Truman desegregated the US Military.
That reason was that the whites of that era were forced to give blacks the respect they had earned in service to their country.
They fought two wars during the Civil War, WWI and obviously WWII.
Harry Truman, dropped the bombs and desegregated the military. Thank you Harry !!!


Charles McGee, 102, Tuskegee Airman
who flew 409 fighter combat missions over three wars
and later helped to bring attention to the Black pilots who had battled racism at home to fight for freedom abroad,
died Sunday.


I wonder if the speech these days would be “I have a nightmare..”?

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Figured I’d use the Open Thread to gloat about how awesome my day is going: Started making coffee this morning, now fixing a toilet seat.

At least theres no bloodshed…. yet.

So I use a Freedom Press to make coffee (it’s a french press but with less surrender monkeying), so I set a pot of water on the electric range top and set it on high. Not 2 seconds later it makes a hiss sound then full-on arcing like it’s trying to weld itself, throwing pretty blue light all over the place. Luckily Miss Thickness herself (more on that in a tick) was awake-ish so I yelled at her to run to the basement to throw the breaker.

I’ve heard of coils blowing but that was impressive. I knew a trip to the depot of home was in order, also on the list: a seat for the thinking stool.
Out of 7 years in this relationship she’s taken out 2 toilet seats with that thang. I’m buying stock in Bemis Company.

She’s a keeper tho, I never go hungry and at least she’s attempting to fix her oopsie.