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Radical Islamic leaders, from different factions, voice a common objective. They call for Islam being established over the whole world. The only logical response, in this situation, cannot be dismissed as “Christian jihad”. They’ve been fighting the West for centuries. We must be willing to be more persistent, patient, aggressive, etc. in response. To do otherwise is to abdicate our civilization in favor of adopting an Islamic one. Enjoy your weekend.

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Commissioner Wretched



5th and CW is FIRSTLY!!!!!
I’m here.
I shouldn’t have been reading other crap and paying attention to my F5 key.
Oh well, another week.


My Main Man CW! Lois Laned yourself right on up there a “scooped” yo’self the Coveted EARNED NEVER AWARDED TAH Weekend Open Thread FIRST. Kong of the Rats to you Good Sir. Well Played. If I had of been stroking my F5 Key instead of this newly purchased, a’fixin to go fire Kimber 1911 design Custom LW, I mighta been a contender. Or maybe, just maybe, I wuz robbed. Now, since I know you’re under… Read more »


You forgot the “NIB” part you bitch… https://www.kimberamerica.com/custom-lw Nice shootin’ iron pron. Going to the range to git rid of some “stale” and “old” ammo….from like a few months ago. It’s like breakfast cereal. You gotta keep it fresh, right??? (sarc) Here’s my contribution… Banshee in 45 ACP https://imgur.com/BzHQJTt CZ P-10C (not exactly mine but close enough) And today’s Ammoseek.com listing for current low prices of ammo with settings for low or free shipping (free… Read more »


Yeah, I saw that when I saw it went to Moderation. I forgot.
I’ll just split them next time. THANKS!

Commissioner Wretched

Well, the trivia morsels were quickly put on the main buffet table. Hope you and everybody else enjoy them! As for the Dawgs … I know it’s not good for a person living in the Southeast to say this, but I don’t really follow football. Glad they won and all, but where I come from, there are only two sports – baseball and everything else. And it’s just “Go Cubs” with me. I’m a true… Read more »


Congrats and here’s your accoutrements.

I installed a bottle opener in the scepter and a cigar cutter in the crown. This should make the troops happy!

Have a great weekend y’all!


Hot Dog!
A hearty Rats of the Cong to you CW!



Commissioner Wretched

Hey! Looks like I snuck one in there!!! Okay, prepare to show love to the FIRST on the WOT! This one’s all mine, folks … proper genuflecting is to be expected. Whilst I lord it over you all for the next week, how about some trivia to lessen the impact? DID YOU KNOW…? How did the horse in “Mister Ed” learn to move its lips when it “talked”? By Commissioner Wretched didyouknowcolumn@gmail.com With the new… Read more »


Nope, haven broken my New Year’s Resolution yet.
It’s the same one I’ve had since I left Co A 4/9 Inf Rgt at Ft Wainwright.
I will not eat liver and onions this year.
I left there in 1976 and I have yet to even think about breaking it !!!!
Nope, not eating that !!!

Hack Stone

Top Five! Piece of shit cell phone won’t frigging cooperate.


Here’s a fun one – Mike Lindell now claims he has enough evidence to put some three hundred million people in jail for election fraud:


That’s 91% of the US, and more people than voted in the election, all being put away ‘for life’. Somehow.

And this follows on from news two weeks back where Texas hasn’t found any mass election fraud in their audit:



He did a life ban from TwOtter,so could have on to something.


Really had high hopes for Mike’s information, but he’s let me down again. Can’t say I’m totally surprised though.


I have to ask, then – do you think the election was stolen? If so, does the repeated absence of evidence and outlandish claims like this make you question that position?

No arguments here from me either way – I’m just really curious.


No, I don’t think it was stolen, but I do think there was a lot of shady shit done in the name of Covid. Arizona did a half-assed inquiry run by a shoddy investigator on an uncooperative state government and pronounced themselves clean. Now the investigator is under investigation. Lots of questions, no answers. I just thought it would be awesome if ol’ Mike actually had something. My expectations were very low.


When election workers and one political party observers team up to keep the other political party observers from observing ballots being opened, reviewed and counted, there is a a steal in progress.

Veritas Omnia Vincit

He does make me wonder sometimes if his head missed those nice pillows from time to time and bounced off the floor… He reminds me of the people that make me nervous about being associated with the big L Libertarians…I enjoy Jefferson’s notions of libertarian life principles, but the modern Big L folks let every crackpot with a thought have a shot at a leadership role…it’s why they’ll never be a true national party and… Read more »


Our response.
Scorch & Salt the Earth and kill *everything*, Man, Woman, Child, Beast and Plant.
THEN come back and talk shit about your fucked up religion. Oh wait, there’s no one to do that.
Got it.
Don’t like it, fuck you, behave.
Maybe you can get it right on your next incarnation. We’ll let the Universal Gods and spiritual entities worry about that.


You may remember Maryland State Attorney Marilyn Mosby who overreached and prosecuted 6 police officers in the death of Freddie Gray. She has also declined to prosecute minor crimes and drug offenses. Mosby has now been indicted by a Federal Grand Jury: A federal grand jury has indicted Baltimore’s top prosecutor Marilyn Mosby on charges of perjury and making false statements with a series of financial transactions that helped her buy a condo on Florida’s… Read more »


ANNNNNNNDDDD it’s likely jack and shit will happen to them…unless they’ve become politically disposable and then they will become victims themselves, like the Demoncraps will eat their young. I just don’t see it happening BUT the schadenfreude this week is just delicious…. 1. Joe’z votery manipulation gets shit all over 2. the SC goes and tells Joe to stick his OSHA jab up his ass and then 3. Maryland MOFO Mosbee and her schlubby get… Read more »


My dream is that the Mexican government lawsuit triggered by the “Fast and the Furious” gunrunning would name Obama and Holder.


Oh, dreaming are we? Well then I can dream this. These fuckers will get King Louis XVI & Marie Antoinette’d



The only way they will do any time is if they become Republicans and endorse Trump.

Hack Stone

Maybe she can write the forward to the next Healthy Holly book written by former Baltimore Mayor Catherine Pugh.

A Proud Infidel®™

Looking at the left these days is like watching Hyenas cannibalize each other, it could be that someone else sees them as a possible obstacle to them clawing ahead, thus they throw dirt!


Greetz from Six Nations! Fourteenth WOT post and very first iPad post 🐵👍



Jeff LPH 3, 63-66


A Proud Infidel®™

Twenty-sump’n and Honorary First once again.



Good movie history.


I wuz at the gym trying to keep the old ticker ticking. In the Good News of the Year for the GB Compound (early, but so far at least): We were finally able to ditch AT&T’s “service” and get connected to a fiber-optic co-op. College Granddaughter tested it out and it should help her a lot in the upcoming semester. If anyone has any practical advice for Airborne Son getting his paperwork moving to medically… Read more »


RECENT PHONY UPDATE – We will hearing a LOT more in 2022 about San Clemente, CA’s Phony Legion of Merit Mayor Gene James. The San Clemente Times (the same writer & news source for VG articles #1 & #2) is now putting together a new story… a Phony Legion of Merit Mayor Gene James story. I look forward to seeing truth & accountability day for a long time liar, embellisher, and (political) town bully. It… Read more »


TUESDAY >>> Catch the Mayor Gene James / Stolen Valor fireworks at the next San Clemente City Council meeting. Tuesday, January 18, 2022. YouTube LIVE begins at 5:00pm PST, 8:00pm EST. The meeting will be held on Brady Bunch Zoom. The Zoom is then simulcast as YouTube LIVE. Expect several moments that will easily pass the bar as VG/TAH WORTHY… not only from angry citizens, but ALSO from City Council itself. BYOP. Bring your own… Read more »


JPG upload test.
Ahhh, what we find on the internet these days…

Stolen Valor Phony Legion of Merit Gene James 2.jpg

YouTube URL link test.
BIUS functions test.

Keepin’ shit topical.
[STOLEN VALOR – San Clemente, CA Mayor Gene James CAUGHT on TV wearing an unearned Legion of Merit.]

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Herbert J Messkit

FBI delenda est

Green Thumb

The False Commander “Phony” Phil Monkress (CEO of All-Points Logistics) works balls as his new batch of Phildo Supporters look the other way as he steals from the American taxpayers through using his nefarious and potentially felonious Native American, Navy SEAL and Law Enforcement Officer claims to procure set-aside government contracts.




Shhhhhhhh gotdamn it, two more times and he’s gonna show up again like last week, like a bad penny


I tried to warn you guys, but nooooo, you had to test my JRM hypothesis. Aw shit…




jrm…. 😆😅😂🤣 Claw= The BEST Supply Daddy EVER.. The entire ninja family is laughing so hard… THANK YOU, Claw, ChipNASA, SFC D and KoB!!! (Wonder if JRM is reading this…) One more time… Do you think JRM read where the ninja family posted that JRM only has 8 ribbons/awards versus the 12 he claims…and that he is NOT entitled to wear the Air Assault Badge, the Blue Infantry Cord, Green Tabs? If JRM wants to… Read more »


JRM is only authorized to wear the Vietnam Gallantry Cross (Unit Citation) and NOT the other 2 Unit awards that he claims/wears. He was with HHC, 501st Signal from July 1970-January 1972 as a 31L20, where he then transferred to the HHC & Band, 101st Support Group from January 1972 to February 1972 before PCSing to USACDEC. https://www.101namveteran.com/unit-awards.html 501st Signal Battalion, Meritorious Unit Commendation—1 Jan–31 Aug 68, RVN Gallantry Cross w/Palm—1 Mar–9 Oct 71; 18,… Read more »


Disturbing. Hit that like button!


What the titty fucking shit happened to the comments?!


Language test?



Am seeing the same thing…Don’t know if Admin knows…..

Anyone else out there seeing what Roh-Dog and the ninja family are seeing right now?


Good, I’m not crazy. Well, not about this at least. We can post gif?
Edit: there’s even an ‘edit button’!!!

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I don’t think you’ve fully thought out what you’ve done here, Leadership Team. You think we’re NOT going to abuse this? I have to level with you, the machinations my brainhousing group doth conjure…

Dave Hardin

Machinations? Ain’t there some kind of cream for that?


That’s disgusting, but I’m here to remind you…

Dave Hardin

Just doing some upgrade… its a work in progress

Dave Hardin

Getting too late to play with it tonight. Just a temp condition.


KoB in his natural habitat? (Love you, Bro!)
.:runs and ducks:.

Dave Hardin

do gifs work?


Yut. It’s glorious and I’m tactically acquiring it.


Fixed GIF file test.
As it was in the 1990s, before compressed JPG files.

Steve Zahuranec Stolen Valor Phony Seal GIF 2.gif
The Stranger

Ok. Was it really necessary to post a picture of Dan Wall?


Looks like far right OAN may not survive the year.
DirecTV (AT&T) contract being dropped in April 2022.
Since DirecTV / AT&T is over 80% of OAN’s funding,
and about 40% of their broadcasting reach,
well, do that math.

If OAN is your bag,
you have about 11 weeks left to soak it up.

[DirecTV drops Trump-friendly One America News] – https://www.abc27.com/news/entertainment/directv-drops-trump-friendly-one-america-news/

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