Nancy Pelosi expected to step down as house leader next year

| January 4, 2022

Members of the Democratic Party are jockeying to replace her. Candidates wanting to take over the position face competition. The one who takes Nancy Pelosi’s position must tackle with the future direction of the Democratic Party. Will they continue to drift to the far left, or would they be able to cater to the political center?

From the Washington Post:

After almost 19 years as House Democratic leader, Speaker Nancy Pelosi (Calif.) is expected to step down at the close of this Congress, ending a historic career that included trying to end George W. Bush’s Iraq War, implementing President Barack Obama’s signature health-care law, impeaching President Donald Trump twice and squeezing President Biden’s sweeping agenda through a narrowly controlled House.

Rep. Hakeem Jeffries (N.Y.) is the early favorite to become the next Democratic leader, but the maneuvering for power has just begun, and fights over who else should be on the leadership team could pit the ideological factions of the caucus against each other.

Whoever replaces Pelosi will face the daunting task of presiding over the increasingly tense debate about whether Democrats will be the party of the activist left or of a center-left coalition that can appeal to a broader segment of America in the struggle with an ever more populist and nationalistic Republican Party.

It’s a debate that is already raging as Democrats scramble to rescue the main pillar of Biden’s agenda that would expand education, health-care and climate change programs and has led to deep acrimony between liberal and centrist members about what the party has promised voters and what it will actually deliver.

The debate will only get more intense.

“I think we want leadership that bridges some of the different ideological wings of the party, that is committed to listening to all of the perspectives, that will be capable of helping move the Senate or things that have stalled in the House, and has a bold vision of what we need to achieve for the American public,” Rep. Ro Khanna (Calif.), a liberal, said in an interview. “But whoever it is, I hope they would adopt progressive positions and also listen to the broad caucus and build consensus.”

While Pelosi retains the respect, and often the reverence, of her caucus, interviews with more than two dozen lawmakers and aides across the House Democratic Caucus, including members of the ideological and minority caucuses, made clear that the rank and file are ready to move beyond the “old guard” of octogenarians that includes Pelosi, Majority Leader Steny H. Hoyer (Md.) and Majority Whip James E. Clyburn (S.C.).

But there are stark differences over how the next set of leaders should run the caucus, regardless of whether Democrats return to the minority or maintain control of the chamber after the midterm elections.

The Washington Post has more here. Fox News talks about the potential candidates in this link.

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Hack Stone

Looks like the Party has decided that she has amassed enough wealth through insider trading and kickbacks, time for someone else to set their beak.



Another whose obit I will read with the greatest of pleasure.

Odd how people who have been running (into the ground) this country for 30-50 years seem to want to blame all the problems we have on a man who was only the President for 4 years. And he was set upon by swamp rats of BOTH parties the entire time.

SKRUNT! Nope, she won’t give up her gavel of power until it is pried from her dead clawed hands. If Satan had a Mother….


Her final resting place will be watered frequently by the homeless.

A Proud Infidel®™

I find it more than kind of interesting that Malig-Nancy Pelosi has decided to consider retiring to Florida after she and her party have rendered California largely unlivable.


I can hear it now, Nancy moves to Florida and immediately begins to start a Grass roots movement to “improve” Florida to Nancy’s liking.



If she could step down and into a macerator, that’d be great. And what demonrat party? If the republi-can’ts are split, with half in rehab and the other half in the nut house, the Dims are on the coroner’s table.

Being a nationalist in this environment is akin to a lame horse befriending the guy that runs the glue factory. The Nation died ’round November last after the accident 4 years prior, the REPUBLIC will endure.


I nominate Georgia Rep Hank Johnson, lawyer, a former Associate Judge and Dekalb County Commissioner. He has proven he has all the right stuff to lead…


Holy fking sheet. It’s 13:55 Eastern and time for a drink.
Thanks, Berliner.

‘The best and brightest amongst us..’, indeed.


He is Bhuddist so this is really a delivery problem. If he could get his delivery right he would appear be very wise. To Democrats.

A Proud Infidel®™

Malig-Nancy Pelosi has spent decades currying favor, but more often gathering and holding massive dirt on others to blackmail them into doing her will along with making big fortunes on insider information that would get anyone else jailed, but the exceptions written into the laws allow scum like her to profit instead.


The Ballad Of Sleepy Joe – Come on Man




“a bold vision of what WE need to achieve for the American public”=horseshit.

These lawmakers have no idea what Americans want or need. They are so far out of touch it’d ridiculous. Only concerned with enriching themselves at taxpayer expense.

I suspect that Pelosi is one of the few that has dirt on the Clintons stored away that makes her untouchable.

Veritas Omnia Vincit

After the mid-terms she might be stepping down whether she wanted to or not…

The Democrats seem poised to once against snatch defeat from the jaws of victory with their idiotic policies in inability to accomplish one useful thing during their first two years with creepy Uncle Joe at the helm….

It should surprise no one that a guy who has been relatively useless for the bulk of his career (except perhaps as a cautionary tale) remains useless near the end of said career.

Let’s Go Brandon!!