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| December 4, 2021

SAR K2 45

No charges issued against unnamed Racine County deputy who killed gas station gunman

Elliot Hughes
No charges will be issued against the unnamed, undercover sheriff’s deputy who fatally shot a gunman after he opened fire outside two gas stations in rural Racine County in July.

The suspect in the shooting, John R. McCarthy, 32, of Hartland, shot and killed Anthony F. Griger, 22, of Elkhorn outside one gas station in Franksville before driving two miles to another station and opening fire on the undercover deputy with the Racine County Sheriff’s Office.

The deputy, who survived the shooting and still has not been identified publicly, returned fire and killed McCarthy.

The decision by Racine County District Attorney Patricia Hanson was accompanied this week by the release of hundreds of pages of investigative files by the Wisconsin Department of Justice, which led the investigation into the officer shooting.

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Yeah. Wasn’t for lack of trying, apparently. Our Gun Bunny sends.

Cops: Uber driver’s fatal shooting near Union City nightclub appears to be self-defense

By Caroline Silva
No charges have been filed after an Uber driver was fatally shot by a security guard in late November after dropping off a woman at a Union City business, police said.

Philip Appiah, 21, was found by Union City officers in a fetal position next to his car bleeding from his head and mouth near Citizens Lanes bowling alley and Cru-Lounge along Goodson Connector Road on Nov. 23, an incident report obtained by The Atlanta Journal-Constitution said. He was pronounced dead at the scene.

A security guard working at the location immediately told responding officers that he shot Appiah, the report reveals. The man was detained for questioning. As of Thursday, no charges have been filed and police spokesman Jerome Turner said the killing “appears to be self-defense from witness statements and interviews received at this time.”

The investigation is ongoing.

In an attempt to piece together the events of that night, officers noticed that Appiah’s car was riddled with bullets, the report said. Along the fence line in the parking lot of the nightclub, an officer found about nine shell casings and other rounds near a row of parked vehicles. Two cars were struck by bullets and damaged, according to the report.

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Atlanta Journal-Constitution

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Old tanker

Wow so nice the DA decided NOT to charge the Deputy for defending himself. I kind of question the motive of the article writer. It reads like he / she / it was surprised by the decision. Being an Uber driver isn’t as healthy as one would want. I sure as hell wouldn’t want to be driving around picking up strangers especially in some of the blue cities in blue states that seem to absolutely… Read more »


Word OT!. A murderous parasite taken out by an LEO? Give the Officer a Medal, a bonus check, and a week off with pay. In a lot of areas, not only is being an Uber driver a dangerous proposition, but riding in an Uber could get dicey. Almost as dicey as threatening a coupla armed security guards in and around Atlanta GA. Was not familiar with the SAR K2 45, but they had me at… Read more »

President Elect Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH Neanderthal B Woodman Domestic Violent Extremist SuperStraight

Gun Bunny,
Is there a patron saint of radio/communications? If not there should be.

Sorry, not-the Gun Bunny but goes the saying ‘Ask a Comm-tech and ye shall know’…

Gabriel the Archangel is the Patron Saint of Radio Broadcasters/Communication Workers.


Some folks say that Ol’ Gabe plays a pretty mean Horn…but you may not want to be around when He blows His Trumpet. Others say that He is just a backup for Michael. I won’t make a Judgement on this Day.

Catch all of their latest hits on WGOD AM…KGOD FM…on the Thessalonian Channel.


Something seemed odd about the Atlanta event. Guy drops off fare. Same guy shoots at / pulls gun on security guard. Somethings missing.

Read the article: “She told police that Appiah ‘seemed agitated while he drove her’ and at one point ‘turned up the music to drown out hearing any further requests’ after she asked him to turn up the heat, the report said.

Suggests not all was copacetic.


Well, I just couldn’t figure how dead man went from going about lawful business to something to dead. Then I read he seemed to be in some, umm, ‘altered mental state’ and the light broke.