California Female Prison Inmates Sue State For Housing Transgenders

| November 29, 2021

A group of female inmates have named the state of California as the defendant in a lawsuit over housing transsexuals in women’s prison facilities.

The group, named the Women’s Liberation Front (WoLF), is strongly opposed to recent California legislation which allows transsexuals entry to woman’s correctional facilities throughout the state.

According to, “two of the plaintiffs in the lawsuit, both incarcerated women, allege they were sexually assaulted by inmates who identify as transgender or gender nonbinary,” and that “the lawsuit said that one of the alleged assaults occurred after the law went into effect, while the other alleged assault does not specify when it occurred.”

Poetrooper sends.

California law allows transgender inmates in women’s prisons. Now, female inmates are suing

Andrew Sheeler

SACRAMENTO, Calif. — A woman’s rights group is suing the state to overturn a new law that requires prisons to place transgender and gender nonbinary inmates in facilities that correspond to their gender identities, alleging the practice puts incarcerated people in danger.

The Women’s Liberation Front filed a lawsuit last week in the U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of California on behalf of several incarcerated women as well as a group, Woman II Woman, that advocates on behalf of incarcerated women.

Two of the plaintiffs in the lawsuit, both incarcerated women, allege they were sexually assaulted by inmates who identify as transgender or gender nonbinary.

The lawsuit said that one of the alleged assaults occurred after the law went into effect, while the other alleged assault does not specify when it occurred.

Several of the plaintiffs report being victims of domestic violence in the past. Several of the plaintiffs also cite their religious beliefs, which they argue are impaired by being placed in shared custody with transgender women.


High school locker rooms and public restrooms are still fine, though. Thanks, Poe. I hope the ladies win big.

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“(T)wo of the plaintiffs in the lawsuit, both incarcerated women, allege they were sexually assaulted by inmates who identify as transgender or gender nonbinary.” Hmmm, who, besides Mad Max Waters and Gavin Newscum couldn’t have forseen this? Imagine, a con figured out a way to con Commiefornia to give them a confined arena to play in.


If I have to ever go back to the big house, imma identify as vagina dentata so I can hang with the girls.
Unless Bertha gots a strap on, I’ll be ok


Bertha got one, so no, you won’t be OK.

I don’t give a damn what someone “identifies” as. You are either a setter or a pointer. And no, I don’t think that the taxpayer should have to pay for you to change what you were born with…or for the drugs to complete your misguided notions.

This could be real simple. Every inmate, upon inprocessing, is given a physical. Send them to the facility to match what they have between their legs.


When reality interrupts the hashish-pipe-dream of the leftards.

Of course, Lars will show up to tell us all why these female inmates are transphobic right-wing white supremacists and they shouldn’t be taken seriously.

I don’t know what these ladies did to get in there, but they shouldn’t have to put up with sexual assault when in there.


And men shouldn’t have to hand-hold chicks thru Ranger School but here we all are, living the fever dream!

Green Thumb


A Proud Infidel®™

BUTbutbut Orange Man still bad because newsman say so and uhhhhmm… it D-rat so it okay if you no like you are racist and *uuuuhhhm*,… So say the D-rat leftards, with that Law all an Inmate has to do is SAY he’s transgender and gets a ticket out of where he’s at, it’s a total failure just like everything else libtards foist on us.

E4 Mafia '83-'87

This surprises no one with an ounce of brains…so Democrats are completely baffled.


Hah, yeah and a California high school announced plans to go ahead with integrated shower rooms. What could possibly go wrong?! ((Cough, cough)) VIRGINIA.. ((cough…)) 🙄

Shithole state run by complete shitheads. Lars… you should be proud.


Integrated shower rooms? Now why didn’t they have that when I was in high school?

In jr. high, I was on the auditorium back stage crew and we had taken a bolt out of the back stage door into the girls’ shower room. Boy did we enjoy pulling out that broken bolt so we could peep on the girls showering. Then one day we saw that the door had a new bolt firmly installed. Apparently, someone couldn’t keep his mouth shut.

Old tanker

I can see this as getting very very expensive for woke states. IIRC some of the “activists” are claiming there are in excess of 70 “genders”. I wonder when the state will be getting mandated to provide a separate prison facility for each one. The stupidity just will not end.

A Proud Infidel®™️

If I had a dollar for every gender out there, I’d have $2 and a fat handful of counterfeits!


Ohhhh I like that one!!!

A Proud Infidel®™

Thanks, I can’t remember where I swiped it from!


Whoever it actually was in California’s Dept of Corrections that decided to put pen to paper and espouse that housing female inmates with transgender inmates as a ‘really good progressive idea’, shows how truly stone-blind these folks are and really only serves to underscore California’s true ‘teh-stoopid-factor’. Hope this lawsuit breaks California’s financial back and screw’s ’em all to a wall – permanently. BFG’s. *spit*

John Seabee

As my wonderful life partner is retired from CDCR, it is the God’s truth that those people who run the dept make Hogan’s Goat look like a precision tool. This is the same set of executives who want to close the 8 CDCR conservation centers whose main purpose is to train and provide inmate fire fighting crews. The stoopid is strong with them.


A quiet prayer of gratitude that your partner is now retired and away from that snake pit. Cheers John.

Green Thumb

What is interesting is that prisoner’s are already considered a “vulnerable” population under CITI / Ethical training in academia (and other areas) and are treated with “kid gloves” in studies. Very tight guidelines concerning using them.

I wonder if a study was done prior to this and if these female prisoners were interviewed / consulted? Also curious as if these “studies” came to the conclusion that these actions (combining populations) was justifiable in relation to the “hypothesis”.

Me thinks if so, some heads are going to roll….

President Elect Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH Neanderthal B Woodman Domestic Violent Extremist SuperStraight

Sheesh! Not to make light of the situation, but don’t Teh Wemmenz have/could make shanks etc? Let one of the Trans get close to a Wemmenz with a shank, the Trans will find hisself in need of a REAL operation to sew up the hole where his pecker us’ta’be.

Depends on how close they are to end-of-sentence. Something like that can lose you parole in a hurry.


The Washington Correction Center for Women, near Gig Harbor, last year had over 100 “non-menstruating persons” on the waiting list to transfer in.

The state put in a freeze after the first sexual assault complaint due to a rape of a mentally disabled female prisoner.

Only Army Mom

Every time I see a story like this, my first thought is “Ah, I do so love it when they eat their own”. Let’s not fight against it. Let them continue on their path. We all know where it ends.

Someone pass the popcorn


If it weren’t for the sake of those actively being victimized, I’d agree.

Then again, most here have no problem with the idea of rape of male convicts by Thor and Tiny, or their female equivalents by Bertha and Shaniqua….

Can’t say I’m a fan of the hypocrisy. Rape is wrong, regardless of the victim’s character.

Only Army Mom

Agreed and I should have been more clear. My comment is an “in general”, and this particular is a big, huge exception.


“Nine months later out it came, a bald headed Lars swinging a chain>””