Canada Fires Top IP Medic- False Ancestry Claims

| November 28, 2021

Carrie Bourassa was suspended as scientific director of the Canadian Institutes of Health Research’s Institute of Indigenous Peoples’ Health when the CBC exposed her claims of native heritage were false.

Carrie Bourassa, the scientific director of the Canadian Institutes of Health Research’s Institute of Indigenous People’s Health, claimed to have ancestral ties to the Metis indigenous peoples of Canada.

A recent report revealed that her kin more accurately hailed from Russia, Poland and Czechoslovakia.

She has been ousted from her government job and her university professorship.

Andy11M sends.

Canada’s indigenous health expert Carrie Bourassa loses job when ancestry claims prove false

By Mary Kay Linge

She’s Sitting Bulls-t.

A Canadian medical researcher who rose to become the nation’s top voice on indigenous health has been ousted from her government job and her university professorship — after suspicious colleagues investigated her increasingly fanciful claims of Native American heritage and learned she was a fraud.

Carrie Bourassa, a public health expert who served as scientific director of the Canadian Institutes of Health Research’s Institute of Indigenous Peoples’ Health, was suspended on Nov. 1, five days after the state-owned Canadian Broadcasting Corporation published a lengthy expose on her background.

Far from being a member of the Métis nation, as she had long claimed, a laborious trace of Bourassa’s family tree revealed that her supposedly indigenous ancestors were in fact immigrant farmers who hailed from Russia, Poland, and Czechoslovakia.


It started to unravel in 2019, when she appeared in full tribal regalia — draped in an electric blue shawl, with a feather in her partially braided hair — to give a TEDx Talk at the University of Saskatchewan in Saskatoon.

“My name is Morning Star Bear,” she said tearfully as the crowd cheered.

“I’m Bear Clan. I’m Anishinaabe Métis from Treaty Four Territory,” she proclaimed as she described an impoverished childhood beset by violence.

But colleagues at the university, where Bourassa held a professorship, smelled a rat.

NY Post

Rachel Dolezal and Elizabeth Warren are unavailable for comment. Thanks, Andy11M.

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Does she now owe her salary back and her speaker’s fees back to those whom she scammed?

She ought to.


If she migrates to an American blue state she can become a US Senator…


Paging Senator Fauxahontas . . . paging Senator Fauxahontas . . . .

Senator Fauxahontas, please pick up the white courtesy phone . . . .


My favorite 2020 “Mexican Word of the Day” meme….
A photo of Elizabeth Warren with the bottom caption “NADA Indian.”


Whacking Material

No, the white phone

Gimme Hamm on five, hold the Mayo

… and don’t call me Shirley


If she’ll BS her claims about her heritage, what kind of BS would she spew regarding the results of scientific research related to her professional AO?




But! Ya see, here’s the thing thebesig/AW1Ed; like someone who claims that they’re a former Navy SEAL(and can’t remember their class# or swim-buddy’s name), Carrie’s claiming and espousing to have quite an amazingly ‘diverse’ background – Anishinaabe/Metis = someone of partial Qjibway decent, also being part French and also having some Six Nations Confederacy heritage(Mohawk, Oneida, Onondaga, Cayuga, Seneca, and Tuscarora) – important to understand that all of the afore mentioned First Nations bands are from Manitoba, Ontario and part of Quebec. Carrie also claims that she has Tlingit heritage(one of eight bands of West coast First Nations). In in a genealogical reference and given to a lot of Elders I’ve spoken to, all of them said – this women’s so-called ‘heritage mix’ defies ANY explanation. Then there are things that Carrie always said(e.g. a catch-phrase or a buzz-reference) that also helped to out her – she doesn’t declare her family lineage first, she always declares her Spirit name and her Clan as point of pride. Nope. A real ‘nishnawbe’s point of cultural pride will ALWAYS be to tell you what FAMILY she/he was born into, then WHERE they geographically came from, then(if they’re actually familiar enough with you), then they’ll tell you about which Clan they were born into and then the Clan affiliations they have and maybe they’ll tell you about some of the ceremonies they’ve been through etc. There’s more but you get the idea…

It was actually our much-vaunted CBC that outed Carrie –

Andy11M, thank you for sending this article in.

tommy ray

Is she kin of Chief Gray Beaver Warren? Might just run in the family.

Named edited to protect PII.


If she were in the US, she would have been given a pass and a seat in the Senate



Hmmm, my Maternal Grandmother was born in 1887 in Township 3 of the Chickasaw Nation, Indian Territory.

Does that mean I could be qualified for a 200K job in Canada?/smile


Nope. But you would be entirely welcomed into our First Nations community and given every possible advantage of it!


Hack Stone

Probably, but keep in mind those are Canadian Dollars, which can only be redeemed for Molsen’s Beer and Back Bacon.

E4 Mafia '83-'87

Again…if “WHITE Privilege” is the be-all-end-all,, why are so many white people pretending to be a different race?

Shaun King aka Talcum X
Liz “Faux-a-hontos” Warren
Jessica “Jezz-e Honey” Krug

I’ve been waiting for than 50 years for those white privilege checks to come rolling in. I figure the back-pay will be substantial.


E4 Mafia,
Don’t forget whacko former NAACP chapter leader Rachel Dolezal
who after being outed as full on whitey,
has now changed her name to Nkechi Amare Diallo.


There are more of these phonies out there. This kind of thing means money, position, and power. Some will stop at nothing to have it.

Which is why in the US a founding principle was these things didn’t matter. What you did was more important then who you were/are. Your rose above your past and were beholden to your parents/families past.


Yup. Pointed this disgusting SCRUNT out couple weeks ago..

And now *gob*smack* Carrie’s a ‘born-again’ Metis!!! Unfortunately, our First Nations community is as plagued with this idiotic wannabe shit as our respective Military establishments are. Fun times.


No, No, NO, NO!!! You people have it all wrong. You misunderstood what she said. Her Name is Moaning Whore Bear and she is of the Monkress Klan, not the Metis Clan. The half drop of Russian DNA came from when her ancestors crossed the Land Bridge of the Bering Strait hence the Bear name (see also GGGGGGGGGGGGGGrandma did it “Polar Style” available on DVD for only 69 rubles). And GGGGGGGGGGGGGGrandpa only checked out a Polish gal, he did NOT have cigar with that woman. That was the extent of the Czeching. There was NO Russian Collusion. This is all Trump’s fault.

As mentioned about another skrunt the other day, maybe she’ll heal from the f^@king she gave herself.


^ ^


Monkress Klan? BwaHaHaHaHaHa


Good one…er, good ones.

Chokma’shki, KoB!!


Yakookay Hatchet, Yakookay verry much. I’ll be here all week. Be sure to try the waitress and tip the veal. Both are young and tender.


It’s always a Good Day to Die… Just that whole ‘THY Will Be Done’ thing.
And thanks – I’ve always enjoyed nibbling on tender waitress sandwiches with a side of veal. Willing to wager that Carrie’s enjoying nibbling on her CROW sandwiches these days…


I hope she’s choking on a Crow Warrior’s man meat sammich these days. Finding herself on paw/knee. After all, she’s just A Rap Ho. Instead of finding herself up a creek, may she find a Creek up her.

Susan La Flesche Picotte weeps.

A Proud Infidel®™

Pity the same thing didn’t happen to Fauxcahontas Warren!


More’s the pity, indeed API®™


Can’t happen…she’s under the full protection of the Lying Media Clan…

A Proud Infidel®™

My heartiest KUTOMBA WEWE to her and her enablers.


She is Crazy Horse’s 85th cousin, Crazy Bitch!


Personally I would love to metaphorically crack her head open and look inside and see just what lead her down this road from just claiming to be Indigenous Peoples, to standing on a stage at a TED talk, which, don’t get me started on how those have degenerated into nothing more than a bullet point on a over inflated resume.
Was this a case of just having to tell more lies to keep the first one alive? Or did she enjoy the attention she got from her claims and the power it brought her?
You think she’ll do an interview on the CBC and either stand by her claims or use the old “it was real to me” defense?

A Proud Infidel®™

It’s like what a MoH Recipient told us in his Christmas speech to us in A-stan, he said (Not verbatim) “Be proud of what you did over here, whether it was working on trucks or going outside the wire. Never make up stories about what you did here, you’ve already taken part in making History. Do not lie about what you did, because you make up one lie, then another to cover it, then another and before you know it you’re living under a swimming pool full of lies!”. Sure enough we had a clown in my Platoon (Sick Call Ranger) who went home after a few months there and went around telling everyone he was Combat Wounded, and as soon as we got home and heard tell of his tales we went around setting the record straight!

Forest Bondurant

“But when pressed to provide evidence of Native American heritage, Bourassa suddenly changed her story — saying that she had been adopted into the Métis community by an unnamed Métis friend of her deceased grandfather, Clifford Laroque.”

The typical excuse of posers and liars.


Green Thumb

If only Phil Monkress had a sister….


She has a theme song!


This is so stupid. Why does she need to be IP to begin with. If she is the most qualified to do the job she should hired and help IP issues.

Descrimination, it’s OK when you’re white.



I don’t understand this behavior.

Slow Joe

Why would there be any privilege for belonging to any given ethnicity?

Aren’t we all supposed to be equal in opportunity?

A Proud Infidel®™

Maybe at one time we were, but nowadays the Inmates in charge of the asylum are trying to make George Orwell’s work become a prophecy.