Accused Murderer Darrell Brooks’ Social Media

| November 24, 2021

Darrell Brooks

Convicted sex offender Darrell Brooks has been charged with five (of this posting) counts of intentional homicide in Sunday’s deadly attack. He allegedly drove his SUV into a Christmas parade in the city while fleeing another crime.

Now some of his past is coming to light, and paints a disturbing picture.

Darrell Brooks’ Facebook posts called for violence against White people, support for Hitler

‘The old white ppl 2, KNOKK DEM TF OUT,’ one Facebook message from Darrell Brooks read

By Emma Colton

The Facebook account appearing to belong to Darrell Brooks, the suspect behind the Waukesha Christmas parade attack, contains memes and messages calling for violence against White people, as well as suggesting “Hitler was right” for killing Jews during the Holocaust.

“LEARNED ND TAUGHT BEHAVIOR!! so when we start bakk knokkin white people TF out ion wanna hear it…the old white ppl 2, KNOKK DEM TF OUT!! PERIOD..,” Brooks wrote on Facebook on June 9, 2020 accompanied by the middle finger emoji, the Daily Mail reported.

The account has since been deleted. He used the name “MathBoi Fly,” which is an alias Brooks used as a stage name for his amateur rap career.

He also shared a meme titled “Hitler knew who the real Jews were!” according to the Daily Mail.

The message claimed that Adolf Hitler had warned that his genocide was partly prompted because he knew “the negros … are the true hebrews,” appearing to promote the views of the Black Hebrew Israelites. The post added that America had moved “false white Jews into a state of Israel,” and that World War III would unfold when people “learn Hitler was right” and “did the world a favor by killing” Jews.

Brooks commented on the meme, “real game rite here,” which was accompanied by the hashtag “#research.” Such claims about Hitler have been previously debunked.


A more recent post also showed the Facebook account weighing in on the Kyle Rittenhouse verdict last Friday, saying he “wasn’t surprised 1 bit.”

No one else is surprised, either.

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Oh, but Rittenhouse is a “white supremacist” because he shot three white guys… frickin’ leftist Media.


Mathboi Fly? Guess Brooks was so busy bust’n another rap, he didn’t bother to do the math on this one..

Warped POS.


Yep! His sh^t don’t add up.

Where is Judge Roy Bean now that we need him?


C’mon, guys, give da dude a break. He just misspelled meth…


“C’mon, guys, give da dude a break”.

Only too glad to oblige, Poe.

Don’t know, Gents. Should we start with an arm or a leg or just save some time and go straight for the neck..?

*shrug* Your call.


“Where is Judge Roy Bean now that we need him”?

I’ll happily volunteer as his posthumous sub-altern.
My only judicial caveat – hang-man’s got to hang him s-l-o-w.


I wonder how many Jews he thought he ran over at the Christmas Parade? It may be we are looking at someone not quite mentally stable here.

Just An Old Dog

As to the “Mentally Unstable” defense claim for sadistic killers, screw that.
They are no different than rabid dogs or poisonous snakes… its in their nature, so just put them down with a bullet in the head.


Another “church-going man” that’s a “pillar of the community”…


Like ol’ St. Floyd of Fentanyl.

Sgt K

Wasn’t it Jonn who decided to not print these mf’ers names or posting their photos? He wanted to stop making these trashy f’rs famous.

Amateur Historian

I concur completely!


And as ol’ Poe reminded Jonn,

“Then you are taking the same path as the liberal media and burying their criminal behavior.”

Amateur Historian

Mmmm… Alright, I retract my original statement. You’re right.


Well, how about using the proper pronouns? It’s 2021. Use proper pronouns.

Dub this one “dingleberry”.

Use name once for context/disclosure, then strictly the pronouns.

You can even watermark the photos with the pronoun, for reference.

E4 Mafia '83-'87

The Leftist Media & their DNC masters: “Nothing to see here…just an accident…the Dancing Grannies is well known Granny Supremacist organization…oppression…slavery…racism…”
CNN has already buried the story about a “crash” in Waukesha about half-way down their home page. I’m sure Lars approves “…those damn Grannies & 8-year old’s got what was coming to them”.


Have no room with 32 articles about Ahmaud Arbery, 7 articles about Satan (Trump), 6 articles about White supremacy and a few articles about how Biden is helping America.

There just isn’t room.

Frankie Cee

“about how Biden is helping America.”
I wonder, if even those liberal dopes throw up a little, in their mouths, when they type trash like that.

E4 Mafia '83-'87

Poof! Gone! As of 1020 EST there are more stories about Black Friday being a racist term (its actually and accounting term) then stories about an ‘SUV crash’ that ‘hurt some people’.
But, hey…they are not biased at all. Eff CNN and their lying contemporaries.

Amateur Historian

It is now 6 people dead: An 8 year old boy, Jackson Sparks, just passed away. If that piece of human garbage gets out on bail again, I’ll be pissed. 😡😡😡


Wait ’til Soros gets involved– bail’s only $5mil.

Amateur Historian

Yeah, thats what I’m afraid of.


Gofundme shut down a bail donation page almost immediately. It used his booking photo from this week.

Amateur Historian

That is kind of surprising. I have a low opinion of Gofundme.

NR Pax

Or GFM might have realized that after their justification of shutting down donations pages for Kyle Rittenhouse, that they were going to be watched closely for similar behavior.


The Veep will be secretly fundraising for that cash bail. She will be telling people that if the “white supremacists” can raise $2 mil for Kyle, then the rich Progs should be able to come up with $5 mil. Maybe Gropey Joe can raise a few million from his billionaire pals in Nantucket this weekend.

Prior Service

Time to ride the lightning.


No death penalty in the cheese state


Depends on who catches him.
There are some rednecks amongst the cheeseheads.

Amateur Historian

Well, cheeze it!

Hack Stone

There is a Death Penalty in the Wisconsin Judicial System, it’s just not officially sanctioned. Please see Jeffrey Dahmer for details. Did the guy really shove a mop stick up his ass, or is that an Urban Legend.

Meanwhile in our Nation’s Capital, the ocal NBC affiliate just had a segment reporting on a 20 month old shot and killed in Southeast DC, most likely by a White Supremacist, because we have been told that White Men are the biggest threat to the African American Community.


The MSM prodagandists have been busy for the past two days attacking Andy Ngo because he screen-captured this scumbucket felon’s social media posts and published them on Twatter before the Book of Face scrubbed them all and memory holed them. They are assiduously working now to hide the probable motive for this vehicular terrorist attack. The political LEO’s will be out soon just like the Fan Belt Inspectors telling us that that real domestic terrorist that shot up the Republican Congressional did so for unknown and unfathomable reasons.


left out “baseball team.” I get ahead of myself.


Leftist Media loves ’em some maniacs.


Someone has make a point of getting all of this “hate Whitey” rhetoric out there, hell, Black Lies Matter leader puts out a video pushing the revenge theory in Wisconsin and armed black militias threatening trial outcomes. All figures point to the Xmas parade attack being racially motivated, and our conservative leaders and politicians are going to let the communist bury the story …SOMEONE HAS TO TAKE A STAND!! The black on white violence is spinning out of control and has been for years, won’t be long before whitey starts shooting back en masse to protect themselves!!


Poor thing. They took down his GoFraudMe account. They let Marc Wilson have one up for 17 months to raise bail. Now he is never going to get bail.

I think we should put together a fund raiser to get him popped loose. His bail agreement should require him to stay near the downtown area of the alleged mass murders.


Is remand without bail illegal in Wisconsin? There is no reason someone with a rap sheet like this clown’s should be given an opportunity to post bail. I can easily see Soros and the Brandonistas dropping 5 mil for this.


I misspelled my own username. D’oh! Posting from the smartphone has its hazards!


Salt Army!


Looking at the state of the writing in the posts from this piece of trash, he obviously is neither a scholar nor a rocket scientist. That has got to be some of the most atrocious spelling I have ever seen. He probably (change that to really) should have paid more attention in school.


You referring to Lars?😜🤪😜


His moms changed the wifi password and grounded him/zim/herg again?


Both him and Darrell Brooks

NR Pax

So the media has already leaped to this man’s defense and lightened his mug shot. This time next week, his grade school pictures will be used.

Skivvy Stacker

Facebook allowed that vile, hatred fueled dreck to stay on their platform without once taking it down. Spewing attacks on white people, old people, Jews…and they let it stay.
The other day I got a message that they had taken down one of my posts because it violated their “community standards” against spam. I copied the post they removed, and reposted it on my page. And I’m reposting it here so it gets as much exposure as it can get.
Tell me; what is it about this post that is “spam”?
“”Mark A. Lauer
The car that plowed through that parade in Waukeshaw killed or injured Republicans….and democrats. It injured or killed white and black people. It injured or killed straight and gay people; young and old; rich and poor; male and female; good and bad. The driver and his “assault” vehicle didn’t discriminate in the least. And not a single person in that crowd had a chance to defend their own life through the use of deadly force. And it doesn’t matter that the man behind the wheel was black.
What matters is that our fellow Americans faced a horrific tragedy in Waukeshaw, Wisconsin. And all of them need our prayers and support.”