Thanksgiving Open Thread

| November 25, 2021 | 56 Comments

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! Hoping that the Thanksgiving meal is enjoyable. If you help yourself to leftovers later on, spray water on the food before heating. The taste would be better than if water is not sprayed before heating.

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  1. HMCS(FMF) ret says:

    Happy Thanksgiving to all!

  2. Sapper3307 says:

    Happy Bird day!

  3. A Proud Infidel®™ says:

    Top Four and I claim Honorary First once again.


  4. KoB says:

    Well, well, well, would you just lookie heah. An Orphaned Open Thread, just laying around a’waiting to be snatched up by the Ol’ King of Battle, THE King of FIRST. Had just opened up this Chromie and WHUUUUMP! There it was…A Thanksgiving Open Thread (TOT). So apropos that the Gun Bunny was ready to snatch the lanyard, y’all know how I am about a TOT (Time On Target) FIRE MISSION, FIRE MISSION, FIRE MISSION. Or would it be, for today Time of Turkey? Or as a nod to all of us aged miscreanted d’weeds; Tough Old Turkeys? (Bird Brains, one and all!)

    A most Gracious, Safe, and Happy Thanksgiving is wished upon ALL of my Brothers and Sisters of the TAH Family. May we all have the opportunity to be with loved ones and participate in a Food Feast of Epic proportions. For those that have been keeping up with my adventures, I am currently Blessed to have been transported by Baby Sister (read Mother Hen) to Baby Girl’s Home near Tampa, where I am basking in the sunshine of Ol’ Sol, the Grandest Chill’ren, my “Daddy’s Darlin’ Dumplin’ Daughter” (God’s Greatest Gift to me EVAH!), and her Soccer Mom Buddies (they do lubs them some Grand Papa Gun Bunny). The cooking has been on going for several days now, with a headliner of Mr. HBH (Honey Baked Ham, local store owned and operated by a Veteran that supports Veterans; worth every penny I paid, a portion of the proceeds going to the Vet’s Home), a smoked potential National Bird (ht 2 Ben Franklin), roasted Beef Beast, Chicken n Dumplin’s, REAL Southern Cornbread (sans sugar!), Cornbread Dressing (no NOT stuffing), squashed casserole, greened beans, smashed taters (yes with gravy), homemade yeast rolls along with cat headed buttered milk biskets, steamed cabbages infused with sausage and baby red taters, devillish eggs, buttered beans, buttered peas, sweet tater pie, pecan pie, Mississippi Mud Pie, 7 layer salad, cheese cake, chocolate cake, apple pie (in a pie pan, AND a Mason Jar) and off course, the House Wine; Sweet Iced Tea. (A cooler of assorted “Adult Beverages” is on the veranda, by the pool.)

    I do wish that y’all were heah to help me assault all of this. If Bobby Lee, had of had these rations, Sam Grant woulda never taken Petersburg. Oh, and ‘lest we forget…GO ARMY BEAT NAVY!

  5. Happy turkey day, so lets talk turkey about what a great day it is.

  6. Graybeard says:

    A blessed Thanksgiving Day to each of you miss-creants and mister-creants.

    May God bless each and every one of you.

  7. Old tanker says:

    Happy turkey day to all my Brothers and Sisters in Arms.

  8. Only Army Mom says:

    Happy Thanksgiving Turkeys.

    I cackle hysterically as I gobble and repeat that line about 35 times during the meal. Every time I pass a dish. Or get something from the kitchen. My family loves it. No, really, they do. And they’re laughing at the hilarity of the joke not at me.

  9. A Proud Infidel®™ says:

    Happy Thanksgiving, everyone! I’ve been thinking about a new direction, maybe a career change, maybe reinventing myself. I’ve thought of becoming a Stuntman, maybe call myself “Infidel Knievel®™” and for my first stunt I want to try to jump over 120 antifa members with an asphalt roller without even using a ramp, whaddya think, do I have any backers?

    • David says:

      Like the fella on “That’s Incredible” who tried to jump a WWII armored car over several parked cars. Put me down for two tix.

    • KoB says:

      I’ll voluntold to be part of the Pit Crew, API. The BBQ Pit Crew that is. You gonna use that new model Cat? It’s got an 84 inch, vibrating roller and comes with the new and improved roller brushes/scrapers. Plus w built in, covered roll cage to keep the operator safe if you have a different kind of “roll over”.

    • Hatchet says:

      Yep. And qualified too! Many moons ago, I worked on fifteen episodes of The Super Dave Osborne show. Loved it!! Bob Einstein was THE coolest guy – always brought the entire crew their morning coffee and donuts. Rather proud to have worked on that gig, so much so that all these years later, I’ve still got my ‘crew’ hat!!
      But hey! Don’t be like George of the Jungle – be sure to watch out for that tree!!! In the mean time, a very Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family, API®™.

      • A Proud Infidel®™ says:

        DUDE, I’m still a big fan of “Super Dave” Osborne to this day!

        • Hatchet says:

          Cheers Mate. Those were some truly happy work days. I actually got the gig from previously working on John Byner’s show ‘Bizarre'(later renamed by CTV the John Byner show). The running joke among the crew “This is the most fun anyone can have on a job, get paid and still keep their clothes on.”
          Those were the Days…

          LOVED this show too! Many happy Thanksgivings spent watching cranky ‘ol Archie and batty ‘ol Edith. Proud to say I watched shows like that. And sometime later, lucky enough to say I worked on a few.

  10. Anonymous says:

    Eat hearty! Happy Thansgiving!

  11. UpNorth says:

    Happy Thanksgiving, one and all. May your turkey have all the legs, wings and breasts you need, may the stuffing be moist and the mashed potatoes be smooth!

  12. NHSparky says:

    Happy Thanksgiving from all the denizens and dickweeds at Casa de Sparky.

  13. nobunny says:

    Happy Thanksgiving from the nobunny hutch! May your pants be stretchy. Love to you all!

  14. Green Thumb says:

    I wonder if Phildo (aka. The False Commander “Phony” Phil Monkress – CEO of All-Points Logistics) is protesting this holiday based upon his self-proclaimed (and unconfirmed) Native American heritage.

    That is the same Native American heritage that he evokes and uses to procure government set aside, taxpayer funded contracts (along with his NAVY SEAL and Law Enforcement claims).

  15. ninja says:

    Happy Blessed Thanksgiving To All!

    Sharing this HILARIOUS 36 second video…If you are familiar with the Turkey scene in the movie “Christmas Vacation”, please watch.

    You will be pleasantly surprise to see whose heads are superimposed on each actors/characters head (especially Chevy Chase’s character, Clark), as well as who pops out of the turkey when the turkey is carved…😎😉

    Please Enjoy…We did!

  16. Roh-Dog says:

    Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours, TAHers!

    May your night be be fight and DUI free.

  17. Cameron says:

    My mom and I are spending most of our Thanksgiving weekend in Kyoto as we have to leave Japan soon to return to Virginia. We left on Thanksgiving and arrived in the early evening. Cannot wait to see some of the sights such as Nijo Castle and the Kinkaku-ji (better known as the Temple of the Golden Pavilion). We had our Thanksgiving dinner at our hotel.

  18. SFC D says:

    Happy thanksgiving to dickweeds and dickweedettes wherever you may be! Feeding 6 young AIT troopies today, great bunch of kids

    • Hatchet says:

      Back atcha, D! Be sure to make dem yoot’s eat all their veggies!!

    • SFC D says:

      So I fed the 6 younglings all the Turkey, ham, stuffing, corn casserole, smashed taters and pie they could hold. Left them in the living room unsupervised with Netflix. Next thing ya know, they’re watching Monty Python and the Holy Grail, backed up by Life of Brian. Restored my faith in the yoots of America.

      • Hatchet says:

        Six fed and empty plates! Pie for dee-sert? That’s awesome!! And by the sounds of things, dem yoots have a well adjusted and rather adult sense of humour. Then again, they’ve set themselves up with a classic Python viewing menu *shrug* how could they go wrong? Sore ribs maybe? Nah. That’s what Thanksgiving-dinner-digesting-endorphins are for… Cheers.

    • A Proud Infidel®™ says:

      Good on you for feeding the “Joes” some homecooked chow, I bet they cleaned their plates in no time flat as well!

  19. Claw says:

    First off, Thanks to all for the comments on yesterday’s Scooby post. The wife and I are very appreciative of them.

    Here’s something that may spur some interest in all the Weeds/Weedettes who may want to comment further on the subject if it stirs up any memories:

    A short listing of where I spent my Thanksgiving Days while in the Army:

    1971 Phu Bai, Viet of the Nam
    1972 – McGregor Range, NM
    1973 – Fort Campbell, KY
    1974-1976 – Bitburg Air Base, FRG
    1977-1980 Fort Carson, CO
    1981-1982 Harvey Barracks, Kitzingen FRG
    1983-1991 Fort Carson, CO

    • Mild Bill says:

      Dominican Republic 1965, on a beach pulling guard duty in the raining very hard. 3/4 ton truck pulled up with turkey dinner in those mermite?? cans. They dumped it into our mess kits with the rain adding to the chow. Best Thanksgiving giving dinner until I got home a couple of years later. It was better than C rat turkey loaf.

    • A Proud Infidel®™ says:

      1991- Fort Lost-in-the-Woods MO
      1992- Osan AB, Korea (On mid Tour Leave from 2ID Western Corridor)
      1993 – Fort Benning GA
      2005 – Kabul Afghanistan
      2010 – Kuwait

    • rgr769 says:

      1968 – Ranger School, Ft. Benning, GA.
      1969 – Lee Barracks, Mainz, FRG.
      1970 – RF/PF compound, near An Khe, RVN (4th ID).
      1971-1973 – 10th SFG(A), Ft. Devens, MA.
      1974-1975 – 19th SFG(A), Salt Lake City, UT.

  20. Old NFO says:

    Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours! And remember those who are standing the duty today, wherever they might be.

  21. Sparks says:

    Wishing all my Brothers and Sisters here a warm and very Happy Thanksgiving.

  22. Happy Thanksgiving to all my Brother and Sister Weeds !!!
    And Happy Birthday to me !!!

  23. Wireman611 says:

    Happy Thanksgiving to all. Only 1 more hour till I leave work. Thankful for having an NC style bbq Boston butt at home. Turkey in the smoker is tomorrow.

  24. MarineDad61 says:

    AUSTRALIA just jailed a member of Parliament… for STOLEN VALOR.

    Phony UN medal for phony service in Bosnia
    = 3 YEARS in jail.

    [Disgraced former politician Barry Urban has begun a three-year jail sentence stemming from a fake war medal scandal.]–disgraced-former-wa-mp-jailed-for-three-years/f8853bbc-a15e-41f2-a3d6-55dcbb70f806

    • Wilted Willy says:

      Oh how I wish they would do the same thing to my pos brother!!!

      • MarineDad61 says:

        The USA could certainly rescind the 1st Amendment “freedom of speech”
        to wear unearned medals and ribbons, and phony uniforms
        (just as we do for police, FBI, sheriffs, and certain other career fields).

        Let them bullshit verbally, sure,
        but on paper, in print, and in clothing,
        the USA needs to improve the interpretation(s) of the Bill of Rights.

        • MarineDad61 says:

          1 – Impersonating a military member.
          2 – Impersonating a military veteran.
          3 – Impersonating a military medal recipient.

          1 2 3 How f’ing difficult is that?
          Many other countries take this seriously.
          As Commander McBragg would say, “Quite”.

    • NDHoosier says:

      I read the linked story. This clown was a serial liar! He lied about earning two university degrees. His lies ended up costing him everything.

      I’m sure he will rebound, however, as CNN will surely offer him a position as an “analyst” and “expert”.

      P.S. Let’s go Brandon!

  25. ChipNASA says:

    Checking in.
    Had thanksgiving early yesterday with kiddos. So while you turds (h/t Green Thumb 😗) are sweating today, I’m rolling around fat, dumb and happy (what else is new?) eating leftovers.
    Happy Thanksgiving my TAH family.
    Blessings to one and all even the head turd,Lars. 😛

  26. Sarge says:

    Kwang Ju 89 – 90
    Peterson 91
    Osan 92 – 94
    Edwards AFB 95 – 98
    Osan 99
    Minot 2000 – 2002
    Lackland 03 – 04
    Camp Habbaniyah 05
    Hickam 06 – 09
    Osan 10 – 12

    And retired


  27. MarineDad61 says:

    He’s STILL doing it.
    George Teal, Douglas County Commissioner (Colorado).
    Never covered by MP nor VG,
    but outed by local veterans (and the VFW Dept.) during the 2020 elections
    in the Denver and Douglas County Colorado news.
    Terminated from the VFW in early 2020.
    Elected County Commissioner November 2020.

    Here is George Teal’s bio today….
    “He is a Veteran of Operation Desert Storm…”
    “… wartime Infantryman, George is humbled by his time
    leading men in service to our great nation.”

    REALITY – DS/DS in Germany (just like ol’ Les Brown).
    During the 2020 election, he actually claimed his unit (in Germany)
    was preparing for combat insertion into Iraq.
    He even had a lawyer friend LIE and vouch for him on this.

    In reality, his unit was guarding the empty American base in Germany
    (like Les Brown),
    as the on base active duty Army unit shipped out,
    and actually went to the sand in Saudi
    (unlike Les Brown).

    Oh, check the ribbons.
    There it is. Mid 90s 1LT photo.
    Army Overseas Ribbon, and the vaunted NDSM (like Les Brown).

    Veterans and locals in Douglas County, CO are frustrated
    that this blowhard continues to blow hard,
    including right here on his official county bio.

    This guy screams for his own MP/VG articles.

    • rgr769 says:

      I read your link. Nowhere in his blurb does he say he served in combat. I suspect what he did was join a reserve component unit after HS for several years. Served in Germany a la Les Brown during DS; then he likely did ROTC during four years of college; after commissioning he served his two years AD with the 25th ID in HI. That accounts for the ten years, as he is counting the four years of ROTC. At least he’s not a leg and not claiming/wearing a bunch of bling he didn’t earn. He apparently was a wartime infantryman, if he was an 11B in his reserve unit. So, I am not seeing a POSer.

      You can FOIA him and see what you get. But he doesn’t meet MP standards, IMHO. It is an unfair stretch to say he is the equivalent of Lyin’ Les, the Brownstain of Elko.

  28. Hack Stone says:

    Sure, it is fake, but it could be true.

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