Alec Baldwin’s Firearms Tragedy

| October 22, 2021

Alec Baldwin shot two people, one of them fatally, with a prop gun on the New Mexico set of his latest movie, authorities said Thursday evening.

“There was an accident today on the New Mexico set of Rust involving the misfire of a prop gun with blanks,” a production spokesperson with the film “Rust” told Deadline.

In a statement shared with numerous news outlets, the Santa Fe County Sheriff’s Office confirmed that Mr. Baldwin was the person who pulled the trigger in the incident at the Bonanza Creek Ranch.

Report: Tearful Alec Baldwin Asked Why was I Handed a ‘Hot Gun’ Following Fatal Shooting on Film Set


Alec Baldwin reportedly asked why was he given a “hot gun” after he accidentally fatally shot and killed cinematographer Halyna Hutchins, and injured director Joel Souza, on the set of the upcoming Western, Rust, in New Mexico on Thursday.

Eyewitnesses say Baldwin repeatedly asked why he was handed a “hot gun,” according to a report by Showbiz411. Authorities are investigating after confirming that a prop firearm discharged by actor Alec Baldwin, while producing and starring in a Western movie, killed the cinematographer and wounded the director.

“In all my years, I’ve never been handed a hot gun,” the 63-year-old actor said on the ground of the Santa Fe movie set, according to witnesses, who added that Baldwin appeared in shock, but remained composed.

A witness told Showbiz411 that the bullet went straight through the body of 42-year-old Hutchins, who was the film’s director of photography, and then into the clavicle of 48-year-old Souza, the movie’s director.

The set was then immediately locked down, and Hutchins and Souza were sent straight to a hospital.

“He had no idea how badly they were hurt or Halyna was dead,” the source added.


The investigation and reporting are all about the loaded firearm- the gun control ghouls are already dancing in the blood of the innocents.

The ultimate responsibility lies with the person in possession of the weapon. Had Baldwin taken any NRA sanctioned firearms safety course this tragedy could have been averted.

The incident appears in comments on several posts today. Now a stand-alone post by popular demand, keep it civil. One dead, another maimed, and lives forever changed due to a negligent firearms discharge is not a time to gloat. We are not like the ghouls. Condolences to the family and friends of Halyna Hutchins, and a swift recovery for Joel Souza.

If you are going to handle firearms get training.

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John Seabee

I think it is ironic as the dickens that Baldwimp was the perp. Obviously he is not competent enough to check the status of the handgun.


Agreed. Trust but verify.

I remember British Army soldiers in Berlin when turning in their weapons, the Armorer would take the weapon and put the barrel into the chest of the soldier and pull the trigger to verify the weapon was empty.


No sharps attached. 🙂


“I’ll got a very specific set of skills– nuttin’!” for his imitation of Liam Neeson.


This is all Donald Trump’s fault of course.



“I wonder how it must feel to wrongfully kill someone”
Alec Baldwin, Tweet 2017

Hack Stone

Yeah, that Tweet certainly aged well.


Guess he knows now. Not a misfire if he pulled the trigger.


“If you are going to handle firearms get training.” – this sentiment is right on target; it should be mandatory for all in the acting profession that they be trained in safe firearms handling before they can touch the things.
Maybe he would have learned to never point the firearm at anything he doesn’t intend to shoot.
Of course, the unanswered question right now is, “Why was he pointing the gun (‘hot’ or otherwise) at these people?”


I went through a CCW class in Nevada a few months back and it was SCARY.

Two people who were REQUALIFYING for their CCW couldn’t load their pistols without instructor help. One of them the instructor just took the pistol and loaded it for him. As I said, very SCARY.

Oh, by the way, both of them “passed”. One of the instructors told me that this is not unusual. Something is rotten in the state of Nevada!

Imagine all the people just like that who rushed to their local gun shop this past year and bought pistols and rifles. Yikes!

I got training in the Navy. Admittedly, not very in-depth, but I did get gobs of training during my Honolulu Police Academy class. And I am very, very thankful for that.

Get trained initially in using and safely handling your gun and then take any tactical training you can get. I think that many people would freak the hell out if they found themselves in a real lethal force situation. Train, train, train. So that the training takes over when the shit hits the fan.

Rant over. Thanks!


Was an RSO at a local shooting range. I don’t care what the die-hard 2nd amendmenters say, some people should NOT be allowed to own guns. Got covered multiple times, saw many NDs (luckily down rangeish)and had a few folks asked to leave or not return. On at least one occasion came home rattled enough to scare the wife.

Mustang Major

Hood guys with guns!!!! Top 3 gun mistakes:

A Proud Infidel®™

Guns don’t kill people, careless idiots do.


Baldwin will get a walk. This will fall upon the prop master of the movie set…and the ebil gun.

All the sympathy in the world for Ms Hutchins’ family. Baldwin?…

Swift and complete recovery for Mr. Souza.

David according to the linked article, there were many corners cut and one of them was having said prop master. They (like virtually everyone in Hollywierd) are unionized, and the person working on this movie is not a union member. Apparently there were several ‘incidents’ and due to safety and pay issues, there had been a walkout earlier the same day. That production company screwed up. No word whether Baldwin owns to company, but it would not be surprising.


Baldwin is listed as one of the four producers, and the overall production company is listed as El Dorado Pictures, owned by – yep – Alec Baldwin. Hope he has VERY deep pockets.


Life imitates The Three Amigos, or Saturday Night Live,
or New Mexico.
Or something.

The Three Amigos was also filmed in New Mexico. Produced and co-written by Lorne Michaels (Saturday Night Live).
Difference is, in The Three Amigos, it was part of the plot.


charles w

In the words of El Guapo, do I have a plethora of pinatas?

The Stranger

Si, si, jefe, ju have that!

Do ju know what a plethora is?

Well, no.

Then how can ju say I have a plethora, if ju do not know what a plethora is?

Going by memory on that part of the movie…


The Stranger & charles w,
Here you go.

(Jefe) – When do you think Carmen will open up her flower to you?
(El Guapo) – Tonight, or I will kill her.


Alfonso Arau (El Guapo) is now 89.
RIP Patrice Martinez (Carmen) 1963 – 2018

Hack Stone

Hack Stone just stopped by a school flea market after placing flowers on the grave of Momma and Poppa Stone, and he scored a copy of The Three Amigos for the princely sum of of one US dollar. Didn’t notice any Alec Baldwin DVDs in the pile.


Hack Stone,
Best $1 you’ll spend on a movie.
It looks like a children’s movie… but it’s not.
There’s just enough adult humor to show it’s really not for kids.
“Dick for a pencil.” Oh, and “foreplay”.

President Elect Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH Neanderthal B Woodman Domestic Violent Extremist SuperStraight

“How can you tell it’s a mail (male) plane?”


The blame game begins.
And it’s NOT the prop master,
although that discussion (and unions) is all around.

1st round… Assistant Director.

[Alec Baldwin was handed a loaded weapon by an assistant director
who indicated it was safe to use in the moments before
the actor fatally shot a cinematographer,
court records released Friday show.

The assistant director did not know
the prop gun was loaded with live rounds,
according to a search warrant filed in a Santa Fe court.]

[Warrant: Assistant director unknowingly handed Alec Baldwin loaded gun]


Maybe so MD61, they’ll push this off on everyone but Baldwin. And yeah, the AD may have been the one that handed him the weapon, but at the end of the day, the prop master’s job is to insure that the props are in fact props and are working as they are supposed to. And to inform the actors what is “real” and what is not. The Martin Guitar fiasco is a good example. In that case it only cost them some money to pay for a very expensive musical instrument. You can bet that the prop master on that film caught hell for his lapse.

As rgr769 can attest, when some of us were working on the sets of various war movies, that property master was checking those weapons 6 ways from Sunday…and the people that were handling them. Many of the extras that were portraying the 54th MA on Glory were straight from the streets of Savannah and knew absolutely NOTHING about weapons except the “gangsta pose”. On many of the firing shots, we loaded the weapons, got them set, and then stepped out of the frame for the actual firing shot take, then stepped back in for a rinse and repeat. It was even more comical to see how the “Stars” were handled. Good Times!

Blame game? Naw, it’ll be more like a cover up.


Good point (on the possibility of cover up).
Statements to investigators with warrants
aren’t necessarily the truth, but their “story”.
And this is a tragic story,
where all the actors are actors and storytellers.

Hollywood has a 100+ year history of dealing with death,
from freak accidents to negligence to murder,
with stories (cover ups).

So, the mouths that are running in New Mexico (and now Hollywood)
are more interested in CYA and CYW (wallet) than the truth.
But it’s always possible that someone on the set
spills the porridge.
Someone who knows they are walking away from Hollywood by doing so.


Actually in the making of “Gettysburg,” no one looked at our weapons, as each of us in the Union cav squadron had our own pistols and carbines. And I don’t recall any of the movie folks looking at our weapons. We never loaded our percussion pistols with banks. They issued me Sharp’s paper cartridges and caps. But we were all experienced reenactors. But the actors all drew their weapons from a big prop van and turned them in at the end of the day’s shooting. As far as I know, all the reenactors used their own weapons, and no one inspected them. To my knowledge, there were no firearms mishaps. But then none of had weapons capable of firing metallic cartridges.

USMC Steve

Doesn’t matter who handed him the weapon. The only thing that counts is who pulled the trigger. This particular libtard handed us a gift, in that if all goes well, he might go to prison for negligent homicide, which will deprive us all of his presence.

Hack Stone

Why would they need live ammunition on a film set. Several articles state that whatever left the barrel of the firearm went through the woman and injured the other individual, so that pretty much leaves out the residue of a blank cartridge causing the death and injury.

But as we have seen before, with John Landis on the set of The Twilight Zone Movie, if you have the connections, you get to walk.

Hack Stone just may need to set his DVR for Saturday Night Live this weekend, quite confident that the Weekend Update will have some witty comments. (That was sarcasm for anyone who did not recognize it)


Trying to think of ANY reason why live ammo would be on a movie set. Nuthin’.


In a lot of “westerns” there is the typical bandito sporting
crossed bandoliers of ammo. I wonder if those rounds are real.
Seems unlikely they would be vintage blanks or even newly
manufactured “props”. I’ll bet you could find plenty of live
ammo an a movie set, just not loaded into a weapon.


If the barrel was plugged, and the gun was loaded with a full-power blackpowder blank (used for filming the muzzle blast point-of-view, outdoors) then there was -plenty- of power to drive the plug as a bullet, and through one person into another.

Also possible that some sick shitbag put a live round in an unplugged prop gun as a “prank” or as sabotage, etc.

“Through one into another” sure sounds like a full-power 250grain slug. Normal loads easily exceed 800fps in a 4″ gun, and Cor-Bon sold non-SAMMI-spec rounds that drive a 300 grain slug around 1300fps. (“.45 +P Magnum”)

I can see it being a freak accident, but I suspect it may have been something a bit less happenstance.


Probably .45 Colt or .44-40, the movie is set in the 1880s. Non firing dummies take even less time to make than “real” ammo, so still no excuse for live ammo on set.


Looks like the set had some “labor issues” before the shooting:

What are the odds that the prop master wasn’t up to speed on the gun in question?

Jeff LPH 3, 63-66

We put on shows and plays in our clubouse before it burned down in 2018 and I ran the lights and sound. Our show/play man had a prop wheel gun that he used in the past and gave it to me to clean which I did. This one had a solid barrel where the barrel is blocked. I sent away for a tin can .22 crimps online with no restrictions. Gun worked great during the play.


5 years ago,
someone on set handed Kurt Russell a hot guitar.

Not one of the cheap prop guitars.
The actual 145 year old Martin,
on loan from the Martin Guitar Museum, Nazareth, PA.

The actress Jennifer Jason Leigh response was real.
She knew… but Kurt Russell didn’t.

$40,000 loss.
Martin Guitars cut off all Hollywood after this.



OK, I made my crass and (IMHO) amusing comments in the other thread. I also commented on Book of Fuck Faces to someone who has recently returned here to comment and I’ll repeat here in all seriousness… I’m using this as a teachable moment for my kids, AGAIN! The folks at the range said that my 8 year old has shown more training and presence around firearms than many grown assed adults. I will go over what happened here (as I have on other occasions when a toddler shot an adult due to an unsecured firearm) with my kids and ask the age old questions… “OK, here’s the story, what happened as best as we know it (for this review session, these are all the details that we need for this exercise) and so, you tell me, what went wrong, what errors were made, in your opinion, to explain how one person was shot dead and one person was seriously injured in this instance. I’m sure my kids will pretty easily be able to fire off (LOL SEEE WHAT I DID THERE?!?!? BANG!!! Sorry, I couldn’t help myself, but I digress) a slew of what if’s and he shoulda’s…but we will critically review, WITH a checked and checked and triple checked (Magazine, chamber and barrel) firearm, just how NOT doing ANY of these things when you touch a firearm, over and over and over, without fail, even if I *JUST* took it from you and put it in the safe… Read more »


Moms gonna be mad!

Hack Stone

Love the (former) undercover DEA agent who squeezed off a round into his foot.


Never gets old. He, I think tried to sue someone/thing for the video and losing his job.

Hack Stone

The DEA fires him. Not for the negligent discharge, but because he allowed someone to film him. Kind of hard to maintain your undercover persona if the bad guys know what you look like.


That one at :46 was an equipment failure, not an operator failure. He was DQ’ed but everyone at the range knew the deal.

The rules are written, paid for in blood.


Brings back memories of The Three Stooges,
who had plenty of gunplay, misfires,
bullets to the foot (and the ass),
and THIS….

In 2 separate shorts (1 with Curly, 1 with Shemp),
The Three Stooges are stuck with a crying baby,
and come up with a “pacifier”.
1 baby licks the barrel, and the other baby mouths it.

And, in both shorts, the gun goes off shortly afterwards.
(Curly) “But it ain’t loaded. I’ll show ya'”



Pain. That’s what I feel: PAIN. I don’t LIKE Mister Baldwin, ‘nd I wouldn’t suggest for a moment he desired this to happen… but it did.

Ultimately each and every one of us are responsible of what comes out of ‘r guns; good, bad, indifferent.

May God Almighty bless all those involved, with us and not. And may sanity reign over the fallout from this tragedy.

The rules, like most good things on this planet, were’st written in blood. The blood of good folks that came ‘fore. Let us remember these lessons like they’re part of us, like a liver ‘r spleen.

Hug your loved ones and be cognizant that this life is temp’rary.

Use that brain. Its why He gav’t t’ya.


I’m withholding comment for 72 hours to see what actually happened. Prayers for the families of those involved. I will say he violated at least the first two rules of gun safety. When Eastwood was required to point a gun ‘at’ the camera, he made sure that there was nobody behind it and it was being run remotely. He also checked his weapons after he got them from the prop supervisor.


It’s a Fucking Firearm not a “Prop”….


Yeppers. If it’s capable of shooting a bullet, then it’s a firearm by every definition in the book.


No, Alec, the question is not why were you handed a hot gun. The real question is, “Why did YOU not know the gun was hot before you pulled the trigger?”


Brief synopsis of what I read on Instapundit and the Powerline reaction to it.
Basically, gun safety issues were discussed but Baldwin and the rest of the crew paid scant attention to the safety requirements leading to these consequences.
A gun, any gun that can actually seat a round and detonate the primer is loaded and must be treated as being loaded at all times.
As I told my kids and other friends that the only time a gun isn’t loaded is when it is broken down and sitting on the bench in several pieces.
If nothing else, Baldwin is truly guilty of being so incredibly stupid and enamored with himself that he refused to pay attention to the gun and check it before he handled it to ensure it was empty.
Academy Sports has issues with unsafe handling of firearms at the gun counter and every employee has the right to refuse sale of a firearm to someone they believe does not take it serious enough to proceed with the purchase.
I’m 66 and have been playing with guns since I was 9 and received a 410 for my 9’Th birthday and have owned one pretty much most of my life. I was taught by my father that a gun is always loaded, period and you never point one at someone unless you intend to kill them.
I blame Baldwin, he was holding it and is ultimately responsible for the discharge of the firearm…


Here’s the Powerline article.
Pretty solid opinion piece.

Steve 1371

I shot my first deer with the .410 my father gave me for my 9th birthday.
The cardinal rule of firearms safety is that every gun must always be treated as if it were loaded and be pointed in a safe direction.
I would suggest all involved in the movie making industry take a firearms safety course.


Ed’s admonition notwithstanding, ol’ Poe finds the irony here as thick and sticky as mid-August road tar.

The folks involved are entertainment industry hypocrites who make their livings out of producing on screen violence and mayhem, prominently featuring the graphic overuse and misuse of firearms.

Yet offscreen, they never seem capable of finding a single antigun law to inflict on the unwashed masses that they can’t use their wealth and prominence to loudly support, condemning millions of safe and responsible gunowners as crazed, racist, bloodthirsty, knuckle-dragging Neanderthals.

Baldwin is a flaming liberal elitist asshole who doesn’t suddenly cease to be a flaming liberal elitist asshole because he did something incredibly stupid. The NRA should use him as their poster-boy example of the results of unsafe gun handling.

Frankly, ol’ Poe hopes Baldwin gets sued into frickin’ homelessness, but being a liberal Democrat, he’ll likely skate.


The arrogance of Alec and others like him,
who spread their blue cheer and Hollywood fame into the world of politics, instead of living good lives privately (as most in Hollywood do).

It’s all over the Book of the Fake (how fitting!),
the political angle here,
IF Alec Baldwin was a GOP Trump Supporter type,
and how the media would incinerate him over this,
instead of the powder puff coverage about Alec Baldwin’s “feelings.


What if somebody sabotaged the weapon because of the union/non-union problem. There should be no live loaded cartridges on the set.

Hack Stone

Never thought of that. Of course, union members would never sabotage a work site during a labor dispute.

This does sound like the plot of any number of episodes of Columbo.


Say, you got any salt?


Because this was a western type movie, the gun Baldwin fired is most assuredly a revolver, likely an Italian made reproduction of a Colt model 1873 Single Action Army. Prop people like to use the Italian clones because they only cost about a quarter of the cost of an actual Colt. Historically, the movie studios have used real revolvers to shoot blanks. They are loaded with blank metallic cartridges. For many years they have used what are known as 5 in 1 blanks. These were sized so that they could be used in pistols chambered in 38-40, 44-40, and .45 Colt. They could also be fired in Winchester lever action rifles of the same calibers. They came in several configurations. Notably, the end of the cartridge case is now crimped, so there is not even any wadding sealing the powder in the case. However, the sealed carboard wad type are still available. Once they are loaded into the revolver they are indistinguishable from live rounds without looking at the face of the cylinder. Prop guys use dummy rounds with a lead bullet loaded in the brass case for close-up shots from the front of the pistol. Otherwise, the viewer would see that the revolver is not loaded with real ammunition rather than blanks. Occasionally prop guys or stunt men might use live ammo to hit an inanimate object when it can be done safely to give the look of realism to certain aspects of a gunfight. Many of the prop… Read more »


The “Another take?” line has already been debunked as false bullshit.
And around and around we go.


by whom? Although, it doesn’t matter whether it is true or not. Baldwin’s civil liability or not will not be determined by whether he is an arrogant asshole, cuz he proves that regularly. He obviously did not know there was a live round in the revolver or a barrel obstruction. Film will show whether they were shooting a scene or he was just screwing around.


Do the Fu of GooGoo…. and take your choice.

I’ll go with NBC King 5 TV Seattle,
that broke down the original (true) source article,
the echo source FAKE article (tweet)
that lifted the sourced article
and ADDED the “Another take?” crap,
and put the Wayback Machine to the original source,
showing it was never included and deleted.


OK, so what? What he said is irrelevant to what he did, unless he commented he loaded a live round and intended to shoot them with it. What he did is he cocked a single action pistol, pointed it at the torso of the woman, with his director behind her, and pulled the trigger. He had to have been quite close to them or he was aiming at her, using the sights, when he pulled the trigger. I have been a Cowboy Action shooter since 1999; it is not that easy to hit a man sized target without looking at the sights when you pull the trigger unless the shooter is within 10- 12 feet of the target. One of my clubs started using steel plate targets the size of a human torso as pistol targets. When they were placed only 7 yards from the shooter positions, experienced CAS shooters still occasionally miss. Moreover, in Civil War and Indian War reenactments there is invariably a safety rule that one is not to shoot blanks directly at a person if within a specified distance, usually about 30 to 40 feet. I am reasonably certain there is likely a similar rule in the movie biz. I don’t recall what they told us in making “Gettysburg,” generally. But we were firing our carbines at nothing, as the Confederate reenactors were not in our scenes. In one scene the camera dolly was on a small railroad track in front of our defensive line. We… Read more »


These are your words….
[One unsubstantiated report says Baldwin was annoyed with the director when he called for another take of the scene they had just shot multiple times and said: “Another take? I will fucking shoot you both.” And then he cocked the gun, pointed it at the two of them and fired.]

All I did was verify
(for YOU and everyone),
that this one line is indeed unverified,
and since verified as false bullshit,
invented by an asshole out there somewhere
to generate his own phony buzz.

I even gave you a solid irrefutable source of verification,
since many out there, including YOU,
will refute other fact checker websites as phony, fake, or political.

There’s a reason certain types of “Doctors”
don’t like the website

That’s it. Nothing more here.
I said nothing about the accuracy
of the remainder of your comment(s).

And this right here, is why I say
“And around and around we go.”


I was not trying to Lars or LC you, just pointing out that what Baldwin’s motivation was in pulling the trigger is irrelevant if he didn’t know the gun was loaded with either blanks or a live round. It could turn out that he thought the gun was unloaded and they were merely rehearsing some scene where he was to shoot a blank in the direction of the camera. Although, I should point out that with most models of single action revolvers it is readily apparent visually that the cylinder is loaded, as the rims of the cartridges are visible. Looking at the cylinder from the side will tell you whether is is fully loaded with either blank or real cartridges.


Me thinks California needs more prop control laws.


It was in New Mexico…


Parts of NM (Santa Fe, Taos) are made up of people too loony and liberal to be allowed to stay in CA.


Yes, more laws saying don’t do something obviously dangerous is the solution. It has worked so well in stopping injuries inflicted by people who, as the honey badger would say, “don’t give a shit.”


Why is this asshole not in jail yet…???


Liberal privilege.


comment image&


Trigger Warning: Unpopular Opinion.

Disclaimer: I don’t like Alec Baldwin’s politics but I think he’s a good actor.

The problem with the way this story is being reported is that it entices conservatives that hate Baldwin to jump on the bandwagon where they will suddenly find themselves standing next to gun control advocates.

The media is treating guns in this story as mysterious magical bang sticks that ‘just go off’ and that ‘people grab’.

No. guns are very simple it dangerous machines. The simplest aspect is determining if it are loaded or unloaded. Discerning blanks from live rounds is no mystery. Only great fools ‘grab’ guns.

Like many of you, I trained with blanks for years and no one was ever shot. Why? Because it is really easy to render a firearm safe. We routinely, on a daily basis, rely on basic trainees to do this.

I will admit I’ve never been on a movie set, but I suspect that when the prop master hands you a gun and says ‘cold gun’ most actors take that as truth.

The prop masters here are criminally liable and should go to jail. Baldwin should be free to make more bad movies.


I will admit I’ve never been on a movie set, but I suspect that when the prop master hands you a gun and says ‘cold gun’ most actors take that as truth.

This is exactly what I envision. Especially an entitled former A-lister like Baldwin. Somebody does everything for the pampered prince. I doubt he even flushes his own toilets.

It’s not how things should be done, but I’m sure it’s how things are done in the real world. I’ve been to both mil and police training where I’ve been handed an “empty” firearm and immediately checked it myself. You get a sideways glance from the armorer that conveys the “I just told you it was empty. Do you not trust me?”


“The problem with the way this story is being reported is that it entices conservatives that hate Baldwin to jump on the bandwagon where they will suddenly find themselves standing next to gun control advocates.”

That’s an awfully long jump. Olympic level long jump. The only gun control being discussed here in muzzle control.


Ditto. Also, when Baldwin said no one on set ever handed him a “hot gun,” he can’t be telling the truth, as he has been in several movies where he is on screen firing blanks. It is my understanding the term “cold gun” means the gun is completely unloaded. I’ll wager when the depositions are taken in the civil suit that is bound to be filed, there will be testimony that no one told him the subject pistol was a “cold gun.”


With ya.. Think before anyone renders any form of judgement on this, better to wait until all the facts are in. Having worked on several films and a few TV series, I’ve seen more than my fair share of gaffs and near misses. In almost every instance, it was a complete departure of weapons-handling discipline and/or -as SFC D points out- improper muzzle control. Never been a particular fan of Alec Baldwin but still have the overriding feeling that judging this based on present media reports and in some cases, conflicting media reports, it’s better to wait and see what an official investigation reveals. No favourites here – if the armourer, prop-master or even Baldwin fuct up, then someone will have to attend a fateful day in court to own up to that. In the mean time, my prayers are with Halyna Hutchins’s family, Director Joel Souza and finally, Alec Baldwin himself. As with military accident and incident investigations, hopefully a proper safety investigation into this will give the Film industry a much safer way forward.


The reason no one is shot using blanks in the Army is in part because firing a live round in a rifle with a BFA installed will blow up or bulge the barrel if a live round is fired with the adapter installed.

Whether anyone is criminally liable or not depends on many facts that are unknown. We don’t even know who was on the set when the incident happened, let alone who did what, other than Baldwin pulling the trigger with the pistol pointed directly at his camerawoman and the director.


Basic training 1968 while returning from the range I pointed out to the DI
a gray colored bulge in the barrel. He immediately took the weapon from me.


There’s also the added safety factor that on any Army live-fire exercise, blanks and live ammo are NEVER on the range at the same time.


SteeleyI says, “The prop masters here are criminally liable and should go to jail. Baldwin should be free to make more bad movies.”

Except that the prop masters are likely employees of or subcontractors to the production company that will assuredly be the primary target of any civil action.

And which Alec Baldwin owns…


And it’s a plaintiff lawyer’s dream case: New York Post is reporting that there were previous problems with the weapon (misfired twice on Oct 16) and that union workers said the set had been plagued by safety issues serious enough to prompt a walkout just hours before the shooting:

And it gets even better–the armorer for the production expressed a lack of confidence in her professional abilities according to another report.

Sorry but ol’ Poe, being old, lost the link to that story…


Deja Poe.
Simultaneously just posted the (24 year old) armorer story, below.


Deja Poe…when you get the strange sensation that what you’re doing at the present moment is something you’ve done before.

And probably have…about five minutes earlier…🤔🤔🤔

USMC Steve

Steeleyl is wrong. The only person to blame is the person who pulled the trigger. If he didn’t check the weapon when it was handed to him, he is even more clearly negligent and culpable in a homicide and an attempted homicide.


Baldwin is the final link in a colossal chain of fuckups.


Don’t you know Hollywood liberal elitist don’t need any training at all in life. They exist as superior in every way possible.

Hack Stone

Hollywood elite complete firearm safety training like Hillary Clinton completes classified document handling procedures training. Just pencil whip the attendance roster and slap their name on a completion certificate.


Two observations:

(1) If the movie set had been declared a gun-free zone, no one would have been shot.

(2) Alec Baldwin only needs to kill one more innocent person to catch up with O.J. Simpson.

(Some dickweed like Lars will fail to catch the irony in those statements….)


Impeach Alec’s 45!

Hack Stone

His confirmed killed list is still one short of Democrat fund raiser Ed Buck.


“Smoothly, and safely.”

Observation – Barney Fife’s gun sounds the same,
whether in the holster or out,
indoors or outdoors.

Ahh, the screen magic of Mayberry,
making prop guns flash large,
and dubbing in the stock audio bang later.


Things were not going smoothly or safely on the set of “Rust,” according to the recent story in the “LA Times.” I’ll leave it to you to put up the link. However, there is apparently an affidavit for a search warrant filed with the court in New Mexico that lays out some important details. The 24 year old armorer, who was working on this as her second movie, placed three firearms on a cart outside the set. One of them was loaded with live rounds. That weapon was picked up by the assistant director and handed to Baldwin, who put it in his holster. He subsequently drew the pistol and fired it.

I might add that if the other two guns were also SAA revolvers loaded with blanks, it would be impossible to tell which one was loaded with live rounds without looking at the front of the cylinder or unloading the weapon.


Good catch.
Mucho details here.
And much more…..Names and details, all here (8 hours ago).

[‘I wasn’t sure if I was ready’:
The 24-year-old armorer who had doubts before being put in charge of guns on Alec Baldwin film set where he shot cinematographer dead
– after some crew walked out over safety]

USMC Steve

Doesn’t matter which one was loaded with what. What the hell were live rounds doing on a movie set for any reason?

My, My, My

The hand of the person in which a weapon is placed, is responsible of the overall safety, checks and verification of said weapon.

I feel bad for Baldwin for killing someone, however he relied on his “underling” for the safety of everyone around him.

Even my kids know rule number one when it comes to firearm safety, and have since they were 10.

Baldwin is just an out-of-touch has been.

My, My, My

Forgot to add that all that stuff I wrote above is merely my humble opinion. And I stand by my opinion.


It’s on FILM.
AB firing the shot heard ’round the world.

Not that anyone outside a courtroom will ever see that film.

[Hutchins, a 42-year-old cinematographer, was killed when Baldwin fired a handgun as she was behind the camera, filming him, on Thursday.
Director Joel Souza, who was standing near Hutchins,
was also hurt in the shooting.]



The final 7 seconds of The Great Train Robbery (1903 film).
That’s 118 years ago.


For the benefit of those not familiar with single action revolvers, most models have to be loaded a single round at a time through a loading gate and unloaded the same way. So the armorer had to notice she was loading cartridges that had lead bullets. It is not possible to confuse blanks with live ammo. Now the movie biz has used dummy rounds that have a bullet but no powder. Usually they will have a fired primer in the primer pocket; an easy way to tell it is a dummy. I have used dummy shotshells I have made up to practice speed loading my shotguns for Cowbooy Action matches. Since this was a low budget movie, I can see the armorer making up her own dummy bullets; they would only cost the value of the empty cases and the bullets (about five bucks for a dozen). How she could got them mixed up with the real thing I know not.

Finally, in the history of Cowboy Action Shooting, which exclusively uses single action revolvers, so far as I am aware, no one has been accidentally shot participating in our matches. (If there are some, MD61 will find them) There are over 50,000 people that have been doing it for over 30 years.

But them most of us in these hobbies aren’t arrogant, egotistical, Hollywierd a-holes, who think they are too cool for school.


I did the google foo search myself and found one case where a Cowboy action shooter was shot to death. He and his wife, who was 19 years his junior, were avid Cowboy Action Shooters. The wife claimed he ran off in the woods after his dog bit him on the neck. Later authorities found his body in a locked steel chest. They found his head contained five low velocity CAS bullets and his torso another five. In CAS we load five low velocity rounds in each six shot cylinder chamber. So it looks like she used him as her personal CAS target at home, likely with her two SAA guns. She got 60 years for the murder, though she did claim self defense and spousal abuse. “48 hours” did an episode on this shooting.


Attorney Andrew F. Branca has a very good and interesting primer on the case, including legal definitions and questions to be asked and answered over at Legal Insurrection.

It’s a long read, but well worth the time.


Yes, excellent legal analysis. But maybe someone will want to call on the cuttlefish for a second opinion.


One thing Baldwin has going for him is that the shooting occurred in Santa Fe County, which is the most liberal county in the state, full of wealthy coastal elites and entertainment industry people.

If Baldwin were a conservative, his ass would be grass. He’d most assuredly be looking at a criminal indictment, civil suits and hostile juries. As it is, as far as criminal culpability, he’ll likely be looking at a sympathetic prosecutor and a probable no-bill.

Anyone who thinks politics won’t play a roll in this situation don’t know New Mexico politics.

Hack Stone


Also known as “cum gum”.


Ok bitch, it took me a second to remember this commercial from way back in my puberty but, when they busted out doing a chorus line musical, HE DIDN’T KNOW THE GUN(m), WAS LOADED!!!”
I fucking *lost it.


All they have to do is look at the Crow for precedence. Nobody got charged when Brandon Lee was killed on set.

Think only time someone has been charged or loss civil suit eas twilight zone helicopter incident that was just flat out negligible due to hiring standards.

Mike B USAF Retired

I know there was an incident where the person making the dummy rounds for a revolver, so when certain shots of the gun were taken it looked loaded. They took live rounds, pulled the projectile, dumped the powder, re-seated the projectile and left the primers intact.

Don’t know what would happen if you pulled the trigger with one of those rounds. Would it result in a squib? Then if someone loaded blanks afterwards would the powder from the blank be enough to push the squib round out?

I know this was the second movie for the gun prop master, and they were trained by the father.

Seems like there were plenty of possible failures or setups here. Right now we can only speculate as to what happened.

But with that said one person lost their life, and one injured (Seen where it was a serious injury and another story said he was out of the hospital already. Regardless a lot of lives have been changed because of this.

Don’t know how the weapons safety procedures on a movie set work. So I won’t start pointing fingers, blaming people or saying so and so should’ve done this or that.


Some shows already created new rules for firearms and ammo. One show already made a rule for no real firearms and trainers only.

I think the first one you mentioned is The Crow incident. Which one or two rounds turned out to be fatal. Scene where Brandon Lee was on the table and shot with submachine or something.

Seems this movie didnt have any QC or QA, slipped past the radar. Which is why fingers are being pointed in all directions.
Definitely lives have been changed. I wonder how Baldwin will continue his career or if he is shaken by this.

Civil suits will probably come raining down from the death.


According to Wikipedia, Brandon Lee’s death was caused by a combination of errors involving a .44 Magnum revolver being used as a movie prop. First, dummy rounds to be used for a close-up scene were improperly made (powder charge removed but primers left intact). One of these was apparently fired, resulting in a squib. The gun was then later loaded with blanks and used in the scene where Lee was killed without being checked thoroughly. During the scene, Lee was shot from 12-15 feet away. The blank round’s power charge freed the squib and propelled it into Lee’s abdomen, causing fatal injury.


Ah there we go, thanks Hondo.

Couldnt remember it all but I know his death caused a long shitstorm and debate about QA and QC issues. Of course, enthusiast called it Lee Curse.


Since almost all of us who engage in Cowboy Action Shooting reload our ammo, most of us have accidentally fired a squib round (no powder in the case). When this happens, the people working the range loudly warn and stop the shooter from firing the next shot because there is likely a bullet stuck in the barrel. If the next shot is fired, the pistol will be severely damaged and the shooter may be injured. However, in the case of a bullet stuck in the barrel of a revolver loaded with blanks and a bullet stuck in the barrel from a squib road, if the blank is fired, the bullet will be blasted out of the barrel. That is exactly how Brandon Lee was killed. Any reports to the contrary are false. The coroner likely found a .44 cal bullet in his chest as the cause of death.

I have seen reports that the crew was engaging in some target shooting with live ammo at the filming site. That and/or the need to create some dummy rounds for close ups may explain the presence of live ammo on the location.


This story just keeps getting worse.
Live ammo used offsite for off duty *(fun) target practice.
Live ammo and blanks stored onsite in same area.

[Alec Baldwin Gun That Killed DP …
Allegedly Used for Off-Set Target Practice]


Gun girl is kinda cute in the full crazy context.
the gateway pundit


Worse, she takes her fun photos with bandoleers, bullets, and guns.
Very similar to MILITARY PHONIES.
Phony badass cowgirl.

IMHO, she looks like a Jamie Gilt wannabe.
Who’s Jamie Gilt?
Remember the woman with the website, and Book of the Fake,
who rode some popularity with her hottie w/guns photos?
That is, until…..
She was shot in the back, in her truck,
by her child, who picked up her loaded gun in the back seat.

Followup —
I found Gilt’s Book of the Fake.
Oh, she’s still there, still puts up pics, still gets 300 clicks.
Now it’s all horses.
Pics of hottie w/horses.

I wouldn’t be surprised if Gilt she is no longer legally allowed
to own or handle guns.


— Appetite killer alert —

Followup #2 — POOF. Gone.

The Gateway Plunder It collected it all…
before phony badass cowgirl armorer
vaporized her own social media accounts.

[Woman in Charge of Guns on Alec Baldwin’s Movie Set
Deletes Her Social Media Accounts]


If I was still living in the Fort Bragg barracks, I could drink her up to a low 7.


Sounds like what goes on in the New Mexico desert,
or…. at the cast & crew motel 50 miles away in Albuquerque.


She is reported to have worked as a model before she decided to follow in her daddy’s footsteps and become a movie armorer. Wonder what kind of money Baldwin saved by hiring her instead of an experience union armorer.

Hack Stone

She appears to a model of the same caliber (pardon the pun) as Camel Toe Harris’ niece. Further proof that everyone in porn is a “porn star” and everyone who posts photos of themselves on their Instagram account are models.


Apparently, her Twitter handle is “Cosmic Corpse.” Who knew she had a hand in creating her first corpse from a co-worker.

I am wondering if the camera lady’s husband will make a worker’s comp death claim. Usually, these movie production outfits try to make the crew all independent contractors so they don’t have to pay workers’ comp premiums on them. In Commiefornia there has been quite a bit of litigation over this issue. This unfortunate incident will create work for dozens of lawers.

Hack Stone

Damn shame that Daniel Bernath, Esquire is no longer maintaining altitude above ground level, he would have a field day with this. His lawsuit would probably include the heirs of Thomas Edison as defendants for creating the film industry.


If he’d just held on Daniel Bernath could’ve been a sub-sub-sub functionary at the Department of Justice-ing.

We were robbed, imh&ho.


Only Fans ™


The media keeps reporting on previous “misfires” on the set. Misfires of blanks aren’t anything to be terribly concerned about.

Turns out that what the totally uninformed media means by a misfire might actually be a negligent/accidental discharge. Which makes more much sense. Looks like Baldwin’s might have been the FOURTH ND on set in the last week.


I agree. Also, misfires or ND’s are not unusual in SAA pistols if they have twitchy tuned triggers. I once shot another CAS shooter’s pistols that only had a 2.5 pound trigger pull, whereas, mine are 3.5 pounds. I had a number of shots fired before I wanted to fire.

I also have an Italian .22 SAA that has a hair trigger with about a 1.5 pound pull (came that way from the factory). I never put my finger on its trigger until I want it to fire, and I am the only one who gets to shoot it for that reason.


“misfire” is blameless.
“negligent” requires blame.

E4 mafia

Reminds me of the Johnny Cash cover of “I hung my head”. Of course, in the song, the shooter was hung. I don’t think Baldwin will face any sort of real justice for his negligence.


Want to hear some excellent irony? The plot for Baldwin’s movie Rust;

In 1880s Kansas, Harland Rust is an outlaw from the Old West who rescues his thirteen-year-old grandson Lucas after he is sentenced to hang for an accidental murder. Now fugitives, the pair have to outrun U.S. Marshal Wood Helm and bounty hunter Fenton “Preacher” Lang.

The movie is about an accidental murder and there’s an accidental murder on the set!


and various BookFakes and Twits are calling for his hanging!

Hack Stone

Alec Baldwin the actor will probably be absolved of any fault in this tragedy. The blame goes on the producers of this film who hired an inexperienced and incompetent individual to be the on site armorer. Now, if we can just get a list of the members of the production company to see who will be held criminally and civilly responsible, we can direct our anger at them. Oh, never mind.


Welp, the movie’s prop master doesn’t have to worry, he quit the movie before the set-up for the scene where the shooting occurred. That is why the assistant director selected and handed the pistol to Baldwin.


“Alec Baldwin’s Firearms Tragedy”

Stupidity often leads to tragedy.


I am sick of hearing and reading the media constantly referring to the single action revolver as a “prop gun.” The pistol Baldwin fired was a for realz firearm capable of shooting live ammo. From the pic put out by the girl armorer showing her holding one of the pistols and a gunbelt loaded with cartridges, it is clear to me that they were using Italian made copies of the Colt SAA. One can tell by the faux case hardening the Italian gunmakers use instead of the real case hardening used on the frames of real Colts.


But did he have a chainsaw bayonet and an extended clip on it too? Since it’s the Old West, it’s probably one o’ them ghost gunz.


“the faux case hardening the Italian gunmakers”…..

Uh Oh..another lawsuit. At least Colt is off the table.


Not unless the gun fired without Baldwin pulling the trigger. Otherwise, it functioned exactly as it was designed.

Nowadays, case hardening is a cosmetic detail. In the poor steel days of the 1800’s, frames were surface hardened to prevent wear, rust pitting, and other damage to the surface of the frames made with relatively soft steel. Some frames were even made of iron and brass instead of steel.


All the full auto and semi-auto movie “prop” guns could not have killed anyone, except maybe the person shooting them. They all have a steel doughnut machined or welded into their barrels internally. This modification operates as a gas restrictor like the BFA most of us are familiar with. The restriction causes the action to function. But if they are shot with live ammo the barrel will blow up, possibly injuring the person firing it. That is likely why it is verboten to have live ammo on a set using auto and semi-auto prop guns. Many WWII re-enactors have such blank-firing only replicas. But there is no reason to put restrictors in revolvers used as props. The same is true for lever action or bolt-action rifles. All one would be doing is creating a hazard for the actor shooting the weapon in case it was mistakenly or deliberately loaded with a live round.


Interesting article in the Ruidoso, New Mexico News about Baldwin’s legal liabilities:

“I guarantee there’s going to be a few lawsuits, and lawsuits are going to name him in both senses – as the actor and as a producer,” Custodio says. “And it’s in the producer sense where I think there’s a big potential for liability.”


From the LA Times:

“Three crew members who were present at the Bonanza Creek Ranch set on Saturday said they were particularly concerned about two accidental prop gun discharges.

“Baldwin’s stunt double accidentally fired two rounds Saturday after being told that the gun was “cold” — lingo for a weapon that doesn’t have any ammunition, including blanks — two crew members who witnessed the episode told the Los Angeles Times.

“’There should have been an investigation into what happened,” a crew member said. “’There were no safety meetings. There was no assurance that it wouldn’t happen again. All they wanted to do was rush, rush, rush.’”

It’s looking worse every day for Baldwin. Ol’ Poe is willing to bet that Baldwin’s arrogance and bad behavior in his personal life and matters of politics carries over into his professional life.

Pride goeth before a fall…

Roger Borroel

I guess Mr. Baldwin was just tire of mocking trump all the time on SNL. So he forgot to check the weapon! BTW, WHY was there ANY LIVE rounds on a movie set in the first place? This should have been forbidden by the union.

Roger Borroel

Aman to that! I’m sure that they violated some Union rule about bringing LIVE ammo on a fake movie set! How many shots did he fire, one or two? Or did one bullet do the damage????


Let him stay, please Ed?! He’s a gas.

It’ll be fun watching him defend the actions of the authoritarians even as his liberty is subsumed by the machine.

Please let us keep him!

Roger Borroel

Yes, look at EVERYTHING that I’ve blogged here, it’s not the usual garbage that I see here.

Roger Borroel

Dog: I gots to let you know that I will have to leave of my own violation, because the fun I’m having now will eventually get low. I see that this site is very conservative and that’s really OK with me…hence, it WILL get boring, I’ve heard it all BEFORE, the GOP cry babies winding all the time about trump’s loss….oh well, ift it makes you all happy! BUT know this, and REMEMBER: In the field, EVERYONE was there, liberals, lefties, Dems, conservative, GOPers, etc., get it?


Don’t talk down to me, old man. IDGAF what ‘field’ you think you’ve been in, as if I hadn’t eaten dirt. I was that obnoxious Left-tard in my unit ‘back in the day’. Paid for it a’plenty.

I changed because the system reveals itself.

And Trump didn’t ‘lose’, the election was stolen. Not the first, won’t be the last.

You take care, hero. Welcome Home. You best remember what that war was about. Don’t bring that Red shit here.

Roger Borroel

Ok, bye, bye; BTW, you weren’t at the Capital climbing that wall on Jan6 were you? Guess what? The theory that the election was stolen proves the brilliance of the Dems! We have the smarts….and laff!



You’d figure as a writer you’d know. I was just an Infantryman, so given that level of brain damage I’d say I do reel (sic) good!

Roger Borroel

I know I won’t (I’m starting to cry, good-byes are such sweet sorrows)- just know that a vet is of ANY political view. But I guess cavemen like you can’t understand such a simple concept. You people have shown yourselves to be, ‘bitter, bitter, bitter’…and we Dems laff at you people…ALL the time.

Roger Borroel

Ed, If I had a blog, I would allow EVERYONE to post, but, I would hold on the swearing, and things like that. BUT, if one is a leftie, a far right person, ALL would be welcome to blog.


Rog, Ed does in fact allow lefties to comment all they want here.

But he does tend to get a tad tetchy with obvious liberal dumbasses…😜


By all means, feel free to go create your own blog. Exercise your first amendment rights. Your blog, your rules. Trolling is not your strong suit. Work on it.


Rog, if an old man can make a constructive suggestion, why don’t you go hang around some liberal sites that can help you improve your basic writing and spelling skills?

If there are any…

Roger Borroel

And those liberal sites allow bone head conservative to have their peace. As for my spelling, you seem to need your GED….go get one, I’ll be patient.


Peace? I think you mean piece, Rog. If, that is, you even comprehend the distinction…

As for my academic qualifications, Rog, you’re probably getting yourself into a pissing contest where your dick’s too short and your maximum range way too ineffective.

Like publicly dribbling all over your feet ineffective.

But by all means, please go ahead and go for it…😜😜😜


Wait until Roger finds out that you were an actual, in-country Screaming Eagle.


What’s really weird is that we served in the same rifle company in the 506th Infantry but I was a few years ahead of him.

Also, we were both RTO’s, him as an artillery forward observer and me for the commanding officer.

Which goes to show, some Screaming Eagles, like Rog, are birdbrains…😜


He’s also dealing with a strong headwind.


He’s yapping his trap about the GED because HE has one. There’s a lengthy correction of records case on the interwebs about him. Why do crazies project so much?


Your overall grammatical application, spelling and syntax are pedantic at best. Apparently, mediocrity is what you aspire to. And I guess if your mentioning anything to do with a Grade Equivalent Diploma, it’s probably because you never obtained one. Seriously – permanently disconnect your computer from the internet and go play in city traffic. You’re wasting bandwidth and someone, somewhere needs shit splattered on their car. Off ya git. We’ll wait..

USMC Steve

I believe the correct word, you illiterate dumbass, is “volition”. And make no mistake, if you go out of your way to irritate people with your stupid nonsense, you will get shitcanned.


FUCK YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Sorry… Couldn’t resist.


“I promise I will never die.”
(The uncut pee and poop version.)


I’ll never be able to unsee that…


Some folks find flame wars to be very boring. Name calling and repetitive use of silly memes as well.

Scrolling past it, while a complete waste of time is effective. All that scrolling does increase one’s chances of missing something which IS important, or at least on topic.

Carry on. Just be aware that all you attention whores may not actually be getting read by the grown-ups.


Monday Update –
The wifey speaks….
It’s the New York Post’s post on the Book of the Fake,
so head straight for the {Hilaria-ous) comments.

[Hilaria Baldwin breaks silence on husband Alec’s fatal set shooting]


Culpa a la pistola loca.
Y el pepino.


Over 200 comments now.

[did anybody else read this in a spanish accent?]

[Wow in English also that’s a tough language for her being from Spain and all .]

[How do you say, “involuntary manslaughter” in español? 🤔]

Hack Stone

You just know that South Park is furiously cranking out an episode based on this as we speak.


IMHO, Baldwin or his lawer sent Hilaria, the fake Spaniard, out to talk to the media about this incident cuz anything Balwin himself says that could be construed as an apology to the families of those he shot will be used against him as an admission of fault.


Quote o’ the day —

[“If you’re capable of memorizing 120 pages of dialogue,
you can memorize four lines of gun safety,”
special effects and firearms expert Steve Wolf tells The Post.]

[There’s no denying Alec Baldwin’s role in on-set shooting tragedy]