College student triggered over cisgender male work crew

| October 19, 2021


Oberlin College in Ohio announced the installment of radiators in dorm rooms. This announcement went out to those who would be impacted. This is similar to landlords announcing, to tenants, that a service would be done in their homes. It’s fall, it’s getting cooler, and winter is getting closer. Having radiators installed and tested for functionality before it gets cold would help the students keep themselves warm.

Peter Fray-Witzer; however, had issues with this. He is a student residing on one of the floors in a dormitory for women and transgendered students. The work crew were men, who were being allowed into areas where only women and transgendered were allowed to be in. A school official accompanied the work crew.

From The Oberlin Review:

I was angry, scared, and confused. Why didn’t the College complete the installation over the summer, when the building was empty? Why couldn’t they tell us precisely when the workers would be there? Why were they only notifying us the day before the installation was due to begin?

I considered reaching out to Matos, but what would I say? The College was unlikely to address any of my concerns the day before the scheduled installation, and if they did, it would more than likely be in a passive we-are-truly-sorry-for-the-inconvenience sort of way, punctuated by an insistence that I would not be excessively bothered and that the installation was necessary, whether I liked it or not.

The next day, I waited apprehensively. The workers began installing in common spaces, and I could see immediately that they were all men. It was clear that the College had not made a special request that male workers not be allowed onto the upper floors of Baldwin. Predicting when they would reach my room was pure guesswork. I was trying to anticipate whether I would be in class when they arrived, or if I’d have to welcome strangers into my room only to be ejected to allow them space to work.

When the insistent knock eventually came, I scrambled to get my mask on and repeatedly shouted, “Coming!” through the door. Four or five construction workers stood outside, accompanied by someone who I could only assume — by his neat polo and clipboard — to be an emissary of the College. We stared at each other for a moment before I moved aside to allow the workers to enter. The emissary began issuing platitudes that the work wouldn’t take long and encouraged me to prop open my door. I asked meekly if I could actually not have a radiator installed in my dorm. I knew the answer was no before I had even said it, but hey — worth a shot.

I left for class, and by the time I had come back, they appeared to be done, though Polo Man warned me that they would return later in the week to check the insulation. Sure enough, they were back the next day. I felt mildly violated and a little peeved.

The Oberlin Review has the rest of the article here. Fox News covers this here and the Daily Mail covers this story at this link.

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Fuck ’em. Let ’em freeze until they learn how to live in the real world. Zero fucks given, I have none to spare. It was a very bad crop this year.


My field, too, is barren.

“…complete the installation over the summer?” Yep, best time in the year to install and test HEATING systems.

Just gonna get worse.


My thoughts exactly.


TuCa did a great take down on this lunacy. Guttfeld had fun with it as well.


South Park covered this with “My Safe Space”… and that was parody (outdone by Oberlin twerps now:


Oh, please, just let me slap this silly little bitch until his arm hurts. PLEASE!!!!


Snowflake angst at its finest.


Somebody call the Whaaambulance! 🙂

Hack Stone

So if the dormitory catches on fire, Will transgender firefighters be the only ones to respond?

Seriously, we all know that what triggered this individual is not that the workers were male, but probably African American men. Another liberal showing their racist side.

Forest Bondurant

Precisely. The same should apply for the office of public safety on campus, lest his safe space be violated in some way.


Did Oberlin ever repay Gibson’s Bakery?


Thanks for the update, mate

Billy Rob

If ever there was a candidate for being stuffed in and locked in his high school locker it’s Peter Fray-Witzer. Somebody give that boy a BH Form 1 to fill out and have him show on the Kewpie doll where the mean ol construction workers hurt him. What a effin’ loser. His parents must be so proud.

Name edited (again) to protect PII.

Bill R.

Imagine my surprise to find that I had already posted a comment here. One of us needs to change his nic.

Bill R.

First, I wanna say thank you. It took a few seconds for it to sink in that I hadn’t posted anything on this story yet. Second, how did you edit your nic after your comment was already posted? Last, it wouldn’t bother me too much as we seem to think similarly.


If he wants to be a woman, wouldn’t he be attracted to men? I’m confused (luckily, not as much as HE is)

USMC Steve

Na dude, it is attracted to attention. Being a freaking freak. This is what happens when your parents want to be your buddies, instead of making it clear that they are in COMMAND.


That’s going to require years of taxpayer paid therapy!


And another thing… how did he know they were cisgender males? Was he assuming their gender? He should be required to attend gender sensitivity training and to apologize to each of the construction workers for his genderphobic assumptions.



Hack Stone

“I was angry, scared, and confused.” So, it was a day just like any other day. Why was this individual angry? Was he/she/they angry because a General in The National Guard cannot wear nail polish while in uniform. Did the school cafeteria out of soy milk and Fruit Loops. How about how Joe Biden fucked up the country in nine short months? Why was this individual scared? What exactly did the construction workers do or… Read more »


He was confused and frightened because these manly construction workers can actually work and build things. That gave him great angst because their presence made him feel as useless as he is. He likely needs help to change a light bulb, as someone has to turn the chair.





I too feel violated… that some moron would voice this type of ‘concern’, especially given the fact they’ve been selected to attend an ‘institution of higher “learning’”.

If Oberlin gets *any* public funds it’s high time to cross them out. A private institution with a 1.09 buh-buh-Billion dollar endowment, fahqem.


Just tell the snowflake ❄️ that the workers identify as trans. That oughta shut his ass up.

Hack Stone

It just might open his ass up.

Herbert J Messkit

He will have to leave college someday. How does he expect to function in the real world?


He’ll have $150,000 in college debt, a degree in 17th century transgendered Lithuanian art history, and a job at Starbucks. It’ll be YOUR fault that he can’t find meaningful work in his field because you’re a member of the white, patriarchal, cisgendered, oppressive majority.


Then go on a student loan Debt strike. We used to call that being a deadbeat Welcher but nowadays it is trendy.


That figure will cover the first two years.

$80,000 a year. I shit you not.


$80K a year for a degree that will be worthless insofar as earning a reasonable living. I think my entire four years of college tuition cost about six thousand. And I spent about 16K for four years of night law school. When I started law school, a quarter’s tuition was about $950. It is about four times that now.


Da, comrade, is stirring up the “useful idiots” for revolution, no?


The problem is that soon they will be running the real world. God help us all.


Until someone like me turns off their power for not paying the bill.

Fuck em. Feed em fish heads.


Yes– civilization fails when the Internet goes down or Starbucks runs out of soy milk.

A Proud Infidel®™

Take the saga of Steve and Joe: Steve went to an expensive four year college for a Degree in Philosophy and Gender Studies. Steve has over $150,000 in Student Loan Debt. Steve cannot find a decent paying job as a Philosopher and thinks that hourly work is below him. Joe went into an Electrical Internship. Joe now has a Job Skill in high demand. Joe can get a very good-paying job nearly anywhere he wants… Read more »


I wonder if the radiators had male and female pipe fittings.
Imagine the shop talk that could have ensued during installation.
“Hey Bob toss me a male to female adapter, this one’s odd”


This one wins the interwebs thingy for the day. Laughed my ass off.

Hack Stone

Next work detail, send Admiral Rachel Levine. She knows how to reroute plumbing.


I’m so out of it, I had to google “cisgender” to figure out wtf it meant.

NR Pax

It’s a synonym for “normal” when you want to sound all sciencey.


Okay… everyone needs to ignore these fucking people and tell them to get over their deranged whiny bullshit. It’ll go away when the collective fed up masses refuse to comply.

This is ridiculous.


A major war will cure that sh*t… unfortunately, we may get our ass kicked Kasserine Pass-style until the snowflakes wise-up.

A Proud Infidel®™

Leave the little snotweasel snowflakes among seasoned, grizzled Blue Collar types who have worked their asses off for what they have and see just how quickly they get chewed up and spit out!

NR Pax

Sadly, this is probably more attention than he ever got from his parents.


So who has actually seen an all female or all gay construction work crew? If you did Bigfoot would be their supervisor and they would ride unicorns to the job site.

Being a flaming liberal pussy really makes your life hard.


Well, the article says the dorm is for female or confused males… in this case this it seems this woman falls into the ‘confused’ bracket.

Hack Stone

Next time send the Monroe Brothers.

Hack Stone

Or maybe this plumber.

A Proud Infidel®™

Holy sheep shit, what a 24K SNOWFLAKE!


Good Lord I have no words, but I remember the wisdom of my old platoon daddy. “Son, cutting your dick off won’t make you a woman, you’re just a guy with a cut off dick”


Or as one instructor of mine said: “A sugar-coated turd is still just a turd coated with sugar.”


I’m jes sayin’ is all…
You could make it a fine piece of art or jewelry but, it’s still a turd…


Why am I not surprised the offended individual has a hyphenated last name? They ALWAYS have a hyphenated name.


I was hired as a lawer versus another fellow with a hyphenated name. The other guy was ahead until the interviewing partners discovered he had incorporated his wife’s maiden name with his last name versus one of those venerable hyphenated English surnames.

A Proud Infidel®™

ONCE UPON A TIME colleges provided an education as well as a slight introduction to the outside world, nowadays they do all they can to encourage dysfunctionality, indoctrinate, brainwash and insulate snowflakes from reality.


Dysfunction junction, what’s your unction? Oh, wait, that’s too adult for them now…

Veritas Omnia Vincit

Growing up in the 60s I never thought I’d see a day when American College students were self-segregating 50 years later… How fucked up is your head space when you are attending a college that costs almost $80,000 a year and your biggest concern is the blue collar plumbing contractors making your room more comfortable? How was this little asshole threatened or endangered in any way? This article reminds me of that other numbnut weakling… Read more »


I suspected Gersh may be an Oberlin grad but a search shows him
graduating from Brown in 1987. Not too far off though…..


Gersh is likely Gracie by now, since being a trannie is so fashionable in the circles he runs in. He sure needs a doctor created pussie to complete his portrayal.

Prior Service

According to google, the average temp in Oberlin, in January, is 18 degrees. I say if “she” doesn’t want a radiator, “sign here” on a waiver form and go for it.

A Proud Infidel®™

And then the little thing will be screaming for a *WAAAAAAHHHH*mbulance to come give it a group hug and some fresh Kool-Aid because its room is cold!