Sergeant Major Denzel Washington

| October 13, 2021

No, this is not for a film role.  The US Army has given actor Denzel Washington the rank of honorary sergeant major.

Denzel Washington is the US Army’s newest (honorary) sergeant major

Actor, director and Hollywood icon Denzel Washington is the “Honorary Sergeant Major of the Army” for 2021.

“We all are free because of the sacrifices that you’ve made,” Washington said of U.S. military service members at a small ceremony on Sept. 24 in New York City. “We all have the right to agree or disagree or complain or whine or whatever else Americans do these days because of the sacrifices that each and every one of you men and women made. This really belongs to you.”

The Army formally announced Washington as the 2021 Honorary Sergeant Major of the Army recipient at the Annual Association of the U.S. Army conference on Monday. Washington was chosen because of his work with the Fisher House Foundation, a program focused on building homes at military medical centers around the world for military and veteran families to stay in while their loved one is receiving medical care.

Washington has always seemed to be level-headed in his comments and his work with the Fisher House Foundation is admirable.

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I don’t get it.


They started this under Obama. Interesting choices over the years including General Frederick Kroesen a few years back before he passed.

Krosen was a bad ass among bad asses. You want to know why there are CIBs with three stars and Silver Stars have oak leaf clusters? It was because of him.


He couldn’t do it any worse than the current one.


No worse than many honorariums given through the years, and certainly better than some. Congratulations, Mr. Washington.

Thank you for recognizing the importance of the military to these United States. And for the good work you do.


“To all who shall see these presents, greetings. Know ye, that reposing special trust and confidence in the fidelity and ability to keep people off his damn grass, the Department of the Army does hereby appoint Denzel Washington to the rank of Sergeant Major of the Army (Honorary) on this, the twenty-fourth day of September in the Year of Our Lord, Two Thousand Twenty-one.”

Hack Stone

The Honorary title of Sergeant Major Of The Army was withdrawn two days later when a check of his training records show that he did not complete his SHARP Training in 2018.


Major coffee spew! That was freaking awesome!


Newly appointed SGM Denzel Washington was immediately assigned mandatory Critical Race Theory and Extremism Within the Ranks training.

He was rumored to have whispered under his breath “Ain’t this some BS.”


Nah, nah, nah, nah.
It be like THIS… NFSW Mofos…

Green Thumb

I wonder if he has taken a drug test yet?

Veritas Omnia Vincit


Great scene from a great movie. I always thought Matthew Broderick was an odd choice to play the colonel, but then I saw a picture of Colonel Robert Shaw (especially the one in profile) and he is a dead ringer. 25 years old. . .

Veritas Omnia Vincit

Agreed, enjoy this movie immensely, back in the day when my Bay State was not a socialist strong hold….


Worked with and on the production of this motion picture back yonder. They took a whole lot of “Artistic License” on many of the historical facts to, according to the Producer and the Director, “make an entertaining movie”. Not taking away ANYTHING at all from the Courage of the Soldiers of the 54th MA, or Colonel Shaw. The FIRST (ht 2 ND Hoosier) Medal of Honor awarded to a Black Soldier came from the assault… Read more »

Veritas Omnia Vincit

I’ve given up on the notion that historical movies will be historically accurate without a lot of added fluff, drama, and simple bullshit…. Thus I find I suspend disbelief and either like the fiction or I don’t….most often I don’t. But there are exceptions. This movie was enjoyable for me on a number of levels with respect to the difficulties of getting such an organization up and running from a human perspective if not a… Read more »


I bet it doesn’t come with a comically ginormous sword like we Zoomies give out.


Thanks for publishing that Wiki piece, Mason.
Spotted at least a half dozen Zoomie General Officers who are NDSM embellishers.


So who’s the honorary Spec four this year?

Veritas Omnia Vincit

Joe Biden, because instead of doing his fucking job he’s always hiding somewhere unavailable for comment….


BOOM! Direct Hit.

A Proud Infidel®™

*POW!*, right in the kisser!


I was an actual Spec 4. Maybe we should get to pick the honorary ones.


Maybe I’ll try an embed. See if it works.



I was an actual Spec4 “Man in the Door” at one time. (Over 50 years ago, now)

1st Flight Platoon, C Co, 101 AHB, 101st Airborne Division based at beautiful North Phu Bai, Viet of the Nam.

Black Widows (Fear the Spider, Lest Ye Get Bit in the Ass)/smile


For the much Appreciated and much Exalted CLAW –

“actual Spec4 “Man in the Door”

Whoa… been reading a bit ‘bout that.

Don’t know if this will be of any interest for ya Claw but as you mentioned your ‘brass-balls’ service in the Viet of the Nam and I’ve been reading this pub on and off for the past week or so… Cheers Mate🍺


“much Appreciated and much Exalted”.

Naw, that’s a bit too overboard, but Thanks anyway.

I was just a kid from the cornfields of Indiana who hoped to turn his skills as a tractor/combine/manure spreader repairman into being a fixed wing aircraft mechanic, but once I got to Fort Rucker Big Army had other plans on how to utilize those handed down from my Father skills.

And the rest is now ancient history.


Claw – a lot my instructors served in the Viet of Nam(ICCS) and while I’ll respectfully withdraw ‘Exalted’ part, the ‘much appreciated’ part must remain… Cheers.


When I was there, every once in a while there was an opening for door gunners, and there was no lack of applicants. It was considered a sweet job safe in the rear. Nobody thought to ask why they needed volunteers if it was such a sweet job. No leaches, no mosquitos, and no booby traps was the first consideration. Not quite “out of the frying pan and into the fire”, more like sometimes you… Read more »


“Safety is a relative thing.” You’re right about that, and sometimes it’s the little things that end up spelling disaster. For example: At 1905 hrs, 10 Oct 71, Dustoff 904 (326th Med on Camp Eagle) was dispatched to FSB Tomahawk for an urgent medevac. Weather/ceilings were really, really bad, they couldn’t make it in. Even called for 81mm Illum. At 1915 hrs a Vietnamese aspirant reported seeing a helicopter crash into the Cau Hai Bay.… Read more »


I was a Spec 4 too, but you bring a good point. Probably only those who stopped at that rank and counted their days until ETS should get to pick.

But Biden is a great choice.


What? You didn’t have a “short chain? 🙂


Negative naysayers: STFU. Washington is a black guy, he was recognized for positive accomplishments, and you snarks grouse. Oh, did I mention he is a black guy? In case you missed that part. Didn’t have any influence on your BS, did it?


Yes, I did notice he is black. The photo bears that out.
The videos also show that he is black.
Remember the days before color photography?
Everything was black and white or as you might infer black “or” white.


I saw exactly zero comments regarding Mr. Washington’s color, negative or positive. What I saw was commenters saying positive things about Mr. Washington’s talent and achievements as an actor. Yes, there is grousing, mainly about the silliness of this award. Let me amend my comments. I did see one comment regarding his color. And the comment was written by you.


what grousing? Sounds a lot to me like a “but it’s RACIST!” complaints from the far left over statements like ‘it was a black-and-white photo’. Lighten up Francis indeed. Reread all the comments ant tell us what above targeted Mr. Washington because he is black. We’ll wait to be enlightened.


Whomever smelt-it, dealt it.

Green Thumb

Whoever denied it, supplied it.


Go take a flying fuck at a rolling donut.


When I wonder what is wrong with people these days SgtBob comes to mind right way.


Here we go again, another race baiter….

Sooooooo very clever of you…


Yeah, well, most of us really DID know that Mr. Washington is black. Strange that you, SgtBob, seem to be the only one who has an issue with the color of his skin. Does it offend you that the rest of us saw no need to comment on that fact? Ever occur to you that it just doesn’t matter to us one way or the other? No, probably not. You, SgtBob, might want to ponder… Read more »


Most of us here could care less to which race group Washington belongs. That is not the issue at hand in this posted article and the comments here. Even our beloved Commissar finds this type of award a meaningless bullshit PR stunt. And he is a total lefty lover of Antifa. So, it appears that the problem seems to be with you and your value system. You drink Kool-aid long time, GI?


He’s BLACK?!?! My God! Yecch! And I used to be a fan.

JarHead Pat

Whats next honorary MOH..da fuk…


If you have to pick someone in Hollywood, then he’s definitely one of the few decent human beings left remaining in that cesspool.

Man on Fire is still one of my favorite movies of all time.

Green Thumb

I always liked American Gangster.


He certainly does a lot of good works outside of work. It’s tough to pick a favorite movie as he has such a wide range of talents.

Malcolm X, Crimson Tide, Training Day, The Mighty Quinn, Glory, American Gangster, The Hurricane, The Siege, and The Book of Eli to name a few.


The Equalizer, Two Guns are a couple more.


I have always thought he should give a bonus to whoever picks his scripts.


I haven’t made up my mind yet—only seen it 4 or 5 times.

There are some youtube clips of him being interviewed and such. I am a big fan.

(The cynic in me wants to add “–so far”.)
*sigh* Life has crushed my inborn positivity and optimism.


Generals Milley, McKenzie, and SecDef Austin nominated for honorary 2LTs.


Nah, Milley will have to be a CW3 with 25 years, he is way to large to pass for a 2LT. Put a cup of coffee in one hand and some sheet cake in the other and you will find him on the way to the golf course early Thursday morning, if you find him at all…. He will tell you he knows better than his boss about everything and will be happy to call… Read more »


Heck, even I have more respect for 2nd looeys than to dishonor the rank with their presence. At least 2LTs have potential (mostly).


Got to give Denzel his due – he’s a great actor and his recent movie rendition of ‘The Equalizer’ bears that out(for me).
Really think Big Army made a great PR move in naming him as “Honorary Sergeant Major of the Army”. Congratulations Mister, er Sargent Major Washington – well-worked for and well-earned.

Jeff LPH 3, 63-66 A Gang Snipe

Denzel a better choice than making that A-hole bob hope an honorary US Mil Vet. Reason is that on a USO tour in the South Pacific during WW2, he was asked to do a show onboard an anchored out hospital ship and the dirt bag says that it wasn’t in his contract so he wasn’t going to do the show, but the rest of the USO tour showed up and did the show for nothing.


Source for this?



PLEASE PROVE what you wrote.

Give us a source…in writing…

Or was that a rumor you heard that got embellished?

So far, I have YET to find anything what you wrote about Bob Hope.

Thank You.


We are still waiting for an answer from you, Jeff…

I have YET TO FIND ANYTHING on what you wrote about Bob Hope.

So if you personally know or have this information in writing, PLEASE show it to us.

Fair enough?




Almost all honorary awards and titles are ducking dumb. And I say “almost” because there might be one that it not dumb but I didn’t think of one at the time of this posting. Posthumous awards and titles are not dumb. But honorary ones are dumb. Either they earned it or they didn’t. The army could reward his exemplary service to the veteran community and their family through a whole spectrum of awards or recognition.… Read more »


Ed, Mason, anyone, call 911 and send them to ol’ Poe’s residence. He’s having a cardiac event after reading something Lars wrote that actually makes sense and he agrees with.

Hurry…he may have just caused the Big One…



A Proud Infidel®™

“*OOP*, *ACK*, *ICK*,…” like Bill the Cat always said.


Even a broken clock… unless it is a digital clock…


Agree with Lars. Who are you and what have you done with Poe?


‘ducking dumb’?

Poe, RELAX! Lars is just jealous of Denzel as ALL he’ll EVER be is an honorary twat..


I believe Mr. Washington can do better than this guy.


This is for Claw. Well, Well, Well… Look who is still showing off. Joe Gainey. Born in 1956. Graduated from High School around 1974/1975. Who claims to be a Vietnam Era Veteran. And supported a PHONY Vietnam POW….and PROMISED to return to TAH to show proof that Mike “Baby Killer” Killam was indeed a Vietnam POW…and never returned. A COWARD. Joe Gainey…a POS who is just as bad as CSM Rick Cayton, who… Read more »


And now the NDSM embellishment is posted for all who follow to emulate.

Gainey’s first day of active duty was 17 June 1975, a full 10 months after the Viet of the Nam Times eligibility period ended.

But, Hell, it’s no big deal. The 3rd SEAC did the same thing although he missed out on being eligible for two BSS on his NDSM by six years./s

The Brotherhood weeps.


It was my first award.
Damn near cried when I received it.


Oops, my bad. The 3rd SEAC missed out by eight years, not six.

Mea Culpa


And let us not forgot what Joe Gainey wrote on one of the sited links:

“Oh, by the way, since you do not personally know me, NEVER QUESTION MY DEDICATION TO MY VETERANS AGAIN. Are we clear?”



No, we weren’t clear then and it is still not clear who “MY VETERANS” might be. He may indeed be dedicated to them, but the rest of us nonembellishing, nonlying, nonposer veterans are certainly not HIS veterans. Oh, wait. I may have changed my position on that one. It looks pretty clear that the veterans toward whom he is so dedicated are liars and posers. That excludes the rest of us. His is certainly not… Read more »







And this is another comment from Joe Gainey about the phony Vietnam POW: “I have sent an inquiry to someone that is in the position to find out the truth. If MIchael did fool all of us as you are claiming, I will be the first to say so”. Joe Gainey NEVER CAME BACK AND ADMITTED HE WAS WRONG. A COWARDLY POS. Joe Gainey, himself a PHONY Vietnam ERA Veteran. Thank God the ninja family… Read more »


And MORE FECES from Joe Gainey:

“Again, if my source tell me Michael is a “FAKE”, I will announce it LOUD AND CLEAR so everyone on this site can hear it. Until that is done, I believe his story.”


Joe Gainey wrote this in January 2016: “I would ask that we step back and think about what we are doing here. Before Michael Killam can be given an opportunity to be found innocent or guilty you have determined he he is lying scum bag. Is this the way we treat each other? I hope not. I will know next week the truth. The 3rd SEAC in visiting our troops in combat but has assured… Read more »


“Can we PLEASE Expose”

I second that emotion./s

I’m still curious just how his Bronze Star Medal came to have a V Device attached to it, since it was awarded for his time as a Corps level CSM.


While not impossible, it would be quite a story.


Rut-roh Shaggy.

“Awarded the Army’s Bronze Star Medal for Valor for exceptionally meritorious service during 13 months of combat operations.”

There might be some problems with that one. Never heard of service so exceptionally meritorious it suddenly became valorous.


Richard Cayton died over the summer. He went to the grave claiming two Silver Stars and a five pack of Purple Hearts. They did remove the POW claims.


Cayton got caight. He never had his DD214 corrected with a DD215. He never admittrd in publc his drceptions and lies. He lied about a buncj of other stuff as wrll. I PERSONALLY know all his other lies. Just as othr Phonies, he went to his grave with his lies and deceits. If you want to stand up fo rthatman, go for it.


Cayton got caught. He never had his DD214 corrected with a DD215. He never admitted in publc his deceptions and lies. He lied about a bunch of other stuff as well. I PERSONALLY know all his other lies. Just as other Phonies, he went to his grave with his lies and deceits. If you want to stand
up fo rthatman, go for it.


POSers who falsely claim to have been POW’s are the worst of the valor thieves. They trade on the sympathy we have for the suffering of POW’s held by ruthless communists, as well as the valor of others. As for Cayton, I joined the LRRP unit he served in when he claimed he was captured by the enemy. As I told the Schantags, there was never anyone captured by the enemy in the five year… Read more »


Lower than worm castings under a gestating snake…


Thank You, AGAIN rgr769, for addressing Cayton’s LIES. I also heard he pulled the pin on a hand grenade while in Vietnam (might be related to that Silver Star). Cayton LIED about those scars on his face. He had “Daddy”issues. He went to his grave NEVER CONFESSING his lies…and yep, just as Bergdhl, he got two Soldiers KILLED while in Vietnam. Again…His Father told folks that he was a Korean War POW…a complete Made Up… Read more »



Vietnam Era Veteran MY ASS.

Another “LOOK AT ME!” type who wants attention and wears decorations/awards they are NOT entitled to.