Dog the Bounty Hunter, K-9s, Navy SEALs and Marines All Join Effort to Find Brian Laundrie

| October 2, 2021

Newsweek reports that Dog the Bounty Hunter – who’s real name in Duane Chapman – has announced that Navy SEALs and Marines have joined the search for Brian Laundrie.   Brian is being sought by Law Enforcement but has currently gone missing.

Dog the Bounty Hunter Says Former Navy SEALs Helping Brian Laundrie Search
By Emma Nolan  *  October 1, 2021

Dog the Bounty Hunter has been joined by a K9 unit as well as former Navy SEALs and Marines as he continues his search for Brian Laundrie in Florida.

Laundrie, 24, vanished shortly before his fiancée Gabby Petito was found dead on September 19.

Reality TV personality Dog, whose real name is Duane Chapman, said on Thursday that he felt “real good” about how his hunt was going and expected to close in on Laundrie imminently.

Chapman has also contracted a private search and rescue K-9 team to aid in his search of an island called Egmont Key, which is off the coast of St. Petersburg, Florida.

“We got a bunch of volunteers,” he told Fox News. “Most of them are former law enforcement, former Navy SEALs and Marines.”

Chapman has an anonymous tip line at 833-TELL-DOG for people who do not want to contact the authorities directly.

Anyone with information on Laundrie’s whereabouts is asked to contact the FBI at 1-800-CALL-FBI or 303-629-7171.

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Daisy Cutter

Call me pessimistic, but this is what I think Brian Laundrie will say once caught: Gabby Petito went crazy and started attacking me and I fended her off. She got upset and walked off saying she didn’t want to be around me anymore, take the van and she would find her own way home, etc… so he left. She was alive when he left her. He can say he was distraught but went home due… Read more »


Dog took on this gig so he could have an all expense paid honeymoon trip for his new (#6?) bride. Wonder if Dog made a call on All Points Logistics to get his volunteers? This dude Laundrie is either long gone from that AO or has become lunch for an alley-gator or a shark. News on him has filled up the news feeds so much that we can hardly find any FGS. I hope he… Read more »

Green Thumb

The Dog.

He is a felon, so no firearms. Think Airsoft!

He will track down Laundrie like his forefathers did, although The Dog probably has about the same amount of Native American blood in him that the False Commander “Phony” Phil Monkress (CEO of All-Points Logistics does.

ANd the technique that The Dog used: knocking on the door.

Daisy Cutter

“ANd the technique that The Dog used: knocking on the door.”

Brilliant! Brilliant I tell ya.


I was surprised to discover his felony conviction was strictly minor league. He was waiting in the car for his buddy who went into a house to score some weed. The buddy got into a fight with the weed dealer and shot and killed him. Dog was charged with felony murder because he was part of the endeavor to buy weed, which was a felony at the time in Texas. Even the county sheriff vouched… Read more »


Focus on fundamdentals… you’d be surprised who don’t.



How many are fake?

How many quit to avoid the death jab?


The other day he found this.

When they told Dog “We’re looking for a monster out here” he took them way too literally.


Rumor has it that Dog also found a cigarette butt and darted his tongue across it to determine freshness.

He then found what he thought was an uneaten Baby Ruth and performed the same technique to disprove the initial Baby Ruth theory.

Jeff LPH 3, 63-66

Shades off caddy shack with Bill Murray eating the Baby Ruth in the empty swimming pool


Queue “Jaws” music.


Chapman is a media whore and hypocrite but if he catches the guy leaving the fbi looking stupid, I’ll buy him a beer.


The FeeBees don’t need any help.

A Proud Infidel®™

I have a Brother In Arms I served with who did a stint as a US Marshal after his Retirement and I say DON’T get him started on talking about Feebies, he’ll give you an earful about their incompetence!


He is a media whore but he is also a legit man hunter. It wouldn’t shock ne if he succeeded.

Green Thumb

He tracks down the hardened criminals like the 85 year old man in the wheel chair.

Then bounces them before they can show up.

He then gives them a smoke, a bite of a sandwich and tells them to go with God.


Ask anyone here in HI. He’s a fake. I worked with Ralph Thorson, dog is not a ” man hunter”.


With luck, Laundrie is currently occupying a hole under the riverbank, as the main course for a hungry gator.

AW1 Rod

Yeah. I’m thinking this turd is already a bowel movement for a ‘gator.


My Mom loved watching Chapman’s cheesy series years ago – me, not-so much(largely indifferent) but sure, if Chapman and a buncha of former Navy SEAL’s(hopefully, none previously profiled here) can locate and arrest Laundrie – as apparently the FBI hasn’t had any luck in that department – then I say ‘Sic ’em Dog..and Cats’! Kinda like KoB – my sneaking suspicion is – this just came along as a great photo/PR-opportunity with the potential for… Read more »


Sure sounds lke Laundrie has been arraigned, tried, and convicted in the public eye. Freely admitting I don’t follow some of the sensationalist issues like this… on what objective evidence is he
adjudged guilty?


Bruh, (no pun intended) No one is claiming he’s guilty of anything, yet, but, there is body camera footage showing significant evidence of an assault (possibly by both individuals involved) in a time period before he showed up back home alone, and then his girlfriend’s body was found, with enough evidence to allow authorities to have a warrant for his arrest generated… no one here (in the public media) seems to be trying him that… Read more »


In my state police are REQUIRED to make an arrest if they go to a DV call and someone has injuries arising from the confrontation no matter how slight.

I actually think this is a good idea.


I’m kinda torn on that BUT, better to take both parties in and let time and cooler heads prevail and maybe charge a not soo serious misdemeanor for DV and then let the folks sort it out later than to just let folks go and have *this* happen, not that it goes in that direction often, but, more often than not, DV situations go bad then self-mend.


Mainly “person of interest” right now David. Highly suspicious activities before, during, and since her body was found. The Idaho popo had possible ‘reasonable cause” to hold him earlier and let him go. As pointed out by Daisy Cutter above, unless they have some really good evidence on him, getting a conviction may prove difficult. The old, “,,.if only one story is to be told, make sure it is your story.” I haven’t been following… Read more »


No, it was the Moab Utah PD that could have arrested him. There are no reports I have heard that Laundrie committed an offense in Idaho or Wyoming, other than his use of her debit card, which was unknown until after he made it back to Florida.


Mea culpa rgr 769, you are correct. Proofreading and not multitasking with 6 maybe 9 windows open at the same time could be my friend. Hey least I was in the right time zone, even if I typed in the wrong state.



Dude seriously. We get it. We too understand the law. But dude… seriously.


With sightings and spottings from around Florida,
both far ends of North Carolina,
other states,
Canada, Mexico, and The Bahamas….

What is the probability that only Dogman is hot on the correct trail?

To see the cliffhanger outcome,
Tune in tomorrow.
Same dog time.
Same dog channel.


Yeah a man hiking on the Appalachian Trail swears he saw Laundrie and that he asked for directions to California using backroads only. Jut saw the news alert a couple hours ago.

I never got into Dog or his show, but the thought of him (as unlikely as it may be) outdoing the FBI amuses me.


Whadya expect from the fan belt inspectors? I doubt they even have 13 agents on the case like they did the famed Bubba Wallace “noose ” case.


This “Dog” character is an attention whore, and the media seems very accommodating.

This entire production (yes, production) seems life a “false flag” distraction to me.

Of course, I’m old and cynical.

Green Thumb

He did get that billionaire make-up heir rapist in Mexico….


I was going to bring that up as well. That was before all the DTBH hype, but they no shzt went into Mehico and arrested that sick pr!ck. Then I think THEY were arrested for a while. Might have to Google that case. Anyhow, I do see it as publicity schtick on his part, but we’ll see.


Old + cynical = accurate BS o’meter


Just wait until Britney Spears weighs in on this
now that she’s free to speak.


Leave our Britney alone!!! I hope she posts some more nude selfies. That bod is holding up quite well. Who cares what she thinks about current events.


With Britney about to turn 40,
I wonder how many (now) 50 year olds
(still) think they have a shot.
Caged heat.

Green Thumb

I am waiting for LaChina James.

Jeff LPH 3, 63-66

When will Brians family hang out the dirty Laundrie and tell the LEO’S what they really know about their dirty laundrie POS son.


If Dog the Bounty Hunter finds him before the Feds I’m going to laugh. A lot.


A Doggy daughter has spoken.
The estranged daughter.

[One of Dog the Bounty Hunter’s daughters has dismissed his high-profile pursuit of Brian Laundrie as a “publicity stunt.”

“He needs to back off and let the FBI handle it,” Cecily Chapman, 28, told the Sun of her estranged 68-year-old dad, Duane Chapman.]

Headline –
[Dog the Bounty Hunter’s daughter calls Brian Laundrie hunt a ‘publicity stunt’]


Duane Chapman was way off.
Old Dog couldn’t sniff out some bones.
Not good for pitching a New Old Dog show.


Please let this thing die, it keeps crapping up my news feed.


No. PUN!!! 🤪😂😅😁


This explains why the bones are scattered.
1st the alligators, and then the WILD PIGS.

[“There’s alligators, but the worst thing are the wild pigs,” Widmann said. “They’re evil animals and will eat anything.
Any flesh out in the open will not be wasted.”

“There won’t be much for the coroner to work on,” he added.
“Nature doesn’t waste anything.”]

[Brian Laundrie: Locals doubt there is much left
to identify in gator-filled marsh]


Wild hogs aren’t evil. They just do what they do.