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| September 25, 2021 | 18 Comments

‘This guy is a real piece of work:’ Sheriff says Rep. Jewell Jones snuck handcuff key into jail

We talked about this genius a while back. Turns out he’s not done making the news for all the wrong reasons.

Michigan Rep. Jewell Jones (D-Inkster) brought a handcuff key into jail when he was arrested Tuesday for violating his bond, according to the Livingston County Sheriff’s Office.

Jones was arrested on April 6 for drunk driving, resisting arrest, and carrying a concealed weapon and was released on bond April 7.

According to the sheriff’s office, Jones violated his bond on three separate occasions. A Judge revoked his bond during a hearing on Tuesday and was taken to Livingston County Jail.

Police say when Jones was taken to jail, they found a handcuff key on him. Since then, two charges, both felonies, have been authorized.

Sheriff Michael J. Murphy said he feel Jones is “an embarrassment to all elected officials.”

“This guy is a real piece of work,” said Murphy. “I believe he thinks somehow the laws do not apply to him. More than that, I am mad. Had the handcuff key ended in an injury to my staff of another inmate I am sure what I would have done; as my primary responsibility is the safety and security of my staff and inmates.”

Source; WILX

Cheating Police Officers Resign After Getting Caught Having Sex in Squad Car While Ignoring Calls for Assault, Burglary

Two married British police officers’ affair was exposed after they were caught having sex in a squad car while ignoring calls for assistance during an assault, burglary in progress.

The Surrey Police officers, Sgt. Molly Edwards and PC Richard Paton, were caught after their suspicious superiors bugged their vehicle, as reported by The Sun.

A disciplinary panel was told that Paton, 39, was heard moaning “aww, let’s just get naked”, after an urgent 4.51am radio request for assistance for a burglary that was taking place at an electrical store.

The officers, both married with children, had also ignored a 4.17am call to attend a hospital to deal with two victims of an assault incident that took place outside a nightclub. At the time, they were parked about 15 minutes away and engaging in sexual acts, an independent disciplinary board heard.

Panel chair John Bassett said in an adjudication report: “It is evident from the transcripts of what occurred after the call that sexual activity continued.” The panel was also presented secret recordings that captured the two officers’ “verbal expressions of sexual fantasies.”

According to the report, their sexual activity “clearly involved the removal of some of their clothing, kissing,” as well as the exposure of her breasts and him pleasuring her.

Both officers resigned from Surrey Police before last month’s tribunal, which went ahead in their absence. The panel found four allegations of gross misconduct were proven and said both would have been fired if still employed with Surrey Police.

These allegations include engaging in sexual activity on duty in a police vehicle, failing to attend police calls for assistance, misleading their boss over rumors of their affair and Paton was also accused of making a racist comment towards an Asian colleague.

The officers denied having full intercourse and Edwards, who is in her 30s, said sexual activity only took place over two days while the car was bugged.

Before tendering her resignation, she wrote of their affair: “It wasn’t always sexual in that sometimes it could be just holding hands,” “I enjoyed the time we had together, but became aware what we were doing was wrong and would say to him we should put a stop to it,” she added.

The panel concluded there was not enough evidence to prove the affair had been going on for three months, as alleged, but ruled it started at least three weeks beforehand.

Edwards claimed they could not attend the hospital as they had dealt with the nightclub assaults earlier and there was a risk of evidence being contaminated. However, the panel ruled they did not want sex to be interrupted.

There’s pictures at the source if you want the full mental picture. Neither is worth losing a career over.

Source; International Business Times

‘Give me my food:’ Woman pulls gun while in line at Philadelphia Chipotle

A woman was caught on video as she pulled a gun out of her purse while standing in line at a Chipotle in Philadelphia’s Rhawnhurst section.

According to police, the incident happened on Saturday evening at the restaurant at 2337 Cottman Avenue.

It all unfolded when the cashier told customers they had to close the store due to a staffing shortage. The cashier told customers they had to order their food online.

The woman took the gun out of her bag and told the worker if someone didn’t make her food, that there would be a problem, police said.

An employee made the woman’s order in an effort to have her leave. After making the order, the woman displayed the gun again and stated “somebody better give me my food.” The woman took the food and left the store in an unknown direction, police said.

Customers on Wednesday told Action News they were shocked by her behavior.

“That’s still insane that somebody actually pulled a gun out because they couldn’t get their food, that’s actually unreal,” said Richard Joa, from East Falls.

But frequent customers said they’ve recently noticed less employees working.

“I think if I can only order online, I’ll go back to my car and just order, you know it’s the pandemic,” said Albert Brown, of Northeast Philadelphia.

“Definitely some staffing issues now, it’s everything online and it takes forever to get your food, and you know, I like Chipotle, so I still come to it,” said Joa.

Police said they have seen an increase in frustrated customers turning violent since the pandemic started as many establishments are short-staffed.

“It’s going to take a little longer to get your fast food, it might not be as fast, but to pull guns on people is not the answer,” said Lt. Dennis Rosenbaum.

Source; 6ABC

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  1. Old tanker says:

    1st! What a bunch of unsmart folks in today’s listing. Ye gads the Brits were silly in the extreme. I’ve never eaten at Chipotles, I hope her order was worth it.

  2. The key to make sure a handcuffed prisoner doesn’t have a handcuff key on him/her is to search them. Shenaagins in a patrol car: Call Blimey Love A Duck.

  3. Fyrfighter says:

    Ahh Filthadelphia.. not at all unhappy that the place is in my rearview.. though it is sad, a beautiful city with tons of history destroyed by ferals…

    • Hack Stone says:

      Just up the road from Momma Stone lived before her passing. Back in the 1960’s that was an upscale shopping center. A lot of major department stores (long since gone) occupies space there. Pretty sure that Hack Stone got his photo on Santa’s lap at the Gimbel’s in that shopping center.

  4. STSC(SW/SS) says:

    Of course Jewell thinks he’s above the law he is a politician, Democrat and black.

    The Brit copper should be proud of himself as he was able to subdue the suspect with his “night stick”.

  5. Steve 1371 says:

    I went thru philly 31 years ago on Amtrak. It remains the tastiest place l have ever been except the dump.trashiest!

  6. UpNorth says:

    In Jones’s case, I don’t recall seeing anyone not jailed after violating bond conditions once. But, as STSC pointed, Jones is black and a democrat.

    • 5JC says:

      It happens depending upon the state, offense jurisdiction etc. Sometimes the court will demand a higher bond or a cash bond depending upon what happened.

      • UpNorth says:

        I’m from Michigan, the sane, west side of the state. Most judges give anyone one chance if they’re out on bond. This guy had enough chances to sell a few to some of his homies.
        And, he still hasn’t even been mentioned by the Michigan dem party.

  7. A Proud Infidel®™️ says:

    Jones seems to really think that he’s someone truly special, he has already thrown his ACME® Race Card™️, so what’s next? Race pimps like Jesse Jackson and Sharpton won’t even move a muscle for anyone unless they’re getting serious money from them. And those two now-ex Police Officers letting their libido think for them, brilliant!

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