Arizona Audit results to be released

| September 24, 2021

Media outlets have reported that the Arizona audits revealed that Joe Biden “won” Arizona. However, leaked reports throughout the course of the audit appeared to validate what had been stated in affidavits in the aftermath of the November 2020 Election. A report related to the audit will be released soon.

From Donald Trump (Save America):

Statement by Donald J. Trump, 45th President of the United States:

Huge findings in Arizona! However, the Fake News Media is already trying to “call it” again for Biden before actually looking at the facts-just like they did in November! The audit has uncovered significant and undeniable evidence of FRAUD! Until we know how and why this happened, our elections will never be secure. This is a major criminal event and should be investigated by the Attorney General immediately. The Senate’s final report will be released today at 4 o’clock. I have heard it is far different than that being reported by the Fake News Media

This is one of many statements that Donald Trump has released on this site. The statement quoted above:

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  1. A Proud Infidel®™️ says:

    I wonder what the liberal mess media will do to try and squelch this?

  2. SFC D says:

    The audit was a good idea, poorly executed. Now it’s just a joke, any results either way are questionable.

    • Mason says:

      Vote fraud isn’t widespread they’ll tell us. This is only one county. This is happening across the board. This isn’t a county known for decades of crooked politics either. Imagine what’s happening in Cook County.

      • A Proud Infidel®™ says:

        Those who believe that the dead do not come back to life have never been in Cook County IL on an Election Day.

      • MarineDad61 says:

        Dopey Democrats “imagined” what would happen in 2016
        if Hillary lost (if Trump won).
        The news media played it all.
        Gloom. Doom. Wrecked economy. World War.
        Well, Hillary lost. Trump won.
        And none of it happened.

        So, imagining anything more about this, even in Philadelphia, PA,
        won’t prove, solve, or improve anything.

        Facts and truth are tough to find…
        and easy to ignore,
        as both sides often do.
        I hope this news today ENDS the Pennsylvania version of Stop The Steal, and other over the top (and likely impossible to prove) 2020 election claims.

  3. MarineDad61 says:

    “However, leaked reports throughout the course of the audit
    appeared to validate what had been stated in affidavits
    in the aftermath of the November 2020 Election.”

    Now that the news is flowing…
    Perhaps you can soon show us what exactly has been validated?

    Other than a smaller than expected (normal) error of 360 out of 2.1 million votes?
    Not for Trump, but for Biden?

    We have time.
    Losing sucks.
    Watching sore losers sucks, too.
    I had to watch Al Gore and Hillary sore losers, too.

    • MarineDad61 says:

      (Hint) – PA State Senator Doug Mastriano
      (who travelled to Arizona)
      has already been stripped of private Senate meeting access in Harrisburg.
      More, war veteran, medals, and all that,
      won’t save Mastriano… from himself.
      His political career (and hopes to become the next Governor)
      is currently imploding.

    • thebesig says:

      I could go back and dig up the links where I got my information, over the past 10 months, but then, the resulting series of posts would be a monstrosity. Would you, or anybody else read though such monstrosities?

      Perhaps sometime after I get my doctorate degree, and after I’m fully retired (also getting Social Security, Medicare, etc.) and don’t have anyone, or anything, depending on my action and time, I will generate such posts.

      As I would need a f* ton of time to go back and search for the links that talked about such fraud. The hours I spent going through information, and examining mathematical data, ate up a big chunk of my time.

      I’ve been following this specific event since election fraud occurred last year. I downloaded some affidavits, and read them. After a while, these affidavits, although countless, categorized themselves into a few categories of fraud across multiple states.

      These were people who saw things “first hand”. This is too much like what happened in Venezuela. In fact, the system that is used in Dominion was designed to protect Chavez from recall. It was successfully used to keep Maduro and his allies in power… To include enough politicians in their parliament to get changes into their constitution that gave Maduro a crap ton of power.

      I’ve followed what happened in Venezuela over these years, and noticed that as they went from one election to another, complaints of voter fraud similar to what happened in November dominated. It got to the point to where the side that got cheated out of their honest victories disengaged from the electoral process.

      If you don’t think that could happen here, if you don’t think that any effort to fix that here is “pointless”, then look to what is happening in Venezuela… That will be our future.

      They have their own version of Antifa/BLM.. The Colectivos who did much of the same things that Antifa/BLM did years before.

      Hope that something good and positive comes out of the audit report.

      Because if we throw our hands up and say, “That’s life”, then we will, like the Venezuelans, see this play out one election after another until the conservatives in this country give up voting and disengage from elections.

      After all, why even vote in rigged elections? What they did in 2020, and after, they will continue until they get enough federal and state legislatures and executives in place to change our Constitution. Bye bye Second Amendment, bye bye First Amendment, bye bye unreasonable search and seizure, bye bye 10th Amendment… Bye bye Republic, hello Empire, where the Elites enjoy life and the rest of us live in economic, political, civic, etc., bondage!

      No, Trump did not lose, so “losing sucks” is not applicable here. What you should have said is “being cheated” sucks. “Being disenfranchised of your vote” sucks.

      • MarineDad61 says:

        Are you sticking with that reply???

        I suspect that by morning,
        you will regret this posted article,
        as well as your comments.

        • thebesig says:

          Yes, I’m sticking with the above reply. I won’t make a post like that, or the one above, or any of the other responses that I’ve given you, unless two criteria are simultaneously met:

          1. I have extensive knowledge on the topic gained through first hand experience and/or extensive/exhaustive study/research and…

          2. The opposition clearly does not have a command of the topic that they are trying to argue.

          Both have been met on this thread. So, not only am I sticking with that specific reply, I’m sticking by every reply I’ve given, against the opposition, over the past 18 years of debating them online.

          Meaning, I will not regret posting the above article or my comments on this thread. I will argue all of the points I’ve argued on this thread until I’m a white haired old man on his deathbed.

          Matter of fact, I’m smiling. You know why? My suspicions, as well as that of others, have repeatedly been confirmed, including in this recent audit. Here’s an audio clip of one of the presenters stating that they caught people illegally deleting files:

  4. MarineDad61 says:

    I’ll say it.
    I suppose I am the (active) minority on this site,
    when I say (as a lifelong Republican)…..

    I would hate to see 15 years of work, success,
    and website reputation and credibility….
    by Jonn Lilyea and his successors….
    to identify, expose, and eradicate Stolen Valor and military phonies….
    RUINED…. by the political bent here,
    which has gone down way too many conspiracy theory rabbit holes,
    fueled by fans who buy (and eat) the same rabbit food.

    Just like exposed Stolen Valor phonies…
    who we (all) expect to come clean, and stop with the awful behaviors….

    Many with the extreme political beliefs now need to CHOOSE….
    Come clean, and admit…. OR….
    Persist with the claims.

    • The Dead Man says:

      You… need… to… pick… new… methods… of… astroturfing…

      Lars is more fun to screw with. Also from the report, “There were 42,727 impacted ballots ranked as “high” or “critical” severity—that’s four times the certified margin of victory. If you include “medium” severity discrepancies, there were 53,214 impacted ballots—more than five times the certified margin of victory. Overall, there were 57,734 impacted ballots.” Since you were babbling some numbers above.

      • MarineDad61 says:

        The Dead Man,
        It’s not astroturfing, when…..

        I have steered others to this website for YEARS
        (my FB friends, as well as
        family members, friends, and associates of PHONIES)

        And only now, in 2021,
        I am getting way too many Book of the Fake PMs
        (and more than 1 public comment reply on the Book of the Fake)
        criticizing VG… due to the POLITICS…
        and suggesting there is no credibility here.

        Phony defenders & enablers are using the politics on VG… AGAINST VG.

        Articles like this are more harm than help.
        And incoming new readers are seeing it.
        Pointing out the obvious… should be obvious.

        I want this site to grow, and thrive.
        Going rightwing(nut) is not the answer
        to busting phonies…
        nor maximizing exposure of busted phonies.

        • thebesig says:

          “Meaning… Phony defenders & enablers are using the politics on VG… AGAINST VG.” – MarineDad61

          From the TAH FNG – Read before you post tab:

          “1. TAH is a military/veterans blog. Its readership is largely (though not exclusively) serving military and veterans. Expect coarse language, blunt discussions and articles, and rather ‘rough and tumble’ commentary. If you’re an easily offended ‘special little snowflake’, you might want to reconsider spending time here.”


          “19. Q: Why is the site so conservative, politically? Is this some kind of “right wing debate club” in disguise?

          “A: Um, no. As a whole, the military tends to be much more conservative than the rest of society — although it’s hardly uniform in that respect, and the trend is not nearly as strong as the media tends to portray. That trend towards being more conservative is mirrored here; most TAH readers are veterans.

          “It could also have something to do with that oath to ‘support and defend the Constitution of the United States . . . ‘ Military people and vets tend to mean what they say.”

          Question 19 applies to the post that I made above, and it applies to the posts that others and I have made here.

          Through the 18 years of my debating against the left, it was the leftists that dismissed conservative sites as “having no credibility”. Conservatives did not think that this site, or any other site that leaned right, as “lacking credibility”.

          What is said on Facebook is irrelevant to the future of this site, to include the number of people who read this site or even participate in it.

          The cold hard reality is that sites like this, the forums that I used to regularly participate on, and Facebook, are considered by the younger generations as Old People’s hangouts or by equivalent terms.

          The younger generations prefer Reddit, Discord, and other similar sites. Meaning, as members of this site, and sites like Facebook, get older and start disengaging from social media, participation on these sites will decline. THAT is the major issue plaguing participation rates here and elsewhere.

          The younger veterans are opting for social media sites that younger generations congregate in. This translates to lack of the readership infusion needed to replace those who stop commenting on a regular basis. Even if we did everything you think we should do, demographics is going to bite us in the rear end and we would still see a reduction in participation in the future.

          A few years ago, I posted an open thread asking what generation people were. Not only did they give their generation, but many gave their age. The most common age given was “56”. That’s pushing closer to 60 now. This is the same age range that I’m seeing disappearing from Facebook participation at a rapid rate.

          As for phonies, word on the street indicate that stolen valor cases are going to continue to be a rarity. Civilians are waking up to people riding the phony pony. Instead of talking about how you wish for this site to continue to grow… Something that we all wish for…

          Count your blessings that we’re still here when other sites that have started at the same time as this one have already closed shop. Many of the forums that I participated on during the first part of my 18 years of debating online have closed their doors. Given where the younger generations, including the veterans among them, would much rather hang out, keep in mind that there are other factors that are in play that impact this site as time moves forward.

          • MarineDad61 says:

            I contribute monthly donations to this site.
            I also contribute time in nailing Stolen Valor phonies.

            I critiqued this article of yours.

            I put a new comment at the bottom,
            with Trump’s follow up rants.
            The readers can parse the truth of these new rants.
            And more will come, I’m sure.

            For you to somehow turn this on me,
            and suggest that I am not a Republican,
            is a major mistake on your part.

            • Sgt K says:

              I’m too lazy to go find the meme, but please, “Lighten Up, Francis.”

              • MarineDad61 says:

                Sgt, K.
                But any more commenters here come after me,
                attacking my party affiliation or my voting record,
                and I have every reason to directly compare them to the Stolen Valor phony defenders we encounter when new phonies are exposed,
                or when old phonies resurface.

                No more stolen election unicorns for me.
                The sooner every Republican understands this,
                sucks it up, and moves on to important upcoming elections,
                the better.

                • Roh-Dog says:

                  Why? So we can be Demoncrat lite?

                  I’d rather hang.

                  Get bent. You love the Republic out of relax and concern for your comfort.

                  To fight pigs you’ll have to get dirty.

                  Or you can leave?
                  But don’t do it on my accord.

            • thebesig says:

              MarineDad61: thebesing, I contribute monthly donations to this site. I also contribute time in nailing Stolen Valor phonies.

              This is irrelevant to the argument that you and I are having. Even progressives have contributed to this site… In case you’re trying to use this to counter my statement that you do not come across as a Republican. Even leftists, believe it or not, frown on people being military phonies.

              MarineDad61: I critiqued this article of yours. Fairly.

              NOPE! You did not critique my article fairly, you did so without doing an extensive study on the facts surrounding what I posted about. Again, I’ve been following this topic for 10 months, and have spent countless of hours going over information related to election fraud. This includes going through affidavits and reports based on those affidavits.

              In order to give my article a “fair critique”, you have to also have gone through an exhaustive study of the facts relevant to what the article talked about. Based on your statements regarding the overall topic you spectacularly failed to do that.

              Instead, you demonstrated a colossal amount of ignorance on the topic, suggesting in the other posts that you got your information from a biased media that has a vested interest in the results of the audit coming out.

              You clearly do not possess enough relevant information on this topic to claim that you fairly critiqued it. What you’ve done, instead, is equivalent to what Commissar has done. If your post was a “fair critique” of my article, then Commissar’s posts are “fair critiques” of the articles and posts that he has commented against.

              MarineDad61: I put a new comment at the bottom,

              Thanks for letting me know that I have additional comments to dismantle. I’ll let other posters at it first, then see if I need to add any additional rebuttals to back theirs.

              MarineDad61: with Trump’s follow up rants.

              Real Republicans are behind Trump. Hence, another reason to why I describe you as not coming across as a Republican. What you describe as Trump’s “rants” are not rants but statements that have more validity than what you’ve stated here.

              MarineDad61: The readers can parse the truth of these new rants.

              If you’re talking about the truth behind Trump’s statements, yes, facts support his statements. It is blatantly obvious that you did not bother doing the research that you need to be informed on this topic. I guess it’s easier to parrot mainstream media talking points than it is to put in the effort to search for first tiered information sources and go through the “boring” process of getting the real story.

              MarineDad61: And more will come, I’m sure.

              If you’re talking about hard evidence that election fraud occurd in Arizona, yes, more has came. Your insinuation, on another post here, implies not enough fraud to make a difference. However, they’ve came up with evidence of enough duplicate votes to wipe out Biden’s phony lead in that state.

              There are already calls for decertifying Arizona’s electoral votes. Their Secretary of State has already made a comment that hints that he’s looking into this possibility.

              MarineDad61: For you to somehow turn this on me, and suggest that I am not a Republican,
              is a major mistake on your part.

              No, it’s not. In the 18 years of debating against people online, I’ve gotten good at getting people’s apparent psychological profile down. Your apparent psychological profile is consistent with that of those that I’ve argued against who have identified themselves as leftists, and who have argued leftist talking points.

              What’s neat is that the more you argue with me, the more of your apparent psychological profile you expose to me.

              I listen to action, and not to words. Your statements, and reasoning, on this thread are very consistent with that of the left. I know, I’ve been arguing against the left, online, for 18 years.

              Real conservatives base their arguments on fact, reason, and logic. I don’t find evidence, in your arguments, that you’ve done this. Instead, you’ve ran an emotion based opinion, and you do not seem to want to, like a real Republican, rely on the time and effort to get first tiered information sources as opposed to repeating mainstream media propaganda.

              So yes, I stand by my statement. I don’t see you as being a Republican, and that’s based on your arguments here. Again, the GOP base is with Donald Trump, the majority of the GOP base believes that the election was stolen from Trump.

    • SFC D says:

      I live and vote in Arizona, although not in Maricopa county (Too hot and too many people). As I said above, my personal opinion is that the audit was a good idea poorly executed. I’m not in the “The election was stolen” camp. My camp believes there was enough questionable, shady, sketchy election rule changes in the name of “COVID” to make the entire process suspect. This farce of an audit really only showed the incompetence of both Maricopa county and the firm hired to conduct it. Everyone gets to claim victory, but there was really nothing of note accomplished. And there are many more states with far more election irregularities than Arizona. I’m not trying to overturn the election. I just want them fair and accurate, with officials being held accountable.

      • MarineDad61 says:

        SFC D,
        Likewise (in Pennsylvania),
        where Philadelphia has had over a century of election shenanigans,
        eclipsed by 200 years of New York City shenanigans,
        Pennsylvania had shaky changes in state election procedures for 2020.

        I do expect minor errors in county counts,
        and MORE in Philly and Pittsburgh,
        but not enough to swing Pennsylvania,
        and certainly not enough to justify the rhetoric of
        PA State Senator Doug Mastriano (and his many fans).

        It’s time for the Stop the Steal types
        (and those who (still) support the Capitol storming)
        to accept the ugly defeat,
        and now FOCUS on 2022 and 2024 elections
        where any continued conspiracy theories and false claims
        will NOT help their GOP candidates beat Democrats.

    • thebesig says:

      I’ve been arguing against the left for 18 years now. You claim to be a lifelong Republican; however, your line of reasoning as of late is consistent with that of those that I’ve argued against over these past 18 years. The information supporting my argument has been available.

      I would expect someone on the left to ignore that information and to run with what the leftist media has spewed. Not someone who claims to be a lifelong Republican.

      You call this a “conspiracy”? No, it’s not a conspiracy when it is backed by fact. However, what I’m seeing is that you’ve been fooled hook, line, and sinker by media propaganda. I don’t say this lightly either, as one of my MOSs with the Army is Psychological Operations Specialist, or PSYOP. One of PSYOP’s duties, overseas, is counter enemy propaganda.

      What the mainstream media has engaged in, in this country and throughout the west, is textbook propaganda. I’ve been a news junkie for 39 years. I’ve seen, even before I became PSYOP, that the media increasing distorted the news in favor of a leftist narrative… So much so that when someone like me presents the facts, based on reading first tiered information sources, we’re dismissed as “conspiracy theorists” or “Q followers” or some other such horse crap.

      If you feel that our political beliefs are extreme, then the problem is not on our end but on yours. Again, you sound more like those that I’ve argued with over the past 18 years as opposed to someone who is a Republican.

      I don’t need to “come clean” as you define it.

      I’ve been a history junkie for over four decades. I’ve been a news/current events junkie for nearly four decades. I would not make a post, like the above, unless two things are met:

      1. I have extensive knowledge on the topic gained through first hand experience or extensive/exhausted study on the topic…

      2. Those who would disagree clearly would not have a command of the topic that they’re arguing.

      Sadly, what I’ve seen in your argument against my post, is consistent with what I’ve seen from the left… People who are not prone to doing research and of advancing arguments based on fact, reason, and logic.

      I stand by the facts, regardless of how uncomfortable anybody would be with them. If anybody needs to come clean, it is you. Your argument on this thread contradicts your claims of being a Republican.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Democrats are lying sacks of sh*t.

    They have no principles beside seeking power.

    Fraud, Arkanicide or treason are no object to them.

    Screw our country and anyone else, as long as they get to rule the smoking debris of whomever’s left like a king.

    That’s ALL they’re about.

    • Commissar says:

      Dude, this was a Republican ordered audit, contracted by republicans, and conducted by Republican operatives.

      Democrats had nothing to do with this.

      You are just a fool that is more loyal to a despot than our republic.

      Your coup failed. Stop being a traitor.

      • Mason says:

        Democrats had nothing to do with this.

        Except for obstructing the audit.

      • Anonymous says:

        Truth hurts, eh comrade?

        “The Party seeks power entirely for its own sake. We are not interested in the good of others; we are interested solely in power. Not wealth or luxury or long life or happiness: only power, pure power.” –Orwell

        • Anonymous says:

          Notice Lars ain’t said sh*t to that.

          • Roh-Dog says:

            I like you and you’ve got moxie,…..but I’m going to stop you right there.

            Please, learn from my mistakes. I suggest you find coping skills and get out of the viscous anger spiral he wants to drive you down. I’ve made lists of things to do instead of wasting my time with that mush head, ffs there’s 2 pages of “things to shove-up the urethra instead of confronting retarded commies”.

            Let him go back to his scrap book, Places I Pooped Like a Big Boy on My Summer Vacation, and we can do productive things, like saving the Republic and drinking heavily (oddly enuf, those are not mutually exclusive actions).

            • Anonymous says:

              True, arguing with stupid (i.e., left/libtards) is pointless– drinkin’ would be a more constructive use of time.

      • Deckie says:

        Lars, you ARE a traitor.

        And a coward.

  6. Commissar says:

    Why is “won” in quotes?

    He won. Period.

    Even a right wing funded artist conducted by contracted right wing operatives verified that Biden won.

    Because he won.

    And you decided that you cult like admiration to a despot is sufficient “truth” in your heart to support overthrowing our republic to install a despot.

    See that “truth” in quotes? That is how you correctly use them in a context like this. Because I mean “truth”ironically or sarcastically. Because you are full of shit.

    Biden, won…not “won”…the election.

    It time to stop propagandizing in support of a coup.

    • SFC D says:

      Biden won, America lost.

    • thebesig says:

      Commissar: Why is “won” in quotes?

      Because he did not honestly “win” the election. The Democrats stole the election. We’ve presented the arguments on this site on the fraud that was committed to install him.

      Commissar: He won. Period.

      Wrong. He did not “win”. The election was stolen through the accounts of fraud argued by the conservatives on this site. We’re talking about a mountain of evidence indicating that a lot of fake votes had to be counted to put Biden over the top.

      Commissar: Even a right wing funded artist conducted by contracted right wing operatives verified that Biden won.

      I don’t care what a “right wing funded artist”, whoever that is, says. I’m going by the affidavits that I’ve gone through, reports on those affidavits, REAL audits like what had been conducted in Arizona, etc., have found.

      Facts are facts, and the facts indicate that massive election fraud was committed to steal victory from Trump.

      Commissar: Because he won.

      Wrong. He honestly lost. Bellwether indicators, that have accurately predicted the winner in the past, indicated that Biden lost. I’ve been following presidential elections since Ronald Reagan won re-election… The “official” results of the November 2020 Elections defy these indirect indicators.

      For someone who got “81 million votes”, it speaks volumes when “Biden Townhall Units” becomes a unit of measurement to measure the rate of crowd growth at Trump rallies. Biden should be commanding massive crowds, and audiences, but he isn’t, because his total official vote count was fabricated.

      Commissar: And you decided that you cult like admiration to a despot is sufficient “truth” in your heart to support overthrowing our republic to install a despot.

      First, if Trump supporters were a part of a “cult”, they would be the most vaccinated (COVID 19 vaccine) group in America. I mean, if the “cult leader” recommends the COVID 19 vaccines over and over again, wouldn’t that lead to the cult taking the vaccine just like, you know, how people drank the deadly cool aid?

      The fact that they have the lowest rate of receiving the vaccination argues against Trump supporters “being part of a cult”.

      Second, the facts that I’m basing my argument on are not from Trump’s statement, but from the affidavits and other information that I’ve been reviewing over the past 10 months. Go ahead, what’s stopping you? The presentation of the report, related to the Arizona audit, has already gotten underway… And segments are already being uploaded to individual video accounts.

      Why not listen in on it, and watch, and get the hard facts that they’re presenting? THAT is an example of the kind of information sources that I use, in addition to affidavit statement and affidavit based reports, that I base my conclusions on.

      Third, I don’t decide matters like this “with my heart” but “with my mind”… Again, with fact, reason, and logic. This is in sharp contrast to you deciding these matters with your rear end.

      Fourth, Trump was not a despot. Biden, on the other hand, was installed into the White House. He was not honestly elected. I don’t even add “Administration” after his name but “Regime”, as in “Biden Regime”. His title? Beijing or Resident.

      Commissar: See that “truth” in quotes? That is how you correctly use them in a context like this. Because I mean “truth”ironically or sarcastically. [INDUCTIVE FALLACY: STRAWMAN]

      You’re erroneously labeling a falsehood as “truth”. You assume, based solely on leftist media propaganda, that Biden “honestly won”, when there are mountains of evidence that he did not win. It is this evidence that caused me to accurately put quotes around “won”.

      Commissar: Because you are full of shit.

      Tell that one brain celled activity of yours to quit trying to take you over and to start doing its job so that you could stop posting as if a retarded ghost possesses you.

      Before you dismiss someone as “being full of shit”, actually have a clue about what you are talking about, instead of repeating media propaganda like a mindless drone. Pulling your head out of your ass and removing your horse blinders would be a good start.

      Commissar: Biden, won…not “won”…the election.

      WRONG! Biden “won” the election, quotation marks used strongly, as the Democrats committed massive election fraud to make a Biden “presidency” possible.

      Commissar: It time to stop propagandizing in support of a coup. [SELF PROJECTION]

      Providing the facts, based on a mountain of evidence, is not propagandizing. What IS propaganda is the claim that Biden “won” the election and that Trump and his supporters, demanding the facts come out a la Arizona, are the ones protesting against the real coup perpetrated by the Marxist Democrats.

      You have yet, in any of the arguments I’ve hammered you in, presented a fact based, reasoned, logical argument. I have, and still am, presenting one. Propaganda is not based on fact, reason, and logic, but on distortions, lies, deception etc. These are coming from your arguments as well as that of the Democrats.

      Again, I have PSYOP background. I know what propaganda is, your arguments, as well as leftist media talking points, are textbook propaganda.

      I will tell you the same thing I told another poster here… I will argue this topic until I’m a white haired old man on his death bed. I will argue from the facts, no matter how much the other side wants to baffle their audience with BS.

  7. MarineDad61 says:

    thebesig posted this article
    based on former President Trump’s morning rant.

    On the same Trump website, there are now 3 “Statements” (rants).
    This is the 2nd –
    [Statement by Donald J. Trump,
    45th President of the United States of America

    The Fake News is lying about the Arizona audit report!
    The leaked report conclusively shows there were enough fraudulent votes, mystery votes, and fake votes to change the outcome of the election 4 or 5 times over.
    The number includes 23,344 mail-in ballots,
    despite the person no longer living at that address.
    Phantom voters!
    The official canvass does not even match who voted,
    off by 11,592—more than the entire Presidential Election margin.
    Voters who voted in multiple counties totaled 10,342, and 2,382 ballots came from people who no longer lived in Maricopa County.
    There were also 2,592 “more duplicate ballots than original ballots.”
    Just those fraudulent ballots alone total 50,252, and is fraud many more times than the so-called margin of “victory,” which was only 10,457.
    In addition, election data appears to have been intentionally deleted,
    and ballot images were “corrupt or missing.”
    This is not even the whole state of Arizona, but only Maricopa County.
    It would only get worse!

    There is fraud and cheating in Arizona and it must be criminally investigated!
    More is coming out in the hearing today.]

    This is the 3rd –
    [Statement by Donald J. Trump,
    45th President of the United States of America

    CNN, New York Times, Washington Post, and other Lamestream Media
    are feeding large-scale misinformation to the public about the Arizona Audit.
    The Audit was a big win for democracy and a big win for us.
    Shows how corrupt the Election was.
    Arizona State Senate hearing going on now and the information about what took place is terrible—a bigger Scam even than anticipated!]

    This 2 time Trump voter is disappointed with today’s sore loser rants
    (there is NO criminal event here).
    And then, this website’s posting of Trump’s 1st rant,
    with the FALSE claims as if they are fact.

    We shall see more this evening, in the news,
    and on Trump’s website.
    It won’t be pretty.
    Worse, our favorite rotten Democrats are going to feast on this.

    thebesig, it appears that YOU are going to have a lot of ‘splainin to do.

    • rgr769 says:

      I don’t believe you ever voted for Trump. Stop gaslighting us.

      • MarineDad61 says:

        You, too?
        I’m surprised. And disappointed.
        Turning on a Trump Republican,
        because you don’t like hearing about the reality of 2021?
        That’s sad….. for you.

        (Hint) – There were 1, then 3 “statements”,
        and now there are 6.
        Very little truth in these rants.
        But plenty to feed the last of the stolen election believers,
        and (key!) a pump up for a Georgia rally tomorrow.
        I’ll watch the rally from my PC screen, and I likely will NOT be believing everything Trump says to the Georgians.
        In fact, I’d like to see what Trump can (try to) do,
        to dig himself out of this new mess (of lies).

      • MarineDad61 says:

        I went to 3 Trump rallies.
        Spring 2016 (primaries),
        stuck outside in long lines at the Harrisburg Farm Show.
        I got in at Lancaster fall 2016.
        Then once again, to see “President Trump.”

    • thebesig says:

      MarineDad61: This 2 time Trump voter

      And I’m disappointed that you’re proclaiming that you voted for him, then accepted the BS media narrative about this election… Effectively becoming a useful mouthpiece for the leftists who are happy that we got disenfranchised.

      But, your current actions do not indicate that you’re a “Republican” or a “Conservative”.

      MarineDad61: is disappointed with today’s sore loser rants (there is NO criminal event here).

      FALSE! These are not “sore loser” rants, but accurate statements regarding the legitimate election fraud that occurred across multiple states.

      Unlike you, I’ve gone through first tiered information sources, such as affidavits, lawsuits, court rulings, documents from this latest Arizona audit, etc. First tiered, as in “raw data”, in full context, etc.

      Not news reporting, not the sources of misinformation that you’re relying on, but the actual information that the media is misreporting.

      MarineDad61: And then, this website’s posting of Trump’s 1st rant, with the FALSE claims as if they are fact.

      “False” based on what? It’s painfully obvious that you have not looked at first tiered information sources, examples listed above. It’s blatantly obvious that you’re relying on misinformation sources that are feeding you enough information to come to their conclusions.

      Those are not “false” claims but accurate claims. I mean, who should I believe here? You, or the people who signed affidavits attesting to what they SAW happened? You do realize that affidavits are considered valid evidence in a court of law, do you?

      You can’t dismiss as “false” that which is based on first hand observation… Especially when thousands of these affidavits could be categorized into a few categories across multiple states.

      I f*ing WISH that when I gather the raw data needed to complete my dissertation and to do my dissertation presentation/defense, that I get a fraction of the raw data for my research question that the Trump team received in affidavits.

      MarineDad61: We shall see more this evening, in the news, and on Trump’s website.
      It won’t be pretty.

      Well? As that Wendy’s commercial from back in the 1980s put it, “Where’s the beef?” I downloaded the reports and presentations that went with the audit presentation yesterday, and I’m going through them. Are you ready for this? Ready?

      These reports f*g substantiated many of what I argued on Facebook, here, and elsewhere in the aftermath of the election. They are consistent with what I saw in the affidavits, lawsuits, etc., that I read in the aftermath of the November 2020 elections.

      MarineDad61: Worse, our favorite rotten Democrats are going to feast on this.

      I checked Fox, CNN, and MSNBC, where is the feast? If these reports reported their narrative, it would have been all over CNN and MSNBC. Heck, it should put the election fraud argument to rest if Trump et al. were “proven wrong”.

      That’s not what is happening. What I’m seeing on these news sites is what I expect to see when propagandists want to sweep this audit under the rug, to make it a footnote, to make it “forgotten”, etc.

      Not exactly the field day that you’re portraying.

      MarineDad61: thebesig, it appears that YOU are going to have a lot of ‘splainin to do.

      EERRGH WRONG! Go through and read not just this post, but the rest of the posts that I’m going to put on this thread. This will not be a complete batch, as I intend to scrub this thread for posts like yours and “carpet bomb” them.

      Again, I’ve downloaded the reports related to the audit presentation yesterday. They do not substantiate your argument, or even media spin. What I got from these reports is consistent from what I got from other first tiered information sources that I’ve read regarding election fraud.

      My argument continues to be the same. No “splainin” to do on my part. If anything, you have some “splainin” to do insinuating that you’re a “Republican” yet arguing and thinking like a leftist to include ranting the narratives that you get from news articles that miss the target on the actual documents from the audit.

    • thebesig says:

      Boris Epshteyn: “To all those trying to spin the Arizona Audit, spin this:

      “The number of illegal ballots found in Maricopa County alone is over 4 times the current amount separating President Trump and Joe Biden in Arizona as a whole. Should have never been certified. #Decertify”

      Wendy Rogers: 4,292 Scribbles signatures, blanks, and likely blanks! BAD votes. Decertify Election!

      Christina Bobb: Arizona’s election was fraudulent.

      They would not be calling for decertifying Arizona’s election results if Biden “honestly won.”

  8. MarineDad61 says:

    News update — 13 minutes ago. On FoxNews website.

    [GOP Maricopa County audit confirms Biden 2020 victory in Arizona

    Nevertheless, Arizona Republicans sent the report to the attorney general asking him to ‘verify’ the report]

    • MarineDad61 says:

      I dread to put a(ny) CNN link here….
      But perhaps the Republican Lt Governor of Georgia
      has a useful opinion to share.

      NOTE – Trump rally in Georgia tomorrow.

      [If my fellow Republicans want to win, they won’t buy Trump’s stolen election fantasy

      Opinion by Geoff Duncan
      Updated 8:13 PM ET, Fri September 24, 2021]

      • thebesig says:

        MarineDad61: I dread to put a(ny) CNN link here….

        Then why did you source Fox News for this topic? I mean, where have you been all this time, have you not been privy to the anger that the Republican base has against Fox News for falsely calling Arizona for Biden? Many of us ditched Fox News as a main news source.

        MarineDad61: But perhaps the Republican Lt Governor of Georgia [If my fellow Republicans want to win, they won’t buy Trump’s stolen election fantasy

        Hint: If you’re going to use a Republican’s statement in your argument against real Republicans, refrain from referencing a RINO!

        Real Republicans are agitated at him, not just at Georgia’s governor and Secretary of State. He did nothing substantive to call the legislature to resolve the election dispute… As it was their Constitutional responsibility to do.

        His argument, regarding what the Republicans should do, is not based on fact. He’s pulling crap out of thin air and speaking to a phantom support base. What he’s demanding we do is to accept a fraudulent election, and accept the gradual erosion of not only our election integrity but also of our rights.

        As a “Republican”, you should know that the Republican Party does not win when RINOs like Geoff Duncan call the shots, or even become candidates. He’s not that much different from McCain, Romney, etc. An elitist, and a part of the problem.

        Any real Republican/Conservative would see that the RINOs dismissing the arguments of election fraud are a part of the problem. Their elections need to be looked at for potential fraud. The swamp does not just contain Democrats, it also contains RINOs.

      • thebesig says:

        Duplicates alone put Biden “ahead”. This is but one anomaly. Biden’s “lead”: 11,434 votes. Duplicates: 17,322.

        According to the affidavits that I went through, most fraud benefited Biden, in many instances, only Biden.

    • Roh-Dog says:

      30,000 separate log in attempts the day before the election cpus were surrendered with the explicit intent to purge the log rolls and a 3:1 vote skew in the duplicate ballots in the week preceding and the 4 days post election.

      Seriously. Everyone knows.

      You’re embarrassing yourself.

      (low-key tho: this is no longer about a selection and your uniparty dynamic. Evolve dinosaur)

    • Roh-Dog says:

      And seriously.
      Heavy lolz: “‘FOxnEWs”‘

      Did you get their premium web access with your AARP card?

      They still running the ask-your-doctor commercials? On board with the jab?

      You’re being played.

      • thebesig says:

        Some people didn’t get the memo regarding Conservative viewers exiting from Fox News’s audience.

        • Roh-Dog says:

          I respectfully disagree with the idea it’s solely Conservatives fleeing the narrative.
          Liberals, Americans, free-thinkers, Constitutionalists and Antifascists are running through the pastures of Liberty and Reason these days.

          F*ck the MSM-gulag

          • thebesig says:

            I classify liberals (classical), Americans, free-thinkers, Constitutionalists, and Antifascists, as conservatives. I mention “Conservative” as opposed to “Republican” for this reason. So you’re not really disagreeing with me.

    • thebesig says:

      MarineDad61: News update — 13 minutes ago. On FoxNews website.

      Why even refer to any news site when the actual report is available? I saw the cover memo that the article talked about, the Fox Spews link made an assertion not supported by the actual memo that it talked about.

      MarineDad61: [GOP Maricopa County audit confirms Biden 2020 victory in Arizona

      False. It only confirmed the paper ballots that were physically submitted. It did not make a conclusion about the entire state of Arizona, but of the county that was audited.

      Propaganda Article: GOP Maricopa County audit confirms Biden 2020 victory in Arizona

      No, it did not confirm the Biden “2020 victory”. The cover letter addressed just the county. The paper ballots referenced in the first paragraph are just a part of what they audited. Key is the difference between the false votes and the margin of “victory” for Biden. The fraudulent votes far exceed that margin of “victory”.

      MarineDad61: Nevertheless, Arizona Republicans sent the report to the attorney general asking him to ‘verify’ the report]

      No, what they sent to the attorney general was the results of their audit. It is now up to the attorney general to review the audit, the findings, and the actions that would be taken as a result of the findings.

  9. LC says:

    One (of several) Twitter threads by Maricopa County officials explaining the so-called critical ‘findings’ of the Cyber Ninjas:

    Since most of this is unfamiliar stuff to people, one of the easy examples they show is that while it sounds scary to see the claim of “10,342 potential voters that voted in multiple counties”, the likely reality is quite simple: if you see a voter named Maria Garcia, born in 1980,.. you’ll find twelve statewide. Some in different counties.

    • thebesig says:

      LC: One (of several) Twitter threads by Maricopa County officials explaining the so-called critical ‘findings’ of the Cyber Ninjas:

      Maricopa’s attempts to baffle the audience with BS is that, an attempt to BS their way out of being proven to run an election with evidence of fraud. They are the ones responsible for perpetrating the election fraud in that country. Then, when the Senate wanted to audit their election results, they dragged their feet and engaged in obstruction. all of those efforts failed, so they are now in full damage control mode.

      LC: Since most of this is unfamiliar stuff to people, one of the easy examples they show is that while it sounds scary to see the claim of “10,342 potential voters that voted in multiple counties”, the likely reality is quite simple: if you see a voter named Maria Garcia, born in 1980,.. you’ll find twelve statewide. Some in different counties.

      From the report:

      “Comparing the Maricopa Country VM55 Final Voted File to the equivalent files of the other fourteen Arizona counties resulted in 5,047 voters with the same first, middle, last name and birth year, representing 10,342 votes among all the counties.”

      They explain it, in context, in their presentations. This isn’t a case where a name showed up in one country, and then there are multiple people with the same name in Arizona. They plugged entire names in, and results popped up showing the above information.

      They also have ways to track where people came from and where they moved to. They didn’t just name people with the same name, they matched voter name to address tracking to get the names of voters that moved. So, a person that lived in an old address, then moved to a new address, who voted for both addresses, or had votes casted at the other address, is going to have two votes in this scenario that were in the system. This is what the Ninja team was talking about.

      They were able to track where a voter moved to, and they were able to match names to addresses with different people living in them.

  10. SFC D says:

    This is the result you get when an uncooperative county is audited by an incompetent unprepared company. Both sides claiming they’re right, with an end result of wasted time and money, nothing resolved.

    • MarineDad61 says:

      SFC D,
      Just in.
      Saturday morning news from PENNSYLVANIA.
      Bonus – Interesting quote by 1 of the PA State Senators
      that traveled to Arizona.

      Note – PennLive / Patriot News is the primary newspaper
      in the capital city of Harrisburg, PA.

      [What happens in Pennsylvania
      now that the Arizona ‘audit’ confirms Biden’s victory?

    • Roh-Dog says:

      We have a pretty good picture of all the failures of security, record keeping and flagrantly criminal behavior.

      So there’s that.

      Now if they could tighten the bulkheads maybe the ship won’t sink.

      I’ll be holding my breath either way

      • MarineDad61 says:

        Roh Dog,
        Don’t hold your breath for Pennsylvania.
        It’s gettin’ ugly.

        (From the PennLive article above) –
        [Senate Democrats and state Attorney General Josh Shapiro, a Democrat, have sued to block the subpoena and the investigation.
        “No surprise in Arizona,” (PA Governor) Wolf,
        a Democrat, wrote on Twitter Friday.
        “I won’t let Pennsylvania Republicans bring this circus here.”]

        NOTE – Republicans hold both the PA Assembly AND the PA Senate.

        • Roh-Dog says:

          And this is how Republics die, for want of accountability.

          I don’t know when PA died but she’s been a shuffling senile husk for a hot minute.

          • MarineDad61 says:

            Roh Dog,
            Actually, PA has been a 50/50 back and forth for decades.
            But the top officeholders have been getting progressively worse.
            Some real knuckleheads get in as state Reps and Senators.
            And Governor and Lt Governor.

  11. MarineDad61 says:

    So, where do the readers here at VG sit on this??
    We already know the answer from (at least)
    1 approved VG website article writer.
    And, I suspect there are more.

    I doubt all polls.
    Specifically, I called out the faulty 2016 polls
    falsely favoring Hillary over Trump.
    Yet, Terry Madonna and Franklin & Marshall continue to spit out polls.
    So there’s that.

    But I don’t doubt the numbers of rightwingnuts out there,
    who now threaten the ability of well qualified and good quality Republicans
    to win House and Senate seats in 2022.

    [We have found that 47 million American adults – nearly 1 in 5 –
    agree with the statement that
    “the 2020 election was stolen from Donald Trump
    and Joe Biden is an illegitimate president.”
    Of those, 21 million also agree that
    “use of force is justified to restore Donald J. Trump to the presidency.”]

    [21 million Americans say Biden is ‘illegitimate’
    and Trump should be restored by violence, survey finds]

    • MarineDad61 says:

      Anyone running for office still spewing this crap by Summer 2022
      will get < 40% max of votes from Republicans.
      And < 1% (given) from Dems.

      If they squeak through a spring primary,
      even in Toad Suck, Arkansas or Elko, Nevada,
      most all of them will be trounced in November 2022.

      Republicans should be finding ways to
      win (back) these elections and seats,
      not finding ways to alienate 79% of voters.

      • thebesig says:

        Understand that what I’m arguing is consistent with what the GOP base is arguing. We, the base, are with Donald Trump. The Republicans that you favor, and the strategy that you advocate, would get us demolished in the upcoming elections.

        The cold hard reality is that the GOP base will not vote, or turn out in numbers, for a RINO, or for a Republican that was not endorsed by Donald Trump. They most certainly will not turn out for the kind of Republicans that you’ve given a positive nod to here.

        HINT: Republicans do better on election when the GOP runs real conservatives like Donald Trump. Not so much when RINOs are ran as the nominee. This is what you are advocating in your post.

        Any “Republican” that worked against Trump, that argued against Trump, and argues what you’re arguing right here, would more than likely not get my vote if such a Republican was the only option I had in my precinct. There are a f*k ton of Republicans that feel this way.

        Heck, did you see the video of the Georgia governor getting booed? Yup, his GOP argument fell on ears that were not hearing him.

        What you call “crap” is a factual, valid, argument, backed by a f* ton of evidence of election fraud.

        If you think that we could just do what you argue we should do, and “move on” from this fraud, and simply focus on “winning back seats”, you have not been paying attention. You are not seeing the writing on the wall.

        If we do not get this election fraud issue resolved, if we do not fix 2020, the GOP could forget about the elections in ’22, ’24, or any other election. “Christmas” simply won’t be happening for the GOP, as 2020 will just keep repeating itself ad infinitum like what has been happening in Venezuela.

        • thebesig says:

          Even Biden made a comment about putting together a voter fraud team, I saw the video where he said that:

        • KoB says:

          Kemp, his lt guv and the sec of state here are ALL career political rinos. Many were demonrats before the big switch to becoming rinos hit a few years back (late ’90s early ’00s; see Sonny Perdue etal). Kemp got elected because he was a better choice than Abrams. Most of the repubs in the state have been elected (re-elected) for the same reason…ie…the lesser of the evils. Election fraud in Georgia, especially from the demonrats, has been ongoing since before The War Between The States. There is NO doubt in the minds of many Patriots in this state that there was all types of nefarious in this last national election. Boxes of fraudulent unfolded “mail in” ballots were counted, over and over again. My AO is 70% black and went to Trump. No way the county could have done that if the black folks had not of voted for him. We are so small that the powers to be didn’t think they (a) needed to cheat here, and (b) knew they couldn’t really get away with it. Our poll workers, a mix of the population, are notoriously honest (due to past issues of election fraud).

          IMHO many people voted for Trump because he was NOT a politician, and people were disgusted with the status quo. The Deep State is real and is a Clear and Present Danger to the freedoms that we have enjoyed for nearly 250 years. I’ll give another personal opinion. I think that we have seen the last truly honest election in this country in 2016. Between the Dominion machines and the millions of “new citizens” if the powers to be want someone elected, that person will be elected Democans and Republicrats, they’re all the same. Self centered, power hungry despots. And there is NO way that they will allow Trump, or anyone else comes as close to draining their swamp or upsetting their power cart.

          Trump shoulda put down his phone, locked up Hitlery and started an investigation into the nefarious activities of oblowme. The rinos in the Kongress had two (2) years to get something done and they ALL failed the taxpayer miserably.

          The Trees begs for a watering.

      • thebesig says:

        You have to research beyond the news.

  12. MarineDad61 says:

    Here’s the Perry, GA Trump Rally LIVE link.
    Starts in 10 minutes (7:00pm).
    (65,000 already watching)

  13. Honor and Courage says:

    Appears my Old 1SG was right! Opinions are just like ass holes! Everybody has one. No Documentation no Audit. Democrat’s controled the Documents and delete all the shady dealings. If all was above board why would you do that? Asking for a friend.

  14. MarineDad61 says:

    Well, looky here.
    All the talk, all the suspicion, all the opinions.

    And all the pshaw lighten up party pushback above.

    And now it turns out,
    the same guys who ran the Arizona audit
    skipped their chance to defend their audit.
    Refused to testify.
    It would be under oath.

    Doesn’t matter if the Congressional Committee
    is chock full o’ leftwingnutty Dems…
    (or not).
    Under oath is under oath.
    And the Cyber Ninja CEOs
    aren’t interested in truth, nor speaking under oath.
    So they didn’t. They skipped. They refused.

    They still claim Trump won Arizona, too,
    despite their own audit,
    but given the chance to say Trump won Arizona UNDER OATH???

    1 Cyber Ninja CEO is a conspiracy theorist
    (Put the FU of Google to that!).

    Just like the article writer here…..
    who argued with me 2 weeks ago (above).
    And then again this past week an a newer article,
    clearly confirming his off the charts
    ultra Conservative conspiracy theory farrightwingnuttiness
    with his ridiculous denials,
    and then his bloviating counterattacks
    (on a total of 4 commenters).

    This article was Strike 1.

    The October 1 BS January 6 jailed knucklehead “illegal” “tortured” “political prisoner” article
    is Strike 2.

    Batter up!!!!!!

    [Why the Cyber Ninjas CEO Skipped the Oversight Hearing
    on His Own Audit in Arizona]

  15. MarineDad61 says:

    Update — The newest
    [Statement by Donald J. Trump,
    45th President of the United States of America

    If we don’t solve the Presidential Election Fraud of 2020
    (which we have thoroughly and conclusively documented),
    Republicans will not be voting in ‘22 or ‘24.
    It is the single most important thing for Republicans to do.]

    This surely does not seem like the way to win back Congress,
    nor the Senate, in 2022.

    So, riddle me this, Gotham City…
    IF former President Trump tells any of you NOT TO VOTE….
    Are you going to vote, or not vote?

    • MarineDad61 says:

      Because, it appears the
      Lin Woods, Mike Lindell Pillow Guys, and Doug Mastrianos out there
      aren’t going to “solve” anything,
      except the verdicts and judgments on their own statements, claims, lives, and careers.