Woman smacks a sailor she claimed was a phony

| September 15, 2021

This woman smacked the sailor, and continued to be argumentative with the woman that was filming her. (Berlin Police Department/Mommacleann TikTok)

On the evening of September 11, 2021, a sailor was at a pizza establishment. A woman apparently had issues with him. As she escalated the situation with him, he maintained professionalism and restraint. During the course of the interaction, she claimed that he was a phony. She insisted that he was one despite his showing her his real military ID card. She showed him her dependent ID card and used that to justify her assumption that he was not a real servicemember.

From the Sailor’s Facebook post:

Facebook post by Sean Nolte Jr.:

*Video Posted In Comments*

Tonight has been eventful to say the least…. I went to get a bite to eat off-base at a local pizza spot. As my friend is standing talking to her family; who currently owns this pizza spot, a woman walks in and is constantly staring back at me. As I am in uniform, I politely smile back….

The woman proceeds to walk in and out multiple times over the course of 10 minutes. Her food is ready, and she walks back in to retrieve her pizza… As she leaves, she looks at me and says “Nice Smile” very sarcastically. I reply “Thank You, have a nice day ma’am” and continue about my day.

Not even 30 seconds later she comes marching back in, and yells at the Pizzeria staff “He is a fake by the way, my husband is in the Army….” you can probably assume the rest. I proceed to attempt to prove that I am not a fake, even pulled out my VALID Military ID and showed it to her. She kept claiming that my Military ID is fake, and proceeds to show me her DEPENDENT MILITARY ID, and screams “This is what your ID should look like”.

As I realized there was no persuading this woman that I am not a fake, I politely say “Tell your husband thank you for his service for me, and have a nice day”. She storms out of the pizzeria, and storms right back in, progressively screaming at me “You disgust me, you son of a bitch”, grabbing my uniform and throwing my cover on the ground, not aware that I am a real service member. In a last ditch effort to leave, she rushes towards me and slaps me in the left side of my face. Being in uniform, I must maintain professionalism, so I stand there and proceed to wish her a nice day…. Well, looks like some of our own people can’t recognize authenticity when they see it.

Newsweek has the additional details, as well as the video, here.

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Dependapotomas run amok. It’s lucky that the sailor didn’t “deck” it. BZ to him for his restraint. I was taught not to hit wimmins. If it had of done that to me, I’m afraid that I would have temporarily forgotten those teachings.


The amazing amount of restraint he showed should have been the tip off that maybe he was legit.

Retired Grunt

I was raised on those principles as well but I have been schooled by too many for the act of simply opening a door. I am now fully embracing equality in all of its forms. Women can stop a bullet just as good as I can. So draft if needed. You wanna bring it like a man, I’m gonna respond in kind. I hate feeling this way.

USMC Steve

Grunt, we are simply giving the women folk what they have so loudly demanded for so long. Don’t feel bad about it.


Equal rights mean equal responsibilities.

Retired Grunt

I totally believe in equal rights for ALL citizens, CITIZENS. However just because our rights are equal, men are not women and women are not men. We each have our attributes as is necessary for the survival of a species. I really don’t give two hoots about trans or whatever either just live your darned life and don’t try to shove down my throat how I’m supposed to live and what I’m supposed to think. I actually enjoyed treating women special.


Well, yes …but in this case she’s earned her equal right to Play Stupid Games, Win Stupid Prizes (albeit embarrassment or being yelled-at by her hubby, not anything worse).

E4 Mafia '83-'87

I saw this night on The Scuttlebutt Show live stream:

The young sailor showed incredible poise and discipline in the face of a Karen/Dependa Xenomorph creature. The kid was wearing Type 3’s with a tan/brown cap. My son’s ship has tan caps, so she doesn’t what she is talking about.

A Proud Infidel®™

Maybe that thundertwunt dependapottumus was doing all she could to provoke a violent response and then throw the victim card as soon as she got it?


Maybe she thought he was trying to pretend to be in the Army but she alone was able to see through his “ruse” because of his mistake of wearing blue cammies.


Aquaflage was ditched about a decade ago. He’s wearing green camo.


Complete switch over to the Type III was around the tail end of 2018, if memory serves me correct.


No dungarees and chambray shirts any more. The old days are really gone.

Jeff LPH 3, 63-66

How about Seafarers and boondockers


How about the flat hats that were Navy head coverings until after WWII???


The assailant’s name is Karen D. Pendapotamus.


Any bets whether she goes by his rank, too? “I’m Mrs. Lieutenant Potamus”?


Nope. That’s a forgone conclusion.


Nah, she’s too old and not hot enough to be an Army LT’s wife.

More like ‘I’m the former Mrs SPC Potamus (who medically separated back in ’97 due to ‘back pain’ IOT beat the OTH his command was recommending)’

Green Thumb

Wow. That’s bad. Really bad.

Yet another historic first, minus, maybe Stonewall Jackson’s folks.

Someone should point that out to her. Might want to get of the blast radius when you do.


She keyed-in on the multicam and vibram boot soles, not (as an experienced soldier does) the weapons.


I hope this cunt was booked on assault charges and then had her “real” Army husband have to bail her out of jail AFTER he had her served with divorce papers.
Or she just spontaneously combusts.
Your Choice.

And I’ll leave you this, with credit to Terminal Lance (I love them, TL not dependas)



Did someone say BAH?! TriCare?!


Praise the Free Sh*t Lawd!


I was always taught to never hot a woman. I think I could have made an exception in this dependa’s case.


‘HIT” not hot.


Now, now Sparks. It’s ok. We get it. We understand. No need to apologize. 😁https://www.verywellmind.com/what-is-a-freudian-slip-2795851




Well, I wouldn’t “hit that” either…

USMC Steve

Why? Women have been wanting to be the equal to men for decades since the rise of radical lesbian feminism. They have obtained that which they want, when they start shit, BREAK them.

You must. To do less is to make less of their sense of self worth and to demean, at least according to Steinem and those other idiots.


Point taken Steve. Good logic there.


You are correct sir.

USMC Steve

Whether or not you are in uniform, when some fat pig attacks you, you have every right to defend yourself. And you should have right then and there, aggressively.


She’s just another Karen on the prowl.

The sailor is bigger than she was and could have decked her, showed admirable restraint. She’s been identified and interviewed by the local po-po and I hope that she gets smacked with assault charges.


Geez, it’s almost like the 60s all over again – vague deja vu.


Whiz Wheel®™ is PMCS’d and ready to spin up a FBBSDC* score whenever the name is released.

*Full Blown Bat Shit Drooling Crazy (H/T to Hondo)


As long as your include the “Karen” ID in that, fine by me! The po-po have not yet released her name.
People like her make me feel like going to McD’s or a pizzeria in my Space Fleet getup that I put together for a sci-fi con. I even spit-polished my boots.
Ah…. those WERE the days!!!


Authentic or poser, it is still none of her “dependent” business. With little doubt, she is probably known within her community for being “special”.

An extra helping of chromosomes usually results in very gentle personality so this one is probably just a malcontent during her time of the month.


Her husband keeps volunteering to return to Afghanistan at his own expense.


Carlton, for pity’s sake, could you POST A SPEW WARNING NEXT TIME??????


“Her husband keeps volunteering to return HER to Afghanistan at his own expense.”


E4 Mafia '83-'87

We had a few married guys that didn’t mind being at sea/on deployment, and I often wondered why. Then at the ship’s Christmas Party I saw some of the wildebeests like her they were married to. I cannot say that I blamed them for wanting to be ‘Haze grey and underway’. The thought of coming home to that woman would, well…drive a man to Afghanistan.


Posted as a public service:


Dependapotamus—word of the day


And here’s more:





He probably showed her his CAC card, which confused her. On a related note, this past friday took Wifey to renew her ID card and got one of the NEW dependent ID cards. Totally different.



Yep, same here. Took the wifey down to the NG HQ’s in Pokey just last month and she got her forever card printed up in the new format.

The SSG there told me my old style forever retired card was good to go and I didn’t need to swap over just for shits and grins./s


I don’t know about active duty IDs, but the retired IDs are now the same as the dependent ones.


Because you’re a dependent of Uncle Sam. 😉


How about TP disabled vets?
They have military ID’s for the PX etc.


Commenters on the Berlin, CT Police Department Book of the Face have positively identified the woman by name/address/social media all privitized and locked down, etc.

Will await the official release of name before spinning the Whiz Wheel®™.


Twitter is atwitter.
They got her name, found her LinkedIn, her employer,
and now leaving employer @tag twits all over.

This will not be a good week for Lori D. (Penda)

Prior Service

Admirable restraint, which I sorely lack these days.


I pretend to be hard of hearing when berated.
Makes them keep repeating the shit.


I want to send that young man a pizza. Or several.

The other person, the twatwaffle that its mummy should have thrown back into the puddle where she found it, is best served with a 4-day-old. dried-out flat bread and stale toppings. And warm diet Coke. Always flat and warm.

Oh, her turn is coming. Her assault of the sailor is recorded and unless I’m misreading stuff, she’ll have her backside handed to her.

Hack Stone

If the military wanted you to have a self centered spouse with delusions of authority and expertise who will pump out a few kids, pack on the pounds and do things in public that will make you the subject of ridicule fro your coworkers and destroy your career, they would have issued you one.


There is a possibilty that her husband MAY be one of the Soldiers pictured and featured in this 2019 article.

Time Will Tell.

“IEA Honors Veterans Day with Connecticut Army National Guard Band”



There is a possibility that her husband MAY be one of these Soldiers featured in this You Tube Video 10 months ago.

What is interesting is that he is not wearing a Combat Patch.



Don’t think that’s him. Saw a picture of the two of them online and he has a shaved head.



In the video in this news article, he is the driver of the car…and to me, he does not have a shaved head.

He sure looks like one of the Soldiers that is in the article I posted as well as the You Tube video I posted:



Also, AFCombatCAM, I hinted that he was ONE of the Soldiers featured in the news article I posted as well as the You Tube Video.

If you watch the video and look at the picture in the news article, you will see a SFC who has a last name starting with a D that wears glasses and has very short dark hair (balding?).

He looks just like the Dude driving the car with “Karen” sitting next to him (the video featured in the Fox Newd 61 article I posted).

Dude is the shortest of the Soldiers pictured in the news article…


Right on, good catch. I may have been looking at an old photo. Came up on her Pinterest account. My Google-Fu is not up to par. Yet!



No problem!

Please see my UPDATED Post below with Lori Jane Desjardins MUGSHOT.

She needs to apologize to that Sailor!

Her Husband, SFC Christopher Desjardins, is the NCOIC of the 102nd Band of the Connecticut Army National Guard.

As shared before, this is going to get interesting.

Thank You for your feedback!


You might have it.
Let’s see if the primary Tube of You URL
reveals a fun thumbprint display here.


But SFC D is the 2nd (of the 5).


You nailed it, MarineDad61…

His first name is Christopher.

He looks just like the Dude in the video in the news article I posted for AFCombatCAM.



I object! Although I may have played trumpet, baritone, and Sousaphone in my youth, I categorically deny and rebuke any and all attempts to besmirch my name! I can do my own besmirching just fine, thankyouverymuch! Don’t make me call my lawer!


Oh no… Same Name Syndrome strikes again!!


A Proud Infidel®™

ALL of them having “slick sleeves”, being an Army Musician must be rough!


And this one time at band camp…

Daisy Cutter

Guessing her name is “Karen.”


Daisy Cutter,
Not Karen.
The bag is out of the cat.
See the F U of Google on just a partial name….


Oh, she’s for sure a “Karen”!!!/s


So dramatic that she took his cap and threw it on the floor with defiance.

I can picture her saying:
“Now this is going to happen.”
(throws hat down)
“Deal wit dat!”


As MarineDad61 shared, the cat is outta the bag:


She said her husband is in the US Army?

Well, research indicates her husband’s name is Christopher.

Which is interesting, considering the ninja family discovered a SFC with the same first and last name who is with an Army Band affiliated with the CT Army National Guard (see previous posting of the 2019 news article and You Tube video).

That SFC sure looks like the same Dude who is behind the wheel of the car where that woman was the passenger and was asked a question by Fox News 61.

SFC and no Combat Patch? Must be nice to have Hubby get to stay Stateside, outta harms way, while some of us had to do multiple tours in Afghanistan and Iraq, away from our families…

Gonna be interesting how this turns out.


“Gonna be interesting how this turns out.”

Well, here’s hoping her bullshit doesn’t effect this Sailor’s Submarine School training in a negative way.

Anyway, the Whiz Wheel®™ has gotten tired of having the lanyard pulled tight for the last 24 hours waiting for the official release of her name and has decided to spin up a FBBSDC score regardless:

Lori J. (Karen Dependapotamus) 58 x 10 = 580


I had nothing to do with this.
My fellow Nutmeggers have lost their collective fking minds.
Texas is looking better everyfreakingday.


On the other hand, it isn’t easy keeping up with all the uniform changes in the last few years. Maybe she just missed the last uniform change..


Whoever Karen is, she looks and acts drunk or high in the video. Not that that is an excuse for acting like a moron. In public. Bringing disgrace upon whoever her hubby might be.

Good on the sailor for acting appropriately to the verbal then escalating attack from Karen. Anyone presuming to be an authority on the various uniforms of another service is delusional.



“Karen” IS indeed Lori Jane Desjardins..and yes, SFC Christopher Desjardins of the 102nd Band of the Connecticut Army National Guard IS her husband…

She was FIRED from her job.

You Reap What You Sow…

She made bail..

She needs to apologize to that Sailor.

Claw: Please spin the Wheel..😉

“Woman Who Accused Navy Sailor Of Wearing Fake Uniform Arrested, Charged With Assault”


“The woman at the center of a viral video accusing a Navy sailor of wearing a fake uniform was arrested.”

“Berlin police on Friday identified the suspect as 45-year-old Lori Desjardins of Southington.”

“She turned herself in on Thursday.”

“Channel 3 also learned on Friday that Desjardins worked for CVS Health.”

“This individual is no longer employed by the company,” said Joe Goode, senior director, corporate communications for CVS Health.”

“Police said they served Desjardins an active arrest warrant that charged her with third-degree assault and second-degree breach of peace.”

“She was released on a $10,000 non-surety bond and is scheduled to appear in court in New Britain on Sept. 23.”


Last sentence in the story…..
[An officer in Berlin said he also recognized the suspect
because he once responded to her home.]

So, this is not new to SFC Mr. Dependapotamus.
SFC C.D. today –> “Yeah, my wife is a pain in the brass.”


Army (NG) Band Quintet comebacker…



Did you also pick up on her excuse on her behavior in the cited news article?

Now wondering if Lori Jane Desjardins, wife of SFC Christopher Desjardins, was behind the wheel of the car that night she picked up the pizza and assaulted the Sailor.

In other words, was she driving under the influence?

Or if her Hubby (they married in 2012) drove, did he not realize what she did?

“According to police documents, Desjardins told them that she was not in the right frame of mind because of some ongoing mental health issues and a problem with alcohol.”


Neighbors could surely add some salsa
(and Wild Turkey) to this story.
You know, now that Dependapotamus is the talk of the block.


This is a GOOD NEWS Friday story.
Stoopid VAPID Cuntknob.


ChipNASA and MarineDad61:

Hopefully, Admin will UPDATE Lori Jane Loveland Desjardins article with her Mugshot and her pathetic excuse so that, you, Chipster, can deploy the FIRE IN THE HOLE! Insult page on Ole Lori.



Colonel Kurtz ain’t got sh*t on her issues.


“Claw, please spin the Wheel”

Okay, here’s the updated score based on her published name: (Which, BTW, a little additional research reveals that “Desjardins” is the fifth surname associated with her over her lifespan of 45 years, which only entitles her to entry level status as a “Karen”).

Lori Jane (Karen) Desjardins FBBSDC 34 x 10 = 340


Ah, the aggravated multiple serial-monogamy dependapotamus (formerly known as “ho”)… and probably to be single and looking to add another name change shortly.

For example (not her though):
comment image


RE: fired from CVS

I love it when they say the employee does not represent their core values.


It would be interesting to find a company like Miramax
using the “core values” line,
before their actual core values became publicly known.


She’s not to blame.

It was the Pabst Blue Ribbon talking and acting out.

Hack Stone

Don’t be busting on PBR. A quality beer at a reasonable price. $17.99 for a 30 pack at the Joint Base Andrews convenience store. $0.60 a can. Pabst Blue Ribbon is the official beer of the proud but humble woman owned business that sells software to the federal government formerly located in Bethesda Maryland.


No comment other than to make the total comment count (for now) a nice round three digit number.