Washington high school cuts red, white, & blue 9/11 tribute because it might offend

| September 15, 2021

A Washington State high school nixed a red, white, and blue 9/11 20th anniversary memorial because it might offend and be considered racially insensitive. I’m pretty sure among the dead that day 20 years ago were people of all colors and creeds. In fact, of the nearly 3,000 killed, 90 countries were represented. There are 197 countries in the world. That means that 9/11 touched nearly one half of the world.

Jason Rantz from KTTH reports;

Eastlake High School staff canceled a Patriot’s Day theme to honor victims of 9/11 because someone could be offended by red, white, and blue clothing.

Students of a local high school were ready to wear red, white, and blue to honor the lives lost on Sept. 11. But school staff pulled the plug, concerned the expression could be racially insensitive and offend some people.

At Eastlake High School in Sammamish, student leadership promoted a Patriot’s Day theme at a football game at Memorial Stadium against Rainier Beach. The game was previously canceled, then rescheduled to the day before the 20th anniversary of the terrorist attacks. Students wanted to do something to remember the tragic events. But staff intervened.

According to an email obtained by the Jason Rantz Show on KTTH, the principal said wearing those colors could “unintentionally cause offense to some who see it differently.” Students are upset. And some parents now speculate school officials thought their majority-minority opponents would be offended by American pride.

More at the source.

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Well, that’s the stupidest thing I’ve read so far today. But the day is still young. Why a single ‘unnamed staffer’ should be able to torpedo such an event is beyond me.

President Elect Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH Neanderthal B Woodman Domestic Violent Extremist SuperStraight

So? The STAFF “intervened” (got their collective panties in a twist over “reason”, and arbitrarily cancelled the theme for the football game). So what?
Too late now, but what if the STUDENTS decided to UNofficially do the red, white & blue theme anyway, WITHOUT staff sanction? What are the staff going to do? Hold all the “offensive” students in detention? Make them miss the game? That would fill up the HS building.

Only Army Mom

If the community does not demand the firing-forget resignation-of this “staffer”, it is on them.

This is what happens when you’re consumed with what goes on in DC and ignore your own backyard.

Attend the latter and the former will follow. For too long, people have been shaking their fists at the wind instead of building the damn wind-break.


Seattle left/libtards encroaching upon normal people in Eastern WA (rest of the state).
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Sorry, here:
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A Terminal Lance Coolie

I live in Eastern WA. It’s getting miserable fast. Idaho is looking real good these days, or maybe Montana. Haven’t decided yet.


FFS. Here’s a simple solution for all those mofos that are “offended” by America. Pack your trash and GET THE PHUQUE OUT! Delta is ready when you are! I hear that China is nice this time of year. Or Somalia. Or….(insert oppressive country of your choice)

Don’t know about y’all but this Confederate American is just about totally fed up with these people that can’t realize that America, warts, past history and all, is still THE Greatest place in the World. If we are so “offensive” whyinhell are SO MANY people trying to get here? Is it just for the “free sh^t”?


I think this is crap. They ought to shut down the entire school and go to learnin’ them kids at home. I don’t mean pandemic but 1700s and 1800 before they got all fancy and shit and hired them school Marms.
Fuck these families. Take some damn responsibilities.
Stop being fuckin WOKE and shit and take care of your OWN damn Chillins.
Oh wait, that’s not convenient. Well then, fuck then.


Gee, I hope jihadis crashing airliners into our largest building didn’t offend too many Americans…



Oh no, we should NOT oppress or speak ill of the Japanese, it wouldn’t be right. I mean it’s not like Japanese Americans attacked us. It’s MEAN to be mean to the Asian community. We should even speak of Pearl Harbor, I mean, What difference at this point does it make? It’s over and it’s done with. Move along. Jebus it was so many years ago. Get over it already. I mean, Hawaii was practically asking for it. It’s not like it was the mainland. We can afford to let it go. Besides, this whole thing is EUROPE’S problem, not ours. Let them go and kill each other in the Middle East or Qing or Ching or CHongs or whatever, and the Prussians, Meh, who cares. Not *my* problem.


… Am I missing something? Entirely possible, I admit, but:

I mean it’s not like Japanese Americans attacked us..

Correct, they didn’t. Japan did, not Japanese Americans, many of whom fought for us in WW2:

It’s MEAN to be mean to the Asian community.

It would be a little mean for people to be angry at, say, Koreans, for Pearl Harbor, since they had zero to do with it. Right?

Now, maybe I didn’t have my coffee yet, and I’m just reading this wrong, but I couldn’t tell what was genuinely sarcastic and what wasn’t. Just my two cents.


On the other hand, the Empire of Japan had a pretty good intelligence service operating on our west coast. It was slow, but often quite detailed.

Thus they didn’t know the carriers were elsewhere 7 December.

So while many Nisei, American by birth, served honorably, there were more than a few immigrants working for the old country.


It was *ALL* kinda sarcasm, but the point was, can you imagine anyone in the population after Pearl Harbor being Woke or even folks being woke about Hitler and the Nazis?
That was kinda the point.


” the principal said wearing those colors could “unintentionally cause offense to some who see it differently.” Students are upset”.. GOOD! If they’re in America, and the flag / colors offend them FUCK EM! They’re free to leave anytime, and I’m sure there’s no shortage of patriots that would be willing to trade the cost of the flight out for them renouncing their citizenship (if they have it)!


And the hits keep coming. Teacher removes US Flag from classroom.


Green Thumb

Amazing these people have jobs.

Always teach all angles and all sides. Let the student make up their mind on their own. The teacher does not do it for them.

Truly amazing.

Green Thumb


Good for the kids standing up.

In reading the article(s), it appears that leadership is trying to find a way to ooze out the backdoor.

What a bunch of clowns. If the kids were organizing it, then they were for it. Way to let students show and engage in freedom of expression.


Seattle is in King County. How does King County react when a elementary school has a homeless camp that was supposed to be gone for the new school year? Last school year the school had to be locked down twice when homeless roamed the halls.

This year after being alerted the camp was still there and had grown from 40 to 65 tents, the King County Health Department was dispatched to distribute clean needles.

Prior Service

Another reason why I won’t retire to Washington even though I own six acres on a beautiful island there. California infected my state years ago and it’s only gotten worse.


Wuh-WHAT..? What the f… Don’t want ‘offend’ anyone?! *shrug* OK, with that stated, I can only guess that the souls of 2,977 innocent and undeserving US citizens that perished on that terrible day, are giving each and every person responsible for that egregious decision, a very large MIDDLE FINGER.*shaking*my*head*in*utter*contempt*
Doom on them, one and all…

Skivvy Stacker

I was very offended on 9/11/01.

I don’t remember anyone telling the terrorists that they shouldn’t fly those planes into ground targets because it might be offensive.