Another Lockdown Looming? Y-A-W-N!!!!

| September 10, 2021

Feb 2011 blizzard  snowbank on my front door – 4ft 8 inches deep

Since you are all grousing about this, that, & the other thing, but mostly about the current CV19 idiot bidness and what a marone Biteme is (always was?!?) and a whole lotta other things, I can find zero – nada – rien – reason to avoid discussing the things that annoy (piss off) everyone in general. Biteme’s latest intended “mandate” appears to violate the US Constitution, and using ‘public safety’ as an excuse is definitely totally bogus, man!

330 million people in this country, including the LEGAL immigrants, and he thinks his vapid orders can stop people from doing things? I want to see that! I really do, since no one I know is that much of a chump!!

Piss me off once, shame on me. Piss me off twice? Shame on you!!!

So I suggest practicalities and putting them to use. Remember that video I posted last winter of the Italian lady making bread on her stovetop in a covered skillet? Try practicing that skill, and polish it.

Remember the runs on stupid things like toilet paper and milk last winter? Well, I do, and it was just plain stupid. Get dry/powdered milk. Stock your pantry/freezer now instead of waiting. When Boris the UK Twit instigated another lockdown over there in the UK back in the Spring, he made a huge mistake. His personality rating has dropped like a lead balloon. Biteme has already achieved and nearly exceeded that goal.

Some of you are nattering about stocking up on ammo. Geezo Pete, people I thought you did that anyway!

It ain’t about where you get it: it’s about where you sequester it, out of sight and smelling distance of Gubbmint Inspectors and hapless neighbors. Then it’s easy to say to some Gubmint Idjit “No, we’re doing bowhunting this year. Do you have any idea how expensive ammo is, never mind how scarce?” And you should have enough sense to set up a fake wall in a closet where you can sequester the gun safe, never mind your stock of ammo.

A reminder: ammo can be used as currency when money inflates beyond its real value, as can a few other things like bread, bourbon, milk, and TP, which occurred last year.

Okay, then stock up on food and on water purifying stuff, too.  Never mind that you should have enough sense to include kitchen matches, oil lamps and lamp oil, bath tissue, paper towels and facial tissues, as well as stocking the meds cabinet with small emergency needs such as refills on your prescriptions, refills on large and small self-sticking adhesive pads, cotton balls, alcohol, peroxide, liquid hand soap and dish soap, gauze pads – you get the drift, right? Just tell your doctor the long-range weather forecast may prevent you from getting to an appointment, so you want to be on the safe side of things.

Common sense should tell you to keep yourself busy by preparing ahead. Get yourselves busy right now, and start prepping for the long haul. If you don’t have a standard shopping list, then come up with one, and get enough stuff to store over the winter into spring. If you’re a gardener, then order seeds ASAP against the possibility that they won’t show up next Spring.

I do get the grinching and complaining, but whining isn’t going to get anything done. Since we’re going into Autumn, it’s possible that in your AO you may need extras anyway of every confounded thing you take for granted because there may be a blizzard or two heading your way.

I’m not scolding! I won’t do that.

Just saying “Do something practical” with your time and energy, even if it’s nothing more than buying a 7c.ft. freezer for the pantry that will let you store ice-pops for the kids and/or grandkids over the winter, and give you a rat-proof place to put the venison and wild pork you ‘recovered” from Mama Nature’s grip.

You see where I’m going with this, right? After the nonsense last winter plus all the grumbling, doesn’t preparing make sense for any expected “unexpected” shutdown, which is what Boris the Dork Johnson, PM, over in the UK did to the Brits earlier this year.

Better to be overly anticipatory than to be caught flatfooted again, isn’t it?

And cash? If you can’t set aside a few twenties each month in a Secret Squirrel location that your kids and grandkids don’t know about, like the family bible or favorite books, or that antique clock on the mantelpiece, you aren’t doing your job.  I mean, people don’t read these days, do they? Nope, they watch everything on a screen.

We’re Americans. We’re resourceful. None of us – not one damned one of us – has to wait to be told what to do, right? We know how to prep for the worst-case scenarios. Does anyone really believe our Colonial ancestors really turned over all their hard-earned cash to the Redcoats demanding payment of the Stamp Tax? Nah, I didn’t think so. If you don’t have a hidey-hole for your excess purchases of food, medicines, and ammo, I will be so very disappointed in you!

So just do it!!! And keep your yaps shut, y’hear me???? Otherwise, the Squirrel of Doom will be staring at you again.

Sorry, couldn’t find a shot of Xi JinPing laughing

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In short, from certain folk: Stay out of trouble!

A Proud Infidel®™

My response to anyone telling me to sequester and lock down once again will be something along the lines of “SHIT IN YOUR Mother and Father’s faces for spawning you!!!”


The flour I got stashed will make some nice dumplin’s for that fat squirrel to go in. Just saying. Tree rats at Firebase Magnolia gonna get hongry this winter cause they been steady eating up the green pecans…and the black walnuts. They ain’t stashing nothing away.

Don’t be a dumbass tree rat!


Gonna start buying silver again.


The Lone Ranger concurs

E4 Mafia '83-'87

I waited and got the J&J one shot because I figured they waited the longest, so they wouldn’t be rushed to market and it will work. I’m going the to the USF v UF football tomorrow at Raymond James Stadium. 62k is expected, and the Tampa Sports Auth. “suggests” wearing a mask, but I won’t be. I got the vax, so I wouldn’t have to. Plus, with a 1PM kickoff in the Florida sun its going to be brutal as it is. If other people want to wear as mask, that’s their pleasure. I’ve had season tix for 15 years not including last season’s wash-out. Time to get back to normal!