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| July 31, 2021

Intro not required.

General Flynn recently released an OpEd, “10 Indisputable Facts on the 2020 Election That Argue for Audits”, published in The Western Journal. It’s long, detailed, cogent, and regardless of feelings about him, worth the read.

If it does not provoke thought, you can stop reading here now.

The facts presented are unsettling, and deserve consideration. I’m sharing my thoughts because they surprised me. Follow along for a tour of the admittedly dark twists and turns my mind took. In all honesty, I don’t know which remains more disturbing, the General’s thoughts or my own.

In a recent conversation on the topic of the people of Afghanistan and the resurgence of Taliban control, I said –

Most people just want to live their lives. They want a roof over their heads, to feed and raise their children and to live in relative, predictable, peace. It is not that they don’t care who their leaders are, because they do, but in an abstract way. They care mostly that their leaders allow them the above.

It is reasonable to say the Afghans are not really very different from Americans, or any other people. This is why I say that even with incontrovertible, proven facts, most Americans are deeply uncomfortable with the idea that our elections were other than fair and just. Those who suggest otherwise are asking them to do something that upsets their relative peace. As this is truly unprecedented in our history, that request is particularly frightening as both the next steps and the final act are complete unknowns.

All people, whatever the culture, history or system of government, fear the unknown. That is why there are relatively few explorers in human history. It takes phenomenal pressure on most people to motivate them to set out on a new, unknown path. History is replete with examples of stripping people of all rights, even of hope, yet people chose to remain in situations and conditions that are anything but humane.

This thought plays out in individual, interpersonal relationships, at jobs, as well as on societal levels.

Those who are abused in interpersonal relationships remain, choosing to believe that no matter how bad it is, they would be worse-off if they leave.

How many people remain miserable in their jobs or employment out of fear they would not be able to maintain a roof and food on the table if they leave?

In other words, the majority fear the unknown devil more than the devil they know because of predictability. The abusers and oppressors know this fear and capitalize on it by reminding their victims of whatever scraps of security they have been allowed. “No one will ever love you”, “You’ll never get another job”, “There are plenty who would take your place and be grateful”.

The last is the most insidious as it infers the flaw and fault lie in you, in your perceptions. When that needs to be reinforced, “You only care about yourself, what about your family (feeding, clothing, housing)”. Or, in one that all of us now hear on a daily basis, “If you won’t do it for yourself, do it for others”.

Not only does this validate your fears of the unknown for your loved ones and threaten the predictability you are desperately trying to maintain, it casts you into the role of villain and thrusts you outside the comfort of the known. Threats to our need to belong may be the most powerful motivators of the human psyche.

Asking the American people to embrace the possibility that our voting system is broken, was subverted, or manipulated is threatening one of the pillars upon which their world view is upheld – we are free to vote and with that vote determine who will be our leaders, according to our individual conscience.

Just like an abused spouse or employee, proof of that unfair and unjust treatment may not be sufficient to motivate them to change. Often, only when the abuser or tyrannical boss changes that which the abused was counting on as their baseline of security, that which however unfair or painful but familiar is disrupted, is the motivation to change found.

This is where we stand now as a Nation. This is why, despite any facts that could be presented proving otherwise, Americans don’t want the election to be invalid. There is no safe, predictable future when every step in front of us is unprecedented and leads to a place that is anything but known.


The vast majority of Americans are descendants of those few humans in history who were explorers and those who were subject to the extreme pressures that motivate people to set out for the unknown. It has been many generations in most cases, but in most cases, the gamble paid off. The distance between the willingness to acquiesce and tolerate present abuse, injustice and unfairness and the motivation to change may therefore be shorter than in other societies.

There is one other, incontrovertible fact. Abusers, tyrants and oppressors everywhere and always abuse and/or oppress because the abuse and/or oppression is their end goal. An abuser doesn’t stop abusing because they have beaten their victim into submission; there will always be another excuse for the abuse. Eventually, the victim leaves. Or dies.

This is where we are now as a Nation. Our rights to life, liberty and pursuit of happiness, our rights to speak and be heard, our rights to chart our own course dictated by our own conscience are being oppressed. We are at the tipping point. Will we metaphorically leave behind the abuse, or will die?

The article that precipitated these thoughts can be found here.

On point and thought provoking. Thanks, OAM.

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  1. Hate_me says:

    “ There’s times I still think I can feel the blood of Vikings in my veins”
    – Corb Lund, No Roads Here

  2. STSC(SW/SS) says:

    With the Oligarchs of Big Tech I am reminded of the opening of the Outer Limits.

  3. KoB says:

    “Trust on God and fear nothing.’ BG Lewis Armistead. My mantra and guiding principle for over 60 years. I ain’t skeered, bring mofos. I willing to die to defend my freedom, are they willing to die taking it from me? Never surrender…Never retreat

    “Headbutt the hangman”…11BMailclerk

    No doubt the 2020 Presidential (and other ballots) Election were stolen. I called it when joe and the ho were anointed by the demonrats. They were aided and abetted by the other Deep State Domestic Enemies of our Country, selling out We, The People, to hold onto their power, expand their control of us, and deepen the swamp that much more.

    OAM for Prez. Thanks, you Adorable Deplorable.

    spapos showing up to screech “Orange Man Bad” in

    • A Proud Infidel®™ says:

      I’d rather not have to put up with Major Moonbat right now, I’ve scooped “Cat Nuggets” from the litterbox that were FAR more entertaining than he is!

  4. Graybeard says:

    It was said of those who settled in the frontiers “The cowards never started, and the weak died along the way.”

    Many of us are descendants of the men and women who fought long and hard for the freedoms we enjoy – both against human enemies and against Nature itself. We have the family stories of what our ancestors endured, and are willing and able to endure ourselves to ensure our children have the freedoms we enjoyed.

  5. Poetrooper says:

    For many of us, it’s our Scots-Irish heritage: hard country folks, the progeny of bold immigrants and adventurous pioneers, all of us cursed/blessed with that damn-all, DRD4-7R gene, who will fall back into the woods, the hills and the swamps and say,

    “Come at your own peril.”

  6. 11B-Mailclerk says:

    “Don’t tread on me.”

  7. Anonymous says:

    Trust Democrats. Didn’t before, definitely don’t now.

  8. Slow Joe says:

    Yeah but, I don’t hear solutions.

    Yes, the Democrats stole the elections, they are the party that believes the end justify the means. They will do anything and everything to hold on to their power, aided by the 4th branch of gruberment, the permanent bureaucracy in DC.

    So, how do we make sure it cannot happen again?

    The only possible answer is through legislation, but the Stupid Party, aka the GOP, is not even trying.

    • OWB says:

      The answer is simple – keep telling the truth. Expose the lies of others. Keep the faith.

      Nobody ever said that freedom is easy to maintain. We are being tested. We will continue to be a (relatively) free country only if we make it happen. And refuse to accept the stupid concepts being pushed by the lefties.

      Remember that it is not we who are threatening the continued existence of this country. Are we willing to defend her from those who are? You betcha.

      • The Other Whitey says:

        Joe has a point though. We keep telling the truth and nothing happens. The uniparty is real. The GOP establishment is in bed with the dems. They have proven that they can steal a presidential election in plain sight with zero consequences. They will do it again.

        We can all see the Man Behind the Curtain, so to speak, and their response is “So what?” and they go right along ignoring the law.

        I really don’t want this to be decided by violence. That scares the absolute piss out of me. But I also don’t have any better ideas. I pray each day that by some miracle this gets resolved without a shot fired. But I also know there is no chance of a peaceful resolution if we as Americans do not have the will to water the Tree of Liberty with the blood of the would-be tyrants. If they do not fear us, nothing will change for the better.

        • LC says:

          The GOP establishment is in bed with the dems.

          That’s a wild take. The party opposing the Democrats on virtually everything… is secretly in bed with them?

          Maybe a simpler explanation exists: Despite people here, on TAH, loving Trump,… he was more disliked than liked, and thus lost an election, fair and square.

          Amazingly, polls tend to back that up, too. Look at his approval ratings compared to others.

    • LC says:

      Except the election wasn’t stolen – so said 60+ court cases, multiple legitimate audits, and basic common sense. And for those insisting it was, … where’s the evidence? And which conspiracy are we talking about? The North Korean subs dropping off ballots, the server in Germany that supposedly rigged things, leading to a raid between CIA and the US Army, with again, zero evidence of there being a site, a battle, etc, or what? It’s so hard to keep track of all the shit people throw at the wall in the hopes that something sticks.

      For that matter, since some die-hard Trump supporters are incapable of believing Biden got ~7M more votes than Trump, … why? I mean, faking a few votes to flip key states seems like a far easier ploy than faking seven million votes. And the Democrats, as incompetent as they are, .. somehow did this without being caught?

      Let’s go back to one of the big cases that was supposedly going to ‘show the world’ all about the stolen election – the so-called “Kraken” case. With expert witnesses! Experts like “Spyder”, aka Joshua Merritt, a former military intelligence hacker who … wait, scratch that, he was actually a vehicle tech who flunked out of intelligence school. Multiple times. Oh, well, what about the other one, the intelligence contractor and military veteran, identified as Terpsichore Maras-Lindeman? Oh, what’s that? Not in intelligence? Falsely claimed a purple heart (surprised we didn’t see her in a Stolen Valor post!)? Had to pay fines for spending donations to soldiers on herself? That expert?

      Then you’ve got the Ramsland report, which got counties in the wrong state, the Navarro report, which cited YouTube videos as evidence, despite many being disproven, etc. It goes on and on. There’s no real evidence it was stolen. And a conspiracy on that scale would be outrageously complicated. The Democrats aren’t that capable. Nobody is.

      If you’ve got evidence, let’s see it.

      The only possible answer is through legislation, but the Stupid Party, aka the GOP, is not even trying.

      We’ve got two stupid parties. One is just a little stupider than the other at this point.

      • OldSoldier54 says:

        If only we could present the evidence …

        The waters have been SO muddied, I doubt we will ever know. Corriea was right, no matter how things go, from November 3rd on, roughly half the population will feel robbed. That is implicit evidence of a House divided.
        And a House divided cannot stand.

        • LC says:

          If only we could present the evidence …

          Maybe I’m not following – lots of so-called ‘evidence’ was presented, and summarily dismissed by various courts and experts since it was utterly farcical. Like saying various counties had >100% turnout… because you got the states wrong in your sworn affidavit, for just one example. Now, if there’s other evidence, where is it, and who is stopping someone from presenting it? After all, Giuliani, Lindell, Powell, and countless others all claim to have such evidence, so .. why not release it?

          Again, apparently the Democrats faked seven million votes, at least! This is incredible! They had to do it across many states to get those kinds of numbers, right? So this is a pretty big conspiracy. And yet, .. nobody can find evidence of it? The Democratic party isn’t exactly the shining definition of ‘competence’; getting one person to do something with no trace is hard, getting hundreds to thousands, while also defeating the Federal election watchers and places like CISA is … no small feat.

          The waters have been SO muddied, I doubt we will ever know.

          Yes, we can’t know. But we can be reasonably sure. Stepping away from politics for a moment, let’s say I say, “I slept with Elle Macpherson last night”. Now, nobody saw her with me, she doesn’t have my number and my phone shows no evidence of calling her, there’s no photos of us together, and in fact there’s no evidence she has any bloody idea who I even am,… but I insist it happened. Asked for comment, she and her friends all say, “Who?”. But I insist it happened.

          Is your response to that, “Well, the waters are so muddied because you both claim different things… I doubt we’ll ever know.” Because technically that’s true – you can’t know. Maybe she rappelled down from a stealth Blackhawk onto my room late last night, and we really did. We can’t know.

          … But we can be, regrettably in this case, pretty damn sure she didn’t. There’s no compelling evidence for it. There’s none for a stolen election either.

          I absolutely agree we need to be more united, but the only way forward is to agree on reality, I’m afraid. You don’t have to like it, but we have to agree what’s real. I hope we get there, for the sake of everyone.

          • Only Army Mom says:

            LC- what are your thoughts on the linked OpEd by Flynn?

            • LC says:

              At a high level, it seems compelling… but as soon as you step back a bit, it’s just a bunch of correlations to try to imply the election was rigged. Trends are always right until they’re not, and then they’re no longer trends.

              Let’s take just the first one, because a full write-up of all the flaws would take a lot of time. The first one says that Trump carried 18 of 19 “Bellwether” counties, and that from 1980 – 2016, they all went for the eventual winner of the 10 Presidential races.

              And that’s completely true.

              But it’s also misleading. First off, it gives the illusion that there are 19 Bellwether counties, period, and between 1980 – 2016, each one of them voted for the winner. That’s not the case. If we’re using the 1980 – 2012 range, there were actually an additional 14 -so, 33 Bellwhether counties!- that accurately predicted what happened in those 9 elections. Why are we down to 19 now? Because 14 of them got it wrong in 2016. A ‘bellwether’ distinction isn’t something magical; it’s a look into past election data, and finding a few of our 3000+ counties that just-so-happen to have gotten it right over the years selected.

              And that’s the magic of selecting start and end dates that fit your narrative. You can choose things that bolster your point, but aren’t really natural indicators.

              To take a different look at the same thing, I could also say Trump won both of the Bellwhethers that have predicted elections from 1956 – 2020 (Vigo County, Indiana and Valencia, New Mexico). On the one hand, that’s a longer time-scale… but fewer counties, and ultimately, probably not more persuasive.

              My guess as to why the starting date of 1980 was chosen was because if you go back to 1976, … that list of 19 Bellwethers will be smaller, as some of those counties likely got it wrong. I can look that up if you’re really unconvinced.

              In short, these aren’t time-honored miracles of elections.. they’re just statistical chances (given the reduced range of time), and we give undue credit to them. And, in doing so, ignore the reality of changing demographics in those same counties.

              Next election, people can point to Clallam County, Washington, as the one Bellwether county to always get it right since 1980… or, more likely, they’ll find a few from, say, 1984, or 1988, or something like that. The more narrow the window, the more counties will match.

              Does that make sense? If not, I’ll try to explain it better. In short, statistical curiosity vs predictive magic.

              • LC says:

                Just to give a slightly different look at this, here’s a website showing the eight ‘Bellwether counties’ from 1960-1996:


                The only county common between that list and the current one (for 1980-2016) is Vigo, Indiana, which has only been wrong once in 100 years – 1952.

                Again, these are not immutable things; they change every year, both by getting things wrong, or by shifting the dates in question.

                • A Proud Infidel®™ says:

                  Yeah, each of those States “suddenly” suspended their vote counts in the wee hours of the morning, a “pipe break” in one yet NO pictures of the damage,…

                  • LC says:

                    Each of which states? I’m talking about Bellwhether counties throughout different years, not states.

                    But, just to humor you, since I imagine you’re talking about the supposed ‘pipe burst’ that happened in Georgia? It’s been talked about so much, it almost seems like fact. Except it’s not, per the people there – Republican people, mind you.


                    But hey, let’s just say this conspiracy is growing and growing – somehow, those devious Dems convinced Republicans like Gabriel Sterling, Frances Watson and even Brad Raffensperger to join a criminal conspiracy for undefined reasons against their widely expressed political affiliations. What about the other states?

                    In other Republican states, Biden also outperformed Clinton’s 2016 performance – doing 32% better in Alaska, 51% better in Idaho, 34% better in Kansas, 23% better in Kentucky, 38% better in Montana, 31% better in Tennessee, and a whopping 80% better in Utah, just to name some.

                    So have Democrats cheated in all these areas, with Republican lead governance, without any evidence? I’m guessing Occam would have a few issues with such a statement, especially devoid of any evidence.

  9. The Other Whitey says:

    “What do you fear, lady?” Aragorn asked.
    “A cage,” Éowyn said. “To stay behind bars, until use and old age accept them, and all chance of valor is gone beyond recall or desire.”

    —John R.R. Tolkien, “The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers”

    • Only Army Mom says:

      TOW-I was 11 when I first read Tolkien, sparking my love of language and the written word. Thank you for triggering this poignant and timely memory of the words that child I was promised herself to never forget.