Biden Admin orders everyone at Pentagon, regardless of vaccination status, to mask up

| July 29, 2021

The five-sided insane asylum is once again a mask-required zone. Poe sends in this Breitbart report;

The Pentagon on Wednesday directed that “all individuals” — regardless of vaccination status — wear a mask indoors at Department of Defense (DOD) installations and facilities in areas of “substantial or high transmission” of coronavirus as defined by the Centers for Disease Control (CDC).

The new policy comes a day after the CDC recommended that all individuals wear masks indoors regardless of vaccination status due to the spread of the Delta variant and as the Biden administration is poised to order all federal employees to be vaccinated by the fall, according to reports.

The White House has struggled to explain in recent days why indoor masking is necessary for those who are vaccinated and, at the same time, convince those who are resistant to the vaccine that they should get it.

The Pentagon’s new policy marks a backtrack of its last mask guidance on May 13, 2021, which dropped the requirement for masks for those fully vaccinated.

It is also a continuation of more stringent masking policies, such as one issued on June 22, 2021, saying unmasked service members are required to show proof of vaccination, and unmasked DOD civilians have to do so too if supervisors have reason to believe they are unvaccinated.

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  1. The Other Whitey says:

    Calling these shots “vaccines” seems awfully misleading. A real vaccine gives your immune system a template to create antibodies for a particular virus. Once this virus enters your system, those antibodies kill every bit of virus they can find. Thus, not only do you not get sick, your probability of transmitting the virus is very low. I happen to be a rather big fan of vaccines.

    This gene-scrambling crap they’re calling a “vaccine” doesn’t do that. It doesn’t do what a vaccine does. Ergo, it is not a vaccine, no matter how much they insist it is. They continue to make wild claims like “You can still get unvaccinated people sick even if you’ve had the shot!” and the even-more-insane “You ‘unvaxxed’ will get vaxxed people sick!”

    If your “vaccine” allows that to happen, then, once again, it is not a goddamn vaccine. So what the hell is it, and why the hell should I take a chance getting it? Why the hell should I trust the people making these highly suspicious claims? And why the absolute fuck should I take the chance of sticking this mystery juice into my children?

    • ChipNASA says:

      I agree BUT, and soon it may be a moot point BUT, I took the chance based on some “pressure” and recommendation of my employer, who is a government contractor, particularly because a LOT of the folks I work around are of a more “mature” age group. (70+) and are/were in the more endangered group.
      That being said, as I said it may be a moot point shortly because as you can see, there is some inkling that powers that be are trying to make it mandatory for their employees, private corporations and government employees.
      “Get vaccinated or fired — Ken Langone says his businesses will mandate it after full FDA approval”

      That being said, TOW, I’ll be GOT-DAMNED!!! if I’m going to voluntairly give that shit to my children. I’d even look at other “options” before I allow them to get this shit in their systems.
      HELL, I still need to get them their Polio vaccinations!!! Not that I’m anti-vaxx but I’m anti give-kids-like-50+-fucking-shots-close- together if at all!!!

      1986 – 12 shots
      2019 – 54…read that again, FIFTY FUCKING FOUR, recommended shots.
      That’s almost as many as I had in the military over 23 years, like 2/3rds.

      • Roh-Dog says:

        I don’t mean to get Lars-ian up in this piece, but why tf are 70+ yo *still* in the work force, especially with The World’s Worse Cold EVER roaming around?

        From a liability stand point (I understand there’s a anti-age discrimination law out there), why didn’t the gov remove those protections to reduce the working population’s likelihood of injury?

        Any individual under 55 with no underlying conditions is more likely to succumb to shark attack than Chicomm Coof.

        • ChipNASA says:

          If it were based on my opinion, it’s the brain trust of a scientific (Duh NASA) agency AND I’d bet there’s probably a good number of these folks that don’t *want* to retire because they you die. I get that.
          One of he senior managers that went Emeritus, (of the former holder of an office, especially a college professor) having retired but allowed to retain their title as an honor.) but want to stick around because they have knowledge.
          I’m going to keep working because right now, I can’t afford *NOT* to, for the time being.

    • 26Limabeans says:

      I’m damn sorry I got the two Moderna shots. Granted I have other medical
      issues going on but I know my body and I’m telling you a lot wierd shit
      has been happening lately. Something changed after the second shot.

      I was a little kid in the early fifties when Polio was ravaging the country.
      We took the oral vaccine in first grade and another one year later.
      Now that was a miracle of science unlike the quack show we are seeing today.

      Hope you are enjoying your new digs TOH.

      • Daisy Cutter says:

        “Granted I have other medical issues going on but I know my body and I’m telling you a lot wierd shit has been happening lately.”

        Spots on the skin type weird or grew a second penis type weird?

    • Forest Bondurant says:

      That’s consistent with what I’ve read:

      “The experimental SARS-CoV-2 ‘vaccine’ contains laboratory synthesized mRNA in a lipid package. This mRNA enters the host’s cells and hijacks the cells, causing them to reproduce the spike protein of the coronavirus, which elicits the development of the antibodies. The human host cells respond to the spike protein and elicit cell signaling. The spike protein produced by the new COVID-19 experimental vaccine may also affect the host cells. Scientists recommend that we monitor the long term consequences of these experimental vaccines carefully, especially when they are administered to otherwise healthy people.”

      “A recent study suggests that the SARS-CoV-2 spike protein can by itself trigger cell signaling that can lead to various biological processes. The scientists who conducted the study concluded ‘It is reasonable to assume that such events, in some cases, result in the pathenogesis of certain diseases. Despite the experimental nature of the vaccine and numerous adverse side effects related to the experimental vaccine including, but not limited to, death through anaphylactic shock, thrombosis with thrombocytopenia, blood clots, multi-system autoimmune disorders and multi organ failure, and the fact that some scientists have concluded that it is reasonable to assume the experimental vaccine will result in parthenogenesis of certain diseases…”

      (Derived from a lawsuit submitted by a consortium of Texas physican’s to the District Court of Montgomery County, Texas, on behalf of employees (plaintiffs) of the Methodist Hospital System (Houston, Texas) (Defendant’s))

  2. QMC says:

    Potential announcement today that all Federal Employees mandated to get vaccination from POTUS:

    If Trump is still in office and does this, he gets called “fascist” from every corner of the so-called news networks.

    • QMC says:

      From the article:

      “U.S. President Joe Biden is expected to announce on Thursday that all civilian federal workers will need to be vaccinated against the coronavirus or face regular testing, social distancing, mask requirements and travel limits, a source familiar with the matter said.”

      I stand corrected. It’s still basically mandated.

    • Mason says:

      Headline: “Wise, sage hero President Biden liberates all federal employees from fear of ever getting COVID”

  3. crucible says:

    I’m holding out for the NovaVax-more effective, more like a traditional vaccine in that there’s no Rdna changes or spike protein crap.

  4. If I remember, I got the polio shot around 1954 or was it the oral that Beans mentioned but I do remember the needle going into my arm. The Chi-Com virus shot does not contain the virus. Talk about the Pentagon, Check out the Pentagons singing To Be Loved on Fleet Int’l 1960

  5. Only Army Mom says:

    Here’s one straight from the Tin-Foil Hat Society (TFHS)I heard the other day. Offered here in the vein of, we need new conspiracies because all the old ones have been proven true…

    This “vaccine” is using a modified virus, but the standard kind used to deliver modified/modifying mRNA because this “Virus” is lab-created to both be an infectious disease and to alter the DNA of those who become infected. The shot mitigates, counters or in some versions capitalizes on that modified mRNA. Hence, the major drug companies being given the green light for emergency use based on a template of how to address the virus (mRNA route) instead of a typically modified virus vaccine.

    What modification to our DNA does this virus do, and what does the mRNA do? That’s even more wild…anything from causing sterility to lowering the IQ to making us highly susceptible to some other as yet to be released and deadly pathogen.

    Oh, and it was an act of war perpetrated by the CCP and our government was either in cahoots or is capitalizing on it as a means of population and/or societal control.

    Honestly, I wouldn’t put it past the CCP. Given our government’s response, I wouldn’t be surprised if it was known to be lab-created, hence the type of “vaccine” being pushed. One needs only look at places like Illinois to believe the push for societal control bit.

    Why would those who are in power in places like Illinois risk sterility as that will impact their future voters? The TFHS comes back with a rejoinder about “why do you think they’re letting in tens of thousands across the southern border? They’re answering the sterility issue with presumed future voters for themselves.”

    For the record, my position required me to get the shot in May. I had no ill-effects, save fatigue and golf-ball sized lymph nodes in my neck for a couple weeks.

    • Mason says:

      I’ve worked for the government. I have no faith that they could pull off any of these wacky theories. 😀

    • OldManchu says:

      Golf ball sized lymph nodes didn’t seem alarming?

    • Roh-Dog says:

      When it comes to cause (intended vs unintentional) and the relationship to effect (beneficial vs detrimental) it doesn’t matter one whit what ‘The Powers That Be”s intent or incompetence on the macro or micro.
      All that matters is one to ‘future-proof’ themselves to the greatest extent possible.
      TPTB are squeezing and have twisted logic and justice to satisfy their desires, all while paying themselves and benefactors quite well.
      Shots be damned, where things seem to be heading ain’t grand.

      I like the ‘TFHS’ theories, they entertain. Again, to reenforce the ‘societal effects’ aspects of their theories: I don’t think they are generally wrong. Maybe on size and scope, but the direction is highly probable.

      Think where we were 2 years ago before the Repo Crisis of SEP2019….

  6. KoB says:

    I think we all saw this coming. And yep, it’s just gonna get worse. Maybe when the Kongress Klowne Kritters return from their August vacation they can work on some common sense mask laws. After all, laws worked for guns, drugs, alkeyhaul, immigration and so on.

    So far my J&J 1 jab hasn’t caused me to grow a tail…or a longer tongue. I’m hoping that the second layer of chain link fence will help with the gnat problem here at Firebase Magnolia. They seem to be a little worse this year.

  7. Hack Stone says:

    If The Pentagon is really serious about conquering this deadly virus, they need to go all in or not play at all. Besides mandating masks, Military, contractors and visitors to The Pentagon should be mandated to wear reflective PT belts, steel toed safety boots, hearing and eye protection.

    • CWORet says:

      Don’t give them any ideas, Hack! Matter of fact, we are waiting for an official Frago to drop today. Mandatory Mask Fun Days begin again tomorrow. woo. hoo.

    • Mason says:

      There’s gotta be at least 100 E-9s at the Pentagon that will jump at the chance to enforce this.

    • waltusaf says:

      How about full chem suits, with gas mask?

      • ChipNASA says:

        OK You brought it up….MOPP 4.

        And with that, here’s my MOPP 4 story (cut and pasted it after the last tie I saved it, like the HoI, Happy Thursday (Friday Jr.) you buttheads)

        “I used to be NCOIC of Chem Warfare/Disaster Preparedness for the Squadron. (1990s) I think they call it CBRN or something like that now.

        We had the old M-17 masks with the two eye holes, not the newer rubber full face ones until around 2000 I believe but nonetheless, it doesn’t matter, at this point…

        The filters and the suits do nothing for *methane*. Trust me, I know.

        We had an exercise at the Wing and had little “bunkers” made of tape/sandbags or furniture etc in the warehouse. I was with a bunch of guys in MOPP 4 in the cover area and the Commander and First Sergeant were standing around evaluating the situation with IG inspectors in the area. A couple of the guys in my area started leaving the “cover” and low crawling across the warehouse.
        The Commander and First Sergeant kinda went ape shit and started yelling at the guys, “Hey STOP!! What are you DOING?!?!?” and started to walk over to the “bunker”.
        They got about 3 or 4 feet away and stopped dead.
        “WHAT THE FUCK!!!???”
        They immediately turned 180 degrees and started for the warehouse roll up door and then started on the chain pull opening the door even though we were “under attack”.

        I laid there laughing so hard, sticking my gloved fingers into my thigh as hard as possible to stifle it as much as I could as if it were an atropine injector. One or two of the other guys in the cover area hadn’t moved either because they were either immune or afraid of getting yelled at but…

        Knowing I actively cleared the area during an exercise and it was the Commander and the Shirt and yet they couldn’t tell who (smelt it)”dealt it” or (denied it) “supplied it”, anyway, it was one of the proudest moments of my entire Air Force career…
        I guess it was because we had been eating MREs for a better part of the extended 3 day exercise Drill Weekend. That’s what I’m going with.
        There was much talk about it afterwards and in the coming months after UTA drill over beers but I never fessed up.
        God times, good times.
        Hey, shouldn’t this story start off with..”No shit… there I was…” ???
        😀 😀 😀

        • ChipNASA says:

          Good thing this wasn’t the “rest of the story” as good old Paul Harvey used to say…

        • 11B-Mailclerk says:

          Ahem: “BACKBLAST AREA CLEAR!!”

        • Mason says:

          I was Emergency Management (chemical guys for the non-AF people). At tech school we had a similar experience during the FTX. We’re in a bunker and one of the guys says, “I don’t think these masks and suits work, because I can smell my fart.” Soon enough we all could.

          If the activated charcoal in the suit isn’t stopping it at the source and the mask ain’t stopping it, then it doesn’t inspire confidence.

          • Roh-Dog says:

            Topological Polar Surface Area:
            Methanethiol (Fart smell) 1 Ų
            Mustard Gas 25.3 Ų
            VX 54.8 Ų

            (Note: not taking reactivity into account which is the main mechanism of filtration of promasks. Still, a molecule 1/50 of the size is less likely to interact with the activated carbon)

            If I’m wrong, holla!


  8. OldManchu says:

    Why no concern from the Feds about our border here in Texas? And the covid positive imported democrat voters coming across every day. Overwhelming hotels, fast food places, deer camps, private property, ranch systems and equipment, fences…..

    Instead they are concerned with power through mask orders.

    • SFC D says:

      Dat’s Rayciss.

    • Devtun says:

      Biteme admin is just doing what a Pres Cankles would have done. Adios, America.

    • Poetrooper says:

      And Joe Biden has the total gall to stand up there in front of the world today and tell us there’s nothing political about this supposed pandemic and getting vaccinated…😤😤😤😤

  9. A Proud Infidel®™ says:

    SIEG HEIL the propaganda and paranoia.

    “Never let a good crisis go to waste” – Rahm Emanuel, member of the 0bama administration and Chicago Mayor

    • Commissar says:

      How is this in any way anything like the Nazis?

      It is a precaution during a pandemic and does not impact you freedom in any meaningful way.

      You don’t whine about having to wear pants in public do you?

      Did you call the mess NCOs “Nazis” for making you wear a shirt at the show hall?

      It is basic hygiene and human decency to where a mask during a Covid spike during a damn pandemic…

      You brainwashed sniveling snowflake.

      • Commissar says:

        *chow hall… not *show hall…others, probably.

        Damn malapropisms.

        • Commissar Pooper's Narcissism says:

          *shifarts… not *malapropisms. I wants edit button please.

          Get your shots, wear two masks, and social distance.

        • Hatchet says:

          Commie-czar-ZEK – English….is obviously a strange second language for you. Did you actually graduate from high school or did you just spend all your time getting high at school? Given to YOUR consistent display of linguistic ineptitude, I’d wager you were probably top pothead of your GED class…

        • Commie-Tsar says:

          I broke my taint and got the COVID shots… that’s why all of you proles should do it! AND PUT YOUR FACE DIAPERS BACK ON!!! IT’S TEH COVID!!!

        • OldManchu says:

          You are such a pussy. You have to use a big word to cover extreme insecurity over a misspelling. We all misspell. By the way, most of us are smart enough to interpret that you meant “chow hall.”

          See what happens when you have to type on your own instead of your insane Ctrl+C and Ctrl V nonsense?!

      • A Proud Infidel®™ says:

        They said “Wear the masks” and then said not to, then wear two masks, then no, they don’t work… OH, and YOUR side of the fence was the one saying NOT to get vaxxed while Donald Trump was in Office, but now that senile “Uncle Hairplugs” is in, everyone’s supposed to hop in the boxcars to go get the shot! “Vaccine Passports”? Yes, that’s from your side as well Major Moonbat, JUST LIKE in Nazi Germany or the USSR where you had to have Government permission to travel, especially in the Soviet Union where to this day, Citizens are required to have a DOMESTIC passport.
        I have a special mask that I’ll put on ONLY if it’s required by someplace I need to go, it’s black cloth with the words “COMMUNIST CHINA SUCKS” on it, can’t wait to sport it in some Fed Building that requires fear masks!

      • Hatchet says:

        ‘How is this in any way anything like the Nazis’?

        – LARS – try reading HISTORY

        ‘It is a precaution during a pandemic and does not impact you freedom in any meaningful way’.

        – yet again, unsupported SUPPOSITION.

        ‘You don’t whine about having to wear pants in public do you’?

        – more unsupported SUPPOSITION(and more repetition thereof).

        ‘Did you call the mess NCOs “Nazis” for making you wear a shirt at the show hall’?

        – IF you actually had served your Country, you’d already KNOW the answer to that idiotic question.
        Additional HINT – find SpellCheck, turn it on and learn when to apply quotation marks.

        It is basic hygiene and human decency to where a mask during a Covid spike during a damn pandemic…

        Our resident EXPERT Epidemiologist dispense his many pearls of wisdom…

        Good one! Commie-czar-ZEK calling ANYONE a ‘brainwashed snivelling snowflake’ – God bless us everyone! The internet’s very own poster-child for duplicitous FRAUDULENT BS.

        • A Proud Infidel®™ says:

          NOBODY needs to remind Major Moonbat that he’s a brainwashed FOOL, he proves it every time he comes here and projects!

      • Anonymous says:

        Commies, nazis– there really is no difference. Commies just have worse uniforms and lie better.

      • 11B-Mailclerk says:

        “Admit it. You are not here for the hunting.”

        • ChipNASA says:

          Don’t dominatrixes (s?) (i?) get paid?
          Start WRITING OUT THAT CHECK BITCH!!!!!!!
          (Giggling my motherfucking ass off..)

  10. Devtun says:

    SecDef Lloyd Vader in the Philippines all masked up & with an oversized face shield. Looks like Darth Helmet. Ridiculous.

    • A Proud Infidel®™ says:

      Darth Austin! I wonder how invested he is in the companies that make the masks and face shields?

      • Berliner says:

        Face shields + masks directed by Philippine Government for anyone outside in public places. Only 6% of citizens have been vaccinated via Sinovac (chinese) vaccine.

        Lots of hurdles to get vaccine in Philippines. Pay to get nasal swab test, pay to get Dr note authorizing vaccine then pay for vaccine.

        Friend got his Pfizer shots at the Manila VA clinic… He had to pay for his nasal swab test to fly to Manila, pay for 14 days hotel quarantine, got shot, pay for nasal swab test to fly back to Dumaguete and quarantine at home. Repeat for 2nd shot.

  11. Commissar says:

    This makes sense.

    We are in the middle of a pandemic.

    And if you don’t understand why this makes sense you are either an idiot, extremely misinformed, a liar just trying to in with the cult, or a propagandist like Mason.

    • The Other Whitey says:

      Go goose-step somewhere else, Lars. Nobody gives a shit what you have to say.

    • Roh-Dog says:

      Lars, how is it a pandemic?

      From Wiki (deal with it):
      “A pandemic (from Greek πᾶν, pan, “all” and δῆμος, demos, “local people” the ‘crowd’) is an epidemic of an infectious disease that has spread across a large region, for instance multiple continents or worldwide, affecting a substantial number of people. A widespread endemic disease with a stable number of infected people is not a pandemic. Widespread endemic diseases with a stable number of infected people such as recurrences of seasonal influenza are generally excluded as they occur simultaneously in large regions of the globe rather than being spread worldwide.”

      We are far and way from ‘peak cases’ and if this was a ‘true pandemic’ the cases would have risen substantially when ‘safety measures’ were reduced.

      Go here,

      What is the trend line? It is decreasing, by definition COVLIE-19 can not be a pandemic.

      (We’re making assumptions here: the tests work, the jab does not cause false positives, multiple positive tests are not submitted for the same ‘case’, etc.)

      • The Other Whitey says:

        “Proper definitions are racist!”

        • Roh-Dog says:

          I wouldn’t mind arguing the science too, we are absolutely done with the worst of the effects. The seasonal amplitude is similar. Are we going to see a spike in December to February?
          Bet your ass we are.
          Will it be as bad as 2020-2021?
          Not according to the chart.

          The total deaths by illness last year were unchanged from the average of the prior 3 years, i.e. over-reaction for the flu, bro. (for the most part, above 65 and/or 2.6+ co morbid conditions have a higher CFR: 2x baseline)

    • Hatchet says:

      ‘This makes sense’.

      – WHY? Explain..

      ‘We are in the middle of a pandemic’.

      – even more pearls of wiz-dumb from our expert Epidemiologist…

      ‘And if you don’t understand why this makes sense you are either an idiot, extremely misinformed, a liar just trying to in with the cult, or a propagandist like Mason’.

      – yet more UNSUPPORTED drivel from the Commie-czar-ZEK. And as of on cue – attacking a poster’s position without offering any tenable supporting argument. FACT – attacking Mason and calling him a ‘propagandist’ only serves to show just how trapped you are in that tiny mind of yours. YOU’RE A FRAUD.
      FUCK OFF.

    • The Dead Man says:

      Once again Lars. I’ve killed more knowledge on the subject binge drinking after my epidemiology and microbiology finals than you’ve ever learned in your life. Stay in your very narrow lane.

    • Commie-Tsar says:

      You should sit in your homes and hunker down! IT’S TEH COVID!!!

      Now leave me alone so I can “massage my empiric data”…

    • OldManchu says:

      It makes about as much sense as the Tuskegee experiment you idiot.

  12. Commissar says:

    The masks work, they reduce the probability of infection and spread. Which is why they are required.

    The vaccine works, but it is not 100% effective. Breakthrough infections are possible.

    More than 90% of new infections are among unvaccinated but some vaccinated people are catching the Delta variant in particular.

    Vaccinated people are likely to have diminished symptoms and are far less likely to have severe complications if infected.

    However, unlike previous variants, even vaccinated shed enough virus to effect others when infected.

    And because of their diminished symptoms they are less likely to realize they are infected as quickly. So they can present a risk to others without realizing it.

    And finally, efforts to allow vaccinated people to demask while requiring unvaccinated to wear them have failed across the country.

    Because far too many unvaccinated people are ignorant, no integrity, self centered pieces of shit who won’t wear masks despite not being vaccinated.

    • SFC D says:

      I can’t find the link, so you’ll assume I made this up. I don’t have the empirical evidence. I read an article this morning by Obama’s FDA director. He broke down the current CDC numbers on breakthrough infections. Current death rate is .0005%. Current death rate due to lightning strikes: .0007%. I’m still looking for the article. Feel free to call me whatever name suits you, insults from a fraud are very ineffectual.

      • Commissar says:

        Yeah, if you are vaccinated you are much much much much less likely to die than if you are unvaccinated.

        A vaccinated person is literally more likely to die from a lightning strike than Covid.

        So? What is your point? Your claim on supports one of the assertions I made in my post.

        • SFC D says:

          My point is breakthrough infections are so rare as to really not matter. The CDC has not yet released any data to support the latest masking panic, just a study that turned out to be from India with a vaccine the US doesn’t use. Their credibility is on par with yours. All holier-than-thou bluster.

          • Commissar says:

            Because studies take months, and are by definition after the fact.

            Outbreak skyrocket in weeks. A super spread event can happen in hours.

            And right now the math is incontrovertibly clear that we are seeing a massive spike of infections.

            And even if a vaccinated person is not likely to die or even have severe complications… they are still spreaders. We know that for a fact because studies have proved that among breakthrough infections by the delta variant even the vaccinated shed a huge viral load.

            And among unvaccinated the shed viral load is up to 1000 times higher than other variants… within 3 days.

            And there is no “mask panic”…

            The on it hysteria I see concerning masks is all the dipshits being outraged by having to wear them.

            It is pathetic. Truly. Sniveling snowflakes.

            And stupid. Just mindless idiocy.

            Pants in public, shirts and shoes in restaurants. Helmets on motorcycles, seat belts…

            We wear things for our own safety and the safety other all the time.

            We are in a pandemic, at least 600,000 dead so far, millions hospitalized, millions with long term health effects.

            Wearing a mask helps protect yourself and OTHERS and with the delta variant the need is even greater than before. Not less.

            • SFC D says:

              Explain the massive spike and then sudden drop in Delta variant cases in the UK. Herd immunity via infection? Divine intervention? Statistical anomaly? We’re not outraged by having to wear masks. It’s being forced to wear masks based on questionable and conflicting reports and medical opinions, coupled with Fauci’s outright politically based lies.

            • Fyrfighter says:

              “Outbreak skyrocket in weeks. A super spread event can happen in hours”
              Do you mean like a bunch of self important democrats running away from doing their job in Texas, celebrating on a plane with a case of bud light on their way to DC?

            • Roh-Dog says:

              Wearing a mask is most effective to prevent transmission, not infection. If you are not vaxxxed you will most likely be symptomatic, and in this case asymptomatic spread is rare. If you are vaxxxed it is possible to be an asymptomatic spreader.

              So, IF you are a natural, non-GMO human soul without a fever, carry on.
              If you are a test subject for pharmaceutical companies exempt from the liability of rushed poison shots that turn you into a lizard person, WEAR YOUR MASK!

              Or better yet, stay home.



              seriously, 6 months of statistical efficacy. (big pharm stocks) BOOSTER SHOTS!

              • LC says:

                Wait, what? Let’s look at your links – I’m providing exact quotes from the articles you cited:

                First one:


                Are masks effective at preventing spread?

                Yes. Face masks reduce the spread of viral respiratory infection. N95 respirators and surgical masks both provide substantial protection (compared with no mask), and surgical masks provide greater protection than cloth masks. However, physical distancing is also associated with substantial reduction of viral transmission, with greater distances providing greater protection. Additional measures such as hand and environmental disinfection are also important.

                Second one:


                Although the filtration efficiencies for various fabrics when a single layer was used ranged from 5 to 80% and 5 to 95% for particle sizes of 300 nm, respectively, the efficiencies improved when multiple layers were used and when using a specific combination of different fabrics. Filtration efficiencies of the hybrids (such as cotton–silk, cotton–chiffon, cotton–flannel) was >80% (for particles 90% (for particles >300 nm).

                Fourth one:


                Surgical face masks significantly reduced detection of influenza virus RNA in respiratory droplets and coronavirus RNA in aerosols, with a trend toward reduced detection of coronavirus RNA in respiratory droplets. Our results indicate that surgical face masks could prevent transmission of human coronaviruses and influenza viruses from symptomatic individuals.

                The only article you posted that says otherwise is the third one – posted on ResearchGate, but not peer-reviewed – and here’s a debunking of it:


                Masks absolutely help. It’s ridiculous to suggest otherwise, given how they obviously reduce the distance that exhaled particles are going to travel. They’re not 100% effective, but neither are condoms, body armor, etc. Those things are still used because they help though.

                • The Dead Man says:

                  If you’re wearing the mask incorrectly, you’re actively making the situation worse, not better due to the fact that you’re a walking, talking disease vector and not just for Xinnie the Flu. Additionally, most people are wearing the masks too long. We know that it’s currently not spread via asymptomatic carriers AND the best method is STILL the same as every other surface contact (And likely, based on early reports and current spread, fecal-oral) is to wash your hands and avoid touching your face. Masks only help when worn correctly and handled correctly.

                  • LC says:

                    If you’re wearing the mask incorrectly, you’re actively making the situation worse,…

                    That’s a stretch, I think – sure, if you’re wearing a mask wholly incorrectly, offering effectively zero reduction, and doing risky things like walking around highly populated areas and singing at the top of your lungs, absolutely – you’re making things worse.

                    If, on the other hand, some fraction of the population is wearing it below the nose, and doing ‘normal’ behavior, I’d wager that the net effect of a reduction in exhaled particles from the mouth and those that come out via the nose from the incorrect wearing of the mask is still a net positive.

                    At the end of the day, though, this is about masks. And just as condoms are not fully effective at preventing pregnancy, and can (and are) used incorrectly, the net effect is they reduce the probability of pregnancies. Maybe not as much as they would when always used correctly, but still a reduction. The same is true for masks here.

                    We know that it’s currently not spread via asymptomatic carriers …

                    Either that’s a typo, or I’d love a source. From everything I’ve read and seen, it is spread via asymptomatic carriers.

                    …he best method is STILL the same as every other surface contact..

                    Got a source for that, too? Per CDC, respiratory droplets are the primary method of transmission, and surface transmission, while possible, is lower:


                    Just in case you think the CDC is not reliable, here’s the UK’s NHS too, which backs up that respiratory transmission is the most common method:

                    • The Dead Man says:

                      As usual I still can’t post links here. No idea why. There are a few studies out there on the asymptomatic carriers not spreading the disease. You’ll just have to hunt them down. One I found was a .gov website with 8 names for the researchers and a decent breakdown of what they watched for.

                      As for the mask? Record yourself for an hour and see how often you touch your face. That contaminates your hands. Your mask? Is more likely to be contaminated. You’re more likely to fidget with it. You’re also likely to then touch other things without having washed your hands first. That one’s not rocket surgery man.

    • penguinman000 says:

      Shouldn’t you be back in your 1/4 million dollar house in the “hood” planning your next support for attempting to overthrow the government?

      Or maybe getting on Reddit to discuss all the police corruption you witnessed in one whole year of “work”?

      Or are you trying to regale younger (insert random gender) fellow travelers in the resistance with astounding tales of a middle of the road civil affairs officer who did a whole deployment or two during the war? I’m sure they will be thrilled with the tales about the desert bar in the DFAC at Camp Patriot!!!

      BTW, how goes the “hood” now that defunding the police has started to show it’s ugly head in very tangible ways?

      • Commissar says:

        Given how much corruption and incompetence, and abuse of power I saw in that year, imagine how much I would have seen over a career.

        And my assertions have been backed by subsequent events…

        From the forced colonoscopy of a suspect by officers from former department, to the recent raid by the FBI on the municipal department headquarters.

        • Animal says:

          You were only a cop for a year?

          • A Proud Infidel®™ says:

            My bet is that he flunked lunch while on his Probationary Period.

          • UpNorth says:

            Likely that Larsie never made it past the field training phase of his “career”.
            Just a small sign that he never really became a street officer? He still has faith in the FeeBs. Bet he spunked all over his shoes every time he saw one of them wearing their windbreaker with the “FBI” on the back.

          • Commissar says:

            I was pretty disgusted with some of the things I saw pretty quickly.

            And I was thinking of leaving. Weeks from it. Already started talking about my thought to a few peers.

            But then I was recalled to active duty for training and then subsequently deployed to Iraq…

            When I told my sheriff I had orders he said “I can’t hold a position for you that long so I can’t guarantee that I can immediately hire you back when you return.”

            I knew I had the law in my side if I wanted to demand I get put back in my position. But didn’t care.

            I was disgusted with some of the things I had seen.

            I did not have much seniority.

            I was being offered a job by two other departments that both paid better, and knew those offers would still be on the table when I got back because both departments were bigger and were always hiring.

            And I didn’t think I was going to come back to New Mexico to live after my deployment anyway.

            And like I said…I felt truly troubled about what I had seen and heard in just the short time I was a cop.

            In fact I was on this forum saying we need law enforcement reform long before it became a “thing” on the left.

            The rules of engagement for soldiers in Iraq were literally stricter with respect to use of deadly force than they are on cops on the streets of most jurisdictions in this country.

            • OldManchu says:

              You were the first one on law enforcement reform? “long before it became a thing….”

              Well aren’t you just the little “defund” hipster. Good grief.

        • Hatchet says:

          Commie-czar-ZEK, A COP?! Only underscores that he’s
          a FRAUDULENT joke with no punch-line..

        • Penguinman000 says:

          Ah, the rampant corruption of serving a bad warrant on a guy who had a history of kiestering dope (he got $1.6 mil in that civil suit) and falsifying time sheets.

          Regular Kaiser Sosas you were dealing with.

          • Commissar says:

            Reread what I said, I didn’t just say “corruption”, I also said “abuse of power”.

            And the abuse of power I saw almost daily. Indications of corruption maybe once a week or two.

            It does not matter whether the guy is a known scumbag.

            A reasonable percentage of the population of most of the times in southern New Mexico have a known history of being scumbags. As do more than a few of the cops.

            The problem is that he had no reasonable suspicion for even the search much less find body cavity search followed by a transport followed by a god damn forced colonoscopy.

            Seriously, the fact that you defend this shit say a lot about what kind of Orwellian dystopia you want to live in.

            • Hatchet says:

              Einstein’s answer to perpetual BLATHER CUBED. AND SQUARED…

            • SFC D says:

              It’s not so much that anyone “defends this shit”. It’s much more personal. It’s an opposition to you. Shouldn’t be that difficult for you to figure out.

    • Hatchet says:

      ‘The masks work, they reduce the probability of infection and spread. Which is why they are required’.

      – unsupported statement.

      ‘The vaccine works, but it is not 100% effective. Breakthrough infections are possible’.

      – contradictory and unsupported statements.

      ‘More than 90% of new infections are among unvaccinated but some vaccinated people are catching the Delta variant in particular’.

      – more contradictory and unsupported statements.

      ‘Vaccinated people are likely to have diminished symptoms and are far less likely to have severe complications if infected’.

      – yet again, contradictory and unsupported statements.

      ‘However, unlike previous variants, even vaccinated shed enough virus to effect others when infected’.

      – even more contradictory and unsupported statements.

      ‘And because of their diminished symptoms they are less likely to realize they are infected as quickly. So they can present a risk to others without realizing it’.

      – seriously, are you Fauci’s long-lost brother?

      ‘And finally, efforts to allow vaccinated people to demask while requiring unvaccinated to wear them have failed across the country’.

      – contradictory and unsupported statements. FACTS?!

      ‘Because far too many unvaccinated people are ignorant, no integrity, self centered pieces of shit who won’t wear masks despite not being vaccinated’.

      – contradictory and unsupported statements made while looking in a mirror.

      Commie-czar-ZEK – your spelling has not improved one iota, your application of syntax is still nonexistent and your thought-structure is still predictably…scatterbrained and oh yeah, you’re still a FRAUD.

      • LC says:

        Just to take one of these and have a little discussion:

        ‘The vaccine works, but it is not 100% effective. Breakthrough infections are possible’.

        – contradictory and unsupported statements.

        How is this contradictory? Condoms are not 100% effective at preventing pregnancies, but they definitely do work to reduce it. Or, assuming you’re a conservative, a border wall wouldn’t be 100% effective at reducing illegal immigration, but it would reduce it. These things are not the least bit contradictory.

        As for ‘unsupported’, the numbers show the vast majority of hospitalizations are unvaccinated people. That seems to support the notion that it works pretty damn well. If you need a reference to the stats on that because you haven’t seen it, I’ll provide one.

        I know arguing with Commissar is considered sport around here, but this stuff is not really contested. If you want to believe the vaccines may have long term effects, or are implanting microchips, or just feel that the government asking you to do anything is an overreach into your freedoms, fine. But to argue the vaccines don’t work is a huge stretch.

        I disagree with a ton of people here, but I continually hope you and all your family and friends protect yourself from the small, yes, but nonzero chance of getting hit hard by this thing. The vaccines are a good way of doing that.

    • OldManchu says:

      They aren’t “required” you moron.

  13. SFC D says:

    Here’s an excellent question that is pointedly unanswered. Requiring the general public to wear masks while our federal agencies are allowing entrance to and then ferrying infected and non-vaccinated “immigrants” all over the country seems just a little counterproductive. But hey, what do I know.

    • Fyrfighter says:

      It’s only counter-productive if your actual intent is something other than solidifying your power, like every fascist / communist regime in history. Seeing as the current occupant and his handlers have made it clear that’s exactly their plan, I’d say that the above actions fit perfectly with that plan.

    • Devtun says:

      MF’ers at Catholic Charities USA are facilitating the movement & settling of invaders (many infected) all over the country. Most in Red States.

      • Fyrfighter says:

        One of the main reasons I no longer consider myself catholic, even after 6 years of catholic school.
        My mother, God rest her soul, a lifelong and devout catholic would be disgusted with where her church has ended up

        • The Other Whitey says:

          I remain Catholic in spite of the corruption encouraged by the false priest Bergolio (who will burn in Hell). The fact that some of the Bishops are showing some balls gives me a bit of hope, and inspires me to refuse to abandon my Church.

          Long live the true Pope, Der Panzerpope!

          • Fyrfighter says:

            Agree with you 100% on the last line TOW, and good on ya. I don’t blame anyone who is sticking with them, though given my past experiences, I’d had enough.

  14. MarineDad61 says:

    6 hours ago, on the Book of Fake.
    Where are the FakeBook fact checkers today???

    President Joe Biden
    Public Official
    · 6 hrs·
    Our economy grew at the fastest rate in nearly 40 years during the first half of the year.
    Consumer confidence is up.
    Jobs are up.
    Personal income is up.
    Unemployment is down.
    We’re getting America back on track.
    (end paste)

  15. Poetrooper says:

    Oh the irony…Lars says, in reference to the lack of studies regarding the safety of these vaccines being insufficient reason to not take them:

    “Because studies take months, and are by definition after the fact.”

    Yet just a year ago he was pontificating on how we couldn’t employ a tried and tested older drug like hydroxychloroquine against Covid because there weren’t any studies to prove it safe to use.

    Lars, you are such a silly, self-contradicting douchebag…

    • The Dead Man says:

      Is anyone really surprised a projecting propagandist wouldn’t be all in for Tuskegee 2?

    • Hatchet says:

      Now, now; be nice!! Lars would NEVER let a little thing like the TRUTH get in the way of his silly, self-contradicting douche-baggery…. Or not.

    • Commissar says:

      We have a massive amount of data on these vaccines.

      And numerous studies.

      Then lack of studies might have been a reason to wait to take them…

      But at this point we the data is overwhelming.

      These are perhaps the most carefully tracked vaccines in the history. With more data collected and analyzed than perhaps any vaccine in history.

      • Poetrooper says:

        “These are perhaps the most carefully tracked vaccines in the history.”

        And the deadliest, as well, you complete and total asshole…

        And for the record, Mr. graduate student at Berkeley, why don’t you take some remedial English courses and learn how to properly construct a sentence?

      • Fyrfighter says:

        Would those studies be the ones showing over 100k deaths from them? Or causing Guillian Barre Syndrome at a much higher rate than the flu vaccine (a risk which was NOT listed until just recently), or pericarditis among young people, or the myriad of other health problems they’re causing? (Ask Eric Clapton about that)

  16. ChipNASA says:

    I ate a Cheese & Vegetable Omelet MRE once.
    I’m immune to anything.
    (I’m a huge fan of “Steve1989MREInfo”)

    • Hatchet says:

      I’m told a Man should occupy himself with useful things. Like *shrug* maybe finding out which MRE’s won’t kill you(and/or forever alter one’s human DNA sequence). My two fav’s – ChilliMac and Beef Ravioli. Not bad eats out of…a bag. Thanks for da Ewe-Tube link.. 🍔👀

      • Fyrfighter says:

        I know I’m probably an outlier on this, but back in the late 80’s chicken a-la-king was one of my favorites (with the appropriate amount of tabasco added of course)