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| July 25, 2021

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NYPD shoots man who attacked them with metal pipe: police
The 45-year-old man reportedly refused to drop the weapon when ordered by police

By Peter Aitken
A New York City police officer shot and injured a man who lunged at cops with a metal pipe during an incident Friday night, police said.

Police responded at around 10:35 p.m. to a disturbance regarding a 45-year-old man who was “acting erratically” inside his Staten Island apartment.

The officers managed to bring the man outside to an ambulance, but the man took off as he received treatment and returned to his apartment, NYPD Deputy Chief Charles McEvoy told reporters

The man picked up a 2-and-a-half-foot metal pipe, which he swung at pursuing officers. One of the officers shot the man, striking him in the torso.

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Fox News

Police: Dale City homeowner acted in self-defense in non-fatal, July 6 shooting of suspected intruder

Prince William County police will not charge a Dale City homeowner who shot a man on his front porch who he encountered after hearing what sounded like someone trying to break into his house, police said Friday.

Detectives with the Prince William County Police Department’s violent crimes unit concluded an investigation into the July 6 shooting, which occurred in the 4300 block of Glendale Road in Dale City.

A 43-year-old man was shot but not fatally wounded during the incident.

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Prince William Times

Man tries to rob donut shop in Redding, gets shot, flees and sets stolen truck on fire

by Mason Carroll
REDDING, Calif. — At around 3 a.m. on Friday morning, Redding police (RPD) received a call from Robert Keo, owner of Lucky Donuts, saying he had shot a man in self-defense after the man tried to rob him. The suspect would also be connected to a stolen truck he later set on fire.

Keo told police the suspect’s truck slammed into his back door and tore it off of its hinges. The man then entered through the opening created by the crash. In the police report, Keo said he feared for his life and warned the suspect to leave his shop.

The suspect did not listen and continued to move into the shop. Keo then fired one shot in self-defense which hit the suspect. The man fled back to his truck which Keo said had another person in it.

While officers were investigating the attempted robbery, they received a call about a truck that was on fire just a half-mile away from the donut shop on Clear Creek Rd. Keo was able to identify the maroon 2000 Ford F-250 as the vehicle that ran into his door.

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  1. KoB says:

    2 crazies today. Don’t attack the popo with a pipe (they have gunz, you know) and FOR SURE do not try to rob a donut shop. THAT would be grounds for “cruel and unusual punishment”.

    BZ to the citizen defending home and hearth. Another BZ to the Popo for not charging the Citizen.

    Interesting concept on the gunz pr0n, same caliber as a scary black rifle and all that. Maybe a little unwieldy, too big to be a good pistol, too small to be a carbine. Hmmmm

    Them blouse bunnies on that thar Ms Thang are as fake as a WBTS Issue polyester blanket. Y’all know that I’m not a big fan of any plasticized abomination. “…ain’t nothing like the real thing Ba-by…ain’t nothing like the real thing!”

  2. Tallywhagger says:

    Either she has her hydration pack(s) on backwards or this is a classic case of premature silicon separation.

    Lift and separate is not what it used to be. Ah well, ain’t nothing that a well fitted heavy duty Walmart over-the-shoulder-boulder-holder can’t contain.