Department of Justice declines to investigate COVID patient assignment to nursing homes

| July 23, 2021

During the pandemic, governors in Pennsylvania, Michigan, and New York did not stop the placement of COVID patients into nursing homes. There were claims that the nursing home staff implemented safety mechanisms to reduce the risk of the elderly getting the coronavirus. Senior citizens are the most vulnerable, with all other things equal, to the effects of the coronavirus than the rest of the population. The Department of Justice notified Pennsylvania and Michigan that they won’t be investigated.

From the Hill:

The Department of Justice (DOJ) on Thursday said it will not open an investigation into Pennsylvania’s handling of COVID-19 patients at nursing homes, The Associated Press reports.

The DOJ told Gov. Tom Wolf’s (D) office in a letter that it would not look further into whether the state’s pandemic mandate, which stipulated that nursing homes had to admit residents who had been treated for COVID-19 at a hospital, was a violation of federal law.

In the letter, Steven H. Rosenbaum, chief of the department’s special litigation section, said the department had made the decision to not press further after reviewing additional information regarding the mandate.

Last year, the DOJ told the governors of Pennsylvania, Michigan, New Jersey and New York that the department would be looking into their policies to see if they “may have resulted in the deaths of thousands of elderly nursing home residents,” the AP notes.

Many criticized the orders, claiming they expedited the spread of the disease in retirement homes, which surged in 2020 amid the pandemic. So far, however, it has not been proven that the orders directly resulted in death or outbreak in any facilities, according to the AP.

Michigan also received a notice announcing the DOJ’s decision to not proceed with the investigations, according to the Detroit Free Press.

The above is the entirety, as of this posting, of this article from The Hill.

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AW1 Rod

I’m wearing my SHOCKED face.

They’ll waste months and millions of dollars investigating a non-existent “insurrection,” but can’t be bothered to investigate very real malfeasance by the governors of those three gulags.


You can not disprove Hanlon’s Razor if you don’t look for proof.
Ergo, ‘Nothing to see here. Move along, Citizen’ further invalidating any reasonable mandate to lead a-damn-thing.
Further sacrifices to their ultimate scorched Earthly desire to control all.
May God have mercy on their souls.


Andy lied… granny died


The Government’s Corrupt….DOJ lets it slide.


Nothing is a crime…if you’re on their side.


If the guvs were Repubs, they’d get fried…

Hack Stone

At this point, what difference does it make?

Hillary Clinton


“…10% to the big guy…” —H. ‘The next Picasso’ Biden

Veritas Omnia Vincit

They could add the governor of Massachusetts, he runs a state which had ignored its Soldier’s Home for so long they killed one out of three residents in the facility when the COVID went through the facility…

Charlie Baker is a RINO in every sense of the word. Useless doesn’t begin to cover it.


I’ll see your ‘gov of MA’ and raise you a Party-appointed Dicktaster-for-Life, King Ned Lamont (aka Chancellor of Connecticrap).

No one will hold him accountable, in fact he has emergency powers until 30SEP2021.
Reasons? They don’t need any stinkin’ reasons!

A Proud Infidel®️™️

But on the bright side, the Michigan Legislature has STRIPPED their wannabe dictator Governor of her Emergency Powers AND the Michigan Supreme Court has declared them Unconstitutional to boot!


Now if they could just bust the >50% of the ‘kidnap team’ that were feds, that’d be great.
That woman, and her señor staff, has lost their freaking minds. And they’re hypocrites.

Just An Old Dog

I may be mistaken but a few months back I’m Pretty sure a few months back I read about a ” Soldier’s Home” in the North East that had a crazy high Covid Infection and death rate.
The Hospital Administrator was a retired Marine Major or Lt Col who had the reputation as being a cock-juggling ass-whistling Fuckhead while he was in.
He was appointed as the Hospital/home administrator despite having zero medical experience.


The Pennsylvania scandal —
The mother of PA Health Sec’y “Dr. Levine”
was taken out of assisted living, and put into a hotel.
Simultaneously, others were taken out of hospitals
and put into nursing homes, resulting in breakouts and deaths.

Joe Biden and Congressional Democrats rewarded Dr. Levine
with an appointment to Vice National Health Secretary.


Wrong video.
Austin Powers was mistaken.
If you’re going to go down this avenue,
I believe you want Ace Ventura.


I looked for a clean clip of “it’s a man, baby”, no find.
I’ll take the ding and throw my support behind your share.
“Doctor” Levine should be in custody of the Federal Prison System tasked with Making Gravel-Making Great Again.


Here you go……



That’s an impressive amount of sweeping it under the rug.


Ol’ Poe is of a mind that if the three states were Mississippi, Alabama and Florida–battalions of FBI agents would be descending on them with the legal equivalent of proctoscopes…


Now somewhere in the flats of Talladega
There raced a young driver named Bubba the Cartoon…


Hitlery taught her minions well didn’t she? Murderous Bastards!

Just as in the stolen elections, no matter how much evidence is produced it won’t make any difference…until they reach the Final Judgement.

A Proud Infidel®️™️

I’m not holding my breath, IMHO today’s DOJ (Department Of Jokers) and Fan Belt Inspectors are little more than the D-rat party and Deep State’s Gestapo, the Foxes and Raccoons guarding the Henhouse while Coyotes watch the herd.

The Other Whitey

The curtain is wide open and we’re all pretending we can’t see the asshole behind it.


The same DOJ that sent a dozen FBI agents to investigate a “noose” that Bubba Wallace found ?

Old tanker

Translation. We know it was in demokrat enclaves that covid folks were dumped into nursing homes. Result? We are going to let them get away with murder.