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| June 30, 2021

Model 1855 Pistol Carbine

Father shoots intoxicated man allegedly spying on his daughter and touching himself outside her window

Michael Lee
A Texas father shot a man who was allegedly spying on his daughter through her bedroom window while touching himself.

The father and mother of the girl reacted to her screams at about 10 p.m. Sunday, going outside to confront an intoxicated man who had allegedly been inappropriately touching himself outside the girl’s window. Armed with handguns that they were licensed to carry, the couple demanded the suspect lay down in the yard and wait for police to arrive.

But the man did not comply with the order, instead reportedly walking across the street to a nearby gas station. The armed parents followed the man to the gas station, where the husband went inside to call police while the wife attempted to keep the suspect on the scene.

The man then allegedly wrestled the handgun the wife was using away from her and began to point it at her, prompting the husband to shoot the man at least three times.

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Yahoo News
Tip of the hat to David for the link. This one needs to be sliced thin- by pursuing the weirdo, Dad lost the personal defense argument, and Mom needs to learn to shoot until the threat is over. But I defy the court to deny Dad’s Rights in stomping the peeper into a mud hole, and he did protect his wife from attack. Be interesting to see how the local DA handles this one.

ECSO: 15-year-old shot in Cantonment by vehicle owner while attempting to steal car

Colin Warren-Hicks
A teenager was allegedly caught in the act while trying to steal a car Sunday and was shot by the vehicle’s owner, according to the Escambia County Sheriff’s Office.

The 15-year-old was taken to a local hospital, where he was arrested and charged with grand theft of a motor vehicle and burglary of a vehicle.

The ECSO announced the teenager’s arrest Monday via social media and simultaneously released a written statement from Escambia County Sheriff Chip Simmons.

“We encourage people to lock their doors, but just because a car is left unlocked does not give anyone the right to take it,” Simmons said in the written statement. “A criminal broke into his car. A criminal stole his car. A criminal physically attacked him. A criminal got shot. We have no intention of charging the homeowner.”

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Hat tip to Gun Bunny for this one. Think the lad will see the error of his ways? Yeah, me neither.

K-9 sniffs out wanted felon who ran into sewage tunnel near I-81 in Cicero

Cicero, N.Y. — A Clay man wanted on felony charges ran into a sewage tunnel in an attempt to hide from Cicero police officers trying to arrest him last week, authorities said.

Nathan Johnson, 20, of Grapewood Lane, was one of two men Onondaga County sheriff’s deputies say stole credit cards from an unoccupied vehicle May 1 in the Target parking lot on Brewerton Road (U.S. Route 11) in Cicero.

Deputies arrested his co-defendant, Daniel Matthews, 21, of Fitzpatrick Drive in Clay, on May 4.

But they were still searching for Johnson at 11 p.m. Thursday when Cicero police Officers Sean Wallace and Cole Schanbacher went to Bayshore Apartment, at 9445 Chalkstone Course in Cicero, police said. The officers went to check the area for a wanted suspect in a sheriff’s investigation, Cicero Police Chief Steve Rotunno said.

“When we got there, we couldn’t find (Johnson) and people weren’t cooperative,” Rotunno said. “The officers started to leave and were dispatched back for a harassment call.”

It’s unclear whether the 911 harassment call had anything to do with Johnson, but Officers Wallace and Schanbacher immediately recognized him when they were called back, Rotunno said.

“Police saw a man fitting his description,” the chief said.

Johnson ran into a nearby wooded area, then hid in a sewage tunnel on Bartell Road near Interstate 81 in Cicero.

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Hat tip to Gun Bunny, and a t-bone for Yello.

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“the pistol will be provided with a movable stock, by the application of which, it may be used as a carbine by light artillery and mounted troops.”

It was also known as a “bump stock” because you could use it as a cudgel.
Those guys were way before their time.


The peep freak case depends a great deal on which county the shooting occurred in, is my guess.

Ma & Pa should have stayed home with their daughter and let the po-po deal with the perv.

On the uptick, FreakyBoy has been formally rebuked and won’t likely forget the error of his ways, if he lives long enough.


Word up Tally. There was another, Fox, linky on that story, with several K comments. This was in Harris Co., TX, which is a very heavy Blue Section. Several commenters made mention of self defence situations that they were involved in that took lots of $s in lawer fees to defend themselves against the over zealous DA and gunz grabbing juries. Maybe some of our Texicans can expound on that some. IIRC, David, Graybeard, and… Read more »


Ma and Pa should have stayed home with daughter. Send Ma to call 911 and let Pa cover down on the perp. Don’t point a gun at anyone unless you intend to use it and don’t let them take it away from you.

Why name a solid black German Shepherd Yello?


Mello Yello?

Jeff LPH 3, 63-66

Can that 1855 pistol/rifle now be considered an assault rifle by liberal standards and be legal or not legal under the NFA or legal with a curio/relic license?