Derek Chauvin sentenced to 22.5 years in prison

| June 26, 2021

Derek Chauvin, one of the officers that detained George Floyd in the incident that sparked riots, received a sentence of 22 1/2 years in prison. He was sentenced for the murder of George Floyd. The prosecution, and the Floyd family, were hoping for 30 years in prison. Chauvin may be eligible for parole in 15 years.

From the Associated Press:

Judge Peter Cahill went beyond the 12 1/2-year sentence prescribed under state guidelines, citing Chauvin’s “abuse of a position of trust and authority and also the particular cruelty” shown to Floyd.

Floyd family attorney Ben Crump said the family had gotten “some measure of accountability” but is hoping Chauvin gets the maximum at his upcoming federal civil rights trial. Crump said this was the longest sentence a police officer has ever received in Minnesota.

But he added: “Real justice in America will be Black men and Black women and people of color who will not have to fear being killed by the police just because the color of their skin. That would be real justice.”

Outside the courthouse, a crowd of about 50 people clasped hands or placed them on each other’s shoulders. The reaction was subdued as people debated whether the sentence was long enough. Some cursed in disgust.

At George Floyd Square, as the intersection where Floyd was pinned to the pavement is now known, members of the crowd broke into applause, and several said, “We’ll take it.”

Chauvin was immediately led back to prison. He showed little emotion when the judge pronounced the sentence. His eyes moved rapidly around the courtroom, his COVID-19 mask obscuring much of his face.

The Associated Press has more on this story here.

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So how is OJ doing these days?


Okay, apparently. Spends his time commenting about stuff on Twitter and filing motions to keep from paying his civil judgement.

Green Thumb

Set the Juice loose!


I’m honestly conflicted. Seriously. Back in the day this would be a nothing burger. George Floyd was a piece of crap druggie criminal and he DOES’T deserve to be celebrated or made a martyr or have 2 statues put up for him. That being said, did officer Chauvin NOT act responsibly for kneeling on George Floyd’s back for 9 minutes. Why not just cuff him and stuff him. Tah Dah. It’s a hot mess either… Read more »

Slow Joe

We are not bouncing back politically. The pendulum has been hijacked by the Left.

A few vocal feral Leftist have far more influence in politics than the vast silent majority who only comes out to vote, but now voting doesn’t count as the Left has figured a way to cheat in elections.


I don’t disagree with your point, BUT, I’ say, outside of the urban centers, there’s WAY more conservative Americans with Traditional values and that group, I hope, can take back the flag. You can only lie, cheat and steal so much before the masses say, “Fuck this shit!!”, and clap back. And I mean *hard*. *crosses fingers*. I hope it’s before China or Russia Red Dawns us. I truck that’s only a movie script. I… Read more »


*trust* (Ugh)


We don’t smoke marijuana in Muskogee,
We don’t take our trips on LSD,
We don’t burn our draft cards down on Main Street.
We like livin’ right, and bein’ free.

–Merle Haggard, “Okie from Mukogee”

Lot to be said for that. Can’t say folk much like the other stuff out here in “red state” ‘Merica. (Though I do hope they’re not overwhelmed if such spleen be needed.)


Yeah, them boys from Oklahoma Roll their joints all wrong They’re too damn skinny or way too long Well, I ain’t no Holy Roller So I just use a bong Them boys from Oklahoma Roll their joints all wrong. – Cross Canadian Ragweed Lot to be said for that. All the same, last time I drove across the country I made it a point to stop at every Hooters I came across (it’s like seeing… Read more »


Well, hell, at least it ain’t New York City…


Chauvin’s situation reminds me of the scapegoating of Breaker Morant and Peter Handcock.
Yes, Chauvin did not act responsibly, but Murder?? Negligence Causing Death or Manslaughter would have been more appropriate.
22.5 years is ridiculous and only serves to appease the loony Left mob that Burns Loots and Murders.


I worked a case where a man stabbed his gay boyfriend/roommate in the back 23 times so he could rob him. The judge sentenced him to only eight years. The DA did a plea bargain for voluntary manslaughter.

USMC Steve

Particularly when the coroner clearly stated no fatal damage was caused to junkie Floyd by the cops, and he died of a massively lethal fentnyl overdose.

Facts don’t matter to the ghetto rats and their leftist allies.


Facts? Facts are “racist,” comrade!

Reading is Fundamental

Do you know the legal difference between murder and manslaughter? And do you know the facts of this case?


NON LEO… Watched the video(s). They did cuff him and try to stuff him in the back. This is after he mumbled about doing too much drugs. He insisted he wanted to sit up front in the police SUV. 3 officers tried to put him in the back seat. One was on the opposite side trying to pull him while two were trying to push him into the back seat. No luck so they put… Read more »





How can someone be guilty of a crine that, by definition, requires the commission of a simultaneous crime…. when there is only one crime?

Not defending what he did, but the verdict undermined my faith in American law and order far more than Chauvin’s actions ever could – by orders of magnitude. It’s now, to my view, like electing a student-body president…. popularity over principal.



Duck autocorrect. It only works when you don’t want it to. It’s the technology equivalent of George Floyd.


“Hard times create strong men, strong men create good times, good times create weak men, and weak men create hard times.” – G. Michael Hopf

I can see where we are in the cycle. The sad part is that the weaker the men, the harder the times to come… and harder times mean far more will suffer in the long run.

Slow Joe

And now a new generation of Americans will learn that refusing to follow instructions and resisting police is ok if one happens to be black.


Yep, white libs and black race-hustlers are encouraging resistance by blacks when stopped by the police for whatever reason.

It’s going to be a hard lesson in life that’s going to be paid for with more and more black lives, not with white liberal or black race-hustler lives as it should be.


Ben Crump is the human embodiment of the note resulting in involuntary fecaltude. (Edited so not to offend because that’s a thing now)
I’m doing what he’s never; hard work!
(Back to my regularly scheduled tree murdering)


I thank Officer Derek Chauvin for his service to Minneapolis and humanity, in general.

I do not believe that Officer Chauvin nor any of the officers were, in any manner, responsible or contributed to Floyd’s demise.


Did the Fentanyl kill him before the cops did? (Would be “reasonable doubt” any other time.)


From the little that I have read about the story, he had numerous contributing factors and comorbidities, not the least of which was Covid. Curiously enough, the media adores all things Covid but it seemed to be less interesting in this context. A very large man, 6’6″, probably 240, and the police are tasked with taking him into custody. It appears that he was taken into custody. That he died, while in custody, on the… Read more »


Now, it’s been learned that one of George Floyd’s homies lied to get on the jury. Brandon Mitchell, of Burn Loot Murder, said he could deliver a fair and impartial verdict, when he was a BLM demonstrator. Look up Juror #52, or read it here, This should have instantly caused the judge to throw out the verdict and, at the least, schedule a new trial. That he didn’t doesn’t speak to the impartiality of… Read more »



The Other Whitey

This was Career Criminal Shitbag vs Officer Dumbass, nothing more. George Floyd was a victim of his own piss-poor decisions. Chauvin is an idiot, but not a murderer. Floyd spent several minutes shouting “I can’t breathe” before Chauvin dropped his knee, but his voice, volume, and enunciation indicate that his airway was clear and his lungs were working fine. It is likely that in his drug-altered state, Floyd *thought* he couldn’t breathe, and worked himself… Read more »


….but his voice, volume, and enunciation indicate that his airway was clear and his lungs were working fine. In a recent article in the medical journal Annals of Internal Medicine, Weissman and others wrote that when air is inhaled, it first fills the upper airway, trachea and bronchi, where speech is generated. The article says this “anatomical dead space” accounts for about one third of the volume of an ordinary breath, and only air that… Read more »

The Other Whitey

People in significant respiratory distress display physical signs of significant respiratory distress. Floyd did not. Had he shouted once or twice, then started diminishing in volume, then yes, that would indicate he wasn’t breathing properly. But that didn’t happen. He displayed signs of panic and drug overdose, the latter of which should’ve been addressed sooner, but probably would’ve made little difference if it had.

Just An Old Dog

Chauvin contributed to his death. Manslaughter. 7 years, out in less than 5. This is the MOST that would have happened if the media didn’t blow it up and he was treated like any other case.
The Family needs to look at how real murderers are serving an average of maybe 17 years for 1st degree murder ,,, talking felons shooting people dead in the streets.


Meanwhile, St. Floyd is now clean and sober for a whole year.


Man, that’s just messed up. Really can’t argue the fact tho.


Last time we saw a railroad job this good, it was transcontinental And that one had a spike driven into it too. Wonder how many Prison Commissary $s will have to be put on the books to make sure Officer Chauvin doesn’t last 1 year in prison? Guilty of teh stoopid? yes! Murder? No way. Guess y’all saw the video of floyd’s coached little girl? Gotta wonder who did the trial prep on her. Think… Read more »


It will never be enough. Because the point isn’t police brutality or black lives

We could have drawn, quartered and burned this cop at the stake on national television and the usual suspects would still be howling it wasn’t enough

I reiterate police brutality and black lives aren’t the real concern


“The issue is never the issue. The issue is always the revolution.” –Unknown SDS radical