US tracking Iranian ships headed to Venezuela

| June 14, 2021

IRIS Makran With Gunboats

Last summer, Venezuela was considering entering a new arms deal with Iran, one that could include long-range missiles capable of reaching the United States.

Today, U.S. officials worry that two Iranian Navy ships slowly steaming across the Atlantic might be carrying the arms Venezuela. I suppose the gunboats Makran has as deck cargo gave them away. The Biden administration is warning Caracas to reject the delivery, saying ominously that the U.S. will take “appropriate measures” if needed.

Can’t wait to see what “appropriate measures” the Biden Klown Krew Administration will come up with. David sends.

Fears over Iranian gunboats ‘delivering missiles’ to Venezuela

Simeon Tegel

Concern is mounting over two ships from the Iranian Navy thought to be carrying a cargo of missiles and speeding across the Atlantic Ocean toward Venezuela.

Satellite images show the larger of the two ships, the Makran, a forward supply vessel, carrying small, fast attack boats on its deck. It is unclear what the other ship, a frigate named Sahand, might be carrying.

The ships were mid-ocean on Saturday, after reportedly departing from the port of Bandar Abbas in early May. It marks the first time that the Iranian military has sent vessels to round the Cape of Good Hope and enter the Atlantic.

Yet Venezuela already has a fleet of similar small launches. A much greater concern would be Caracas acquiring new capabilities, in particular surface-to-surface missiles, which could threaten Venezuela’s neighbors, starting with Colombia.

Sadly, the Law of the Sea prohibits the US from boarding these vessels- they enjoy sovereign immunity as they are in governmental, non-commercial service. Not that a MK-48 ADCAP would care.

Thanks, David.

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  1. AW1 Rod says:

    Being threatened by the feeb is like being hit by a runaway baby carriage.

    Venezuela, like Iran, has no fear of or respect for us since the Senile Socialist Sundowner was installed.

  2. President Elect Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH Neanderthal B Woodman Domestic Violent Extremist SuperStraight says:

    Is there a window of opportunity where there are NO spy eye satellites viewing the ships, where the ships could be sunk without repercussions?
    Just asking out of curiosity.

  3. AZRobert says:

    A bizarre sea accident when a few Narco Subs and Iranian ships collide at sea causing mass overdose….

    • President Elect Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH Neanderthal B Woodman Domestic Violent Extremist SuperStraight says:

      Me like!

  4. KoB says:

    “Appropriate measures”? Guess that prezzy sniffy will order the Atlantic Fleet Commander to provide an “Appropriate” escort to get the Iranian ships safely into port?

    Reporter embedded on a USN Fast Attack…”What’s this button for? I just launched a coupla of… what the hell was that noise?”

  5. Devtun says:

    Hunter got paid his toll fee w/ 10% for the big guy. Full speed ahead to Venezuela!

  6. David says:

    We could loan them one of our officers…say, the sub captain who found the previously unmapped sea mount.

  7. Anonymous says:

    Can we “quarantine” the place like Cuba in ’62? That was so much fun… at least Iran can’t directly threaten America (yet).

    • AW1Ed says:

      The word you’re looking for is “Blockade” and is an act of war. Works for me, Iran has been at war with us since November 1979.

  8. ChipNASA says:

    It would be a shame if they caught fire and then took on water and then broke up and sank.
    Yep, a real shame.
    I hear the South Atlantic is a real tricky place to sail. 😉