Army battalion commander says “if you’re a white male you’re part of the problem”

| June 10, 2021

According to the Book of the Face, the US Army’s 1st Battalion, 8th Infantry Regiment got a new commander last week. They posted goodbye messages to their former commander on the 4th of June. Now, Lieutenant Colonel Andrew “Dru” Rhodes has been outed on social media as the new CO and not for good reasons. Apparently, if the reports are true, he’s a huge racist who immediately believes any accusations levied against one of his soldiers.

Rhodes’ Twitter account says he goes by “he/him” pronouns and is a “fervent anti-racist & anti-sexist.”

Poe sent in this Human Events report. They get a lot of their information from the Instagram page @terminalcwo;


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From Human Events;

Lieutenant Colonel Andrew Rhodes, commander of the 1-8 Infantry – “Fighting Eagles“, has a message for all serving in the military: if you’re white, you’re the problem.

It was recently discovered that Rhodes, who holds a position of authority and responsibility, runs a private, “woke,” left-wing Twitter account under the name “Dru.”

If the Twitter account wasn’t enough to convince you of his radical beliefs, his comment at a military function should do the job.

“If you’re a white male, you are part of the problem,” Rhodes reportedly said.

He also reportedly added that only .01 percent of racist accusations are false, and that he would always believe someone coming forward about an uncomfortable situation.

The story began circulating on social media, with one Instagram post catching some important attention.

“Looks like Fort Carson got themselves a real gem of an unbiased commander,” the post reads. “I hope you’re not white or ever accused of anything while you’re in his command. You’re already guilty and you didn’t even know it!”

The post caught the eye of the current Sergeant Major of the Army, Michael A. Grinston.

“Looking more into this,” he wrote. “Thanks.”

“If it’s true he said that ‘if you’re a white male you’re part of the problem’ then he’s creating division within his formation, and it’s the exact opposite of what the Army has been trying to do with inclusion efforts,” an active duty Army officer told Human Events. “Inclusion is for everyone, and is not discriminatory with regard to race, gender, sexual preference, or any other characteristic. It appears he has lost trust from many of his subordinates on day 1.”

According to sources, via message screenshots posted to Instagram, a full investigation is reportedly underway.

Human Events has been contacted by Fort Carson who says the incident is under investigation. Their article will be updated at some point when they receive more information.

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Indoctrination status: complete
What a tool.


Only been in command for about a week too. Must be a record.


Boiled the frog to fast?

Green Thumb

The biggest irony is that this dumb ass motherfucker forgets that many of us are anti-racist.

“It’s all about me!”

“I love you Austin!”


Of course, we’re anti-racist by not being racist (amateurs) and not by just hating different people like he does (more enlightened).


See this explanation of the new “woke” humanoids about how they’re betterer:


When an Airman 1st Class
get the attention of Congress,
and a national rag.

[Key House Dem Demands Answers
About Prominent White Nationalist In The Air Force]


Did the Huffpost ever do an article on LT Spenser Rapone?

Asking For A Friend.



Rapone is probably now on the editorial staff.


Military affairs editor…


Ut-Shay, Uh-Pay, Unt-Kay!
Makes me want to re-enlist.
But not under this senile individual at 1600 PA Ave.


Check out this writer’s opinion on the LTC. A bit different from other assessments.

What Do You Think?


“There is a possibility that LTC Rhodes may lose his command over these remarks. This seems unfair to me. The dogmas of Critical Race Theory include a Marxism-based idea that your gender, race, or sexual orientation makes you either the oppressed or the oppressor. Further, that your status can never change until all existing societal structures, deemed as irretrievably and inherently racist, are overthrown and replaced. Those societal structures would include free-market capitalism, organized religion, and the Constitution of the United States.”

“If the Army is going to teach this system of belief to the troops, it’s unfair to then punish them for adopting these teachings and saying so in public as LTC Rhodes appears to have done.”


I like his take on Vindy the Rat Vindman. But I will never give officers like Rhodes or Rapone a pass, as they have essentially admitted they view their obligation of the oath they took as optional.


The clowns over at “task and purpose” has the unmitigated gaul to insist that the Army isn’t going woke.


Task and Purpose is slightly left of the Huffington Puffington Post.