Liar, Liar, Pants On Fire

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Remember that hurricane (Maria) a while back that did some damage to Puerto Rico? It’s been – what? Almost 4 years now? One local TV reporter, who has family down there, went there right away, reported on local things from there, and spent some quality in her old neighborhood doing fix-ups for her family and their neighbors.

But then, why was AOC’s granny down there in the “island of tropical breezes” not getting her home repaired after all this time? And when someone started a Go Fund Me fundraiser to fix the place, AOC’s brilliant mind decided that Granny’s house should not be repaired with “that money”.

There’s a video of that discussion here:

In addition, when Cortes whined publicly that her granny’s house hadn’t been repaired, because the Trump administration had not sent money down there for rebuilding, she lied her ass off about it. If Grandma’s house is still in disrepair, why doesn’t this mendacious chica puta dig into her own bank account and fix it? After all, she has two apartments and a house and a fat bank account, so what is she waiting for? She can’t take money out of her very own pocket to fix Granny’s roof?

So, whether or not that elderly woman has actually had the repairs made to her home remains to be seen. Apparently, it needs a new roof, but after three-plus years, you’d think that might have been addressed, right? Yeah, if a high wind damages my roof, I’m right on the phone with my agent, HO coverage in hand, and the estimate will be available on the spot. That’s how you do things if you have a working brain cell or two.

AOC’s whine has been that Trump did not release the funds for repairs in Puerto Rico. That is a complete lie.

Funding through HUD was released in January 2020:

From the article: The Trump administration is releasing its hold on billions of dollars of aid to Puerto Rico after a months-long delay. But it is still unclear exactly when those funds will reach the hurricane-ravaged island.

The tranche of money, more than $8 billion, is allocated through a Department of Housing and Urban Development disaster recovery fund. It was supposed to be released months ago to help the island rebuild in the wake of devastating Hurricanes Irma and Maria in 2017.

So far $1.5 billion in HUD aid has been made available, of which Puerto Rico has drawn approximately $11 million, according to a HUD spokesperson. In all, Congress has approved roughly $20 billion in long-term rebuilding aid to Puerto Rico that HUD is mandated to disburse. article

Other funding to the tune of $13 billions for the PR was released through FEMA in September 2020:

Originally, funding for “that lovely island, island of tropical breezes” was released in 2018 but was mismanaged by PR officials:

That was the cause of the delay on FEMA funding.

From the article: In February, Puerto Rico received $16 billion in federal aid under a disaster relief package signed by Trump.

The funding for the devastated island was part of a $90 billion package agreed upon by Senate leaders as part a two-year budget deal to avert a government shutdown. The relief deal covered a number of major disasters across the US, including Hurricanes Maria, Irma and Harvey, and wildfires in California. – article

You may remember the governor of Puerto Rico grandstanding herself in front of pallets of water that were shipped down there for relief, as if she’s the one who bought all that stuff.

Perhaps someone should ask the PR government, if they feel so neglected, should we maybe reopen the US Navy base at Roosevelt Roads and bring back the cash that sailors and Marines spent ashore?

Or would they prefer that we just release them from the designation of US Territory and let them go their own way?

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  1. ChipNASA says:

    ” chica puta ”

    My GOODNESS Ex-PH2. Naught, *naughty* girl, such a MOUTH on you.
    I like it.
    I’m practically aroused.
    OK so, on that note and to bring down the entire post, on Money and corruption and PR Governer and the Mayor and maybe a little of the Clit-ton Found(money)ation getting their grubby little finger in the pie or was that Haiti, or was that BOTH.
    I can’t remember.
    Speaking of chica putas, or is it chicas puta, or chicas putas.
    Meh, you get it.

    • Ex-PH2 says:

      I had a very good friend who grew up in Mexico and worked in my department with me. She knew all the slang you could come up with, and I asked her if she could give me the nastiest things to throw at people who think you don’t understand a language like Spanish. You don’t learn these things in classrooms, you see. 🙂

      She gave me a list of about 20 words and phrases to use in an “emergencia”, and I have never forgotten them. She was also as funny as Hell on a hot winter morning.

  2. The Other Whitey says:

    Ojos-Locos is butthurt because her bluff got called. Then again, she’s frequently butthurt due to her vast overestimation of her own intelligence, resulting in her embarrassing herself pretty much daily. Her attempt to use her “beloved abuelita*” as a political prop predictably blew up in her face.

    * I will bet money that for all her cultural posturing, the stupid twat doesn’t speak a lick of Spanish. Her overcompensation is as transparent as a brand-new windshield.

  3. AW1 Rod says:

    Every time she flexes her blowhole, the brain-dead barmaid is lying. It’s how she breathes.

  4. KoB says:

    The error that was made was not turning those funds over to the Klintoon Syndicate for disbursement. After all, the Klintoons did such a fine job with the Haiti relief funds, making sure the proper amounts went into the proper off shore bank accounts. Are they (FEMA) waiting till the Big Guy takes his 10% off the top?

    And the swamp continues to re-fill. Skrunt!

  5. John Seabee says:

    “Mendacious chica puta”… You have an epic way with words there Ms. Shutterbug. I love it.

  6. Hatchet says:

    One of my recent favorite Hollywood applications of the word Puta.

    For this alone, I would marry Salma…

  7. Sapper3307 says:

    Just remind aOc that her ancestors were the first colonizing oppressor’s on Puerto Rico.

  8. tom reynolds says:

    PR should be turned loose and given their independence. No more welfare,no more American tax dollars. They would be Haiti within a decade.

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