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| June 5, 2021

Bond. James Bond

Man stabbed with own knife after trying to get into another man’s apartment, Syracuse police say

By Chris Libonat
Syracuse, N.Y. — A 36-year-old man faces multiple charges after he was stabbed Friday night while trying to force his way into another man’s apartment, according to Syracuse police.

Tyler Gammons is expected to survive, according to police.

He has also been charged with second-degree burglary, fourth-degree criminal mischief, second-degree menacing and fourth-degree criminal possession of a weapon, police said.

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Family captures convicted killer lurking in yard, peering in teen’s bedroom window

Gino Spocchia
A convicted killer was arrested after he was videoed peeking into a 17-year-old’s bedroom and into the windows of a family home in Polk County, Florida.

According to the Polk County Sheriff’s Office on Wednesday, Santos Pantoja visited the home on 24 May and on 28 May, and was caught on camera.

Sarah Martinez, the victim, said she “saw the man surreptitiously looking into her windows” and went out to confront Pantoja, but he drove away in a truck.

A neighbor then installed a security camera, which videoed Pantoja returning to the home in Aubudndale on 28 May, when he was again confronted.

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Todays links courtesy of our own Gun Bunny.

“A Constitution of Government once changed from Freedom, can never be restored. Liberty, once lost, is lost forever.”
– John Adams

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Always good to see that two more parasites on society are removed from society, albeit, temporarily. BZ to the Citizens that fight back. Gun. Small Gun. (tehe) Gun Bunny in a food coma right now. I hurt myself at the Family Re-union. Shore wish some of my miscreanted d’weeded deplorables and some of the Adorable Deplorables hada showed up to help us eat all of them groceries. What DaHell am I gonna do with all… Read more »


Oh, fabjabulous day!

Calizuela “assault weapon” ban overturned:

Not a wishy-washy ruling, either.