Oh, Here We Go….

| May 15, 2021


This Polish refugee from up in Canada was arrested by police for opening a church during the pandemic. One can only hope that he will sue the pants off Mr, Sox Trudeau for it, but that smarmy little twit has still clamped down on everything, turning Canada into a political and civil prison planet. All the info available is in the video. Yes, I am waiting for it to happen here in the “freedom of religion, etc.” US of A. It is a pathetic display of cowardice when police are stupid enough to do something like this.

This link is to the Fox News interview: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Zz5zGm3gJKg

Here’s a link to the news article:  https://churchleaders.com/news/393750-pastor-pawlowski-police-nazis.html

Yes, it was up in Canada, not down here, but the restrictions in my AO have eased considerably locally and on a state-by-state basis, and by summer, it should all be done with. People are out and about and have been since mid-March. No one is told “you can’t go to the store or to church or whatever”. And the infection rate is down and continues to drop.

There nothing mentioned in the article or video about Canada’s vaxxing policy, but if you’ve had the Covid vaxx, you’re supposed to be good to go.

Look at what is now going on in India, because the Covid bug wasn’t taken as seriously as it could have been and people acted like nothing was happening. Now they are up to their necks in really sick people who may or may not survive.

And get off the conspiracy theories, okay? Viruses share RNA with each other and mutate to become new strains. That’s why you have to get a new flu shot every fall: the flu viruses do that constantly. It’s not something new. This coronavirus bug will very likely do the same thing and we’ll have to get a new shot every fall.

I feel for this guy. It was uncalled-for, but it does show that a moron like Trudeau can become exactly what Pastor Pawlowski meant when he said ‘dong what Hitler did’.

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  1. Hack Stone says:

    He should have just called the church service a Black Lives Matter Rally, and the authorities wouldn’t even blink an eye.

  2. Fyrfighter says:

    “Look at what is now going on in India, because the Covid bug wasn’t taken as seriously as it could have been and people acted like nothing was happening. Now they are up to their necks in really sick people who may or may not survive.”..
    Actually, we’re talking about a nation that while it produces most of the vaccines in the world, it’s healthcare system is a step or two above medieval, and even in the cities, people and animals shit in the streets.. Not exactly the picture of health however you look at it.
    “This coronavirus bug will very likely do the same thing and we’ll have to get a new shot every fall.” Sorry, gonna disagree hugely here Ex.. we don’t HAVE to do any such thing, just like we can forego the flu shot.. You are 100% correct that the vaccine will likely change each year (and probably with the low effectiveness of the flu vaccine, as it’s nothing more than the best guess as to which strains will be prevalent that year), but many of us will refuse the jab next year, and every year after, just like we did this year, and that’s regardless of the HIPPA violation that is a vaccine passport..

    • Ex-PH2 says:

      I am trying to get rid of a cold that has annoyed me for a couple of weeks now. No more coughing but I still occasionally sneeze, and the ignorance you run into when you sneeze and you’re wearing a mask in public (You don’t sneeze when you have the CV19 bug) is so medieval it’s nearly ridiculous.

      Best medicine is good food and plenty of chicken soup. And stay away from cranky crackpots.

      We are all supposed to be back soon on 100% free running around, not bundled up in “protective gear”, but no one around here is panicking over anything.

      • Fyrfighter says:

        There ya go! yeah, the joke around our station anytime someone sneezes or coughs is we ALL yell COVID…

  3. Publix opened this morning with the option of wearing a mask or not wearing one. Home depot has wearing a mask the rule. Guy at the door tells me that only one employee contracted the china virus so if that’s the case, maybe I’ll have to wear a mask going into Home Depot for the rest of my life unless they stop running scared or maybe they have to get rid of the shit loads of masks you see when you enter the store. Hmmmmmmmmm. When this thing is over, the mask, hand sanitizer and glove sales are most likely hit bottom.

    • Hack Stone says:

      All of the COVID Masks that Rosetta Stone purchased for residents of Stately Stone Manor were manufactured in… China. Raise your hand if you are surprised.

    • The Other Whitey says:

      Arizona declared mask mandates illegal. Some in my newly-adopted state are still wearing them. Many, many more are not. The lack of overwhelmed hospitals and bodies piled in the streets is quite striking.

      As for the “maybe you can stop wearing a mask after you get out alleged vaccine” bullshit, I’m going with the third option: I will not wear a mask or get a shot, and those who would try to compel me to do either may kindly fuck right off.

    • Poetrooper says:

      “Home depot has wearing a mask the rule.”

      Sounds like a great marketing opportunity for Lowes…

  4. KoB says:

    I still say that this deliberate attack on our Country was an Act of War by a foreign enemy, aided and abetted by domestic enemies. The whole mask, “social distancing”, and isolation things were designed more to practice “control of We, The People”, than control of a nasty flu bug. Kinda like “gun control” is designed to control We, The People more than to control guns.

    Too bad we can’t have a Leader who has the best interests of We, The People and Our Country as his agenda. Oh…wait. We, The People had such a Leader and we lost our last best chance to keep the freedoms that so many of us fought and died for.

    Your inoculation papers may become “The Mark of The Beast”.

    The Venezuelans don’t have to worry about animals or people defecating in the streets. They ate the animals to survive and most of the people don’t get enough to eat to defecate. Let’s pray we don’t to that point.

    • Ex-PH2 says:

      It’s worse in New Zealand. They had everyone on lockdown the first time around, then the (beeyatch) presidenta (female) of the country said people could go outside. Some incoming visitors turned up positive for CV19 and she panicked and put everyone back on lockdown. That was in February. She got spooked, y’see.

      Well, now it’s mid-May down there and one new case has shown up and been dealt with and she’s still spooked but has ended lockdown.

      I don’t know how she’d monitor the farmers to the south of NZ’s capital, but it’s sparsely populated by farmers. And since it’s autumn down there, that means that maybe ski resorts on the south island will be able to function again… unless of course some furriner brings in a bug…. then she’ll likely be back to panic planning and shut down everything again.

    • A Proud Infidel®™ says:

      I honestly wonder if all of this COVID SHIT isn’t a Biological Warfare Experiment done by the Chinese Communist Party?

  5. A Proud Infidel®™ says:

    We’re at least a year past the “15 days to flatten the curve” and I see anyone and everyone still pimping the “precautions” as either a Government gestapo apparatus or their minion, I hope Canada sees an uprising resulting from what that local GESTAPO did to Father Pawlowski and his Brother.

  6. gitarcarver says:

    A few months ago, Artur Pawlowski was heralded as a hero for calling health workers who came to talk to him as “Nazis” and “Fascists.”

    The blog on which I work talked about the incident here:


    To be honest, I am conflicted when Pastors who claim to be Christian violate the laws of the land that are enacted by government leaders. The Bible is clearly against such a stance unless the laws violate the religious principles of Christianity.

    I don’t see how calling people “Nazis,” “fascists,” “gestapo,” etc., accomplishes anything. I know it is silly, but a pastor is supposed to teach and lead people to Christ through their example and through love. I don’t see that in this guy.

    There are a lot of “sovereign citizens” north of the border that are using the pandemic to raise money for their own pockets. (There are some in US as well.)

    I just don’t see Pawlowski as a hero in any sense of the word. He appears to be more of a sheep in wool’s clothing to me, but that is my opinion.

  7. CavScoutCoastie says:

    I’m Polish. My grandfather was part of the military resistance and was sent to Auschwitz when he was caught by the Nazis. He survived but died before I was born. All I can say is Fuck Canada. Sorry if this offends any Canadian friends here.

    • A Proud Infidel®™ says:

      I’m part Polish and I see those Canadian Po-Po as nothing less than Government GESTAPO hell-bent on selling their souls to their Government agenda.

    • Hatchet says:

      No please – by all means – fuck away. This Canadian takes no offence whatsoever. Were my grandfather still alive – preacher-man or not – grandad would’ve kicked Pawlowski square in the nuts as he actually did fight Fascists and Nazis. Artur Pawlowski is nothing more than ten pounds of shit in a five pound bag

  8. Hondo says:

    I wouldn’t give him much of a chance to prevail in court if he files a suit against Trudeau or the Canadian government, Ex-PH2. Let’s just say that the Canadian concept of “civil rights” is somewhat different than hours. One example: their laws making “hate speech” a criminal offense.

    • Ex-PH2 says:

      Are you saying, Hondo, that Trudy Trudeau – he of the argyle sox – doesn’t like being told to his face that he is an anal orifice?

      What a pity. You’d think he;d have a sense of humor by now.