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| April 28, 2021

Intruder Shot at Coroner’s Home

A 25 year old man entered a coroner’s home. He was armed with a bat. The young man now knows that you do not enter a gunfight with a bat. What if the intruder got killed? Could a coroner’s report be generated right on the spot? Maybe folks who worked with law enforcement could answer that one.

From Idaho Statesman:

At around 12:40 a.m. Tuesday, officers were sent to a house on Peasant Hill Drive after hearing reports of a shooting, according to a news release from the Nampa Police Department. Police say that a 25-year-old man entered the home with a baseball bat and was shot by a resident. Nampa officials said the person who fired the shot was not the county’s coroner, Jennifer Crawford.

The intruder was taken to a local hospital and was being treated for non-life-threatening injuries, police said.

You could check the article at this link.

Suspected College Student Fires Blanks

A young man shot blanks at a college, causing staff and students to take action in response. College staff tackled him. He was detained. This individual is reported to be a college student.

From The Guardian:

A fellow student who gave their name as Eddie, 18, added: “He was amazing. He just squared up to the masked man from a few yards away. He was telling students to go back into the classroom and run to safety.

“It’s such a shocking thing. Initially no one knew the gun was firing blanks so it was a really terrifying thing.”

Students said shortly afterwards, a second staff member grappled with the intruder. Police then took custody of the suspect, who was arrested for firearms offences.

Police praised the actions of the two staff members. Ch Insp Shane Baker, of Sussex police, said: “I’d personally like to thank everyone who helped to quickly bring this incident to a safe conclusion, especially the two members of college staff whose heroics have not gone unnoticed.

The rest of the article is here. It reads like the Babylon Bee. Maybe this is satire…

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Hack Stone

If the guy in the first story expired, the Coroner would rule the death natural causes. He died of his own stupidity.


I gots a feelz good: opening day spring turkey here in the formerly-great State of CT. A surprisingly warm 48°, no wind, scattered clouds, song birds abound… if I just had a bit more coffee to go with this Snuffenhagen this could be heaven.
And if these juvenile delinquent squirrels would calm down, that’d be cool.
Still, better here than in an office.
Good job to the heroes tackling that blank gun wielding scrub. Luckily it was just bangs and bruises!

Hack Stone

He probably did it to “raise awareness” about gun violence, much like minority college students defacing their dorms with the “n-word” to raise awareness about how racist white people are.


Did dumbazz think he was going to hit a home run taking a bat to a gunfight? Hmmm…I’m drawing a blank on that. Was the coroner bringing her work home with her? Wonder if that coroner looks anything like Dr. Isles of Rizzoli and Isles? She could bring the dead back to life! Well, certain extremities anyway.


Or like Linda Fiorentino in MIB? ‘That whole queen of the undead thing.’

Jeff LPH 3, 63-66 A Gang Snipe

I thought that their was a ban on handguns in England. relating to the Crowley School blank shooting incident.


A fellow student who gave their name as Eddie,…

Number agreement error!! I hate these — especially when written by so-called “journalists.”

“A fellow student” [singular]
“who gave their name” [plural]

Sheesh. Apparently editors no longer exist.