Town fires police officer involved in traffic stop of Black Army lieutenant **Updates from the SMA**

| April 12, 2021

We talked about this briefly when the story broke, but it was buried in another thread. The photo above is a screen capture from a body cam of a traffic stop going sideways.

Back in December, US Army 2nd Lieutenant Caron Nazario (who the media constantly note is black, but is entirely irrelevant to the case at hand) was driving along in the small town of Windsor, VA. His vehicle was allegedly not displaying rear license plates, and so an officer initiated a traffic stop on him. It was later determined that the vehicle had a temporary tag in the darkly tinted windows. This would have resulted in a very short traffic stop, but 2LT Nazario had other ideas.

Instead of immediately pulling over, he continued on. The officer pursuing him thought the driver was attempting to evade him. He continued on for some time (he says to find a “safe” spot to pull over). Because the police thought he was evasive, they conducted what’s called a “high risk” or “felony” stop on the vehicle. As the name implies, it’s done when officers are concerned that the person in the vehicle is armed and/or dangerous.

2LT Nazario ignored repeated commands to exit the vehicle, open the door, and when officers moved in and unlocked the door and opened it, the lieutenant pulled the door closed on the officers. One of the officers threatens to taser Nazario (saying something like “You’re about to ride the lightning”) and that officer ultimately pepper sprays Nazario through the open driver’s window. Nazario is then forcefully removed from the vehicle where he continues to ignore the loud, clear verbal commands to get on the ground. It’s clear from watching the body cam video that Nazario is at least passively resisting officers, if not actively fighting their attempts to get him into custody.

Last week, the body cam video was released. Because these are whites cops and the butter bar is something like a black Audie Murphy and can do no wrong, the outcry was immediate. Even Governor Ralph “Coon Man” Northam (who supports infanticide and cannot remember if he was the one in the Klan robe or black face in his medical school yearbook) has weighed in. You won’t be surprised that the Coon Man (a man who knows a racist when he sees one, the mirror is his daily guide) is in favor of driving the bus repeatedly over the cops.

It sounds like in light of the 2LTs service, the officers elected to not pursue criminal charges. In my opinion, the lieutenant should have been charged with everything. As a member of the military he’s been trained to follow orders and abide by regulations. I cannot imagine the “good” lieutenant would take even a fraction of the disrespect he gave to those cops from one of his soldiers. Even during the stop, while arguing with police, Nazario is using his uniform and his position as an active duty officer in the US military to curry favor and special treatment.

Nazario is now suing. Part of his lawsuit explains the real meaning of “ride the lightning” (a common term for the taser on the street). The media has run with this. Another blatant attempt to redefine language, which the media does a lot of nowadays. See if you can spot it.

Army Times Reports;

One of two police officers accused of pepper-spraying and pointing their guns at a Black Army officer during a traffic stop has since been fired, a Virginia town announced late Sunday, hours after the governor called for an independent investigation into the case.

The town of Windsor said in a statement that it joined calls from election officials, including Gov. Ralph Northam, in requesting an investigation by Virginia State Police into the December 2020 encounter in which two Windsor officers were accused of drawing their guns, pointing them at U.S. Army second lieutenant Caron Nazario and using a slang term to suggest he was facing execution.

Nazario, who is Black and Latino, was also pepper-sprayed and knocked to the ground by the officers, Joe Gutierrez and Daniel Crocker, according to the lawsuit he filed earlier this month against them.

The two sides in the case dispute what happened, but Crocker wrote in a report that he believed Nazario was “eluding police” and he considered it a “high-risk traffic stop.” Attorney Jonathan Arthur told The Associated Press that Nazario wasn’t trying to elude the officer, but was trying to stop in a well-lit area.

In the statement Sunday, Windsor officials said an internal investigation opened at the time into the use of force determined that department policy wasn’t followed. Officials said disciplinary action was taken and Gutierrez has since been fired.

I’m not sure what policies the department think we violated. I can point to at least a dozen tactical and procedural issues with the felony stop. None would resort to a fireable offense though.

Body Cam footage;

***UPDATE 0917L***

The Sergeant Major of the Army Michael Grinston has commented on the lieutenant’s actions that night.

There you have it. The highest ranking enlisted person in the world’s greatest army is proud of an officer who can’t follow clear, simple commands and then argues and physically resists the police. If this represents “our Army well”, then I may have lost all hope.

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  1. More on LT Caron Nazario : This ain't Hell, but you can see it from here | April 14, 2021
  1. Mike W says:

    Conflicting orders to the suspect SHOULD make the suspect paranoid/nervous. Other than that, he should have just COOPERATED and things would have went way smoother.
    Moving to a well lit ? I DO believe police recommend doing this too.
    The LT did NOT cooperate and ELEVATED the problems.

  2. gitarcarver says:

    The officer pursuing him thought the driver was attempting to evade him.

    This is false. The “chase” lasted less than 1:40 and was done below the speed limit. Nazario had his blinker on indicating that he was going to pull over. Radio traffic from the two officers indicates they knew that Nazario was going to a well lit place for their protection and Nazario’s. Officer Gutierrez says going to a well lit area “happens to him all the time.”

    In short, there was no threat, no attempt to elude and the officers knew it.

    Secondly, the officers say they observed the temp tag in the window. The reason for the stop (no tag) is gone.

    Third, on the radio, the officers say that it is “80% certain that the driver is a minority.” What does that matter? It leads to the question of whether Nazario was subjected to the treatment he received because of his race.

    Nazario says that he is afraid to exit the vehicle. Officer Gutierrez replies “yeah, you should be.” After all, Gutierrez says that Nazario is about to “ride the lightning” which has meant “be put to death by electrocution” for a long time. If there is confusion as to what the line means, why not say “you will be tazered?”

    Officer Guiterrez couldn’t even make up his mind as to what was happening. He says to Nazario that he is “being arrested – no, being detained for obstruction of justice.”

    Nazario has filed a 1 million dollar lawsuit against the town and the town will write the check for the actions of these two overzealous, unprofessional cops acting in an illegal manner. Cops have a difficult enough job to do without being tainted by bad cops.

    • 5JC says:

      Gitarcarver, you are mostly incorrect.

      A lot can happen in a 1:40. This is many times longer than the average police gun battle. How they “knew” what the driver was doing is a mystery.

      Having a temp tag and having a “plainly visible tag” or “properly displayed tag” are all different things. So the stop was still valid. Putting a tag behind a tinted window is clearly not properly displayed or plainly visible which is why the first officer didn’t see it (and also a violation). It is also a trick people use to keep from getting a tag in the required time.

      The reason the description of the driver matters is because if the vehicle is stolen or has been used in a crime the driver is likely to flee on foot. It would be nice if the police knew what the guy who just whacked Eddie looked like. Since they don’t know what they don’t know then it makes sense to gather as much information as possible.

      Death by electrocution makes absolutely no sense in this context. A Taser does because he is getting one out and preparing to use it in the video. He is then seen holding it in his hand. How any sane person could miss that or misinterpret that is confusing to me. It is also slang for being tased. You need to work on your street cred if you don’t know that.

      Guiterez is an idiot and makes several mistakes. The first of which is getting trolled by the driver. He then makes a series of other mistakes and needlessly escalates the situation. Probably not rising to the level of getting fired but certainly he should be disciplined. I don’t know what he said after so he might have talked himself out of a job.

      I am confused by why they did a Felony Traffic Stop. Aside from doing it all wrong there was no felony committed and no reason to call for one. The guy drove to a gas station and stopped. Happens all the time. If they were doing an FTS then they should have waited for at least one other officer. Don’t know what the rush was.

      As an FTO I am disappointed.

      • 11B-Mailclerk says:

        “Ride the lightning” has about a century of association with execution by Electric Chair. Thus it became an ironic term for Tazing. -because- everyone knows it refers to “Old Sparky” the Chair.

        One cannot deny or ignore the prior use. Metallica wasn’t saying “don’t taze me bro” when they named an album “Ride the lightning”.

        Using that term as a police officer in a confrontation was -dumb-.


        Also, don’t defy the cop repeatedly, unless you enjoy pain compliance stuff. And handcuffs. And even then, get your freak on elsewhere. Ick.

        Go to a well lit area: done it myself. When the very annoyed cop asked me why I didn’t immediately stop, “because your own department made the local TV commercial advising a well lit area. Also, I needed one big enough for both our vehicles, so you could get off the road too.” (Construction zone)

        “Oh. … OK then.”

        I also didn’t repeatedly defy the officer, and stayed calmly polite despite his clear near-rage state. He was red-faced and excessively loud. He did eventually calm down.

        “You ran that light!!”

        (Realizing I had done exactly that, obliviously) “Shit… I did. … No excuse sir. Where do I sign?”

        “Wait. What?”

        “I agree. I ran that light. Dumb. Didn’t even see it. Where do I sign?”

        “Wait. You admit it?”

        “Yes. No excuse sir.”

        (Things calmed -way- down. I did a stupid and admitted it. He let me off with a warning. Not expected, at all.)

        Stay calm, keep your demeanor polite, sign the ticket. You know if you were speeding or ran the light, or not. Either pay, or go to court. You won’t argue the cop out of writing it, although you -might- reason and polite your way clear.

        “No excuse sir” is not exactly a common response.

        Not excusing the LT or the cops. Pointing out that some things are legit, both sides, despite several folks maybe having bad days and/or bad attitudes at each other.

        Or, admit one went looking for trouble and accept the consequences.

        “No, I won’t obey” / “Molon Labe” / “No, I won’t move to the back of the bus.” / “No, I won’t obey.”

        “No”/”won’t” isn’t just about guns. Sometime you have to stand on principle. But whatever the “no”, don’t whine when the Persians come and try.

        • E4 Mafia '83-'87 says:

          Didn’t you see “The Hangover”? Rob Riggle’s character tells the “Big Man” to “Ride the Lightning” when he shoots “Fat Jesus” with the Taser Gun.
          In all seriousness, I think both parties share some blame. If I were a cop nowadays, my contact with the public at large would at minimum. Most politicians have made it clear they don’t have your back and will those you under the bus in a heartbeat.

        • The Other Whitey says:

          It’s true that “ride the lightning” used to refer to the electric chair. The first time I ever heard the term was in an old movie where it was thusly used. The electric chair is not in common usage anymore (unfortunately). Tasers are. The intended meaning was obvious and the electric chair reference seems to me like the driver being a bitch.

          As for Grinston’s chickenshit, I fail to see how needlessly escalating the situation is representing the Army in a positive light.
          I once ran a stop sign under circumstances similar to those you described in Hawthorn, NV on my way to Boise. Didn’t see it as I was looking down at my Garmin GPS (it was some years ago, obviously). I pulled over immediately as there was no well-lit area to be had, and held both hands out the window. When asked if I knew why I was being pulled over, I replied “Honestly, no. But I must have fucked up somehow.”

          “Yeah, you ran a stop sign.”

          “Shit. Well, that would’ve been when I was looking down at that thing (indicating the Garmin on the dash) instead of looking at the road like I should’ve. Okay, I was a dumbass. I’ll own that one.”

          I think the cop was a bit surprised at the complete lack of argument. He told me to have a safe night. I said “Thanks, but I’m not asking for a break. If I screwed up, I screwed up. I’ll take it.”

          “No, you’re good. Just pay better attention from here on out.”

          I was substantially more surprised that he was letting me off without paper, so I thanked him, wished him a safe night, and went on my way. I didn’t give him any shit, he didn’t come at me like the 3rd Reich, and I didn’t start under the assumption that I was some infallible innocent victim of “the man” or any of that bullshit.

          • 5JC says:

            TOW- That is because you told him the truth, took responsibility and you weren’t being willfully dangerous at the time, you just made a mistake. I pretty much do the same thing when I encounter such a rare bird.

            As LEOs we get lied to pretty much continuously by about 90% of the people we deal with. Oftentimes the people are otherwise honest in most respects in life. I expect to get lied to by criminals, its what they do, but by most everyone else is one of the more disappointing aspects of the job.

            I had an interesting encounter the other morning.

            I stopped a vehicle for speeding 23 over. I make contact and the driver who does not have his license. He then tells me right away that he is sorry but he did not see the sign… even though he has lived in the area for 23 years. He then says (without a pause) that the reason he was speeding was to get his wife to work on time. He polishes it up telling me that he is an applicant at a nearby LEA and another ticket will put him out of the process.

            So in the course of 60 seconds he was being unsafe, lied at least once, likely twice, failed to have his required ID, threw his wife under the bus and then asked for special treatment based upon his status as a LEO applicant.

            If my writing him a ticket stopped the process and gave him something to think about that was a win. That is exactly the guy we don’t need. Likely he went away thinking about the wrong thing, normally it is the officer’s “fault” when people get in trouble.

      • Green Thumb says:

        The LT should have just kept his mouth shut and followed instructions.

        Being a sidewalk attorney does not help.

        I firmly believe that this would have ended another way had he done that.

        Even if I know I am the right at times, it is easier just to comply and fuck them hard on the back in when I prove I was right.

        • rgr769 says:

          Like I said yesterday, young Black males seem to have a predilection to confront police officers who stop them. This butter bar behaved badly in this situation exercising poor judgment. I wouldn’t follow him across the street. Being an officer means maintaining a calm, cool head in a challenging, unanticipated situations.

          • 5JC says:

            I am not sure what you are basing your stereotype on. I average about 30 contacts a week and haven’t really noticed it as a trend upon sex, race or youth.

            I will say that Hispanics tend to be the least confrontational of all groups except those over 50 (all races); who are not involved in criminal activity.

            Level of intoxication tends to be a key data point for confrontational traffic stops. When someone is being confrontational it is the first thing I look for.

      • gitarcarver says:


        A lot can happen in a 1:40.

        True. That of course is irrelevant. What matters is what IS happening. In this case, Nazario was driving below the speed limit, had signaled his intention to stop and the officers knew it.

        This is many times longer than the average police gun battle.

        Are you trying to imply that Nazario was traveling down the road, driving below the speed limit in a running gun battle with two cops?

        How they “knew” what the driver was doing is a mystery.

        All that matters is that they did know and therefore Nazario was not trying to elude them.

        Having a temp tag and having a “plainly visible tag” or “properly displayed tag” are all different things.

        This was a temporary tag. VA allows to self print temp tags and those tags can be printed on paper. There is no statute for displaying a temporary tag in the license plate holder. Once the cops saw the tag, the reason for the stop is gone. At best, the cops could say “we didn’t see your tag because of the tinting” but instead they ramped up the situation.

        The reason the description of the driver matters is because if the vehicle is stolen or has been used in a crime the driver is likely to flee on foot.

        I would agree with that except they were not giving a description of the driver. They were saying that it was “80% chance that he is a minority.” That’s not a description. That is profiling.

        Death by electrocution makes absolutely no sense in this context.

        Because no one has ever died from a tazer? The problem, as I stated, is that cops are taught to give clear, concise statements to people. “Do it or you will be tazed” is such a statement. “Ride the lightning,” which has another meaning, is not clear and really a dumb thing to say.

        Guiterez is an idiot and makes several mistakes. The first of which is getting trolled by the driver.

        Trolled by the driver? If anything, the cops were the ones trolling and out of control. Nazario remains calm through the entire encounter.

        I am confused by why they did a Felony Traffic Stop. Aside from doing it all wrong there was no felony committed and no reason to call for one.

        The original post for this thread was about how the Officer Guiterrez was wrongfully fired.

        He wasn’t.

        • 5JC says:

          Again and still mostly wrong.

          Your statement that the officers “knew” what the driver was doing is erroneous. They did not know, they were guessing.

          46.2-716 provides for the display of tags and makes no distinction about temporary tags. There is no statue to display ANY license plate in a holder or to put it in any particular place on the vehicle however;

          “In a position to be clearly visible, and In a condition to be clearly legible”; neither of which was true. Please read the code before posting about it again since you got it wrong twice now.

          ““Ride the lightning,” which has another meaning, is not clear and really a dumb thing to say.”

          You certainly won’t get any argument from me on those counts. Like I said he made lots of mistakes and there were two of them. Your implication that he was going to try to kill someone with a Taser is really dumb since he had a gun on his gun belt. We would call it a “plot hole” in a movie.

          “Nazario remains calm through the entire encounter.”

          Based upon the video that does not appear to be entirely accurate. Be that as it is, the whole point in trolling is to get the other person upset while the troll is calm. So you are kind of making my point for me, thanks.

          Every case is different. Likely this is not the first go around with dumb stuff on the officer.

          I am curious on what grounds you would have fired the officer?

          • gitarcarver says:

            Your statement that the officers “knew” what the driver was doing is erroneous. They did not know, they were guessing.

            The point is that there was nothing out of the ordinary to what Nazario was doing. The officers said so on the radio.

            The cops were no “guessing.” They were relying on the information they had. Nazario was not speeding. He had turned on his signal to indicate he was going to get off of the road. There was nothing in this stop to indicate that Nazario was “eluding” the police.

            Your statement is interesting as there are times when officers rely on their experiences to stop someone on the streets or whatever. Are you saying those stops (which are the same type of “guess”) should be outlawed?

            “In a position to be clearly visible, and In a condition to be clearly legible”; neither of which was true. Please read the code before posting about it again since you got it wrong twice now.

            The officers could see the tag which is the point. I haven’t gotten it wrong. The tag was in the window. The officers saw it. This is the second time you have tried to dismiss the officers’ own words and actions.

            Your implication that he was going to try to kill someone with a Taser is really dumb since he had a gun on his gun belt. We would call it a “plot hole” in a movie.

            My implication was that his directions were not clear. He had already drawn his gun for no reason whatsoever. If I am Nazario, I am afraid for my life from two out of control cops who seem intent on harming me. And please, don’t give me the idea that Nazario only had to comply with the officers’ commands. Once again, the stop was illegal. The Supreme Court has repeatedly ruled that once the police have the information that nullifies the cause for the stop, the stop ends.

            Be that as it is, the whole point in trolling is to get the other person upset while the troll is calm. So you are kind of making my point for me, thanks.

            No, you are making the point for me. Nazario wasn’t trying to get the officers upset. The officers were already upset when they got to the BP station.

            Every case is different. Likely this is not the first go around with dumb stuff on the officer.

            I agree if you are talking about the police officer. If you are talking about the Nazario, while it may be true, the fact of the matter is that the two police officers had no prior knowledge of Nazario in the vehicle simply because they would have said “that’s Nazario in the truck.” They didn’t.

            I am curious on what grounds you would have fired the officer?

            The city has already stated that they fired him for violating policies.

            However, let’s start with profiling. Let’s move onto a violation of the 4th Amendment. We can go to excessive use of force(especially since Nazario becomes incapacitated, is getting out of the car with with his hands up and is sprayed again multiple times by the officer.) We can talk about a lack of professionalism, which you admit occurred.

            As I said, being a cop is a tough job and there are times when things need to be ramped up. This wasn’t one of them. This was a case where two cops seemed out of control and looking for a fight. If you can’t be professional in your chosen line of work, you don’t need to be around.

            • Green Thumb says:

              Hey, fool.

              How could they know if he was armed? Or not? Crystal ball?

              Bad divorce, failed drug test, family issue, gambling debt, cheating spouse, etc. Take your pick. Welcome the the Soldier’s world.

              And I ain’t the biggest fan of LEO’s.

              Shit happens.

            • Green Thumb says:

              “My implication was that his directions were not clear.”


              Get out of the car?

            • UpNorth says:

              “The officers could see the tag which is the point. I haven’t gotten it wrong. The tag was in the window. The officers saw it. This is the second time you have tried to dismiss the officers’ own words and actions”. With window tinting, it’s highly doubtful that the officers could determine, from their cruisers, that it was a temp tag, or a piece of paper cut to size to move a vehicle. BTDT, it’s not always that easy to see if it’s a legit tag until one is about 6 inches from said window and it’s tinting.

            • 5JC says:

              Gitcarver – I asked you to read the code and you clearly didn’t so there is no point in discussing the tag since you are talking from a place of ignorance. You might read what other have written to understand. Your assumption that the stop was illegal is badly mistaken. It would hold up in any court of law in the land. Go back and read my first two posts again if you have any questions on that.

              When you wrote: “No has ever died from a Taser” you implied that he was going to execute him with a Taser. You stated explicitly that he was talking about executing him in your first post. To try recharacterize those statements now is akin to lying. It’s ok, lots of people lie, just don’t get upset because I called you out on it.

              Unless someone was on the phone with the driver they don’t know what he was doing. And you don’t know either. There are many police chases where the driver slows down looking for a place to ditch the vehicle. Try watching reality TV and you will see.

              “Nazario wasn’t trying to get the officers upset.”

              When the police detain you and you do not do what they tell you to do they will get upset. So, you are saying that Nazario was too stupid to know that? I find that hard to believe.

              I might have fired him too. I’m on the fence though because some people are fixable and some aren’t. I prefer people to be fixed than thrown out. Most municipalities will fire officers for the cardinal sins which are bad press and liability exposure. He might have survived one, but not both.

  3. JarHead Pat says:

    Boot butterbar should get conduct unbecoming to say the least, talk about trying to make things way worse, and separation for the good of the service what a cunt.

  4. Sapper3307 says:

    Still wanting so slap the (non AR670-1) peach fuzz of the lil girls’ face.
    p.s “He officer I have a loaded handgun beside my leg what should I do next?” would have helped.

  5. KoB says:

    Plenty of teh stoopid to go around here. I’ve been on the receiving end of a FTS, driving a rental car with one tag number different from the one they were actually looking for. One of the LEOs was younger and excitable. It coulda went bad real quick. Following their instructions I was able to leave, unshot or tased, with their apologies upon their determination that I was not the one they were looking for.

    Found out later, they caught up with the actual felon in another traffic stop that day and the guy shot one of the officers when the LEO approached the vehicle. It didn’t end well for the perp.

  6. Green Thumb says:

    I heard SMA Grinston is a ballsack.

  7. Skippy says:

    I tapped out when instead of draining the swamp.
    Trump let the kids run wild
    I knew this wasn’t going to end well
    We are definitely at our twilight

  8. AW1Ed says:

    Thanks, Mason. I first read of the incident and thought the write up way too one sided, and asked Mason to provide some of his LEO expertise on the matter.
    Seems to me the LT is suffering from self-inflicted wounds.

  9. Robert SezMe says:

    Didn’t SMA Grinston be clown himself just a few weeks ago?

    Name edited again to protect PII.

    • Mason says:

      You’re gonna have to be more specific. When it comes to the service-level SEA, the Air Force’s has been taking the crown for idiotic comments/statements the last several months.

      • ChipNASA says:

        HEY NOW!!! I don’t take offense with your pointing this out (although I wish you hadn’t) BUT I take offense at everyone picking on our E-9 of the Air Force.
        😀 😀 😀
        Both of these are better than she…

  10. Old tanker says:

    Having been a LEO I can see mistakes on both sides. I can also see the LT was the instigator of the situation and was deliberate in his actions to further exacerbate the situation.

    There were clear instructions given to him early in the confrontation that he blithely ignored. You can see it in his expression as he carefully places the phone to video the situation, knowing his phone did not capture that he did not stop in a timely manner. In short he did a masterful job of trying to push the buttons of the original Officer and make things worse. What is so hard to understand about shut the car off and put your hands outside the window?

    Refusing to do so just escalates the situation and the LT damn well knew that. Even after the failure to yield to emergency vehicle situation, had he followed the instructions, shut the car off, showed his hands and exited the vehicle, all that would have resulted is a traffic ticket at worst. The tag inside of a dark tinted window does not fit the statute for proper display of the drive out tag. It must be plainly visible to be legal. Instead, the LT knowingly and willfully did everything he could to make a simple stop worse. IMO he should be up on charges for conduct unbecoming.

    That is NOT going to happen because of the current climate in the service regarding race relations due to the present administration. The LT has the wrong melanin content to be held accountable for his actions. No one in the chain of command is going to do anything that could possibly be misconstrued as being harsh on a minority soldier. I really have no doubt had he been white he would be facing charges in the Army for his conduct.

    As to “riding the lightning” I have only heard it used as referring to a taser, never the “chair”. Of course the chair was referred to as “sparky”. Then again in AZ they did away with the electric chair some decades ago and had either gas or lethal injection, until gas was deemed to be unpleasant.

    In this case the Officer failed to realize he was being set up and played into the LT’s hands. I am sure the city will roll over rapidly in order to avoid riots and the LT will certainly be leaving the Army very soon and far richer than he would have had he not done this. I certainly would not want him (LT) in my command in any position.

  11. Ex Coelis says:

    What a complete and total goat-fuck… After reading up on several feeds to this story – I think this butter-bar should’ve simply complied and dealt with both cop’s so-called ‘rudeness’ sometime later. As an educated ‘Ossifer and a Gentleman’, that man should’ve known and deported himself a helluva lot better. While it’s completely understandable that this second looey would want to go to a better-lit area to better address and safely assess his situation but when he’s finally stopped – it’s absolutely NOT understandable when he becomes argumentative, snippy and non-compliant to reasonable Police requests. Think this tiny-minded butter-bar needs to be loudly told by his OC to unfuck himself and then get a very protracted reaming-out by the unit’s Sargent Major. And if SMA Grinston actually did come out in support of this el-tee’s entirely questionable public behaviour, it doesn’t speak too well to the SMA’s overall understanding of military bearing, discipline and deportment. But then again, as a rather polite but knuckle-dragging Canukian and former lawn-dart with absolutely no like(never-mind love) for almost all commissioned officers, I probably ought to abstain from making any further comment… Doom in bone-heads everywhere. Cheers to all here.

  12. SFC D says:

    The SMA needs that reminder that one of our nautical friends regularly uses here:

    Swim lane. Yours. Stay in. Good doggie.

    • Green Thumb says:

      What will be interesting is if the SMA sticks by his guns after all of the other stuff comes out.

      If this is the case, he should establish a commission to review every LE and NCO who had potential UCMJ issues with respect to traffic / moving violations.

  13. penguinman000 says:

    Officer Guitierez was unprofessional with his language and communicated a threat needlessly (“you should be afraid”). I’m unsure why he let the guy off after having to escalate force to gain compliance/control. At that point there should be charges, such as obstruction (18.2-460).

    Spraying someone and then letting them go with a warning presents a case where lawyers can claim the cop knew they were in the wrong and were attempting to cover up stuff.

    Officer Guitierez performed in a less than stellar manner during this interaction. He has now lost his job and since the department is claiming he violated policy they have washed their hands of him.

    LT dumbass should be flogged.

    Failed to stop for a marked cruiser driven by a uniformed officer when he wasn’t properly displaying his license plate (46.2-715). There was zero concern these weren’t real cops (the primary concern that started the concept of driving to a “safe” area when being stopped).

    (Public service announcement: if you’re not going to stop for a police vehicle call 911 and let them know. It can really ratchet the pucker factor down across the board.)

    Failed to follow commands multiple times. Wouldn’t show his hands. Wouldn’t get out of the car. etc…

    This is a “leader” who can’t follow the rules, refuses to follow lawful commands, and thinks he’s owed something special because he’s wearing a uniform. And now he’s got the SMA approving of his behavior (I’m confused why the SMA is commenting on something involving an officer?)

    • penguinman000 says:

      Forgot to add, disregarding signal by a law enforcement officer to stop (46.2-817) doesn’t say a motor vehicle operator gets to drive to a safe/lighted area.

  14. ninja says:

    Well, THIS is very interesting

    You Be The Judge:

    “Court Documents: Army Lieutenant In Windsor Traffic Stop Pulled Over A Month Before Viral Incident”

    “News 3 has uncovered documents that show that Army Lt. Caron Nazario had been pulled over by Windsor Police about a month before the incident where he was pepper sprayed by a Windsor Police officer in December.”

    “The November 7 traffic stop was for speeding.”

    “News 3 has reached out to several people for comment on the November traffic stop. His attorney says the two incidents are unrelated and believes the December 18 date that appears in the documents is when Nazario pre-paid the fine.”

  15. ninja says:


    This is NOT the 1st time the LT has had encounters with the Virginia Law:

    Go to this site:

    “Virginia Case Status and Information”

    After you enter that page, click on “On Line Case Information System-Statewide Search”.

    When you reach that site, type in the LT’s name “Nazario, Caron R.

    Folks, the LT has NUMEROUS infractions, from speeding(lots of speeding tickets) not having license plates, having tinted windows, etc.etc…about 11 infractions in a short time period.

    He is either identified as being Black or Hispanic, but IT’S HIM.

    Being pulled over last year was not his FIRST rodeo/brush-in with Law Enforcement. Look at the dates of the infractions and where it occurred within Virginia.

    Who knows…he may have had other law enforcement encounters IN OTHER STATES.

    Something is not right…how much does his Chain of Command know about his previous encounters with Law Enforcement?

    You Be The Judge.

    • Poetrooper says:

      Ninja, followed your directions and the site will not let me type in the LT’s name in the form after multiple and varied attempts.

      Can you just excerpt the information and post it here so everyone can read it. This could be VERY embarrassing to the Sergeant Major of the Army.

      • ninja says:


        I will screen shot the eleven (11) charges (I do believe two are misdemeanors, with one as guilty) to Admin.

        To speed up the process before I screen shot, I will type each one in a post below.

    • Green Thumb says:

      No surprise here.

      Barracks lawyer 2LT.

  16. Sgt K says:

    “Ride the lightning” is what we used to call standing on a mortar base plate (81mm, 4deuce, and 120mm) for the indexing round. It’s probably against the law now days.

  17. ninja says:

    Here You Go, Poe.

    On the Virginia Website, one can open each individual case to read about each charge.

    Some charges were dismissed.

    On others, he was found guilty.

    Note the pattern of “Speeding”, “Driving With Tinted Windows” and “Not Displaying Plates”.

    Time frame covers 2014-2020.

    Wonder if his Chain of Command was aware?

    Isle of Wight General District Court
    Case #: GT20008474-00
    Defendant: NAZARIO, CARON R
    Offense Date: 11/07/2020
    Hearing: 05/12/2021
    Charge: 54/35 SPEED
    Code Section: G.46.2-875

    Chesterfield General District Court
    Case #: GT16005707-00
    Defendant: NAZARIO, CARON R
    Offense Date: 02/02/2016
    Hearing: 03/28/2016
    Code Section: 46.2-1052

    Dinwiddie General District Court
    Case #: GT14011945-00
    Defendant: NAZARIO, CARON R.
    Offense Date: 12/02/2014
    Hearing: 01/15/2015
    Charge: 75/60 SP
    Code Section: G.46.2-870

    New Kent General District Court
    Case #: GT18003278-00
    Defendant: NAZARIO, CARON RENE
    Offense Date: 05/31/2018
    Hearing: 06/27/2018
    Charge: 70/55 SP
    Code Section: G.46.2-870

    Petersburg General District Court

    Case #: GT18005493-00
    Defendant: NAZARIO, CARON RENE
    Offense Date: 03/28/2018
    Hearing: 07/17/2018
    Charge: 43/25 SP
    Code Section: G.46.2-874

    Brunswick General District Court
    Case #: GT16006946-00
    Defendant: NAZARIO, CARON RENE
    Offense Date: 06/03/2016
    Hearing: 09/22/2016
    Charge: WINDOW TINT
    Code Section: 46.2-1052

    Brunswick General District Court
    Case #: GT16006947-00
    Defendant: NAZARIO, CARON RENE
    Offense Date: 06/03/2016
    Hearing: 09/22/2016
    Code Section: 46.2-716

    Petersburg General District Court

    Case #: GT16005157-00
    Defendant: NAZARIO, CARON RENE
    Offense Date: 05/28/2016
    Hearing: 08/23/2016
    Amended Charge: SP 1-9 OVER LIMIT-55/70 ZONE
    Amended Code Section: A.46.2-870

    Petersburg General District Court
    Case #: GT16005158-00
    Defendant: NAZARIO, CARON RENE
    Offense Date: 05/28/2016
    Hearing: 08/23/2016
    Code Section: A.46.2-104

    Prince George General District Court
    Case #: GT15001106-00
    Defendant: NAZARIO, CARON RENE
    Offense Date: 02/09/2015
    Hearing: 04/27/2015
    Code Section: A.46.2-852

    Sussex General District Court
    Case #: GT14012193-00
    Defendant: NAZARIO, CARON RENE
    Offense Date: 10/07/2014
    Hearing: 11/18/2014
    Amended Charge: 44/35 SPEEDING
    Amended Code Section: A.46.2-875

    • ninja says:

      How many more times is the LT going to get away with speeding before he kills someone while driving in a reckless manner?

      Additionally,will check on this, but could have sworn Virginia has a law against tinted windows…yet, he seems to be a repeated offender on that offense.

      As well as being a reoeated offender on not having license plates displayed.

      When an individual is pulled over, doesn’t LEO run a check on his plates or licenses or driving history?

      • The Other Whitey says:

        Looking at one of them for doing 43 in a 25. So that’s either a residential street or a school zone, in either case, he’s likely to run over a kid. Speeding on the freeway is one thing, but this is something else. Fuck him straight to hell.

    • Poetrooper says:

      Thanks, ninja, now someone needs to post this on the Sergeant Major of the Army’s Twitter feed and Facebook page. Ol’ Poe doesn’t do ANY social media so it will have to be someone else.

      Ed, Mason, Dave, somebody should do a post featuring our politically correct SMA’s support for the Eltee and these legal infractions. Thanks to ninja, we know this wasn’t this turd’s first run-in with the law.

      I’m thinking that RD charge in 2015 must be reckless driving which is, I believe, a bit more serious than just speeding although still just a misdemeanor in this case.

      The upshot of all these charges though is that the crying, afraid-to-pull-over lieutenant was a seasoned veteran when it comes to getting pulled over.

    • Skippy says:

      No surprise
      And this is what CSM thinks
      Is a fine leader.

    • The Other Whitey says:

      Yep, he’s an asswipe.

  18. ninja says:

    Question for anyone serving in the US Army National Guard.

    It looks as if LT Caron Nazario received his Commission via ROTC in 2016:

    It that NORMAL in 2021 to stay a LT for 5 years in the National Guard?

    By the time I hit the 5 year mark in the US Army, I was already CPT/O3 who finished my Advanced Officer Course with a Company Command under my belt.

    Then again, I was Active Component.

    Is there a difference with Time In Grade as a LT between the National Guard, Army Reserves and Active Component?

    • Poetrooper says:

      Ninja, just heard back from the news editor at WTKR in Norfolk and suggested he drop in here to review your research.

    • Stacy0311 says:

      You can be selected for promotion but if there’s no vacancy, you don’t get promoted. You have to be selected AND have an open billet for your branch/AOC.

      Also NG vice AD is 2 years as a 2LT and 2 years as a 1LT before your first look for 03.

      Plus DA promotion boards with eligibility zones can seriously upset your career path/promotion timelines. For example, I had 3 years as a 1LT before I got my first look for CPT (made on the first board). And then 5 years as a CPT before first board for MAJ (made it on first board also). And it’ll probably be 5 years before my first LTC board.

      Or he’s just a shit bird. 5 years as a 2LT, I’m going with shit bird

    • Sapper3307 says:

      Low performer holding a quota?

  19. ninja says:

    If anyone is interested in looking at each of the 11 infractions for the LT, here are the instructions again:

    Ensure your Cookies are enabled.

    Go to this site:

    Once you get to that site, click on “Online Case Information System-Statewide Search”.

    Scroll to the bottom of the screen and click “Accept”.

    After accepting, the site will take you to another site where you type in a name.

    Type in “Nazario, Caron”.

    The site will then take you to another site. Scroll to the bottom of the site and click “Acknowledge”.

    11 Infractions under his name “Nazario, Caron R. will pop up.

    One can click on each infraction to see the charges as well as addressing if he was found guilty or not guilty.

    There is a repeated behavior in those charges.

    Am wondering how much he pays a month for car insurance based on those charges and again, am wondering if his Chain of Command is aware of all of this.

    What amazes me (sarc) is that for some reason (sarc), Journalism is covering up these previous charges.

    WTKR in Virginia DID mention the November 2020 charges, but did not address the other charges.

    • A Proud Infidel®™ says:

      With a set of Moving Violations like that, I bet he gets a Christmas Card from his Insurance Agent every year!

  20. AW1Ed says:

    Said it before. We have the best ninjas.

  21. OWB says:

    Wait, what? Gutierrez is a “white” officer?

    It’s all too confusing.

  22. Commissar says:

    I agree with the SGA.

    Most of you don’t know what the hell you are talking about and are just latching onto any excuse you can grasp on while trying to justify police abuse of power.


    Like despotic and sycophantic “small government” conservatives.

    • SFC D says:

      I question the SMA’s wisdom and professionalism BECAUSE he saw fit to comment on this situation. It matters not one bit whether he approved or disapproved. What should have been handled at the municipal and company commander level is now a major national incident. There’s no good guy in any of this, not the police, not the 2LT, and most certainly not the SMA. You’re a fraud.