Hunter Biden and Form 4473

| April 9, 2021

Hunter Biden

Are you an unlawful user of, or addicted to, marijuana or any depressant, stimulant, narcotic drug, or any other controlled substance?

Guess where this is going.

AW1 Rod sends.

NRA-ILA: Hunter Biden Incident Shows that Gun Laws are for the Little People

There is a central hypocrisy at the heart of the gun control effort. High-profile gun control-supporting politicians, the Hollywood elite, and billionaire tycoons, will advocate to strip ordinary Americans of their right to defend themselves and their family, all the while enjoying the security that armed men with guns provide. As Hunter Biden’s 2018 firearm incident shows, this hypocrisy extends even to incidents where a high-profile individual has taken the step of procuring their own firearm. The message from these elites could not be clearer: Gun laws are only for the little people.

For those who have yet to learn of Hunter’s escapades in firearm ownership, according to a report from Politico, the troubled son of the president purchased a .38-caliber revolver from a Delaware Federal Firearms Licensee (FFL) on October 12, 2018. In order to acquire the gun, Hunter filled out the required BATFE Form 4473. On October 23, Hallie Biden, widow to Joe Biden’s son Beau and then-companion to Hunter, searched the ne’er-do-well’s truck, which was parked at her home in Wilmington, Del., and found the handgun. Apparently fearing for Hunter’s safety, Hallie wrapped the revolver in a shopping bag and threw it into a trash receptacle outside nearby gourmet grocery store Janssen’s Market – which is located across the street from the campus of Alexis I. du Pont High School.

Later that day, after Hunter told Hallie to retrieve the firearm, Hallie returned to where she had disposed of the gun but could not find it. At this point law enforcement was notified of the missing firearm, prompting an investigation that reportedly involved the Delaware State Police, the United States Secret Service, and the Federal Bureau of Investigation.


According to Politico, prior to the firearm’s return a pair of Secret Service agents visited the FFL where Hunter purchased the firearm in an attempt to obtain the corresponding Form 4473.

Federal firearms issues are the purview of the BATFE, not USSS. What was the Secret Service interest in Hunter’s 4473? Read the entire article here: Guns America
Thanks, Rod. For the record, the form also states, “I also understand that making any false oral or written statement, or exhibiting any false or misrepresented identification with respect to this transaction, is a crime punishable as a felony under Federal law, and may also violate State and/or local law.”

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  1. Sapper3307 says:

    He aged hard after his NAVY career, to long on deck?

  2. 5JC says:

    I always the “Are you a fugitive from justice?” Question. That actually catches one or two low hanging pieces of fruit a year.

    But it isn’t a have/ have not question with the 4473. The DOJ prosecutes .09% of such cases a year with. The State of PA wrote a law a few years back to prosecute if they lied when buying guns every year they convict more people every year than the Feds every have since the 4473 has existed.

    • rgr769 says:

      Yes, the DOJ has consistently refused to prosecute the many hundreds of people who lie on this form every year. As ususal, they refuse, along with state D.A.’s to enforce and prosecute the many gun laws already on the books.

      In my AO, a convicted felon was just arrested and charged with murder for shooting to death a dude with whom he was having an argument. I’ll bet they drop the gun charge, which would get him ten years in the federal pen, as part of some plea bargain.

      • A Proud Infidel®™ says:

        Just like how during Operation Fast and Furious, FFL Dealers were calling the Feds telling them that they had people they knew were making Straw Purchases to which the Feddies said to go ahead and sell the guns to them!

        • rgr769 says:

          It was actually worse than that. These purchasers were buying so many semi-auto rifles, the dealers suspected they were likely being use for something illegal, like arming the cartels across the border, which was exactly the plan of 0bama’s corrupt DOJ/BATF. They were just too incompetent to keep track of these guns they were going to cite a proof we needed a new gun ban because of all these guns going to Mexico.

          • Poetrooper says:

            Think maybe the reason the feds don’t seem eager to enforce that unlawful users of narcotics violation is because they realize it would have its greatest impact in Democrat controlled blue states that have either legalized narcotics usage or refuse to prosecute drug usage and even drug sales?

  3. KoB says:

    “Rules for thee, but not for me! Nothing to see here Citizen, Move along!”

    Surprised that Brother’s Wife Fu@king Be Lyden isn’t already head of the DEA, after all, somebody has got to make sure that the dope confiscated is actually, you know…real dope. Or maybe head of the Department of Health, just to make sure the hookers and strippers are not infected with some sort of canarial disease.

  4. HMCS(FMF) ret says:

    Well, Hunter wanted the “big guy” to run for POTUS to protect his ass from his nefarious dealings… and all of that is coming to light… go check the Daily Mail. Looks like they be running a few stories in the next few days about the laptop and what’s on it in greater detail than what the MSM will here.

    There’s a pic of Hunter in a dentists chair showing off his “meth mouth” chompers… not something for those that may have weak stomachs

  5. The Other Whitey says:

    What was the Secret Service interest in Hunter’s 4473?

    Ooh, I know! I know! Shielding PedoJoe’s shitbag spawn from charges for lying on said 4473 about drug use and felony convictions!

  6. rgr769 says:

    We know the SS tried to take Hunter’s 4473 and purchase docs from the dealer because he says he refused to let the SS agents take them. He told them he would only surrender them to the BATF, which he apparently subsequently did. We know Hunter lied on the form, because if he had checked yes on the 4473, the FFL dealer would have refused to sell him the revolver.

    The dealer is required by law to keep the original 4473 for every firearm he transfers to the purchaser. Then they are turned into the BATF when his license expires or is cancelled.

    • Poetrooper says:

      “…if he had checked yes on the 4473, the FFL dealer would have refused to sell him the revolver.”

      Isn’t that what is called prima facie evidence, Counselor?

      • rgr769 says:

        Yup. These cases are a slam dunk to prove. The defendant has signed the document under oath in front of a witness to whom he has provided his driver’s license. Hunter’s own book would be prosecution exhibit 2, after the 4473 is marked exhibit 1.

        • ArmyATC says:

          Isn’t there a federal law about a prohibited person possessing a firearm?

          • rgr769 says:

            Yes, but it doesn’t apply to D-rat politicos or their adult children. Although, I am uncertain if there is a specific federal statute prohibiting a drug user from possessing firearms, like the one which applies to convicted felons. The acquisition of the revolver and the false statement on the form were clearly illegal and crimes.

            • SFC D says:

              I’m no lawyer, and I’ve never played one on TV, but if it’s illegal for an admitted drug user to legally purchase a firearm, would it not also be illegal for that same admitted drug user to legally possess said firearm?

            • Poetrooper says:

              Here ya go, Counselor:

              The Federal Gun Control Act of 1968 and the Federal Omnibus Consolidated Appropriations Act of 1997 make it illegal for a person who fits into any of the following categories to ship, transport, receive or possess firearms or ammunition. These laws prevent a state from issuing a concealed carry license/permit as it would be illegal for people who fit in these categories, by federal law, to own or possess a gun.

              Fugitives from justice

              Persons who are unlawful users of or are addicted to narcotics or any other controlled substances (including medical marijuana, see below)

              Persons adjudicated as a mental defective or who have been committed to a mental institution

              Persons who have been convicted in any court of a crime punishable by imprisonment for a term exceeding 1 year

              Persons who are under indictment for a crime punishable by imprisonment for a term exceeding 1 year

              Military veterans discharged under dishonorable conditions
              Persons who have renounced U.S. citizenship

              Aliens illegally in the U.S.

              Persons subject to a court order that restrains them from harassing, stalking or threatening an intimate partner or child of such intimate partner

              Persons convicted in any court of a misdemeanor crime of domestic violence


              • SFC D says:

                Hunter checks two of those blocks. Now, can each of those lies be charged as a separate felony?

                • Fyrfighter says:

                  yes, yes they can, and should be, but we all know they won’t be…

                • rgr769 says:

                  Hunter received a less than honorable discharge from the Naval Reserve. It was administrative, so he does not have a dishonorable discharge, but he does tick the drug box. I have never heard that he was convicted of domestic violence. And I doubt he has been involuntarily committed to a mental facility.

    • Skyjumper says:

      I had a FFL quite a few years ago. When I decided that I no longer needed it, before I turned in the log book to the BATF, I made a copy of every page….just in case, and put them into my safe deposit box. Still have those copies today.

      My Training NCO record keeping days have served me well through the years. (smile)

      As for Hunter, he should be prosecuted for his falsifying the 4473.

  7. Slow Joe says:

    The scandals of the children of Democrat leaders are only comparable to the scandals of the children of the members of the Soviet politburo.

    • Ret_25X says:

      To be powerful one must be compromised and part of the hypocrisy.

      Of course the children must be expected to play their part if they too shall rule in future.

      Cho Bi Den is merely playing by his own class rules.

    • 5JC says:

      It is fun to compare and contrast the “scandals” of right wing politicians such as the Bush twins using fake ideas to try to buy booze. That thing got screamed from the rooftops. Underage drinking is hardly a rare occurrence in US society, maybe even a mandated part of growing up. Seems they turned out fine and ok.

      Smoking crack and taking bribes from China OTOH as well as the whole laundry list of stupid shit is astonishing and it may as well not even happened from the left wing media.

      • Poetrooper says:

        Ol’ Poe’s friends, colleagues and even family used to think him a right-wing fanatic back forty years ago when he began protesting that the mainstream media were biased left.

        Think maybe I’m vindicated now?

  8. Skippy says:

    No surprise here

  9. Ex-PH2 says:

    Another useless twig…. hasn’t fallen off the tree just yet, but it will.

  10. Devtun says:

    Gun grabbing fanatic, David Chipman, has been picked to be the next ATF Director. I’m guessin’ Hunter’s adventures will be brought up at the confirmation hearings by the GOP side of the aisle. Not that anything will come of it. The weasley standard line of ‘can’t comment on an ongoing investigation’ will be used repeatedly I imagine – even if there is no investigation. Chipman doesn’t give a phuq – D-rats control the Senate.
    Don Jr or Eric Trump engaged in even a tiny fraction of Hunter’s shenanigans, they would be crushed flat in a NY minute.

    • The Other Whitey says:

      Wasn’t he the same asshole who torched a building full of small children in Waco?

      • rgr769 says:

        Although he was at BATF when Waco when down, there is no info he was involved in the operation. He has, however, falsely stated that the Branch Davidians used two .50 cal. Barratt M-82’s to shoot down two helicopters over-watching the operation. The only .50 cal’s at Waco, if any, were in the possession of government forces. Recall that the task force had several M-113’s and some tanks on site.

        In the letters to the editor at “Behind the Lines” magazine, two SF NCO’s who trained the Waco BATF “raiders” commented that they were told by one of their ATF students to “watch the news” because the ATF was going to do something “big.” Both said they thought the guys they trained in two weeks had no business trying to conduct a military style raid like the Waco op. They were not surprised the raid turned into an abortion, killing those agents. The reason the agents didn’t just pick up the looney leader when he went to town is because they wanted a big PR event to enhance their image. But they proved Commandos they were not.

        • 11B-Mailclerk says:

          “Operation Showboat”

          It was about their budget.

          • 11B-Mailclerk says:

            Stolen vice?

            • Poetrooper says:

              Well he’s certainly posing as a victorious badass isn’t he?

              Ol’ Poe thinks most of us wouldn’t be so proud of a mission that killed so many women and children that we could pose triumphantly on the smoking ruins.

              But that pic definitely gives us some idea of the kind of zealot we now have as the head of ATF, don’t you think?

              If he could be that proud of snuffing out all those innocent, non-threatening women and children, he won’t think anything about shooting a bunch of resistant old geezers to get our guns.

              You tell this guy Molon Labe and it’s game on. He could very well be the gun-grabbing fanatic who pulls another stupid stunt like Waco and ignites the Second Civil War…

              • 11B-Mailclerk says:

                I have no doubt he will do something stupid and evil.


                Finding, and widely publicizing, where he sturmtrupp-ed high-melanin minorities might induce some interesting Left-on-Left infighting.

  11. MI Ranger says:

    So what are the requirements for Secret Service detail if the President’s son is convicted and sent to prison? Is there are clause that says they are no longer required to protect him?