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| April 5, 2021

Just as we think we’re bad off because of all those restrictions, the morning news is that the CV19 bug is starting to spread again (likely partly due to the Spring Break college crowd) and the infection rate is up. No sign so far that lock-down restrictions will ramp up again, but it is not a surprise to me that this is happening. But as several local physicians have said, “get the shot, period” and move on.

Yes, I want Spring and Summer to be normal again, but let’s please remember that the Black Death swept through Europe at least three times, carried by rats loaded with plague-infested fleas jumping off merchant ships that had docked in European ports. Like that Plague, and like the 1918-1919 Spanish flu, this infestation will also have its cycle and then become just another annual vaxx.

And if we think we have it bad, then read this about what is going on elsewhere, not related at all to the CV19 plague:

– Yemen’s food crisis is so bad that children are literally starving to death. https://www.independent.co.uk/news/this-is-hell-un-food-aid-chief-visits-yemen-fears-famine-yemen-sanaa-world-food-program-addis-ababa-houthi-b1815124.html

From the article:  It remains unclear where more money might come from. Beasley predicted more catastrophes in 2021 if world leaders do not prioritize helping the most vulnerable countries including Yemen, Afghanistan, the Democratic Republic of Congo and Syria.

“About May, June, July, if we don’t have massive amounts of monies put into these places, you’re going to have mass starvation, mass destabilization and mass migration,” Beasley said. – article

Note: the child in the photo that accompanies that article is showing clear signs of starvation. In a world where people scrape food into the trash bin and toss it, because they take it for granted, this is something that should never happen to any child.

– In the ongoing conflict between Ethiopia and Eritrea, Tigrayans have been involved in mass atrocities.  https://www.theguardian.com/world/2021/mar/28/scale-of-tigray-horror-adds-to-pressure-on-ethiopian-leader

Tigray being an Ethiopian province between Eritrea and Ethiopia, the TPLF has acted as an independent force, committing mass atrocities.

From the article: Nearly one million people remain inaccessible to aid groups, according to the UN, amid armed conflict with TPLF forces, which Ethiopia still maintains has officially ended. Earlier this month, in a leaked recording of a meeting between foreign diplomats and an Ethiopian army general, Yohannes Tesfamariam, he described the conflict in Tigray as a “dirty war” and civilian victims as “defenceless” in the most significant acknowledgement from Ethiopia’s authorities that fighting and threats to civilians were ongoing, particularly in Western Tigray. – article

Those are just a few of the disturbances which never seem to die down, and they are worldwide, not just here and there. Here is one more.

China’s government has been repeatedly sending the Uighurs in XinJiang province to “re-education camps” (gulags) and put them into forced labor. While there are some Uyghurs who are Christian, the majority are Muslims.



  • About eleven million Uyghurs—a mostly Muslim, Turkic-speaking ethnic group—live in the northwestern region of Xinjiang.
  • The Chinese government has imprisoned more than one million people since 2017 and subjected those not detained to intense surveillance, religious restrictions, forced labor, and forced sterilizations.
  • The United States sanctioned officials and blacklisted dozens of Chinese agencies linked to abuses in Xinjiang. In 2021, it determined that China’s actions constitute genocide and crimes against humanity.

These are just a few instances of what is going on in China, with that government trying to hide it.

So if you think you have it bad because that bewildered soul who is currently head of the CDC wants us all to take precautions and try to avoid spreading what is essentially another nasty bug, please put yourself in one of those hostile places for just a short term.

After all, China and Iran have just signed a new deal this past week for trade, investment and defense.  What could possibly go wrong there?  https://www.independent.co.uk/news/world/middle-east/iran-china-us-deal-b1824034.html

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  1. AW1Ed says:

    Foreign Aid- Money from poor people in rich countries to rich people in poor countries.

    Money isn’t the answer. Never has been. These places will stay where they until there’s a cultural change enabling them to join the rest of the world, and that is never painless.

    • Sparks says:

      You got that right Brother! And Ex-PH2 is correct in her forecast of another round, or two of this virus before it’s done. Fortunately, when I got my second vaccine shot, I looked down at my card and it read it was good for only one year. I’m hoping they realize the one and done for life vaccine soon.

      Thank you Ex-PH2. You’re my TAH Gal of all Gals!

      • KoB says:

        Testify ‘Ed, the Choir is AMENING (and AWOMENING). Decades of time and 100s of Billions of $ in aide and the only difference is which ruler is getting rich while “their people” starve. It will never change until the culture changes. And the Chinese Communist making nice and lovey dovey with the Iranians while their Muslim population is put in slave labor camps.

        I got my bat flu shot to calm my Lady Friend and in case I want to get on a plane sometime soon. “Show us your papers Citizen” is coming right soon.

    • Graybeard says:


      We send money, thinking that the folks in “that poor country” share our [Judeo-Christian] worldview that gives value to the poor and downtrodden.

      Instead they have zero concern for anyone other than themselves and their clan. Anyone outside that is by default prey.

  2. Green Thumb says:


    And many folks here do not get we really live in the greatest country in the world. That’s why everyone wants to come here.

    I wish a few of these fools in this country would swap places with some of the refugees and other oppressed peoples abroad.

    It is a scary world out there. Easy to have an “opinion” of what you think is right, moral, and just while sitting behind the protections out flag has to offer.

    Curious as to how quick they would come around to the standard way of thinking.

    Surrender your passport and get a free, all-expense paid “adventure tourism” trip on the house…..

  3. Commie-Tsar says:


  4. Slow Joe says:

    We are giving 5.7 billion dollars to Afghanistan every year. And these aren’t loan guarantees. This is real money.

    Do you seriously want us to give them more?

  5. A Proud Infidel®™ says:

    Waitaminnit, wasn’t the great and wonderful United Nothing supposed to have ended hunger and poverty decades ago through their wonderful handout (*OOPS!*, Aid) programs?

  6. 5JC says:

    Not sure where you are getting your info from. The CDC is reporting relatively flat new cases and steady slight decline in deaths in the last 30 days.


    The vaccines are effective and everything is working according to Trumps original plan.

    If you want to look at how to do covid right look at Florida and DeSantis. They did it right the whole way through. Failure? Deblasio and NY.

    • rgr769 says:

      Just be patient, as over 10% of the illegals flocking across our border are testing positive for the virus and they are being packed into Biden’s non-cage confinement tents like sardines for days, thus infecting thousands of other illegals. They are then dispersed around the country to infect others. So, we will likely be seeing more infections from people that could care less about our government virus containment rules. We received about a quarter million of these super spreaders in March alone, if one considers that at least 30% of the illegal crossers weren’t detained by CBP.