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| March 4, 2021

Dan Wesson Model 15

Police: Man robs Wells Fargo in Glen Burnie, later tries to rob T-Mobile store and is pepper sprayed

After police say a man stole an undisclosed amount of money from a Wells Fargo in Glen Burnie, he ran two miles away to a T-Mobile and tried his luck again. This time, employees fought back.

Daquan Holmes, 23, was charged with multiple robbery and theft offenses for implying he had a weapon and demanding cash from a Wells Fargo bank teller at 7700 Ritchie Highway in Glen Burnie, Anne Arundel County police said. Holmes arrived in a taxi and fled the bank on foot around 2 p.m. While investigating the bank robbery, Anne Arundel County police received another call around 4 p.m. for a robbery two miles away at T-Mobile store at 337 Hospital Drive.

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Read the rest of the article here: The Baltimore Sun

Hat tip to our own Gun Bunny for the link.

Suspected jewelry thief chased, held at gunpoint by witness in Vancouver

By Jerzy Shedlock
An alleged jewelry thief was held at gunpoint by a witness who initially chased the man, became cornered and felt compelled to draw his weapon.

Andonis D. Thompson, 41, was arrested on suspicion of first-degree theft on Monday after he allegedly ran off with two rings he’d been inspecting at J.C. Penney at Vancouver Mall.

Vancouver Police Department spokeswoman Kim Kapp said a person witnessed the theft, so he pursued Thompson into the parking lot of a nearby hotel. That witness was cornered near a fence at the hotel, she said.

“The suspect then started coming toward the citizen, which put him in fear for his safety. The citizen, who has a concealed weapons permit, displayed his firearm and asked bystanders to call police,” Kapp said.

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Read the entire article here: The Columbian

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  1. President Elect Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH B Woodman Domestic Violent Extremist says:

    Calling Claw! Hope The Whiz Wheel has been properly PMCS’d, lubed, and fueled. Need scores and points on both Daquan (dafuque?!) and Andonis (note the extra “n”).

    • KoB says:

      The names may not spin up to a very high score, but adding a DAM should help, Tox. These young, urban entrepreneurs are just trying to get up enough money to replace the choir robes and to have some walking around money on the Jr College Campus. My daughter, the teacher, fights that name thing all the time. I personally think some of these cats deliberately cause trouble as a payback for the moniker they were hung with.

      You could really “grease” someone with that Wesson Model 15. You’d have to be a real Canola to go up against one of those. It may turn you into a vegetable…”oily.” (Apologies to Jeff LPH)

    • Claw says:

      The Whiz Wheel®™ attempted to run down middle names on both individuals, but only had luck on one. So:

      Daquan Jakeis Holmes (DAM) 44 x 4 = 176

      Andonis D. Thompson (DAM) 24 x 4 = 96

  2. David says:

    As an E4 in Augsburg, the Rod and Bottle had two multi sets available. One was a Dan Wesson with 4 barrels: 2″, 4″, 6″, 8″ I believe. The other was a switch barrel Mauser HSC I believe, that with barrel/mag changes could fire .380, .32, .25, and .22. Both sets cost a month’s pay and at the time I was on a .45 Colt kick. The ones that get away…

  3. Haywire Angel says:

    They needed the money to turn their life around…/sarc

  4. Graybeard says:

    That Dan Wesson is a nice little wheelgun.

  5. One of the guys in the Brink’s pistol team had a Dan Wesson that he could go from a 4 inch over to a 6 inch which was great for Police El matches.