Re: Covid-19 Vaccines Through the VA

| February 22, 2021

You all know that I like to keep you as informed as possible on many subjects, and especially do I try to keep the variety wide and varied.

But per this article, not all vets are getting their CV-19 shots, even if available, for various reasons.

Unequal CV19 vaxxes? I don’t think so. Some of it is directly on the people who should be getting the vaccine, but don’t because they have listened to all sorts of gossip that is meant to keep them from going.

From the article:  Veterans Affairs officials said they are seeing some groups of veterans turn down opportunities to get the coronavirus vaccine, but it’s not necessarily the individuals they expected to have trouble convincing.

“In communities of color, we’re actually exceeding what we are in the white population of America,” said Dr. Richard Stone, acting head of the Veterans Health Administration, in testimony before the House Appropriations Committee on Friday. “I’m really pleased at how black and Hispanic veterans are accepting the vaccine.”

For months, health officials have warned that convincing minority groups across the country to get the two-shot coronavirus vaccine may pose a special challenge. A recent report by the Center for Infectious Disease Research and Policy at the University of Minnesota seeking to find out why Blacks have been less likely to take the vaccine found several factors have played a role in stoking lack of trust.

“Between mistrust, misinformation, and COVID management that has not always protected the most vulnerable (think inequitable test allocations and vaccination sites), how surprising is it that black communities have lower vaccine acceptance?” the study’s authors asked. A December Associated Press survey found that only 24 percent of black Americans and 34 percent of Hispanic Americans planned to get the vaccine, as opposed to 53 percent of white Americans. – article

That last part can be considered misleading, because the article is about getting veterans to get the CV19 vaxx and minorities are up front with getting it, while us old grumpy pale people are seemingly more reluctant.

Sometimes, you can lead an old goat to water but the goat simply won’t take a drink.

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  1. KoB says:

    Damn their shot. Much crap as been shot into my body, and all the places and people I been exposed to in this lifetime, I’m in no itching hurry to get what I, and many others, consider another variation of the flu shot. My pill pusher done told me that when he gets a supply in, he’ll move me and Lady Friend to the top of the list, cause we are old, frail, pale faced hoomans.

    Most of the news feed headlines last week that weren’t about the nasty weather was bitching that communities of color were be shortchanged on the supply end of the shot. Lies, damned lies, and statistics.

  2. Jay says:

    Sounds like a case of ‘damned if you do, damned if you don’t…’

    Per this study from 2018, the military is by in large white.

    But, there is the big push for ‘equity’ in people getting vaccinated. At the same time, the big story last week was about of military members who DECLINED the vaccination, and how they were looking for ways to MAKE it mandatory (i.e. deployment cycles, etc).

    I think ill continue to do what i’ve been doing: take care of my self, maintain a good level of health, and let my immune system do its job.

  3. David says:

    well, I called VA over three weeks ago and they said they would call me back within 24-48 hours. The next week I called back to check and they said “you’re on the list, so they will for sure call.” The week after I got a mass e-mail from VA saying essentially “we are handing this, don’t call us, we will reach out to you.” The week after I called WalMart, got an appointment for 6 days out – was still iced in (Texas) and they rebooked me 3 days later so tomorrow I go in for round one. I tick several of the boxes for age, blood pressure, weight, etc. so I am pretty sure I am in one of the early groups. Just one guy’s experience.

    • Berliner says:

      Costco says COVID-19 vaccinations will be coming to select pharmacies per the Costco web page under pharmacies.

  4. 5JC says:

    Watch out for round 2 it is a doozy.

  5. Jus Bill says:

    I got a VA survey too, and I answered that “I’m interested but not right now”. They said they’d get back to me. I too check several of the boxes. I suspect they’ll get around to asking me again just before the Second Coming.

    The only consolation is that my county is even more incompetent than the VA when it comes to shot distribution.

  6. OWB says:

    Pretty much everyone I know is getting their shot/s on schedule as their age and/or occupation calls for it. Black, white and others – all the same same ’round here. Those that want it are getting it.

  7. I am a Vet but not eligible to get a shot through the va since I am not signed up with them. My 85 year old friend who served in the Navy from 1954-1958 signed up last year to the va and he is on the shot list and still waiting for around a number of weeks and he ended up getting a shot at Publix after someone cancelled.

  8. Old tanker says:

    My little town in Texas can’t even get all of the health workers vaccinated yet other small towns and the big city to the East are on their second round of shots. There are some political backstabbing activities going on and no one, including the local paper has a clue about it.

  9. 26Limabeans says:

    Be careful of the gas stations that are selling Sushi
    and offering vaccinations as well.

  10. inbredredneck says:

    Got a call out of the blue on Feb. 25th askin’ if I’d like to come go in to the Chico VA on Saturday the 27th for my first dose (of the vaccine) and after my shot they set me up with an appointment for another Saturday in 4 weeks for the second round.
    I’m 73 with COPD, and most of the other guys looked to be sixties to seventies but there were others who appeared younger than that. Nice to see employees willin’ to work on a weekend.