Job Losses? It’s Already Starting

| January 31, 2021

1967 Blizzard

If any of you want to come and shovel out my neighborhood, we’ll all be happy to have your presence. It was supposed to be about 3.5 inches of snow, but turned into 6 inches, and there is more coming later tonight. My neighbor got into the scoop-and-toss mood and piled it up to about 7’6″, and that’s just his sidewalk and mine. Had a brief power outage this morning, but the local power company got right on it and all is as it should be. In that photo above, the force of the 1967 storm at its southern edge, 275 miles south of Chicago, was so strong, all power lines were downed and took a while to put back into place. I believe they are buried now. That does make a difference. But Chicago got the brunt of that storm because while snow was predicted, no one predicted or even anticipated the volume of snow that hit that city. It was completely shut down, period. \

And while we’re on the subject of cold weather, Mr. Biden did the thing with his pen and signed off on the Exec Order cancelling the construction of the Keystone XL pipeline that will transport Canadian crude oil south into the USA underground, with no need for rail delivery and/or tanker trucks doing OTR delivery, both of which produce the very bad things (CO2, etc.) that the ecohippies rant about. The pipeline requires nothing but a loading zone and a delivery zone, with no nasty gases involved.

If this is not backwards thinking, what is it?  All those federal leases for drilling and fracking not being approved, which I brought up last week, will cost New Mexico’s government several billions in federal funds because the leases for new wells and for fracking are now verboten by the mope in charge in WDC.

The videos here are of two pipeline construction workers who had just started their jobs. The first guy is very angry, having been at his welding job for about three weeks. The other fellow seems kind of bewildered by what’s happened. But they can find jobs doing coding, right?  Ri-i-i-i-ght.

All I can do is sympathize with these guys and count the tanker cars being hauled long distance by rail, which only adds those nasty greenhouse gases to the atmosphere.

YouTube video of pipeline worker who lost his job to Biden’s “stroke of the pen” a short while ago:

Feedback from another laid-off worker who had just started three weeks prior to the EO stop-work order.

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  1. Max says:

    wonder who profits from the rail cars hauling oil?

    • KoB says:

      Warren Buffett, Obama and Hitlery supporter.

    • 26Limabeans says:

      Mellon Bank

    • 11B-Mailclerk says:

      One of the major innovations Rockefeller brought to Standard Oil (besides very cheap standardized lamp kerosene that didn’t explode from contaminants, and thus saving whales from extinction), was the petroleum pipeline. He did this to improve delivery and avoid being buggered by railroads price-gouging.

      Here we go again.

  2. KoB says:

    Mid to upper 50s, with rain down here in God’s Country. Your cold air will make it here starting tomorrow (mid 40s) and Tuesdays (mid 30s). Knew it was coming by the massive amount of flying, feathered beasties that have been coming from the North for the past few days. Bundle up Mi’Lady and maybe put on a crocket pot of vegetable and beef beast soup…with a skillet of buttered milk cornbread. If it was me, I’d have all of the above AND cuddle up with a “Swiss Miss”.

    On the subject of the videos, how many have been where these folks are now. Lost a job (or jobs) due to no fault of our own. And usually by some stoopid mofo that doesn’t have a clue. However, in this case, too, the mofo that did it was only following the instructions of his handlers. Sniff hasn’t had an original idea in his life and now that he has been bought, paid for, and delivered to his position by the foreign and domestic enemies of our Republic, he will do as he is told.

    The Socialist/Marxists/Communists have worked very hard for nearly 100 years to accomplish the destruction of the American Way of Life. They are almost there.

  3. RGR 4-78 says:

    Coming soon to a theater near you.

    Solyndra II Boondoggle Boogaloo.

    “A sexy romp through the taxpayers backsides”.


  4. NHSparky says:

    Current forecast is at a foot and climbing at Casa de Sparky Western Annex, but hopefully it won’t climb to the 3+ feet I witnessed a month ago.

    That was enough for me for a while, thanks very much.

  5. Skyjumper says:

    Ex-PH2, we got about 3″ of the light fluffy stuff here in northcentral Cheesehead Land last night/this morning. Expecting to get a couple of more inches today.

    Can’t complain much (like it would make a difference anyhow (grin)) since this area is a bit behind an average year’s snowfall.

    Got the oven cranked up making homemade chocolate brownies (with dried cranberries & walnuts) and have a batch of focaccia bread dough going on in the breadmaker. Tonight, oven roasted pork chops, roasted carrots, sliced cukes in vinegar (the German way) and bread to sop up any juices along with copious amounts of freshly ground dark beans coffee. Life is good out here in the country.

    As far as the snow in the driveway goes? Screw it! I’m retired….there’s always tomorrow. (grin)
    If I need to get out, just put the Jeep in 4X4 and go.

    Oh yeah. Screw you joe and all of your “enlightened” minions!

    Keep toasty and safe, Ex.

    • Ex-PH2 says:

      After digging out once (yesterday), had to dig out again this morning. Then some guys who had moved their car out of my parking spot were shoveling snow off the sidewalk, too, and i now have 8 ft 7 inches piled up in a stack in my front yard.

      I could tunnel in there, set up a fireplace and add some cozy blankets, roast a few potatoes and some beef and have a real good time, just like my caveman ancestors.

  6. Claw says:

    Blizzard of 67, BTDT in Northern West Hog Flats Indiana. Snow ended on my birthday and we got 32 inches plus. Remember seeing the dual media coverage of the deaths of the Apollo astronauts at Cape Canaveral and the M48 Tanks pulling out the city buses in South Bend. Funny thing though, the day before the snow started, I had went catfishing at the marl pit in a short sleeved shirt.

    • Skyjumper says:

      Claw, did you snow is like sex (told to me by a lady friend of mine)?

      “Snow is like sex. One never knows how many inches you will get or how long it’s going to last.”

      YMMV (grin)

  7. Berliner says:

    Wish I could be there to help exPH-2. My snow shovel I acquired and used for 6 years at Fort Drum, NY has seen little use this year. No snow yet this winter and currently 50 with light rain near Tacoma, Washington.
    Just heard from my niece check in from our house outside of Dumaguete City, Philippines… 76 degrees at 5 am and rain.

  8. Txnorsky says:

    Here in South Central TX. Temps in lower 70s, and windy.
    The Mrs and I got the Goldwing out went for a leisurely ride in the TX country side.
    My sympathies go out to my friends in the snowy parts of the US. BTDT, grew up in WI.

  9. Hack Stone says:

    Hack Stone posted the first video on his Book Of Face. Received a comment from a Biden supporter claiming it is fake, since the helmet and vest appear to be new. Well, that was enough to convince Hack, the loss of those 11,000 will have no negative impact on the now unemployed workers.

  10. Mustang Major says:

    I read on another website that installing urinals in women’s bathrooms would be big business under the rules of the current administration in Washington. Possibly the former Keystone pipeline worked could make good money at this gig.

  11. MarineDad61 says:

    1st YouTube video went POOF.
    2nd YouTube video has 3/4 million views.

    • Ex-PH2 says:

      No surprise there. It was posted by the guy himself, and he likely does not want to be viewed as a troublemaker.