Macron Speaks Up

| January 20, 2021

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France’s non-Socialist President Macron has announced his desire for the USA, under the new administration, put in more effort in the Middle East. We’ve recently withdrawn troops, specifically to reduce not just the numbers but also to give our own people a break.

From the article:

BREST, France — French President Emmanuel Macron hoped on Tuesday that U.S. President-elect Joe Biden will show a greater military commitment to fight against Islamic extremists in several theaters of conflict and especially in the Middle East.

Macron, who made his New Year’s speech to the French military in Brest, in western France, said “I am certain that in the coming weeks, the new administration (Biden) will need to make key decisions that will mark a greater commitment and awareness in the fight against terrorism” in Syria and Iraq. – article

Currently, there are about 900 French troops involved in fighting the Islamic State, with a counterpart American troop strength of 2,500 in Afghanistan and an equal number in Iraq. The French aircraft carrier Charles de Gaulle will be joining the operation within a few months.

Macron wants the USA to be more involved with its allies and with NATO, but does not specify what he means by “involved”. If it means deploying more of our troops to the Middle East, after the most recent drawdown, is he expecting the USA to carry the load again while he sits on the balcony and watches?  That’s the impression this article provides. It used to be that the Johnny Crapauds were excellent fighters, but that was under Napoleon and during a couple of other conflicts. Perhaps things have changed since then, and Macron thinks we should handle most of the load. And why didn’t he say something during the last 4 years, especially when the outgoing President announced a drawdown quite a while back?  Peut-être sait-il que le nouveau président est le maillon le plus faible de la chaîne.

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  1. KoB says:

    “…we should handle more of the load.”

    Seems to me that we have been carrying that load since about August of 1990. Better than 30 years now.

    I say let the boys and girls out of Minot handle “the load.”

    • SFC D says:

      Nearly all of my 24 year Army career was spent dealing with the Middle East in some fashion. Enough. Nothing says “fuck you” as well as a squadron of B-52’s. Bonus is, 52’s are already paid for.

  2. QMC says:

    Ahhhh, no…. mon ami……

  3. Sapper3307 says:

    Translation===Do it for us.

  4. Douger says:

    Douger says fuck no. Of the few things I applaud Trump for is the peace treaties he brokered between several Arab states and Israel. That’s the biggest accomplishment in the region since Carter made Israel and Egypt make up. My only concern was giving them so much top shelf military hardware.

    I’m afraid Biden will capitulate. The orders may be being drawn up as I post this.

    • 11B-Mailclerk says:

      So where will The Most Popular Candidate Ever send troops next?

      And, now that there was a total NothingBurger in DC, will he send home the 30,000 troops and tear down the wall of the FurorBunker?

  5. Amateur Historian says:

    Arrêtez de prouver que les mèmes sont corrects et faites-le vous-même.

    -Google Translate

    If there is a more correct way to say this, lemme know.

    • Hondo says:

      Well, I’d prefer the following:

      Non, Monsieur le Président. Si la France veut faire ça, elle peut le faire elle-même.

      But yours works quite well too.

  6. FuzeVT says:

    So what would we do in the Middle East? The Establishment™ way of doing business is to put troops in the country and let them hang out so as to maintain whatever the status quo is thought to be. Trump, with his non-doctrinal thinking, said let’s F some shit up and leave. That seemed extremely effective (and is what I’ve always espoused).
    My guess is that this would be more babysitting police actions that do nothing but subsidize military contractors while wasting money and lives.

    I will say one thing for it – I guess if you want to have a real-life training evolution always available for your military, that’s the way to do it. I called my trip to Iraq in 2004 Super CAX even way back when.

  7. Forest Bondurant says:

    Biden will have to normalize the U.S. relationship with Iran first.

    After that, it’s anyone’s guess…

  8. Mason says:

    Guy’s not even in office four hours and they’re already demanding more American money and blood. If we’re all equal partners in these endeavors, then we should send the same number(s) as they do.

    You want our aircraft carrier to launch our aircraft to hit your targets? Where’s your aircraft carrier? We’ll build one if you’d like to buy it.

  9. President Elect Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH B Woodman says:

    Another nail in the coffin of the US Military….or….”Reason 1023 Why I Won’t (Re)Enlist”.

    • SFC D says:

      Told MRS D this morning, re-enlistments are gonna crater after the way the troops in DC were treated with their “vetting”. I want each and every member of the house, senate, and every cabinet member in the Harris* administration to do through the same vetting and held to the same standard the 12 released NG Soldiers were held to. How many could pass? Could Joe? Kamala?\


      • thebesig says:

        I was thinking the same thing, retention is going to go down in the military. Too many outside of the military and veteran communities don’t realize that within the military, election theft of this nature is more bothersome than it is among the general population.

        As I mentioned on another site, many would be putting in their retirement packets, many would not re-enlist unless they’re close to 20 years, then they’d bear and grin it, then drop their packet.

        Troop moral is going to go down as well. Add to this the purge that’s going to occur from the top as Biden yes men gain in numbers.

        • Mason says:

          You’re saying you think that morale will go down now that the POTUS is a guy who ordered a bunch of deployed troops to clap while calling them “stupid bastards?” Wha???

          • thebesig says:

            That would be one of the reasons. Low IQ voters acting like the Presidential Election is a “popularity contest” don’t exactly see things the way folks in the military see things. Different standards and expectations for a leader.

  10. ChipNASA says:

    We. Are. So. FUCKED.
    Prove me wrong.

    • Amateur Historian says:

      Wish I can. Sorry 🙁

    • thebesig says:

      Yup. I’m looking at Beijing Biden’s EOs, and the policies that the Communists Democrats are pushing.

      • ChipNASA says:

        OK this isn’t funny, but it’s funny but this situation is *NOT* funny.
        I am truly kind of frightened and concerned but I think maybe we’ll still be able to buy food and gas and live but it’s going to get worse than it is today.
        We just need to keep fighting and hold the fuck on.

        • thebesig says:

          I’m with you, regarding the frightened and concerned arena. What happened here in the US, with the November and January elections is very similar to what happened in the Venezuela elections. The system used in 29/30 states is similar to the one used in Venezuela… Designed to protect Chavez from recall and to keep him… And later Maduro and allies… In power.

          Now that the voter theft is institutionalized, they will apply this next year in the right amount of states at the federal and state level to get the Democrats the need to push changes in the Constitution through Congress and the states. This may take another two or three elections to accomplish.

          In Venezuela, voter participation rates decreased as time progressed, and complaints of voter fraud came with each election. They even had a referendum, that passed, allowing for constitutional changes that solidified the president’s power, essentially making him a dictator.

          Our Democrats want to do away with the Electoral College, one of the main things that keeps the United States as a republic. They also want to attack both the first and second amendments. Possibly term limits would also go.

          What’s even more tragic is that we had a bunch of dummies happily turning the other direction because “Bad orange man is gone”.

          That blog article that I posted a while back, with the Socialist talking about election fraud and the move towards the great reset comes to mind.

          We as an electorate have been overthrown and the low IQ voters are cheering this as if they had “averted a dictatorship”… Not realizing that they contributed to accelerating us towards bondage.

  11. OWB says:

    If I’m understanding the potential impact of the EO’s already signed, those troops will be needed at home instead of over seas. Ease/eliminate travel restrictions from the ME, for instance. Sounds like an invitation for unfettered import of all manner of vermin with little to no vetting.

    Does it appear that Guard troops will now be vetted more carefully than visiting tourists/students/whatevers? Not that folks in uniform should not be vetted, but don’t most require some sort of clearance? Maybe not these days. (I admit to being unclear on that one – my assignments always required at least a basic security clearance.)