“Mr. Bob” – Vietnam Vet, Navy Cross, Silver Star & Purple Heart

| November 25, 2020

The Chadds Ford JunXion, a local community magazine, featured Robert Walker on its front cover for the November 2020 edition.  Robert lives in Oxford, Pennsylvania – just west of Philadelphia – and is 70 years old at the time of this posting.

Robert recently retired from the Pocopson / Unionville Chadds Ford School District (UCFSD) where he was employed as a custodian for 25 years.  He worked at Chadds Ford Elementary school and then at Pocopson Elementary.

Here is a photo of Mr. Bob celebrating his 70th birthday at what appears to be the school.

Robert is known simply as “Mr. Bob” by the students, faculty, and fellow workers.

In talking about Mr. Bob, the Chadds Ford JunXion article states…

“… many may not know of the full extent of his service to the United States.  During his time as a Marine in the Vietnam War, Mr Bob, a.k.a. Lance Corporal Robert Walker, suffered severe injuries to his face, leg and arm; risked his life to save his fellow soldiers; and earned four of the top six military medals: the Navy Cross, second only to the Congressional Medal of Honor, and the third-ranked Silver Star, both for valor in combat; the fourth-ranked Bronze Star for his heroic achievement; and a Purple Heart, first awarded by George Washington in 1782 as the Badge of Military Merit to soldiers wounded in combat.  Not one to boast or brag, the soft-spoken veteran reflects on his military service with great humility saying “God had a plan for me; I’m still here. That’s the way I look at it.”

It’s as if the Silver Star and Purple Heart weren’t enough – they mailed him a Navy Cross!

A local Chadds Ford resident was suspicious and alerted us to this case.

In the age of COVID-19 and the subsequent reduced operational tempo of NPRC, we have to look at this case circumstantially.  There are a few things that don’t add up, but perhaps Mr. Bob is willing to explain.


  • No listing of Robert Walker for a Navy Cross (DoD Navy Cross Awards for Vietnam)
  • No listing of Robert Walker for a Silver Star/Navy Cross for Marines in Vietnam (HoH/HoV Database for Silver Star awards)
  • Walker sent money home to his father who had lost his job, claiming “whatever money you sent home, the government matched it.”
  • The old picture on the magazine cover from back in his time in service is as a Private First Class (E2).  He’s wearing a uniform in the article and rank of a second lieutenant.
  • Walker also appears to be wearing a Navy Commendation Medal as one of his awards – out of order of precedence.

Without having Bob’s military records, this case is speculative.  However, there seems to be concrete proof to bring his claims of the Navy Cross, Silver Star, and the rank of 2ndLt into question.  So, we’re not saying the Bob’s stories aren’t true – but we are saying that ol’ Bob’s got some ‘splainin’ to do.

In case anyone was wondering – it is not too late to get in on making a donation for Mr. Bob’s retirement gift through GoFundMe.  If they get enough, he may be able to wake up one morning to a brand new Harley-Davidson Softail Slim.  Or, a super tricked out leather veteran’s vest with all the patches.

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  1. Ex-PH2 says:

    Oh, please don’t get me started….

  2. MustangCryppie says:

    “Walker also appears to be wearing an Army Commendation Medal as one of his awards – out of order of precedence.”

    If you’re talking about the one after the Purple Heart, that’s a Navy Commendation Medal.

    • Steve Balm says:

      Fixed. Thanks.

      It all got transposed in my head. 🙂

    • rgr769 says:

      It is hard to make out in the photo, but if there are five thin, white stripes in the center of the ribbon, it is an ARCOM. If not, it is the Navy/Marine version. I had to go check the one hanging in my “love-me box” for verification.

      • NHSparky says:

        It’s a Navy/MC Comm.

        With V. Boorda committed suicide over accusations he wore the same thing.

        And nice MSM on the very bottom.

        Guy looks like an Army/Navy surplus store exploded on him.

  3. Daisy Cutter says:

    I wonder if ol’ Mr Bob pulled a ‘Les Brown Stain’ and told war stories to the kids?

  4. Sapper3307 says:

    Only the best Marines are given the ARCOM.

    • rgr769 says:

      Looked at the blown up photo; it is the Navy/Marine Commendation Medal. Also, I see the photo he is holding shows the basic “I was there” ribbon rack for RVN service (NDSM, RVN Campaign Medal, and RVN Service Medal). I also note there are no scars on his baby smooth face and there is no PH, which would have bee awarded when he was in hospital. So, he is a lying, dog-faced, not a pony soldier. When we get his records, bet we will find he was a REMF who never heard the never to be forgotten sound of an AK-47.

      • 26Limabeans says:

        He could at least shave before donning a uniform.
        Even a dog faced pony soldier knows that.
        Unlees he wants to hide the scars…

        • rgr769 says:

          I say if he didn’t have scars on his face when that pic he is holding was taken, he doesn’t have any scars he claims he received from wounds in the Viet of the Nam. Remember he says his lip was practically torn off. Where is the fresh scar on that baby face? Click on that upper photo and take a look.

  5. Keepin' It Real says:

    I do love the irony that Mr. Bob’s article was ranked just above:

    * Foraging the season’s edible mushrooms with Jason Ricci
    * Heather Marshall takes Thanksgiving cranberries to a new level
    * Master quilter Susie Racobaldo warms hearts

    It must have been a difficult choice as they sat around the table discussing edititoral decisions.

  6. Trapperfrank says:

    Mr. Bob was awarded the coveted National Defense Service Medal. That seals the deal as far as I am concerned…

    • Hack Stone says:

      The highly coveted and rarely awarded National Defense Service Medal. At least he did not falsely claim the Precious Metals Recovery Expert Badge.

  7. 5JC says:

    This is so easily explained.
    They wouldn’t leave an A lister like Bob sitting on the bench. If he were pending a Navy Cross, SSM and BSM he would have been put in for battlefield promotion to 2LT.

    • Green Thumb says:

      He is probably a closet millionaire to boot….

      Never know with those custodians.

      • 26Limabeans says:

        The custodian in my high school was a guy with fifteen kids
        and the biggest welfare check in town.
        His younger brother was a P-47 Pilot in WW2.
        Then became a teacher. But also had twelve kids.
        Contrast and compare.

      • Mason says:

        This guy is certainly no Bill Crawford.

  8. Mason says:

    He’s wearing three ribbons in the old photo he’s holding. The middle looks to be the Vietnam Service Medal and the last one is the Vietnam Campaign Medal, so that would leave the NDSM as the highest award.

    If He’d come back from the war with a suitcase full of medals, why wouldn’t he be wearing them for that photo?

  9. tshe says:

    At the risk of shaming anyone – for all you Marines that served in Vietnam and didn’t send money home to your parents – it was like throwing money away since the government would have matched it.

    You could have spent a little less time in Dog Patch.

    Jus sayin’

    • 5th/77th FA says:

      That matched money thing must of only been for the Marines that were overseas “…patrolling in the jungles of North Vietnam…”

      Musta been a different DA Form for us Army dudes that were overseas in the FRG.

      At the very least Pennsylvania Bob is a big time embellisher. I will defer calling in a Fire Mission on his embellishing ass until we see the FOIA that determines that he is also a lying POS.

      Maybe the GoFundMe will get him enough donations for his moto sickle and he and “Alaska Bob” can ride out to a Chili Cook Off with ol’ Les the Mess Brown “Stain”. Might even get him a vest too. Then they can explore Kelly’s “Canyon” together. And talk about all the “metals” he has won, you know, like he tells all the chill’ren. Kelly’s “Canyon” prolly needs a BOB (Battery Operated Boyfriend).

      • MarineDad61 says:

        5th/77th FA,
        LOL. Bingo.
        I just spit up my coffee
        (on my nice backlit PC gaming keyboard).

      • Green Thumb says:

        They need to swing by a certain North Florida MC and pick up Phildo and the Big Turd Keith Keeton.

        With that foursome, they can all work on their “putting” game.

      • 26Limabeans says:

        “That matched money thing”

        He was the inspiration for the yet to be 401K.

    • Anonymous says:

      Hey, I missed that in Asscrackistan… how’d that work?

  10. CplMajor Mike says:

    I’ll say it, he’s a phony piece of shit.

  11. Ret_25X says:

    He needs that big bike because he is meeting up with Brownstain and Alaska Bob down in DC for a two week run working crusty fart holes behind Pentagon Row…

  12. Jay says:

    Hell, just by looking at the photo on the magazine cover you can tell he’s a soup sandwich. The article inside just cinched it. Asshole

  13. Randall Runkles says:

    Now let’s not jump to conclusions. Maybe his missions were so classified that his records are redacted, and he never wore a uniform so he wasn’t sure how to set it up.

  14. AZtoVA says:

    He also has an enlisted chinstrap on his cover, apparently an enlisted device as well. No eagle, globe and anchor on the collar. PuhLeez. Aside from the fact that he couldn’t be bothered to scrape his face for the cover shoot…

  15. MarineDad61 says:

    Someone beat me to the Chadds Ford Junxion FakeBook page.

    [[Chadds Ford Junxion] –
    I regret to inform you that Bob Walker,
    your new cover story subject,
    is now under investigation by Military Phony and Stolen Valor websites,
    run by honest war veterans.
    I suggest you get actual verification of Bob’s military service history.
    Verbals and “metals” don’t cut it when some choose to LIE about their military service, especially to school children.
    National exposure and embarrassment are the likely outcome,
    unless Bob Walker can show proof of Navy Cross, Silver Star, Bronze Star, and Purple Heart.
    Please do the right thing.
    Sincerely, E*** L********, a Gulf War Veteran.]


    • Claw says:

      Comment deleted.

      • tshe says:

        Journalism 101 in the modern age:

        * delete all negative comments
        * leave the article up
        * do not print a correction/retraction
        * wince and hope nobody notices
        * wait
        * then if criticism arises later say “Aw, that was so two months ago.”

        • MarineDad61 says:

          Always save a screenshot after commenting,
          if there is any possible reason the comment might go poof.
          Applies not only to FakeBook.
          Twitter is worse.

        • Ryan says:

          It was posted on an irrelevant thread which was confusing, and I wrote the poster to explain why we deleted it and he’s welcome to post where it makes sense and not under our pinned thread. Nothing to hide here and we will make a retraction when the facts are established.

          • Daisy Cutter says:


            RE: Deleted comment – if there is not a place to make a new comment, it is often done where it is available. Often it is done in the Review section if that is the case since it cannot be deleted there.

            RE: Facts established – Well, you will have to deal with the same challenges we do in the age of COVID-19. The National Personnel Records Center (NPRC) is currently operating at a reduced capacity and is only doing funerals and emergencies at this time. They have loosened their restrictions, but it may be late spring or early summer 2021 until you get Mr. Walker’s military records. That is, to have a clean chain of custody. It would not be prudent to accept anything from Walker and pass it off as the gospel proof.

            On the other hand, if Walker knows that we will eventually receive his records, he could conclude that the gig is up and just come clean which will save everyone a lot of time and we get to the ground truth sooner rather than later.

            Please let us know if you’d like to proceed to get his official records from the NPRC, which is the government organization that would hold them. We can have someone contact you and help you with the paperwork, which is relatively simple and straightforward. It may be better that you present the form to Walker and have him sign it to authorize that his records be sent DIRECTLY to you. The key word there is ‘DIRECTLY’ since you as a news organization would require a clean chain of custody.

            The Department of Defense database for the Navy Cross is linked in the article. The Hall of Valor database for the Silver Star is also linked in the article.

            As the article states – there may be explanations for all of this but at this point, Mr. Walker has some explaining to do.

            Also, if you haven’t picked up on this – many people that read and comment on this forum were in combat in Vietnam so Mr. Walker’s experiences, although admirable if true, were not unique. It is simply a matter of veterans policing their own.

            I applaud your efforts to get at the truth. Sunshine is the best disinfectant. Often we have had people that finally came clean feel as if a burden was lifted from their shoulders.

            It has been our experience that a newspaper, magazine or broadcast media outlet chooses to do a wider article on Stolen Valor using the case they published as an example of hitting close to home. This, instead of a “we made a mistake” or feeling like they are doing a hit piece on a member of the community. Civilians will feel like it is no big deal and an old man that served his community should be entitled to his lies. Veterans feel differently. You will get a varied response but I guarantee that your readership will go up if done as hard news. Mr. Walker may help in this regard should he see the value in coming clean. Many are curious as to why someone would embellish and may find it interesting should Mr. Walker be sincere and not attention-seeking.

      • MarineDad61 says:

        Yes, the comment on the page’s pinned post has been deleted.
        However, the string of comments on the actual
        November 2 post remain.
        See here.

        Trouble is, unlike FakeBook groups,
        where a new comment pushes a post to the top o’ the stack,
        FakeBook page posts, despite being public,
        remain buried way down when new comments are added.


  16. Green Thumb says:

    I have never seen an old school Marine put back on a uniform and not drag a razor across his face.

    If he doesn’t get enough coin from the Go Fund Me, he could always holler at his Brother from another Mother Alaska Bob to swing over let him hop on the back.

    That’s if he get him off of his fat ass in some roadside bar where he is drinking up the donation money. Might be a match made in heaven. Mr. Bob gets a ride and Alaska Bob gets some more coin to keep his drink going.

    Mr. Bob and Alaska Bob. Yeah.

  17. USMCVet(ret) says:

    Where to start with this soup sandwich. He claims he was a Lance Corporal but is wearing an Officer’s Uniform with LT bars, can’t tell if 2nd or 1st. His post-Vietnam picture it appears he is a PFC. I also cannot make out whether he has the officer or enlisted EGA on his cover. He is wearing an enlisted cover band, an officers would be gold. Yes his medals are out of order, but he is also wearing the MSM (last in this knuckleheads precedence) That medal was first awarded in 1969 and has always been awarded by the Marine Corps to Field Grade officers or senior SNCOs in lieu of a Bronze Star. The Marine Corps does not award Bronze Stars for meritorious service unless the service was in a combat zone and the person was in command of a BN level unit. If you see a Marine with a BS with NO “V” nowadays he was serving in a Joint Command when it was awarded.

  18. MarineDad61 says:

    GoPhonyMe UPDATE….
    NEW comment.. with a red boxed photo
    circling medals, old and new, and rank, old and new.
    Oh boy…….

  19. 26Limabeans says:

    “he may be able to wake up one morning to a brand new Harley-Davidson Softail Slim. Or, a super tricked out leather veteran’s vest with all the patches”

    Or a one way ticket to Long Binh.

  20. Nigel Brooks says:

    Holy Moly, I never heard about that government match on pay.

    I think I got about $3800 for the 18 months I was there from 66-68. Lets say I sent half home, at 4% interest for 52 years that about $12k.

    Where’s my check?

    • Daisy Cutter says:

      It may come in the mail in the same package as your surprise Navy Cross. It happens.

    • Steve 1371 says:

      My record from social security says I made $1400.00 for 1968. Plus no charge for all the free helicopter rides. I sent all of it home and didn’t get the government match either.

  21. Green Thumb says:

    The scary thing is that this ass sack is around kids…..

  22. NHSparky says:

    Well, gonna be interesting to find out what other shitbaggery this guy has been up to for the last 50 years.

    As we all know, SV is just the rancid cherry on top of the shit sundae.

    Oh, and nominate for the HOI. Anybody care to second that?

    • 5th/77th FA says:

      NHSparky I will be proud to be the FIRST to SECOND that motion, my lanyard is stretched tighter than Dick’s Hatband and my trigger finger is itching like the 7th Fleet after a port’o call. I think, tho, the consensus is to give him a bit more rope until the FOIA comes in so there will be NO DOUBT, that in addition to be an embellishing POS, he is also a lying SOS Valor Thief of the FIRST Order.

      Having a Motion made, SECONDED, and a resounding AYE, would make the deployment of the HoI come quicker, once the FOIA is in. I’m sure that Pappy The Stranger, SFC D or one of the other usual suspects, HMCS Ret, will wander by soon enough to make it official with the required AYE!

      • ChipNASA says:

        I have read same and am standing by.
        I am certain that when the time is appropriate, we can yank the lanyard, right 5th/77th FA??
        (I think that’s the proper terminology.)

        **SEE BELOW**

  23. Ryan D says:

    Hi Everyone, I own Chadds Ford JunXion, the community newsletter that published the story. I also come from a military family, my grandfather, Cpt. Paul Balcavage was 101st Airborne, dropped into Normandy on D-Day, my brother and sister-in-law are both teaching at West Point. Paternal grandfather was Navy, you get the point. Our intention was to honor a veteran, and a number of our neighbors asked us to do a piece on Mr. Bob since he retired during the pandemic, and has been a beloved figure at the school for decades. It was all last minuted, we borrowed pieces of a uniform for the photoshoot, and since they were borrowed we didn’t want to put holes in the jacket so taped the medals on, it was a windy day, which is why they’re sloppy. Also, the volunteer writer who did the story made a mistake in calling the Navy Commendation Medal for Valor a Navy Cross medal. I take full responsibility for those errors. Alas, after talking to a number of veterans, I understand there is more with the story that’s suspect, and we will get to the bottom of it and make it right, as much as we can. Just know that our intent was to honor you vets. The most encouraging emails I’ve received about this issue are the ones with a bit of empathy for those of us who tried to do something good here, and those recognizing that this vet (at whatever level he reached or award he got or didn’t get) may need help. After all, he is most certainly a vet. Anyway, please bear with us as we figure it out and do our best to make it right. Lying is never okay, and it grieves me to think that the kids who looked up to this guy as a vet might have the rug pulled out from under them, by a public figure, yet again. There is no winner. Thanks, God bless, and I’m thankful, genuinely, for your service. Ryan D

    Edited to remove PII – Mason

    • Mason says:

      We appreciate you coming here and posting Ryan. I removed your last name from your posts. We do that for new people as a security measure.

      We understand that you’re likely a victim here and not to blame. You can’t be expected to be an expert in military uniforms or the supporting documentation. It’s easy for civilians (and even other vets) to fall for the lines of BS people put out there.

      Our community stands ready to help you prove or disprove any of Mr. Bob’s claims. We’d like nothing more than to be proven wrong and not have this loved figure from the school leave on such a bad note.

      • Ryan D says:

        Thanks for your note. I have a letter from the President that we collected from Mr. Bob, but don’t see a way to post images to this thread. Here’s a link to it, which describes his actions earning him one of the awards. Eager to hear your thoughts on the validity of this. Thanks! Ryan

        Edited to remove PII – Image posted below for convenience:

        Mr. Bob - BSM

        • Daisy Cutter says:

          If this BSM citation is authentic, it would establish a few things:

          1) He was in Vietnam
          2) He was awarded the Bronze Star
          3) He was in combat, therefore would rate a Combat Action Ribbon (CAR)
          4) He was wounded according to the citation, but a Purple Heart would have to be awarded as a separate medal

          Having said that, there are a few things to point out:

          * All of these citations standardly say from the President of the United States
          * Although the Purple Heart and the Combat Action Ribbon are protected under the Stolen Valor Act, there are still higher-level awards that this does not address. Namely, the Navy Cross and the Silver Star which are both protected under the Stolen Valor Act.

          Bottom line – if authentic, it helps a little but does not exonerate Mr. Walker by any means. He is still not listed on any official Navy Cross or Silver Star databases.

          Then, there is the issue of Mr. Walker wearing the officer’s uniform. I don’t believe he was an officer, using his own words. Even if you (Ryan) were the one that supplied the uniform and officer’s rank and asked him to wear it for the photo – that doesn’t let Mr. Walker off the hook. He should have known better. There are laws against impersonating a military officer, although it varies by state.

          • rgr769 says:

            If you read his story in the magazine, ol’ Mr. Bob says he was awarded the BSM with V device and the Silver Star in the same awards ceremony in Wilmington for the same combat action incident. I have never heard of simultaneous awards of both valor medals for the same combat event. So, one of you admin guys correct me if I am wrong about that.

            But, I do believe he received the Navy Cross in the mail. Likely a short time after he bought it on Medals of America’s website.

        • martinjmpr says:

          Why would a Vietnam-era award be signed by GHW Bush (Bush 41), who was not president until 1989?

        • Mustang Major says:

          Smells like a Bogus document to me.

          Bronze Star award approval level is well below the president.

          Word processor or computer generated- straight edges on paragraph. Not possible in the ‘60s.

          Narrative too wordy. Reads like a bar room story.

          “Combat Distinguishing Device” WTF?

          • Green Thumb says:

            Interesting point on the narrative.

          • Green Thumb says:

            In reading it as well, it comes across as he the solo MG for the Company and /or Platoon.

            Maybe “a MG” versus “the MG”.

          • Claw says:

            “Combat Distinguishing Device” is the Navy/Marines official name for the “V” Device.

            • Mustang Major says:

              Claw, that might be the case, but I looked at other USMC citations and “V” for valor is very common in award citations.

              • Claw says:

                Yes, Sir, I’ve seen that also on citations from almost the same period as Mr. Bob’s write-up and signed off by the same LTG Buse. Maybe it all depends on which clerk at S-1/G-1 did the typing that day./smile

    • rgr769 says:

      Ryan, to many civilians, I am sure stolen valor is no big deal. But to those of us who served in combat in Vietnam, we are highly offended by these valor thieves. Your Bob has been lying about his awards, there is no way around it. Awards like the Silver Star and the Navy Cross are recorded in public data bases. Your Bob Walker isn’t listed. Moreover, his story is highly improbable and refuted by his young Marine photo on your cover. In that photo, there is nary a scar on his face, and his single row of ribbons contains the two Vietnam service ribbons but no Purple Heart nor a Combat Action Ribbon. He would have had both those ribbons on his uniform in that photo if his story of daring do were true.

      I should add we don’t disrespect the people who have been fooled by these POSers, provided they don’t unjustly defend the indefensible.

      • Anonymous says:

        His ‘Nam picture was taken right before engaged all those attacking Germans with a .50-cal from the back of burning tank destroyer, you know… oh, wait, that was Audie Murphy.

    • Daisy Cutter says:

      Thanks for your input.

      I would like to point out, however, that Mr. Bob was quoted in the article as saying he received the Navy Cross in the mail. (last paragraph)

      Even if several of these mistakes made it past the editorial goalie, it seems strange that once published Mr. Bob would not have caught the error and pointed it out to you.

      • rgr769 says:

        I am wondering, where are the citations for the Silver Star and the Navy Cross? You would think he would have those framed on a wall somewhere at home. And why is there no CAB and PH on his ribbon rack in that portrait photo taken after his return from Vietnam? (It could not have been taken before his tour because he has both the Vietnam service medal ribbons on that single bar ribbon rack.)

        We all know anyone wounded in combat gets a PH shortly thereafter, they are usually awarded while the man is still in hospital.

    • MarineDad61 says:

      Ryan D,
      Good morning.
      Thank you for your immediate attention on Bob Walker.

      The best quick solution is to demand Bob’s Form DD-214.
      But be warned, there is a history of legitimate veterans
      FAKING their DD-214 with unearned medals, and worse.

      (Leroy Foley (Clyde, Texas) is a recent example on this site,
      a policeman running for Callahan County Sheriff in 2020,
      until voters (veterans) noticed his 4’x8′ campaign signs
      showing Silver Star and Purple Heart emblems.
      He was then caught with a FAKE DD-214
      that he gave to his police chief,
      and then the local TV station when first confronted, too.
      He had been riding the fake DD-214 for over 10 YEARS.
      Worse, his opponent, Deputy Sheriff Rick Jowers,
      was ALSO a phony,
      an “Army Ranger” who “took a bullet for my country”,
      but was in fact an AWOL bum with a bad military history.)

      Or, my personal example, from 2015,
      this Southeast Pennsylvania turd,
      Steven Zahuranec (Sr.),
      who almost infiltrated my family with romantic
      Navy SEAL stories of classified heroism and derring do,
      with a (FAKE) DD-214 to match.
      Only I (a Gulf War Veteran who knows Form DD-214)
      was onto him from the beginning,
      and it took 4 months of family stress,
      and then online assistance, to get to the truth.

      Demand the DD-214, and you will know,
      from Bob’s response to your demand,
      and the answers and paper(s) you receive from Bob,
      whether Bob is what he has claimed to be.

      Thanks again. Good luck.
      Have a look at nearby Steve.
      I put this up on the internet,
      so females who meet him, and fall for his charms
      (and know to Google a name),
      can find the truth.


    • NHSparky says:


      Covering a vet in unearned medals that look like a bag of ass does not honor anyone. Furthermore, had Bob displayed even a modicum of honor himself, he would not have allowed the use of unearned rank or awards, and again, not looked like a bag of smashed assholes in the photo.


    • OWB says:

      I would like to accept that your intentions were honorable and that all responsibility rests with the source/s of your misinformation.

      Yes, I would like to but cannot do that.

      Printing accurate information is YOUR responsibility. Yours alone. If you want to honor veterans, how about asking US how you might do that instead of telling us that XYZ is done to honor us? Do you expect us to be honored just because you say so and then get all offended if we aren’t grateful?.

      Don’t be surprised that we react negatively when you tell us how much you appreciate us while you are dumping on us. Honoring us is supposed to be about us, not you.

      Doing this little piece about someone who apparently at least embellished made you feel all good about yourself, huh? Aw, shucks, isn’t that special.

      • Ryan says:

        Like I said earlier, our volunteer writer had a couple documents from Bob, and leaders in the school district had suggested the story, it was as much as we could do on a short timeline.

        I’m not offended at all by the way. If you read my original post I said I take full responsibility and we’ll make it right.

        How do you know I haven’t asked veterans what they want to do to be honored? You’re assuming a lot.

        You wouldn’t know that I helped host a flag Day ceremony collecting service worn flags from graves across the cemetery (collected myself) involving all branches of the military for a proper retirement ceremony in partnership with Ft. indiantown Gap.

        And closing, this isn’t a “little piece,” If what Bob said is true, there are literally thousands of people in the community who have been served by this guy and appreciated this story. If it’s false, it’s even that more upsetting, not just to you, by the way.

        Not taking it this lightly.

  24. Just An Old Dog says:

    Just a little something for the OP. The Marines do not have a Rank Called ” Private E-2″ like our Brethen in the Army.
    In the Corps an E-2 is a Private First Class.
    The Army E-3 is a PFC and Marine E-3 is a Lance Corporal.

  25. Thunderstixx says:

    Another screwed up puke volunteering to be a chew toy for the fan club support here at TAH, Valor Guardians.com.
    Why don’t any of these morons ever think to themselves that they will get caught at some point in time and the rewards they glean now will come back in spades and could cost them everything they accrued in their shitstained lives…..

  26. USMC Steve says:

    Isn’t it still a crime to impersonate a commissioned officer?

  27. Ryan says:

    Attempting to honor veterans does not compare to being one. there is no greater love than to lay down one’s life for one’s friends.

    • sbalm says:

      We had a situation in a small town in Virginia. There was a claim of a guy being a veteran of the Korean War and was honored by having his name engraved on the town’s local Korean War memorial, one of three names engraved. He died a few years before his name was engraved. His granddaughter played the bugle at the annual Memorial Day ceremony held at the memorial.

      Only problem was he joined the military AFTER the Korean War cease-fire. He never left the United States. Korean War veterans are labeled differently and they are considered as such if simply in the military at the time of the Korean War. However, his service dates were misrepresented – not by the veteran, but by his son-in-law, whose daughter played the bugle every year at the ceremony.

      We contacted the local newspaper and presented the evidence, including his military records. Although they fancied themselves as hard-hitting journalists, the truth is they only did “soft” news – piano recitals, the annual Apple Blossom Festival, the school’s dean’s list, etc.

      They refused to acknowledge the truth and felt it was better to let the young lady play the bugle every year on Memorial Day in front of the town’s Korean War Memorial. They also chose to let his engraved name to be prominently displayed on the Memorial. This “news” organization made an editorial decision to let a feel-good story stand. Decades from now, a historian will go through the archives at the library and perpetuate the story of a Korean War veteran from this town that bravely fought in Korea and has his rightful place beside the two others engraved. His granddaughter will undoubtedly take her children to the memorial and touch the recesses of their grandfather’s engraved name and she’ll tell them that she played the bugle for many years every Memorial Day.

      We did what we could to bring truth to the situation. They would rather live with a lie than right a wrong. It offers them comfort.

      It is tempting to do feel-good stories – but only if they are true.

      • Green Thumb says:

        Similar here.

        This old dude always shuffles around with a Ranger Tab and an eighty-duece hat on.

        Asked him about them once and he got a pissed off and defensive. Said I had no idea what I was talking about and no right to question him.

        Told him he was full of shit. Old, old guy. Folks overheard the exchange and said he OK. Legit. I then asked why he could not remember some simple things and they covered for him as to his age and not remembering.

        I have met 90 year old fucking WWII dudes that remember simple shit. Maybe not super complex, but simple. Dude has being playing this game a long time and drinking it up. Folks do not want to rock the boat.

      • MarineDad61 says:

        “The Battle of Mayberry”
        (The Andy Griffith Show, 1966)

        For those who don’t remember,
        Opie did a school report on the Battle of Mayberry,
        since everyone had ancestor stories,
        and everyone’s ancestors where heroes and/or Colonels.

        A little investigation by a boy, and…..

        The Andy Griffith Show made it funny,
        but also made it national, a topic that has continued
        since the beginning of the USA.

  28. Ryan says:

    Good afternoon fellas. I haven’t had a chance to reach out to Bob to request his DD-214. But the volunteer writer sent me the this additional picture of him holding his medals at home. The second row of medals are the ones awarded for service in Vietnam (Republic of Vietnam Campaign Medal, the Vietnam Service Medal, a National Defense Service Medal, Meritorius Service Medal). Top is the Bronze Star, Purple Heart, Navy Commendation Medal–not the Navy Cross (our editorial error)–and the Silver Star. Hope that helps, we’ll report back as soon as possible. Ryan, Publisher, JunXion


    • tshe says:

      It says that we need to request access to this Google Drive.

      I don’t think you will find many of us willing to give our name and/or email to gain access. We’ve been included on too many junk lawsuits.

        • Claw says:

          Okay, we can see it now. So Mr. Bob is trying to tell us he was wounded in three separate incidents by having two oak leaf clusters on the Purple Heart.

          I would have thought the single 25 Nov 68 ripped off lip and 250 stitches to his face would have been his ticket home.

          • Claw says:

            Oops, my bad. Those are stars on the Purple Heart, not oak leaf clusters.

            • MarineDad61 says:

              IF this is the box
              that Bob Walker showed to children
              at Pocopson Elementary School,
              I strongly suggest that
              Meghan DeLuca be contacted (immediately),
              so Meghan can be made aware of all this here.
              Meghan may now want to consider whether she wants her name tied to this GoFundMe
              (that raised $5,300 from parents and others in the community, based on the showing of these same medals to children),
              and Meghan may need to prepare for the possibility of arranging REFUNDS to the GoFundMe donors.


              Navy and Marines use stars.
              Army and Air Force use clusters.

              So YES,
              “Mr. Bob is trying to tell us
              he was wounded in three separate incidents”.


              (paste from GoFundMe, link below)
              Robert Walker, better known as Mr. Bob, is retiring!
              Mr. Bob has been a beloved member of our Pocopson community for nearly 26 years.
              Mr. Bob may have the title of Custodian at Pocopson Elementary School, but he has become our dear friend and mentor over the years.
              Our children have learned so much from him from
              his visits to the classrooms
              to show and discuss the many metals
              he received while serving in the US Marine Corp.
              Let’s come together and show Mr. Bob how much we appreciate all that he has done for us over the years.
              Any donation will be extraordinarily helpful!
              (end paste)

              • Ryan says:

                To be clear, you guys are saying the letter and box of medals photos do not help his case, right? Thanks for the help!

                • SFC D says:

                  They do not help one bit. Proof is a DD-214. Medals can be purchased anywhere. Letters are a dime a dozen. Don’t be an enabler, Ryan.

                  • MarineDad61 says:

                    SFC D,
                    I don’t blame Ryan for considering all the likelihoods and probabilities,
                    and it’s to Ryan’s credit that he is here communicating.

                    But now that the ball is rolling,
                    the clock is ticking on Bob Walker
                    to prove the letter, and the box,
                    with his DD-214.

                    Any hesitancy or excuses from Bob…
                    Well, we’ve seen it all countless times before.

                • MarineDad61 says:

                  To be clear…
                  1 Bronze Star and 1 Purple Heart
                  seems quite possible.
                  Many brave war veterans earned these.

                  1 Silver Star, 1 Bronze Star, and 3 Purple Hearts seems highly unlikely.
                  Rare. Not impossible, but very very rare.

                  The whole reason Mr. Bob Walker
                  is under increasing scrutiny,
                  is the very real and very high likelihood that he took honorable war service in Vietnam,
                  and pooped all over it by trying to turn himself into another phony Rambo.

                  Doing it to children is really low.

                  Making money off of it is criminal.

                  To be clear,
                  no one judges what others accidentally bestowed upon him, based on bad information and mistakes.
                  But the box photo makes it clear that there is no confusion or mistake as to Bob Walker’s claims, what Bob Walker has been showing and telling children for years, and what Bob Walker is now about to bank $5 grand on.

                  In fact, Bob Walker is not destitute,
                  and he appears to be living quite well,
                  better than many, including better than many war veterans.

                  This may not matter much to affluent Chadds Ford parents, but they do have a right to know if they have been duped when forking over donations, to anyone, for any reason.

                  This is why Meghan needs to know, and be prepared to do something about it.

                  We are ALL looking forward to the DD-214.
                  It’s the dealmaker or dealbreaker,
                  1st that it’s legitimate (not fake),
                  and then has it has everything in the box.

                  • tshe says:

                    A DD-214 that comes STRAIGHT from the NPRC.

                    We’re still waiting for ‘Alaska Bob’s’ DD-214. Sled dogs ain’t what they used to be.

                    • MarineDad61 says:

                      there are plenty of DD-214 savvy veterans here, who can scrutinize a DD-214 from the home filing cabinet (I have mine),
                      and look for (the usually obvious) signs of DD-214 fakery.

                      Ryan posting a JPG file of a DD-214 from Bob’s filing cabinet (for review by veterans here) should be more than sufficient,
                      and we could wrap this up in 2 days.

                  • MarineDad61 says:

                    We are ALL looking forward to the DD-214.
                    It’s the dealmaker or dealbreaker,
                    1st that it’s legitimate (not fake),
                    and then that Bob Walker’s DD-214
                    lists everything in the (medals) box.

                    • Hack Stone says:

                      What if Bob claims his DD-214 is “fake but accurate”? Dan Rather would leap to his defense.

                    • MarineDad61 says:

                      Hack Stone,
                      Well, Bob Walker is NOT in Connecticut,
                      so his chances of getting that whacko Phony Vietnam Veteran Senator Dick Blumenthal involved are lookin’ mighty slim.

          • Green Thumb says:

            Nothing more than a simple flesh wound.

            Mr. Bob is much tougher than that….

    • Claw says:

      I want to hear more about just how Mr. Bob was awarded a Meritorius* (your misspelling, not mine) Service Medal for actions in November 1968 in North? Vietnam when the actual medal/criteria for awarding had not even been established yet, and when they were finally solidified, the medal was for service/achievement subsequent to 16 January 1969.

      So, please report back with facts post-haste. Till then, Mr. Bob is authorized to wear fecal smudges on all his “metals”./s

      • Hondo says:

        Even better, Claw: until approximately 2004, all services disallowed award of the MSM for service in a combat zone.

        That means that an MSM awarded for service in Vietnam in 1968 would be impossible for two different reasons.

    • A Proud Infidel®™ says:

      Ryan, ANYONE can buy a rack of medals and ribbons either online or from a Military Surplus Store, a rack someone displays doesn’t mean SHIT until it’s backed up by a DD214 and I think that you’ve been taken for a ride!

    • tshe says:

      Ryan, you wrote: “Top is the Bronze Star, Purple Heart, Navy Commendation Medal–not the Navy Cross (our editorial error)–”

      In the last paragraph of the article, Mr. Bob is quoted as claiming that he received a Navy Cross in the mail. That’s NOT an editorial error.

      Sounds like you’re trying to cover for him which makes it also sound like you are not being objective in regard to all of this.

  29. Green Thumb says:

    Well at least there is a pretty cool diner in Chadds Fords.

    I like trying different joints like this.


    • KoB says:

      OK GT, you just coitusing with me now. You KNOW how I am about food. For a little wormy phuquer, I get serious about eating. Still waiting on today’s offering (she HAS set a precedence by having a recipe on Saturdays). I’ll let this past Thursday slide a bit, cause she did have the smoking bird video.

      You may recall this past June when I made a passing reference to my called off (due to the Chinesecommunist Originated Virus Infecting Disease of 2019) cross country drive that had been planned for 3 YEARS? I may have spoke briefly on the intention of NEVER getting on an Interstate or going thru a town bigger than about 20K max. The places depicted in that series of pics were the types of places that I had earmarked to be dining in. As I laid out the route (using a 1950 vintage Road Atlas as a Guide) I Google Fooed the small towns, a’hunting those “Mom n Pop” eateries out. If I am ever able to make that journey, I may have to bend the route slightly to hit the west side of Nashville and visit Hugh Baby’s. That thar double meat, bacon cheese burger, with home cut fries, and a homemade chocolate shake was calling my name. For some of the others? If it shows crinkle cut fries, that is a no go at this station. And as far as the local to this town’s place was…it seemed to be as embellished as “Mr. Bob” was.

      • Green Thumb says:

        I like stopping in some of these joints. Its always cool when I look online (msn, etc.) and see a few places (bbq, diners, drive ins or nice places, beer joints, breweries, etc.) I have been in over the years either my geographical choice or just passing through.

        Have yet to see Alaska Bob though., And sometimes I stop in some out of the ways places.

    • Hack Stone says:

      Hanks is known for their sticky buns. Brings back memories of another embellishing Marine, that hoser from the Great White North. His name scapes Hack at the Moment, but someone more on the ball than Hack probably knows his name.

  30. Daisy Cutter says:

    Ryan D – Get Bob to provide his Silver Star award citation.

    That’s not an item that someone just misplaces, or loses… although there have been many instances of the ex-wife setting fire to them or selling them in a garage sale.

    Make sure you ask him in person so you can gauge his reaction. If you leave a voice message or send an email he will have time to think about his answer.

    People here believe you are an enabler. I am holding out a bit but there is a line you cross when you are an unwitting participant to helping in the coverup. Mr. Walker has solicited over $5 thousand dollars with this story on GoFundMe so the Silver Star claim puts him in direct conflict with the Stolen Valor Act of 2013, a federal crime.

    I realize it is tempting to figure out what wiggle room you have as the editor, and how you can help Walker save face in the end. I’d just say at this point that you should be careful about digging a deeper hole for yourself. It is an EXTREMELY high probability that Walker lied about a few things, namely the Silver Star. It probably started out innocent enough. Maybe he got in an armed skirmish and he was awarded the Bronze Star. He always felt that the award should have been higher, and several of his buddies said so. So, in his mind, it should have been a Silver Star. Eventually, he spoke of his actions as deserving of the Silver Star. Then, he rated a Silver Star but never received his just reward. Then, he speaks of HAVING the Silver Star.

    If it is not in their official military records, they were not awarded one. If they have proof they were awarded one, then it behooves them to correct their official records. However, they should not say that they have one if it is not recorded.

  31. ninja says:


    Found something VERY interesting reference Bob Walkers’s Bronze Star Medal document and his claim for a Silver Star.

    You Be The Judge.

    This is the November 1968 Command Chronology for the 3rd Battalion, 4th Marines:


    Please scroll to page 43 within the PDF. One can read what took place on 25 November 1968 with India Company, Third Battalion, 4th Marines, the unit Bob Walker said he served with that day as a Lance CPL.

    Not sure, but there may have been an error in the report that day for India Company. The report states “Sustained 3 friendly KIAs and one WIA”. Possibly the report should have read “1 friendly KIA and three WIAs” based on what I discovered (see below the original writeup).

    The original Command write up:

    “Conducted a plt (rein) size combat patrol within the following grids: Patrol made contact with estimated 3 to 4 NVA at XD 833505. Sustained 3 friendly KIAs and one WIA. Found the following…..Sat in defensive position at XD 033505…

    Please reread the Bronze Star document for Bob as posted above by Ryan.

    Then please compare Bob Walker’s Bronze Star Document to Private First Class John Suarez, US Marine Corps SILVER STAR CITATION…Suarez received the Silver Star for his actions on 25 November 1968 while serving with India Company, Third Battalion, Fourth Marines (coincidently the same day and same unit as described in Bob Walker’s Bronze Star document):


    See the similarity as well as the difference between the two?

    Further research for PFC John Suarez indicates Suarez received the Silver Star in August 1969.

    I DID find a John Suarez on Facebook who is from Houston, Texas who claims of being a Vietnam Veteran who served with the USMC from 1967-1969 with India 3/4.

    Wonder if this is the SAME John Suarez who received the Silver Star as stated above…and wonder if he remembers Bob Walker?


    Last: I found it odd that Bob Walker stated in the article that he returned to the USA in July 1969 and that “several months later” he had long hair and that he had to get a haircut for his “ceremony”.

    What is his definition of “long hair?”

    Something is not right.

    Bob Walker knows the truth. All he needs to do is share his DD214 as well as his Silver Star Citation and other documents with Ryan and others.

    Because after all, if he is telling the truth, then he has nothing to hide, correct?

    Again, PLEASE COMPARE BOB WALKER’S BRONZE STAR DOCUMENT TO PFC JOHN SUAREZ SILVER STAR CITATION as well as the 3rd Battalion/4th Marines Command Chronology and share what you think.

    BTW, ROLL TIDE!!!!


    • 5th/77th FA says:

      ’bout time you showed up ninja! DaHeck you been? The struggle was real to consume all the victuals prepared for the Thanks Giving Feast. And there is STILL a goodly amount of Ham, chicken n dumplin’s/cornbread dressin’, and the other trimmin’s at Firebase Magnolia. Wasn’t able to go further South, disn’t get to see my Dawgs cook that gamey Carolackey yard bird’s goose (no cable TV heah), but I was able to see the Tide Roll on over the Auburn pussycats and put that one on ice, man. I’m sure that both of those teams (and I use the term loosely) have lost that loving feeling for us, yes it’s gone, gone, gone! And in just a coupla short weeks we should see that (GO) Army Mule BEAT that Navy Goat like the redheaded stepchild that (BEAT) Navy is.

      On the subject of “Mr. Bob” I repeat my FIRST comment…At the very least he is an embellisher but I will refrain from calling down a deployment of the HoI until a full FOIA shows him to be a lying POS Valor Thief of the FIRST Order. This additional information shorely doesn’t bode well for “Mr.Bob.” Pity. On the surface he had very honorable service. It now appears he had better be prepared to take a bite out of the fecal matter sammich he has made.

    • Mason says:

      I gotta say, comparing the two, I’m inclined to believe the BSM citation is legit. If it’s a forgery using details from the SS citation, it’s a very, very clever one.

      There are a lot of similarities, so I’d believe it was written by the same CO. The differences only amount to exactly what the Pfc and LCpl did differently during the engagement. There’s also a clear difference between the actions of the two that would warrant the Pfc receiving the SS and the LCpl the BSM.

      Obviously my opinion, humble and worthless as it is, means nothing without the official documentation to back it up. Having read a lot of award citations and comparing this to the officially recorded SS for Pfc Suarez, I’m willing to bet on it being real.

      • sbalm says:

        For the record, I tend to agree with your assessment.

        Just so I can underscore the intent of this TAH blog – the Bronze Star and Purple Heart claims were not really emphasized other than some doubt that may have spilled over from other claims – in sort of a “where there’s smoke there’s fire” type of thing. In fact, the Bronze Star Medal was not mentioned at all other than displaying the magazine cover and the photo of the article’s text which mentions it.

        As stated in the TAH blog write-up above and repeated below for convenience, the circumstantial proof does not support claims of the Navy Cross, Silver Star and officer rank. That was the emphasis and why we felt this case was suspect.

        “Without having Bob’s military records, this case is speculative. However, there seems to be concrete proof to bring his claims of the Navy Cross, Silver Star, and the rank of 2ndLt into question. So, we’re not saying the Bob’s stories aren’t true – but we are saying that ol’ Bob’s got some ‘splainin’ to do.”

      • rgr769 says:

        It could be, but that doesn’t mean it’s his citation. How common is the name Robert Walker?

  32. Claw says:

    If I may be so bold as to stir the shit pot a little on this fine, cold Monday morning, I’m wondering why Mr. Bob is wearing the Combat Distinguishing Device (V) on a NAVCOM instead of on the Bronze Star Medal per the citation?

    • Keepin' It Real says:

      I have no inside information but my guess is that when they were dressing him up and taping on the medals for the photo someone shouted “Close enough.”

      Someone else probably asked if they can get the “pretty purple one moved over next to the green thingie because it breaks up the color scheme and draws the eye to a focal point.”

      In 3, 2, 1 – “The Silver Star meant the small second award of the Purple Heart and not the individual SS medal.” Place your bets.

      • Claw says:

        Re your first sentence:

        The line-up of medals on his jacket is the exact same line-up as the display in his “Love Me Box.”

        The small second and third awards of the Purple Heart (5/16 inch Star) would be gold, not silver. So, no bet./smile

        Still waiting to hear back from Ryan/Mr. Bob about that Meritorious Service Medal, though. My bet is that will never be answered.

        • MarineDad61 says:

          I believe we will have the answers, and soon.
          Ryan has been here communicating,
          and he has made it clear that he intends to
          “make this right”.

          And, Ryan is likely busy morning to night,
          based on his business & activities.

          I spelled out above, the probability and likelihood of
          1 Bronze Star & 1 Purple Heart
          1 Silver, 1 Bronze, and 3 Purple Hearts.
          (Obviously extremely rare, and highly unlikely.)
          (I didn’t even mention the Navy Cross.)

          Yes, there’s a history of others like this
          not making it right,
          instead plotting “What do we do now?”
          I do not believe that this is happening here, with Ryan.

          Let’s give Ryan the chance to get the DD-214
          from “Mr. Bob” Walker.
          I am looking forward to seeing the DD-214,
          and seeing the truth.

          • Claw says:

            “I am looking forward to seeing the DD-214”

            Me, too. As well as the numerous DD-215’s to bring it up to what has been displayed in Mr. Bob’s “I Love Me” box.

  33. Claw says:

    Go Fund Me page is gone.

    • MarineDad61 says:

      Wow. POOF.
      That could go several ways.
      Taking it down for REFUNDS,
      Taking it down to give the money to “Mr. Bob” Walker,
      Taking it down to remove the incriminating last donation and PHOTO.
      We shall see…..
      We know the wheels are turning in Chadds Ford, PA.

    • Keepin' It Real says:

      Turn out the lights… the party’s over.

    • MarineDad61 says:

      Well, I can say this….
      If weeks or months go by,
      and the FOIA comes in on “Mr.Bob”,
      not in a good way (as expected),
      and Bob Walker banked this $5 grand
      (or pissed it away at nearby casinos),
      that’s cause for a
      condemning Page 2 on “Mr. Bob”

      Let’s hope that both Ryan and Meghan
      can see the future storm ahead,
      and do the right thing NOW,
      certainly sooner than later,
      because later will be too late.

      Awaiting the DD-214.
      Awaiting the GoFundMe refund.

      Ryan and Meghan,
      thank you for your prompt attention on these.

      • MarineDad61 says:

        The power of Google.
        #1 – Valor Guardians –
        The Chadds Ford JunXion, a local community magazine, featured Robert Walker on its front cover for the November 2020 edition.
        #2 – GoFundMe –
        Robert Walker, better known as Mr. Bob, is retiring!
        … Meghan DeLuca needs your support for Mr. Bob’s Retirement Gift.
        … I regret to inform you (all) that Bob Walker,
        on the cover of the new Chadds Ford JunXion magazine, …

        • MarineDad61 says:

          #3 – Chadds Ford JunXion – Posts | Facebook
          We teamed up with artist Evie S to create this exclusive Chadds Ford fine art print
          … we sat down with our local hero,
          Bob Walker (school custodian, Pocopson …

  34. ninja says:

    Updated information in 4 parts on Bob Walker and his claim of the Navy Cross and Silver Star.

    Part 1:

    Bob claimed to have been with India Company, 3rd Battalion, 4th Marines on 25 November 1968.

    Please note in the November 2020 Chadds Ford JunXion article, Bob stated that when he was loaded on a Chopper, that he landed on a pile of three of his buddies, that he later discovered were deceased.

    I go back to the November 1968 Command Chronology for the 3rd Battalion, 4th Marines previously posted:


    Please scroll to page 43 within the PDF. One can read what took place on 25 November 1968 with India Company, Third Battalion, 4th Marines, the unit Bob Walker said he served with that day as a Lance CPL.

    “Conducted a plt (rein) size combat patrol within the following grids: Patrol made contact with estimated 3 to 4 NVA at XD 833505. Sustained 3 friendly KIAs and one WIA. Found the following…..Sat in defensive position at XD 033505…”

    THERE WERE INDEED THREE FRIENDLY KIAs. Is it possible that Bob was the Marine that was WIA?

    The Marines that were KIA were:

    (1) PFC Michael Dean Bell, Beaumont, TX.

    (2) PFC Thomas Edward Brown, Murphy, NC.

    (3) LCPL Bruce Anthony Lynch, Oklahoma.

    Please see the 2nd post about these Marines who lost their lives that day, 25 November 1968.


    The Silver Star was awarded to Private First Class John Suarez.

    The Navy Cross was awarded to Corpsman William B. Barber.

    Please read the 3rd Post about Corpsman Barber well as his detailed description as to what took place on 25 November 1968.

    It looks as if William Barber was initially recommended for the Medal of Honor, but it got downgraded to a Navy Cross.

    When reading about Corpsman Barber’s action, he describes rescuing a Marines that was shot in the leg.

    Bob Walker’s BSM Citation describes Walker as being wounded in the leg.

    Am now wondering if Bob Walker combined PFC Suarez’s Silver Star and Corpsman William Walker’s Navy Cross into his story that was featured in the Chadds Ford JunXion.

    Have to admit have a wee bit of a doubt about Walker’s BSM.


    • Mason says:

      Glad you found that about Mr. Barber. Reading Suarez’s citation I was wondering just what they did for the corpsman.

  35. ninja says:

    Part 2.

    The 3 Marines that were KIA on 25 November 1968 as described by the Command Chronology Report.

    Could these Marines had been the deceased “pile of buddies ” as described by Bob Walker…and is it possible that Bob Walker is the WIA listed in the Command Chronology Report described above?

    PFC Michael Dean Bell:


    PFC Thomas Edward Brown:


    LCPL Bruce Anthony Lynch:


    • Mason says:

      So young. Bell was a week past his 20th birthday. Lynch was 10 days past his 19th birthday. Brown was also only 20.

  36. ninja says:

    Part 3:

    William B. Barber awarded the Navy Cross for actions on 25 November 1968.

    Please compare his Citation to PFC Suarez’s Silver Star (Part 5) and Bob Walker’s BSM:


    “The President of the United States of America takes pleasure in presenting the Navy Cross to Hospitalman Third Class [then Hospitalman] William B. Barber (NSN: B-793357), United States Naval Reserve, for extraordinary heroism on 25 November 1968 while serving as a Corpsman with Company I, Third Battalion, Fourth Marines, THIRD Marine Division (Reinforced), Fleet Marine Force, in connection with combat operations against enemy aggressor forces in the Republic of Vietnam. During the afternoon hours, Petty Officer Barber was accompanying a platoon engaged in patrol activities in Quang Tri Province. While crossing an abandoned landing zone, the unit was attacked by a well-entrenched North Vietnamese army force employing command-detonated mines, rocket-propelled grenades, and automatic weapons which wounded four Marines and forced the others to seek cover in a nearby wooded area. Observing that the four casualties were lying dangerously exposed to hostile fire, Petty Officer Barber disregarded his own safety to reach one of the fallen men. After administering first aid, Petty Officer Barber moved the man to a safer position and, undaunted by the extremely heavy volume of enemy fire, boldly maneuvered across the area on two more occasions to provide medical care and assist the second and third casualties to covered positions. He then braved the intense fire for a fourth time, placing himself between the last of the wounded Marines and the enemy fire during the fifteen minutes required to administer first aid. With the supporting fire of helicopters on station and the concentrated fire of his platoon, Petty Officer Barber was able to remove the wounded Marine to the relative safety of the wooded area. He then skillfully rendered medical aid and comforted all four casualties, directing their movement to a medical evacuation helicopter for embarkation and extraction. By his superb professional skill, outstanding valor, and unwavering devotion to duty in the face of great personal danger, Petty Officer Barber inspired all who observed him and was instrumental in saving four lives. His daring initiative was in keeping with the highest traditions of the United States Naval Service.”

  37. ninja says:

    Part 4:

    The interview with Navy Cross Recipient Corpsman William B. Barber reference the 25 November 1968 incident.

    Please note he describes helping a Marine with a wounded leg.

    Is it possible that Marine is Bob Walker?

    William Barber is the Corpsman described in PFC John Suarez’s Silver Star Citation (Part 5) and is mentioned in Bob Walker’s BSM.

    Bob Walker also mentions Barber in the Chadds Ford JunXion article. Only thing is that his story does not coincide with what Barber described.

    Perhaps two different perspectives as to what happened that day?


    “All at once we got up and started running down the trail back to where we had just come from. At that time, I was about the fourth guy in line. There were three Marines in front of me. That was the first time I ever saw a machine gun actually pick a guy up in the air and hold him there while they were shooting him. Finally, when they stopped shooting, he fell to the ground right in front of me. It is a sight that lingers with you forever dud to the fact that he was a human, but also you knew him.”

    “He was the first guy who was killed. The second Marine was also shot. The third guy, if you can believe this, got hit and fell across the machine gun on the right knocking it over..”

    “I crawled down the trail and got to the first Marine. He was dead. I dragged him back. Then I went out the second time and got the second man. He had been shot in the leg. I brought him back and stabilized him with a rifle as a splint. Then I went out and got the third guy and brought him back. Then, being stupid, I went back out a fourth time. As I was dragging the fourth guy back and crawling along, the firing stopped.”

    “I began crawling down the trail dragging the wounded Marine…”

    “…continued dragging the fourth guy over to the safety of the bush…”

    “What was the date of that incident?”

    “November 25, 1968.”

    “Who wrote you up for the medal?”

    “The Third Platoon commander.”

    “I was nominated for the Medal of Honor, and as it went up the chain, it was being approved at each level. When it got to a Navy admiral, who I understand was over all the forces in the Pacific, he thought it should be disapproved. So it went back down the same chain and was re-submitted recommending downgrade. So that’s how I ended up with the Navy Cross instead of the Medal of Honor.”

    “They always say that your biggest mistake was not getting shot yourself, right?”

    “This sounds terrible to say, but a year later a guy called to inform me that I was going to get the Navy Cross. His comment was this. He stated that this would have been a hard sell. When I asked why, he said, “America sees her heroes dead, mutilated, or at least wounded. The best thing you could have done that day was to have pulled out your John Wayne and cut yourself.”

    • Claw says:

      ninja, Thank You very much for posting up that interview with CDR Barber. Read it completely through with great interest, and I’ll have to admit, it gave me a look into what the daily life of a Marine Company was like in 1968 that I had never known about before.

      I especially liked the very last line of the interview when he was asked if he ever thought about Vietnam and he said:

      “At times I also think about whether today’s generation was worth the effort and misery.”

      • ninja says:

        You are so welcome, Claw and yes, you NAILED it when you quoted CDR (Ret) Barber:

        “At times I also think about whether today’s generation was worth the effort and misery.”

        Thank You for highlighting that.

        I still believe that Walker may be that wounded man with the leg injury that Barber assisted and pulled to safety. IMHO, Ole Bob embellished his story to the reporter of Ryan’s magazine, because he did not mention Suarez or Barber in his story.

        I still think he took Suarez’s and Barber’s heroic deeds that 25 November 1968 day and made it into HIS story.

        And just as you, am wondering what the “MSM” is that is discussed that Ole Bob supposedly received.

        Gonna get interesting.

        Thank You, Claw, again, for the feedback.

  38. ninja says:

    Part 5:

    Private First Class John Suarez SILVER STAR CITATION for his actions on 25 November 1968:


    Additionally, I DID find a John Suarez on Facebook who is from Houston, Texas who claims of being a Vietnam Veteran who served with the USMC from 1967-1969 with India 3/4.

    Wonder if this is the SAME John Suarez who received the Silver Star as stated above…and wonder if he remembers Bob Walker?


    Here is the Silver Star Citation for PFC John Suarez:

    “The President of the United States of America takes pleasure in presenting the Silver Star to Private First Class John Suarez (MCSN: 2427816), United States Marine Corps, for conspicuous gallantry and intrepidity in action while serving as a Grenadier with Company I, Third Battalion, Fourth Marines, THIRD Marine Division (Rein.), FMF, in connection with combat operations against the enemy in the Republic of Vietnam. On the afternoon of 25 November 1968, Private First Class Suarez’ platoon was engaged in patrol activities near Landing Zone WINCHESTER in Quang Tri Province. While the lead squad was crossing a newly constructed landing zone, a command detonated mine and intense rocket-propelled grenade and was fire from a well-concealed North Vietnamese Army force wounded the four lead Marines and forced the remainder of the patrol to seek cover in the nearby wooded area. Realizing the seriousness of the situation, Private First Class Suarez unhesitatingly left his covered position and moved forward to the edge of the clearing with a Corpsman. Observing that the casualties were lying in the open, dangerously exposed to hostile fire, he fearlessly moved across the fire-swept terrain and skillfully delivered fire with his M-79 grenade launcher while simultaneously assisting the Corpsmen in pulling one injured man to a covered position. Undaunted by the increased intensity of the North Vietnamese fire, Private First Class Suarez bravely moved across the extremely hazardous area a second and then a third time, boldly delivering highly suppressive fire with his grenade launcher while assisting in moving the two remaining casualties to positions of relative safety. His heroic actions inspired all who observed him and were instrumental in saving the lives of three of his fellow Marines. By his courage, daring initiative and unwavering devotion to duty in the face of great personal danger, Private First Class Suarez upheld the highest traditions of the Marine Corps and of the United States Naval Service.”

    • rgr769 says:

      I notice in searching that Military Times valor site, there is no record of a Robert Walker receiving either a Silver Star or a Navy Cross. Seems pretty conclusive ol’ Mr. Bob is a prevaricator first class.

  39. ninja says:

    KoB and Mason:

    Have read both of your comments on my initial 29 November posting.

    Thank you both for your comments.

    Will catch up later as to why the ninja family has been AWOL for a while…nothing serious…just been busy helping other Veterans…Thank you for being patient!

  40. ninja says:

    Have just made 5 posts on this thread reference the 25 November 1968 incident described in Bob Walker’s BSM Citation as well as the Chadds Ford JunXion article.

    IMHO, I believe Ole Bob took PFC John Suarez’s Silver Star as well as Corpsman William Barber’s Navy Cross and made it HIS story…i.e. he may have embellished on what happened on 25 November 1968.

    He may have been the wounded Marine described in his unit’s Command report that day (Purple Heart).

    It would be nice if Ryan could ask Bob Walker about the 25 November 1968 incident as well as asking him for his Orders for not only the Bronze Star, but also for the Silver Star (along with the Citation).

    IF Ole Bob did received Go Fund Me funds based on his Viet of the Nam story, i.e. being the recipient of the Silver Star and Navy Cross and not due to his retirement from a School system, then there is a possibility he may have violated the Stolen Valor Law in PA:

    “With New Stolen Valor Law, Pennsylvania Is The Latest State To Target Military Fakers”


    “Military fakers in Pennsylvania may want to consider a change of station.”

    “The state on Tuesday passed stolen valor legislation that will make impersonating a service member or veteran, or wearing unearned military decorations, a third-degree misdemeanor if it’s done “with intent to obtain money, property or other benefit,” the legislation states.”

    “Third-degree misdemeanors in Pennsylvania can result in jail time of up to a year and a fine of up to $2,000. The law expands upon the federal statute, which provides for a fine and up to a year behind bars for wearing unearned military decorations such as the Medal of Honor, Purple Heart or Combat Action Badge, with the intent to receive some tangible benefit.”

    Hopefully, we will know soon the truth on Bob’s service and his Military awards.

    Not nice to trick School children. Remember Ole Les Brown when he pulled the same stunt?

    • KoB says:

      We DO have the very best ninjas! Tanks Troop!

      Do believe I FIRST made mention above on Mr. Bob be a big time embellisher. Honorable service most probably shot to hell. The guns are laid, lanyards pulled tight, awaiting the final AYE for a Fire Mission from ChipNASA on the deployment of the HoI. Shorely be am looking forward to seeing that DD214/FOIA. Maybe “Mr. Bob” can hire on with Les “The Mess” Brown (Stain) as a Chilli Taster.

      gabn/rtr/hbtd…Almost a single digit midget, counting down the days till a certain someone loses that loving feeling as we cook his goose and put that (Beat Navy) goat on ice, man.


      • ninja says:


        11 more days…11 more days…

        As Bugs Bunny always says…

        “This Means War!!!”

        Time to mess with our favorite AW1Ed..He knows we love him, because we have not lost that lovin feeling…

        So proud the Black Knights are honoring the Wolfhounds this year!!!


        Will catch up more later. Had to post the information I discovered while researching what took place with the platoon of India Company/3rd BN/4th Marines on 25 November 1968.

        Took much of a coincidence that Ole Bob Walker mentions a Silver Star and Navy Cross in his story when in reality, there WERE recipients of those two Valor Awards…and the recipient was not Bob.

        I believe Bob took Suarez’s and Barber’s awards and made it into his story and may have told that story for years without realizing that oneday, the world would have access to public information via The Web…

        Never too late for Ole Bob to tell “The Rest of The Story”…then again, some folks have lived with their embellishments (or lies) for so long that they start to believe in their own lies…

        So sad.

        More Later…Yep, it was great watching Bama kick the s&!t outta those War Chickens..looking forward to watching the Army Mule kick the Navy Goat…



    • sbalm says:

      ninja – great information and analysis!

      Really appreciate the time and effort you took with this.

      • ninja says:



        Thank You for your feedback!

        Hopefully, Ryan and Bob are reading this and can verify if the wounded Marine IS Bob..and can explain the background of Bob’s “Silver Star.”


        • sbalm says:

          Hopefully, Bob will realize that it is only a matter of time and it’s in his best interest to just come clean on all of this.

          I use the term “come clean” because I strongly suspect there is some degree of embellishment, it’s just a matter of how much.

  41. OWB says:

    So many variables in this mess that we may never actually know what happened.

    It appears that “Mr Bob” may have actually served. Honorably, and perhaps with some distinction. We just don’t know. Yet.

    We also have a couple of third parties who in the interest of making a “better story” admit dressing him up a bit in things they say he told them were not his. What that exchange was is anyone’s guess.

    So, how much of all this is what he claimed and how much was foisted upon him? I dunno.

    After looking at his official records we will all have a better perspective. It is obvious that certain aspects of this are fanciful, but on whose part?

  42. Ryan says:

    Hey everybody, just giving you all a quick update. We 100% will get to the bottom of this. Per the advice given, I’m going to meet with Bob in person to gauge his response (and meet him for the first time to handle this man). As Marine Dad 61 observed, I’m pretty darn busy, four kids under the age of seven, this was all unfolding over Thanksgiving, and I’m in the middle of launching a new restaurant in Chadds Ford (free breakfast to any of you guys that actually do make the trek and stop by. Incidentally you guys might also appreciate visiting the site of the Battle of the Brandywine). So thanks for understanding. I also appreciate the effort and research to figure out what really happened, as well as your commraderie. I broke the news to the ladies that worked on the story, everybody is pretty bummed and eager to see what the DD214 says. We always try to do the right thing and have integrity, just give me another week and I’ll report back. Blessings, Ryan

    • Ryan says:

      Should’ve read handle this “man to man”…

    • MarineDad61 says:

      Thank you for the detailed reply.
      I am 65 miles away, and familiar with the nearby
      US1 intersections with US322, PA41, and PA896,
      all beach routes from PA Amish country.

      Thank you (also) for the generous breakfast offer.
      The website & menu are impressive.

      I can reciprocate with a helpful offer to you.
      IF you would like to have a war veteran,
      6’4, 250lbs, wearing a Proud Marine Dad ballcap,
      standing by your side when you meet (confront) Bob Walker,
      I would be happy to join you for a Bob Walker meeting and discussion.

      I look forward to meeting you in the next 3 days.
      For everyone, Cafe address, hours, and menu isted here.

      • MarineDad61 says:

        Also, here is a March 2020 article, local to you,
        just over the river, on the road to Wildwood, NJ.

        He married a Pennsylvania female, only miles from you.
        And it’s the wedding and photos that caught the attention of other veterans.

        John Grandizio did the SAME THING.
        A legitimate war veteran with a Purple Heart.
        He decided to slap on a Bronze Star,
        double his medals and ribbons,
        up his Purple Heart from 1 to 3 Purple Hearts,
        (sounding familiar?)
        fill his chest with extra badges,
        and promote himself to E-7 Sgt. First Class.
        Then, he anointed himself Army Ranger and Green Beret.

        All to CON a female into marrying a super Rambo.

        Trouble is, the Purple Heart and Iraq medal are always enough, and John chose to poop all over his actual courage and accomplishments.
        Now John has what we call “internet infamy”,
        and it’s not in a good way.

        This is a direct comparison, with a much younger soldier,
        to what we see in Bob Walker.

        Looking forward to breakfast, and meeting.

        • Hack Stone says:

          That brings back memories for Hack. Always glad to see a local make a complete ass of himself for the entire world to see. Speaking of South Jersey losers, hasGunny Driveway popped up on the Stolen Valor Radar lately? Hack was really pulling for him to win the tournament, going as far as directing Facebook friends from South Jersey to support the “team” by casting a vote, but the competition was just too stiff with Daniel Bernath buying votes.

    • Daisy Cutter says:

      Your first clue is there is apparently no outrage over the suggestion that he may have lied.

      Watch his body language. Shifting in the chair, diverting his eyes, looking up and away which indicates he is tapping into the creative area of his brain to come up with a story.

      Don’t be surprised if he eventually becomes defensive and agitated, expressing anger that his integrity is being questioned.

      Then again, he may become relaxed and admit embellishments. A burden would be removed from his shoulders. For him to consider digging a deeper hole and doubling down on his stories will cause him more stress.

  43. HMC(FMF)Ret_87-10 says:

    I have just emailed the Third Bn 4th MARINES Association (https://thundering-third.org/) for any assistance they can lend in obtaining contemporaneous verification/ evidence in regard to the claims of Mr. Walker.

    We’ll see what shakes out……

  44. sbalm says:

    ALERT: One of our FOIA ninjas told me that we will be getting Robert Walker’s official military records possibly today or tomorrow. This was a special request that will be honored. We will post as a new thread.

    Then our joy will be full.

    • Hondo says:

      Sounds like this might get rather interesting fairly soon . . . .

    • MarineDad61 says:

      Ryan asked me to type this update comment,
      as he is busy running his restaurant today.

      After seeing this new alert (after 11am),
      I sent Ryan a FakeBook PM,
      suggesting urgency, with my cell #.
      Ryan saw my PM immediately, and immediately called Bob.
      Bob Walker has agreed to meet Ryan tomorrow, Dec 3 @ 2:00pm.

      Ryan then called me, and asked me to join the meeting.
      I agreed. So I am driving to Chadds Ford tomorrow.

      I am looking forward to assisting everyone here get to the truth.

      If anyone has advice for Ryan (or me), now is the time.

      Specifically, ADMINS, let me know if there is anything you would like me to do, or NOT do.

      • sbalm says:

        The only thing I would caution is that once the truth gets out there, it has legs. What I mean by that is nobody has the ability to bargain. Nobody really gets to decide if Bob suffered enough already.

        As far as TAH, there are no conditions on his disclosures. His military records will be posted whether they support his claims or not. There will of course be apologies forthcoming if his Silver Star is listed, but we only raised that as a question and never claimed he did not have a Silver Star.

        In other words, nobody is in any position to decide what happens in regard to Bob. You may get this coming from Ryan and/or Bob.

        Stated another way – the blog will remain posted unless there is evidence supporting his Silver Star and Navy Cross. The records will get posted since it brings this case full circle.

        We certainly applaud your going the extra mile in this case and meeting with Ryan and Bob. It will be interesting to hear your after-action report on the meeting. I just don’t think that there will be anything that will change what TAH does in regard to this case unless there is new information to be posted such as Bob supplying his DD-214 to compare with NPRC results.

        The truth is going to come out eventually. It was just a matter of time. But it looks like it will be sooner rather than later.

        • sbalm says:

          If Bob does admit to embellishment – many would like to know how and why it happened. Why he felt the need to do so. Does he see that it hurts a lot of people, namely the kids.

          He should have never agreed to the article if he embellished his military career.

          If he expresses remorse, it is only because he was caught red-handed. But we’ll see what the records show.

        • MarineDad61 says:

          Thanks. I am taking notes.

          Tomorrow, I will take along a notepad
          (with notes and questions), and several inkjet prints of Pennsylvania examples, John Grandizio (GGB/VG), and Steve Zahuranec Sr.(JPG), in the event I am compelled to share these local stories with Bob Walker.

          In a way, I am looking forward to this meeting,
          and in a way, I am not.
          I’ll arrive early, and eat a nice lunch.
          Chain smoking in the parking lot is likely,
          after the lunch, and before the dessert.

          If anyone else has anything,
          let me know before Thursday morning at 9:00am.
          Thanks again.

          • sbalm says:

            If you can, try not to have a pre-conceived idea of how this will go down or it could impact your behavior. If you fully expect him to come clean and he doesn’t, you could get frustrated even though the evidence is overwhelming.

            If there is a flareup or he gets agitated, you may want to figure out a safe, quick exit strategy. You’ve entered the inner sanctum. It is his home.

            Trust yourself to accurately read how it is going, and adapt using your intuition as guide. It may turn out to be tremendously rewarding.

            Assure him that you do appreciate his service. He did something that a lot of people didn’t. The question of why did he go beyond may be a question best left for later unless he volunteers that himself.

            • MarineDad61 says:

              Thanks. Again. Really.
              This is Ryan’s meeting.
              I will certainly be helpful in being sure that Ryan asks ALL the right questions.

              I’ll check back here in the morning,
              before departing for Chadds Ford.

            • MarineDad61 says:

              Update – Good news.
              Phone call from Ryan this morning (Th 11am).
              We exchanged goals and strategy.
              The meeting is being held at the restaurant.
              I will arrive early enough to sit with Ryan
              before Bob Walker arrives.

              Thanks again. 🙂

              • sbalm says:

                Good it is in a neutral place with plenty of people around – if you saw “Jerry MacGuire” you would know what I mean.

                Good luck. We normally do not advocate confrontation but it sounds like you are a Subject Matter Expert and asked to attend for your expertise, and it is Ryan’s meeting.

                The emotion that this can potentially bring is a wild card.

                Good luck.

                P.S. I was just kidding about smashing the display case of medals, in case that wasn’t obvious.

                • sbalm says:

                  P.S.S. Longwood Gardens is stunning around Christmas-time. It is a mere stone’s throw from Chadd’s Ford i.e. right next to it. If you haven’t been to Longwood Gardens over Christmas it is well worth it.

      • 5th/77th FA says:

        Not an Admin MarineDad61, just a hungry Gun Bunny. Snag me a container of at least one each of the following from the restaurant:

        (a) The Meat Lasagna

        (b) The Pulled Pork

        (c) Meatballs & Gravy

        (d) The Mustard Tater Salad

        (e) The Wild Mushroom Soup

        (f) A pan of the cheddar biscuits, but only if they are in fact cat headed type biscuits and not some wanna be imitation. And if they look like they would sop up some of that gravy.

        Take US 1 South till you get to I-16 West, then turn left…not the shortest route but the quickest…and only 2 turns. Can’t miss it.

        Thanks! Oh…and Thanks for meeting with Ryan about “Mr. Bob” too.

        • MarineDad61 says:

          5th/77th FA,
          You’re on for (b) The Pulled Pork.
          I’ll meet you at US1 & US222, at the Conowingo Dam.
          I will let the restaurant pull my pork,
          but Mr. Bob will fail badly if he tries.

          • 5th/77th FA says:

            Damn! I hate it when there are purt near 800 + miles between me and a tray of pulled porked beast!

            I only pulled my pork till I needed glasses. 😀

            Be careful on the road!

  45. ChipNASA says:

    Just so you guys know I have read through the thread I may have missed a few things here and there but I am standing by and I will probably linger, so an immediate resolution to any posting of the hemisphere of insults will purposely have a certain amount of lag and delay to it just to let some of the facts and specifics play out in this particular situation before we come to what we would all consider some sort of a resolution, so, between work and sleep and Ken’s and the dog, and come what May, We will be on the fringes, in the nosebleed seats of the stands, waiting for the referees call after the flag has been thrown and the whistle blown….

    • tshe says:

      A spring can only stay coiled and ready to spring for so long. The potential kinetic energy is begging to be released.

  46. MarineDad61 says:

    To sbalm, admins, and everyone —
    UPDATE on Bob Walker.
    Incoming… Email for admins later tonight.
    The email will contain claim by claim & medal by medal
    updates on Bob Walker’s claims and statements today,
    during a 3 way meeting with Ryan, Bob Walker, and myself
    in Chadds Ford, PA.

    I would like to thank Ryan,
    who set up today’s meeting on short notice,
    during a busy work day at his new cafe.
    Ryan did a great job at this 1 hour long meeting with Bob Walker,
    deferring to me at times for technical expertise,
    and allowing me to interject at times as well.

    Nutshell –
    Bob Walker originally intended to stick to his stories.
    But when Bob was presented with 3 printed pages of THIS page,
    shown an example of an FOIA Form 13164
    (which displays a public information comprehensive
    list of medals and ribbons),
    advised that this website will have his FOIA within 48 hours,
    and seeing printed examples of Jersey John Grandizio
    and Texas Phony Silver Star Leroy Foley,
    Bob Walker’s claims changed during the 2nd round of questions and discussion.

    After additional reminders to Bob Walker
    of the seriousness and the consequences of today’s conversation
    on a likely Page 2,
    Round 3 of questions and discussion produced additional changes
    to the original story (in the Chadds Ford JunXion Magazine).

    BONUS –
    New chew toy for today…
    1 NEW CLAIM by Bob Walker,
    and it’s a whopper, which he stuck to,
    despite 2 chances to reconsider or recant.
    Hint – “the Missouri fire”.

    1. DD-214
    Bob Walker will send his DD-214 to Ryan
    (who should have it by now),
    Ryan will send it to me, and
    I will include Bob’s DD-214 in my email to admins later tonight.

    2. Bob Walker has agreed to remove the Silver Star
    and the 2 stars on his Purple Heart
    from his home made shadow box of magic medals.

    • KoB says:

      You DaMan, MarineDad61. BZ. Mah tiggah fingah shore be damn am itchy as the 7th Fleet after a port-o-call. The lanyards are pulled tight and ChipNasa is standing by to release a FIRE MISSION Time On Target deployment of the HoI. All we need is the final AYE and the go ahead from higher.

      ps How was lunch? Too bad it was 800+ miles, I’d of been there.

      • MarineDad61 says:

        No lunch. Coffee.
        Still under construction and outfitting for
        grand opening tomorrow.
        Great coffee.
        Since I offered up $5 for coffee and tip,
        that makes me JunXion Cafe’s 1st paying customer.
        A memorable day.

    • sbalm says:

      Fantastic job!

      I think if he had time to think about things, he would have spent that time digging a deeper hole.

      The Silver Star claim – this is what I mean about controlling the narrative. Some people may feel it is no big deal and he came clean so that should be worth something. There may be WWII or Vietnam veterans around Chadds Ford that feel differently, especially him being around the kids, not knowing what kind of stories he told with him being the hero.

      Have not heard about the FOIA results. I expected them today… now I’m thinking high likelihood of tomorrow. Don’t want to press as beggars can’t be choosey.

      Maybe they were lost in the fire? 😉

      Appreciate all of your efforts.

      * BREAK * BREAK *

      Alleged fake SEAL for tomorrow morning… tune in!

      • 5th/77th FA says:

        Spoiler Alert…Spoiler Alert…Spoiler Alert!!!

        Phony seal over to the MP site. Go over there and leave some love for the lying embellishing POS. Welcome him to his upcoming GOOOOOOOGLE FAME!!!

      • MarineDad61 says:

        My email to you is written, and I hope to send it shortly.
        Waiting on 2 things here.
        – I asked Ryan to proofread the email (RTF file) for accuracy.
        – Ryan is still waiting on Bob Walker’s DD-214.

        If my email arrives later tonight without a DD-214,
        you know why.

        Country drive BONUS today….
        a Chinook flew over me in the middle of Amish country,
        Bird-in-Hand, PA.
        What are the odds?

        • MarineDad61 says:

          Yes, I also drove through Intercourse (PA),
          but missed the road to Paradise (PA).
          Intercourse leads to Paradise or Bird-In-Hand,
          but not both.
          And, it’s all over an hour away from Virginville (PA).

          • 5th/77th FA says:

            So, what you’re saying MD61 is, if you want to leave being in Virginville, go thru Intercourse at Bird-in-Hand. Not only will you end up in Paradise, you’ll be at Pulled Pork?

            • MarineDad61 says:

              5th/77th FA,
              No, but the Google Maps Plan B route
              from Virginville to Intercourse goes through Blue Ball.

              • 5th/77th FA says:

                Down heah you gots to go from the top of the state to the bottom to get from Cumming to Climax.

                I have found Paradise by finding Intercourse with Bird-in-Hand. Now, where’s my glasses?

                ps, can’t lurk on fakebook anymore, nail that bastard phony and post some screen shots of the fun and games for us. This tool and Old Blue.

        • Daisy Cutter says:

          Did you go through Gap?

    • rgr769 says:

      What about the Navy Cross we all know he was never awarded? Or the medal which wasn’t created until the year after he left active duty?

      • MarineDad61 says:

        Details of the meeting with Bob Walker and Ryan
        will be emailed very soon to website admins.
        It was to be last night, so hopefully this morning.

        Other than dropping “the Missouri fire” hint,
        I am leaving everything else to the email,
        for the anticipated Page 2 on Bob Walker.

        Still waiting on Bob Walker’s DD-214,
        that he said he would provide to Ryan.
        Still waiting on Ryan to respond to my request to proofread the email for accuracy.

        Sorry for the Flash Gordon / Buck Rogers serial cliffhanger,
        but the admins have more than a bit to digest and interpret here.

        • sbalm says:

          Consider doing a guest post on TAH.

          “The dust particles glittered in the sun beams coming through the diner windows.

          There he was, an unassuming figure in the far corner of the diner, peering up from his newspaper only to validate my suspicion it was him.

          His face was weather-beaten from years of combat in Vietnam, and decades of dealing with the kids at the school that he worked for.”

          Doesn’t have to be that dramatic but could be. Would make for a nice post.

          • MarineDad61 says:

            This may time out perfectly. For you.
            FOIA. Email. DD-214.
            All delayed today, which gives plenty of time for the new Steve Maurer circus to play out,
            and for you to drop Page 2 when least expected.

            while Bob Walker’s demeanor was certainly friendly and good natured, his unshakeable grin coupled with frequent chuckles and chortles, even when giving bad answers, would make my version seem less like a drama,
            and more like a sitcom episode of M*A*S*H*.

      • MarineDad61 says:

        To be fair, I am more than patient with Ryan.
        After all, his new JunXion Cafe opens TODAY.
        And, Ryan has been more than communicative, transparent, and helpful.

        • sbalm says:

          Mr. Bob asked Alaska Bob to tear a page out of his playbook and share it. The DD-214 is most likely arriving by sled-dog team.

          • MarineDad61 says:

            Oh, no.
            Bob Walker promised Ryan.
            Others above already made the Alaska Bob connection, too.

            It’s not the same thing to see it on VG,
            from somewhere across the country,
            as seeing it happen before your own eyes and face.

            However, I have seen decades of assorted “veterans”
            show up at a VFW Post to join,
            and when asked to return with their DD-214,

            I sure hope Bob knows that late is better than never.

          • MarineDad61 says:

            Bob Walker’s DD-214 and Bronze Star V letter RECEIVED by Ryan.
            Ryan sent them to me in a cellphone text.
            Email sent an email to you (admin at vg) with 2 JPG files.

  47. HMC(FMF)Ret_87-10 says:

    Received a reply from the 3/4 Assoc. today.

    My message was forwarded/ posted to their group message board.

    Hopefully, some of the devil dogs will be able to shed some more light on ole Bob’s claims of greatness.

  48. OWB says:

    Good work, guys. Excellent. At least now we know with no doubt whatsoever that the claims are his and not something attributed to him by others. (Not that there was much doubt of that, but still.)

  49. MarineDad61 says:

    Bob Walker’s DD-214 has been received by Ryan,
    Ryan texted it to me, and
    I just emailed it to admin at VG.

    • rgr769 says:

      Does it look legit? How many type styles on the document?

    • MarineDad61 says:

      Please keep in mind,
      when everyone will want to totally skewer Bob when Page 2 rolls out…

      That it is a credit to Bob Walker,
      that he provided paperwork, as promised,
      knowing that it would conflict with the
      Chadds Ford JunXion magazine cover and article.

      There will still be blatant errors in his story,
      not only then, but now.

      I will tip the positive here.
      Bob Walker’s paperwork shows
      Purple Heart with 2 stars on the DD-214.
      (the stars were contested)
      Bronze Star with V (Valor) device on a document.
      (the earned V is missing on his Bronze Star Medal).

      Assuming the DD-214 is fully authentic,
      Bob Walker can wear 2 stars and a V.
      He’s not a Steve “Blue” Maurer type.
      He walked the walk at one time, when many wouldn’t.

      • sbalm says:

        Check your email, please.

      • MarineDad61 says:

        Part of my parting statement to Bob Walker at the Cafe.

        “You know, with 1 Bronze Star and 1 Purple Heart,
        you’re already Rambo.
        That’s more than enough.
        For everyone.
        You’ve done what few do.”

      • Ryan says:

        Thanks for this comment, I found Bob to be incredibly transparent, maybe confused about what some of the medals were, and why he got them. But never any hesitation to meet at all. And at times when we asked about his story, he had no hesitation to recall aspects of it. Explaining exactly the times he was hit with different rounds on different occasions, and his story, at least part of it, is being backed up by this DD-214. He has been calling a Navy accommodation a Navy star, but if you would meet Bob, you would realize he’s not really a sophisticated guy, quite simple, lives in a trailer, not sure he really understands what some of these medals even mean. Certainly has not tried to capitalize on it politically or financially. Even when he drove back to give me the paperwork in person, he apologized for any trouble he caused me, or anyone else. And in our meeting, he did mention that a couple times in the past and people questioned these things at the local VFW, and he told them the same things he told us. Again it doesn’t seem like a guy is trying to hide anything, maybe confused, but I really appreciate your help and getting to the truth, I really respect that, and this is just one of those cases where I can see a couple sides of the story. Anyway I’m ranting a little bit but I’ve not had a whole lot of sleep in the last week and wanted to weigh in. Look forward to seeing what comes of it. Blessings, Ryan

        • MarineDad61 says:

          Thanks for the reply, Ryan.
          Again, thank you, sincerely, for being actively involved in getting Bob to the table,
          and doing your best to help find the truth.

          As you witnessed, I did my best to remain calm, respectful, and impartial to everything Bob Walker discussed and answered.
          Until… Bob Walker said the words “Missouri fire”,
          and then added that it’s “what the VA told me.”

          (I already tipped the “Missouri fire” hint,
          so now I will continue in detail.)

          You heard my responses, and my 2 clear attempts to get him to recant, and the Wikipedia link below explains why I tried to get him to recant on the spot.
          I already knew the odds of this were very slim.
          It’s the most common lie told to VA hospitals, as well as VFW and American Legion posts, for over 45 years.
          More, the probability of any VA employee actually saying this is basically 0%.
          Worse, it’s the lie of choice for WWI, WWII, and Korean War veterans with bad records (to keep others from requesting them), and also veterans and non-veteran phonies of that era who were never at war.
          And, as you’ll see below,
          the St. Louis records fire basically DOES NOT APPLY
          to Vietnam Veterans of any branch after 1964.

          I did not have these details memorized at the meeting,
          but this is the 1st thing I looked up and verified after leaving Chadds Ford, PA.
          It’s the kind of whopper that can fool 98% of civilians, but only a small fraction of veterans, and it fools no one who takes the time to look at the internet for 5 minutes.
          Truly sad that Bob chose to resort to this to you,
          and in front of me.
          For a US Marine to try this stunt and claim
          (on another war veteran) is awful.
          Where one can see good intent, others will see bad intent,
          just on this records fire excuse alone.
          Which for me, rendered everything else he said at the meeting open for suspicion, and in need of external verification.

          This is why, likely in the next 10 days or so,
          we will likely see a Page 2 on “Mr. Bob” Walker.
          He won’t be totally skewered,
          but this doesn’t end well for Bob on the internet.
          For example, he retains his VFW eligibility and membership, but his reputation at the VFW will be damaged.

          Link to St. Louis records fire. (“Missouri fire”)

          • rgr769 says:

            The records fire and “my records of my Vietnam Times are sealed” are the two number one and two “go to’s” for recalcitrant phonies. They are as believable as the assertion that “if I told you what I did in the Viet of the Nam, I’d have to kill you.”

  50. Green Thumb says:

    LeChina James should give him a shout out for being a phony and wearing the chinstrap.