Pluto, come home!

| November 24, 2020

“Houston, we have a problem.”

Pluto is a complex and mysterious world with mountains, valleys, plains, craters, and perhaps glaciers. Discovered in 1930, Pluto was long considered our solar system’s ninth planet. But after the discovery of similar intriguing worlds deeper in the distant Kuiper Belt, icy Pluto was reclassified as a dwarf planet.

Growing up, MY solar system had nine planets until a few Larry Lightbulb types decided it didn’t meet some arbitrary parameters and demoted it. I’ve never forgiven them. Fortunately we have some other members of the pocket protector class who feel the same, and the search for another goes on.

They may be hot on the trail.

9th planet discovered? Researchers find evidence of ‘lost planet’ in the solar system

Experts believe an ‘ice giant’ was ‘was kicked out … of the solar system by unknown forces’
By Chris Ciaccia

Though researchers continue to hunt for the mysterious Planet 9, experts have discovered evidence that another planet, residing between Uranus and Saturn, “escaped” billions of years ago.

The research, published in the scientific journal Icarus, suggests that an “ice giant” was “kicked out” in the early days of the solar system by unknown forces.

“We now know that there are thousands of planetary systems in our Milky Way galaxy alone,” the study’s lead author, Carnegie Mellon University researcher Matt Clement said in a statement. “But it turns out that the arrangement of planets in our own solar system is highly unusual, so we are using models to reverse engineer and replicate its formative processes. This is a bit like trying to figure out what happened in a car crash after the fact – how fast were the cars going, in what directions, and so on.”

The researchers created 6,000 simulations to look at the early days of the solar system and found that Jupiter orbited around the sun three times for every two times that Saturn did, suggesting their relationship has evolved significantly.

The model also demonstrated that the positions of Uranus and Neptune, both ice giants themselves, were altered by the Kuiper belt, as well as the aforementioned planet that was kicked out.

“This indicates that while our solar system is a bit of an oddball, it wasn’t always the case,” explained Clement. “What’s more, now that we’ve established the effectiveness of this model, we can use it to help us look at the formation of the terrestrial planets, including our own, and to perhaps inform our ability to look for similar systems elsewhere that could have the potential to host life.”

In October, scientists discovered an Earth-sized rogue planet found floating in the Milky Way.

The plot thickens, especially when the number of rogue planets is considered. Read the entire article here: Fox News

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  1. Slow Joe says:

    That’s bad.

    If our solar system is uncommon, then the chances of finding life in other systems have been reduced considerably.

  2. Slow Joe says:

    And yeah, I agree Pluto is not a real planet.

    We got 4 more like Pluto in our solar system and nobody is asking to consider Ceres, Haumea, Eris and Makemake to be considered planets.

    Hell, they are all smaller than our Moon. But yeah. I know. Size does not matter.

  3. 5th/77th FA says:

    The missing “Rogue Planet” would sure help explain the Sunday Morning Gunz Girls, cause they are out of this World…and they make me want to go Rogue…on their Milky Ways!

    That “Giant Ice Ball” being referred to is my ex wife’s heart, it orbits around her cause she is in her own little world.

    They demoted Pluto cause he was getting Goofy with Minnie. And Imma telling y’all…AGAIN! When the Aliens fly past our Solar System, they lock the doors to the Space Ship and keep their eyes straight ahead.

    The counting of the planets is done on a Dominion Vote Counting Machine. The numbers will never add up correctly, but they will add up to the number that the operator wants them to. It doesn’t matter how many planets there are, it only matters who counts them.

  4. MI Ranger says:

    I read some more theories that are similar to this one last year. The location of the missing planet is the same (between Jupiter and Saturn) but the fact that it would be an ice planet is not in agreement. The other theory speculates that it is similar to Jupiter in that it produces more energy than it absorbs from the sun. That theory also describes how it protected Earth from a collision with Jupiter and as a result was sent hurling out of orbit and is now orbiting way outside in the dark space.

    It was theorized that if it had not existed, Earth would have been crushed and life would never have started here!

    So why can’t we recognize the dwarf planets? Pluto and all of his friends! Its not like we are calling them midgets and tossing them for fun in bars! Lets all just get along and recognize that we have differing opinions but under the government we can all be recognized for our contributions… and get an extra $1,200 of our money back as a COVID stimulus!

  5. David says:

    Been pissed at Tyson since he led the “delist Pluto” push. All the Galilean moons of Jupiter are larger than Mercury, should we list it?