“Those Chumps Out There”

| October 25, 2020

Former Vice President Joe Biden

“We don’t do things like those chumps out there with the microphones, those Trump guys,” Biden told supporters at a rally in Pennsylvania. Except of course, he does, famously heckling a college student, calling him a “lying dog-face pony soldier” among other incidents easily found on line.

The remark was made at a rally at Bucks County Community College in Newtown, with supporters inside about 130 cars. With at best six adults per, do the math.

Biden calls Trump supporters ‘chumps’ at Pennsylvania drive-in rally

By Mary Kay Linge

An irritated Joe Biden lashed out at a group of Trump supporters who tried to crash his campaign appearance in Pennsylvania.

“We don’t do things like those chumps out there with the microphones, those Trump guys,” he told supporters ensconced in about 130 cars at a drive-in rally at Bucks County Community College in Newtown.

He was referring to scores of fans of President Trump, driving pickup trucks and SUVs draped with American flags and campaign banners, who invaded a nearby parking lot — within earshot of the candidate — to honk horns and try to shout the Democrat down.

Biden spoke for 25 minutes in the crucial swing county just north of Philadelphia, which Hillary Clinton won by less than 1 percent in 2016 — and which Democrats hope to win more resoundingly this year, with the help of suburbanites turned off by Trump.

With those numbers in attendance, good luck with that. The “Chumps” comment is actually pretty mild, considering Obama’s “Bitter Clingers” and Hillary’s “Basket of Deplorables” remarks in their campaigns. Still, it is indicative of the contempt Biden holds for those who disagree with him and his purported policies. Read the entire article here: New York Post

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  1. Hack Stone says:

    Hack is surprised that he didn’t call them a basket of Deplorables.

    • The Other Whitey says:

      Too many syllables. He’d lose track after the D.

      “Basketballs of de…dep…da…uh…Home Depot…uh…you know, the thing!”

  2. KoB says:

    Imma wondering if those people realize the amount of contempt that we have for them. Biden, the poster boy and figurehead of what is wrong with the politicians in these United States of the Offended. I’m sure that most of the readers of this site are as sick as I am of the lies, twists, turns, and manipulations of the demonrat campaign.

    So much evidence of the support that Trump has, so little evidence of the support that creepy groping Joe and The Ho have, yet, you can rest assured that this election will be contested by them until 2024…or Ho and Joe are declared winners…whichever comes FIRST. What we got, 10 more days till the campaign ads end.

    I swear, again, Trump could be revealed as the Second Coming of Jesus Christ, partnered with Mohamud, and endorsed by everyone from MLK to Budhua and still be hated by the corrupt career politicians of this Country. Biden could go on National TV raping children and still be lionized by the same politicians. I still have a hard time wrapping my mind around the fact that anyone with half a brain would support the Joe & Ho Ticket. Oh…hmmmmm…1/2 a brain…hmmmmm. Never mind.

  3. Bubblehead Ray says:

    Oh yeah… they take the “high road”. GMAFB

  4. Mason says:

    How soon can I order my “Trump’s Chumps” t-shirt, hat, and bumper sticker?

  5. 26Limabeans says:

    “Chumps for Trump”

    Where do I sign up?

  6. If the harris biden socialist party gets in, harris and the squad IMHO will pull a 25 A on him with Frau. harris stepping in as the pres., and then the fun begins. I guess the lame stream media political party will go along with the harris socialist party. Democratic party will be out the door along with the Republican party. I hope there won’t be another Night of the Long Knives.

  7. A Proud Infidel®™ says:

    What gets to me is how the mess media is reporting that Biden is so far ahead in polls while President Trump appears to standing room only crowds wherever he appears while Biden can’t even halfway fill even a small high school cafeteria or gym!

    • MarineDad61 says:

      They (Democrats and major media) did the same thing in 2016
      (Hillary was ahead in Pennsylvania polls by 7-10 points,
      only days before the 2016 election, and lost PA)
      .. and learned nothing.
      The same polls are kicking out the same crap.
      Locally, the Franklin & Marshall poll head (Terry Madonna)
      spent 3 years explaining away 2016’s poll error(s),
      but the 2020 polls look just like 2016.
      Again, they learn(ed) nothing.

      • 11B-Mailclerk says:

        To preserve the pollsters as a marketable commodity, the “Biden leading” margin will continue to drop until is is within the believable “margin of error”.

        They keep up the “Biden wins” to discourage Trump voters into staying home. But the margin will keep getting shaved, because if they look stupidly wrong again they will have to find new jobs

        Trump 320+ and 35+ states.

        At least one instance of a “dem win” precinct hitting 150% of registered voters.

        Epic tide of last-minute post-deadline mail ballots and judges saying “keep counting”. Oddly, always breaking left. Won’t help, ultimately.

        Epic sore loser tantrums from left.


        • Anonymous says:

          You got it. Same ol’ stuff. Not having a “bandwagon effect” on me– voting for Trump if I have to crawl there.

  8. ninja says:

    You Be The Judge:

    “Biden Reads Teleprompter at Rally”

    • rgr769 says:

      Well, surprise, surprise, Sgt. Carter! The Gropey Joe Gang and the MSM are making it look like he is speaking contemporaneously, but Godfather Biden was just reading his lines off a large teleprompter screen directly in front of the media riser, where none on their cameras can see it. Very clever stage management.

    • Combat Historian says:

      Joey Sundown makes Professor John Gill look like a dynamic speaker and statesman…

  9. ninja says:

    “Weekend at Biden’s – Movie Trailer”

    “This would be even funnier…if it weren’t true…”

  10. ninja says:

    “Did not see this ending coming…”


    From “Don’t Get Tricked”


  11. gitarcarver says:

    Those who try and stop others from hearing a message are in fact “chumps” and worse. The “heckler’s veto” has no place within the First Amendment.

    That being said, Biden’s comment shows how out of touch he is with reality and insulated he is from the real politics of the US.

    This was a minor incident compared to other attacks by the left on right leaning speakers.

    Biden tried to gin up some support and in doing so, showed how ignorant, hypocritical and out of touch he is.

    On the other hand, maybe he just forgot about what his supporters do all the time.

    • SFC D says:

      I agree. We’re supposed to be better than the “heckler’s veto”. Doesn’t excuse anything out of Biden’s mouth or his plans for America. Jill needs to take him home.

      • USMC Steve says:

        There was a point in time where we could take the high moral road. That time is long past. This shows just how absolutely hated that man and his party are. And they should be paying attention to it but they aren’t. That sort of thing is done on a daily basis to conservatives all around the country. And however much all of you disapprove, it is perfectly legal, and well within the first amendment’s confines. When the other side starts acting like adults, and stops trying to burn the entire country to the ground, then we can all try being civil to one another. Right now, that ain’t working.

        As regards the polls – shhhhhh. Don’t tell them they are screwing up. It worked in our favor the last time.

        • SFC D says:

          It’s legal, constitutional, and very effective. Doesn’t mean I have to like it or approve. I don’t engage with children throwing a temper tantrum, the same holds true for liberals, progressives, and most democrats.

  12. UpNorth says:

    So, does this make us Deplorable Chumps, or Chump Deplorables? Asking for a friend.

  13. Skippy says:

    What a prick god help us if it wins

    BHWHAHAHAHA !!!!!!!!

    • USMC Steve says:

      Not to worry guy, he won’t be the president. The Jamaican whore will. He will be locked in his basement again after the election whether they win or not.

      • Meadowlark says:

        Wow, a misogynist and a racist all in one. Let me guess, 4 years in the USMC and now you’re living off disability? Some people can actually work and achieve things. The future Vice President is a great example of that.

        Name edited to protect PII.

        • SFC D says:

          She worked the system. She did an awesome job working under Willie Brown. She worked hard as a prosecutor to help create and uphold the very “systemic racism” she now claims to want to end. She opposed every single thing that Joe Biden supports, right up until he picked her as his #2. Kamala sold her soul to the progressive machine decades ago.

          • Meadowlark says:

            Nice try. Prosecutors don’t make laws, they prosecute crimes. As a senator, who can actually introduce bills to help change laws, how has she continued systemic racism? If working the system is what it takes to reach California AG, I’d love to know how much system you think Bill Barr worked.
            We need police but we also need reform in policies and procedures. Not very hard to admit that. Only one candidate is willing to go that route.

            Name Changed To Protect PII

            • SFC D says:

              Prosecutors have a lot of leeway in how aggressively they prosecute. Kamala ran the system that locked up the black men that she’s now calling victims of systemic racism. Maybe you missed the sarcasm of “She did an awesome job working under Willie Brown”.

            • timactual says:

              “we also need reform in policies and procedures”

              Indeed. There are some long-standing problems in CA and the rest of the US. How much reform did Harris (or Biden) actually do during their careers? Civil Asset Forfeiture, limiting Eminent Domain,etc. have been problems for decades. And I am sure the McMartin family, the citizens of Wenatchee, etc. ad inf. would concur.

              “… they prosecute crimes.”

              You could have omitted the “crimes”. And they arguably do make law in the form of case law.

        • Ret_25X says:

          not at all. A dspicable and vile person is what they are…male or female.

          In fact, the misogynism is found in your response. No defense of the vile person in question who is ON RECORD keeping people (mostly black) in prison to PROVIDE FREE LABOR to the state of Ca. Just an attack from your own misogynistic view of the world in which truth may not be spoken of YOUR masters.

          Do everyone a favor, be quiet and let the adults discuss this.

          • Meadowlark says:

            Maybe that’s how you speak about the women you know. After all, your idol raw dogged a porn star. No defense of the future VP is needed. Your knowledge of this subject is probably equivalent to your knowledge of current era 25 series technology. You have a seat, didn’t need you during the Cold War and don’t need you now. I’ll be back to comment more on 4 Nov.

            • Poetrooper says:

              “…your idol raw dogged a porn star.”

              Um, a more accurate description would be that he struck a business deal with a woman willing to sell her body.

              Like Kamala, who just did it for political power rather than cash, knowing, like her partner on the Dem ticket, that the cash comes after one gets the power.

            • timactual says:

              ” raw dogged a porn star”

              Not very professional(or smart), was she?

              “a person, in particular a woman, who engages in sexual activity for payment.”

    • Forrest Bondurant says:

      It amazes me how there can be a political party who can endorse a guy who is not only a prolific liar and plagiarist, but is also a con-man/thief, border line sexual predator; and continually confused and showing signs of mental deterioration, who failed to accomplish anything noteworthy in all the years he held office – and at the same time there are people in the country who will vote for him in spite of all that.

      But then again, I shouldn’t be surprised since character and accomplishments hasn’t been the standard for several decades.

    • Poetrooper says:

      Biden accused Trump of comparing himself to Lincoln during the debate–which Trump did not do.

      But Biden legitimately could–or George Washington for that matter.

      Just like them, Joe’s medically brain dead…

    • Ex-PH2 says:

      The more I see of this, the more I’m convinced that this is elder abuse. He is borderline dementia. Can’t remember things that he should. This is obnoxious as hell. I do NOT like Biden at all, but at the same time, no one should be treated the way he’s being treated by these thugs.

      If this is NOT elder abuse, then what is it?

      Are these obnoxious creatures really so damnably greedy that they have to do this to him? Never mind his flaws – we all have flaws – this is absolutely disgusting and should be stopped.

      I have seldom seen anything as contemptible as what they are doing to Biden, just to get into the White House and “run things”. They should be thrown in to the lockup for what they are doing.

      • 26Limabeans says:

        “If this is NOT elder abuse, then what is it?”

        I’m starting to believe Biden knows exactly what is happening to him
        and may be “taking one for the team”. More than one crime family
        involved here and even though you are correct about it being elder
        abuse it is also the way these people operate.
        They eat their own.

        • Poetrooper says:

          “taking one for the team”

          More like being bought off again…

        • Ex-PH2 says:

          Anything is possible, but there are clues that the biden-loving newsies try to hide, such as brain farts when he’s speaking without a script.
          I know it could be play-acting, but I never have thought he was that smart.

      • timactual says:

        I don’t think borderline dementia is his only problem; It might not even be his biggest problem. It looks to me like he is also physically failing.

  14. USAFRetired says:

    Dplorable and Chump is that the Democratic Party establishment codewords for Untermenschen?

  15. Poetrooper says:

    Gotta love this, folks:

    If Amy Barrett is sworn in tonight it will be done on Hillary Clinton’s birthday.


    • rgr769 says:

      With her large tumbler of wine, Das Hildabeast was whining today that Trump and the Russians stole the election from her. In her drunken stupor, she must have started believing her own fraudulent Russia, Russia!! stories that her toadies financed and promulgated.

    • Ex-PH2 says:

      Poe, mi amigo, if that does happen, please post it where we can see it!!!

    • rgr769 says:

      Justice Barrett was just confirmed 52 yeas to 48 cucks and scrunts.

      • KoB says:

        Happy Birthday DasHildabitch. Wonder if they’ll invite her to Amy’s swearing in ceremony at the White House this evening? I’m sure that there will be cake and ice cream afterwards.


      • OWB says:

        Yee Haw!!!!!

        Had to watch it all. Just had to switch off when the sleeze from NY repeated his crap, but otherwise, it was great fun.

        Still tuned in just in case the swearing in ceremony is televised. How appropriate that Justice Thomas will do the honors.

        Yep – Tucker just said it will be broadcast.

        • UpNorth says:

          The swearing in was televised. I do believe I heard unintelligible screeching, screaming and moaning coming from the direction of the New York Berghof of Das Hildabeast.

    • timactual says:

      Oh, my. I am so tempted to send a card.

  16. Poetrooper says:

    Happy birthday, Hillary!

    Hope you like your present. You’ll be able to enjoy it every…single…day…until you check out. Then your daughter and all her liberal pals long after that.

    All because YOU were were such a wretched person and an absolutely DEPLORABLE candidate.

    Have another glass of vino, Hil–I sure am…