Virginia State Senator, Others Charged with Monument Vandalism

| October 24, 2020

Virginia State Senator Louise Lucas

An accompaniment to Mason’s post, State Senator Lucas was charged with felonies for protests at the city’s Confederate monument on June 10. On that date, the monument was first defaced with paint, then later that evening pulled down. One man was injured in the protest.

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Outside judge will hear cases against Sen. Louise Lucas and others charged in Confederate monument vandalism


An outside judge will hear the cases of more than a dozen people charged with felonies — including state Sen. Louise Lucas — stemming from a June protest at the Portsmouth Confederate monument.

Portsmouth General District Judge Morton Whitlow said Friday in court that the state Supreme Court has been contacted to assign a judge.

Lucas and others charged appeared with their attorneys in a crowded, yet socially distanced, courtroom Friday, where they were scheduled for arraignment, a formal reading of the charges against them. Whitlow then came to the bench to explain a special judge — one from outside Portsmouth — will handle hearings in the case.

He set a Sept. 17 date for future court dates to be decided.

Read the rest here: Pilot Online

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  1. Skippy says:

    September 17 of next year ????

    BHWHAHAHAHA !!!!!!!

    • Mason says:

      Article is from earlier in Sept. Looks like the case is still working its way through.

      What in the hell is going on when you’ve got your state senate’s president pro tem is out breaking down monuments?

      In the article it says that Lucas’s lawyers will be filing another motion to dismiss the charges outright since VA law allows criminal investigations of elected officials only at the request of the governor (Ralph “Coon Man” Northam, repeated racist and infanticide supporter), the attorney general (also a racist who wears blackface), or a grand jury.

      Lucas’s daughter (vice mayor of Portsmouth) used that same law to get a case brought against her tossed out recently.

      • KoB says:

        They will NOT be prosecuted for these crimes…PERIOD! The long term indoctrination of the ebils of the Confederacy is coming to pass. The overall ignorance of history in general is taking root.

        Soros said that he would use the Black Race to stir up a Race War in this Country. Welp, here you are. Again, research the Black Confederates, they are out there. Research the Blacks that owned Blacks in this Country, a potential Vice President’s Ancestors included. While you’re researching, look at the entire history of the African Slave Trade and the facts that Blacks enslaved Blacks. Instead of keeping your people on the demonrat plantation of perceived RAAAAYYYYCCIIIISSSS, why don’t you set them free thru education.

        See Hack’s post below for further explanation.

  2. Hack Stone says:

    Yet again, Hack Stone is confused. In today’s politically correct and perpetually offended society, if a monument offends you, or you perceive it to offend others, it is within your constitutional right to to vandalize and/or destroy said monument. However, if someone is offended by a Black Lives Mural or tribute to convicted felon George Floyd and defaces it with paint, said person faces the full wrath of the local prosecutor. Maybe Lars could explain it to us.

  3. SFC D says:

    Ignorance of history and misguided “social justice” strikes again.

  4. E4 Mafia '83-'87 says:

    Whatever happened to the guy that took the statue to the noggin? I watched live and was wondering if anyone ever got hit by a falling statue only to see it happen seconds later. It was funny to watch the Pink Hair/Beta Brigade cry out “Medic!Medic!” after his head was split open. He was wheeled out on an ambulance which people were saying it looked like he was scalped. Oops!!! That’s why you don’t pull down statues.