Patrick Dowdee – POW, 2 Silver Stars & 3 Purple Hearts

| October 22, 2020

DISCLAIMER:  In the challenging age of COVID-19, the National Personnel Records Center is operating at a reduced capacity and is only entertaining emergencies and funerals at this time.  Although we filed for Mr. Dowdee’s military records, we don’t anticipate they will come until sometime in the winter or spring of 2021.  In the meantime, we have compiled enough evidence that it certainly raises questions about Mr. Dowdee’s claims, but questions do not mean we are drawing any conclusions about this case.  His military records may address all of the questions adequately and lead us to thank Mr. Dowdee for his service.  Stated yet again, until such time that we receive his military records, the purpose of this post is to make the point that there are questions that need asked and answered.

Patrick Bryant Dowdee comes to us from Raleigh, North Carolina. He is 56 years old at the time of this writing – Oct 2020.   Dowdee attended the University of South Carolina and was honored on the university’s website as a 2020 distinguished alumnus award recipient.

2020 Alumni Awards, Patrick Dowdee

The video on the USC page is provided below:


During the process to verify some of the claims, we discovered that we could not find Mr. Dowdee listed as a P.O.W. for the Gulf War.

Gulf War POWs:

We could not find Mr. Dowdee listed as a Silver Star recipient for the Gulf War.

We could not find active duty service listed for Mr. Dowdee in the DoD Manpower Data Center / SCRA database. We searched all years from 1984 – present with no results. The database does not go back earlier than 1984 so it is conceivable that he served just after High School prior to 1984. However, claims of the Gulf War would have shown active duty service. This database has also proven to be hit or miss when it comes to displaying reservists being recalled to active duty.

Prior addresses show some locations close to military bases, most notably Fort Meade in 1999.  Norfolk, VA in 2002, Florida, Arizona, South Carolina.  If I were to guess, it sounds like more of a situation similar to a government civilian or contractor vs. military active duty but I could be wrong.

Dowdee is not listed on a White Pages listing for current government employees.

Dowdee’s LinkedIn profile does not mention the POW, 2 SSs or 3 PHs but this may not be unusual for a resume unless someone was applying for a position in the government and those awards are applicable for employment preference points.

So, this all brings me full circle to the questions this raises.  Did the University of South Carolina review any military documents before writing up Mr. Dowdee’s alumnus profile?   Did Mr. Dowdee read the profile and agree with everything?

May be moot points because he does claim in the video that he was in the military for 20 years and was a P.O.W.

So, we of course would love to have Mr. Dowdee’s military records to compare and contrast claims with supporting paperwork.  But until then, we will simply say that there are questions that need to be answered to clear all of this up.

Why isn’t he listed as having two Silver Stars for the Gulf War? If there was a mistake, it would seem that Mr. Dowdee would like to get this cleared up and take his rightful place on a list of SS awardees.

Why isn’t Dowdee listed as being a POW from the Gulf War?  As above, if there was a mistake it would seem that Mr. Dowdee would like to get this cleared up and take his rightful place on a list of POWs.

What say you?

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  1. rgr769 says:

    Please, everyone pray for some sock-puppets. It has been so long since we have had some.

    This douche recyle needs to be reported to Guardians of the Green beret for a thorough exam of his SF claims.

    • 26Limabeans says:

      I pray for one of his fellow fake POW’s to show up and
      straighten us all out. Preferably someone with at least
      a fake Silver Star and a Qual ladder with a dozen rungs.
      We will also accept testimony from Les Brown should he
      weigh (ha ha) in. Somebody call Alaska Bob.

      • rgr769 says:

        He’s dead, Jim! Doncha remember he had terminal cancer he contracted from Agent Orange in the Nam, and he only had a few months to live when he went on that motorcycle ride to DC last year.

  2. SEAL TWO says:

    The only American POWs I recall from the Gulf War was a Naval aviator and there was also a couple of REMFs riding in a humvee who took a wrong turn and headed north, straight into the Iraqi lines (Saudi Arabia – go figure). One of them was a woman, and later rumors were rife (of course) of her nude body being found near the Kuwait International Airport – which (also of course) wasn’t true. She and the other POWs whom had been captured with her, were released in good condition at the end of the “war.” If I remember correctly, couple of British SAS guys got wrapped up during a mission, though, and were treated pretty roughly by the Iraqis. I clearly do remember a Marine officer saying (as things were winding up at the end): “Just like Quantico… Six months of bull-shit then a three-day war.”

  3. Charles says:

    I’m sure this is bringing extra attention to the “Fur and Spur BBQ and Catering Company” of Raleigh, North Carolina. I can’t tell if Patrick Dowdee is owner, manager, cook, or model for the whole hog contest.

    I’ll bet his fellow BBQ team members can enlighten us as to his military history.

    Anyone in Raleigh?

    • penguinman000 says:

      I’m driving distance from there but don’t ever plan on going back. The RDU area is to NC as Tijuana is to the rest of Mexico. It’s bizzaro world.

  4. Charles says:

    Posers never think what effect the truth will have on their teenage son when the falsehoods are revealed.

    • Green Thumb says:


      What a fucking loser.

    • Combat Historian says:

      I can only hope that the son will view this as a serious life-learning lesson and vow never to do this to his own loved ones and family once he grows up and takes on the mantle of adult responsibility…

    • Cameron says:

      Link doesn’t work for me. It just says connection is not private.

  5. Claw says:

    Only 18 more comments and Patrick Dowdee can replace the Mustard Stain on his fake Master Parachutists Badge with a Fecal Smear./s

    • rgr769 says:

      If he has a mustard stain on his fake jump wings, I’m putting one on my jump wings since I made several combat jumps off the skids of Hueys into elephant grass that was over six feet high.

      • Claw says:

        I looked closer at his fake Master Blaster Badge. What he’s wearing as the Mustard Stain is actually a large gold star on the shroud (denoting 5+ Combat Jumps) versus a small bronze star for one Combat Jump.

        So, Yeah, Patrick Dowdee went bigly on the faking./s

        • Combat Historian says:

          This douche made at least five “combat jumps” into the buffet line at the local Western Sizzlin…

          • Daisy Cutter says:

            He balled up to decrease wind resistance to take him past the Steamship Round carving chef to then splashdown in the chocolate fondue fountain.

  6. Charles says:


    What he’s wearing as the Mustard Stain is actually a large gold star on the shroud (denoting 5+ Combat Jumps) versus a small bronze star for one Combat Jump.

    How many people would even know that. And where would you go to buy wings like that?

    Oh yeah:

    Apparently, these work on the honor system.