Update on Corona Virus 19

| October 16, 2020

There is a rise in new USA Covid-19 cases, per testing results in all states. The cause of this rise is not given, so no speculation is going to be provided here.

No, we are NOT doomed. Just annoyed. Like the flu and those other seasonal things that make you feel like a brick hit you (and that does include sitting around the bonfire in the back yard, drinking beer and telling tall tales about that 12-point buck you missed 5 years ago), having to put up with this crapweasel virus a second time is something we should all have expected.

Per the article:  Nine states, including Michigan and North Carolina, reported record one-day increases of new infections on Thursday, according to a Reuters tally. Michigan last set a record for new daily cases on April 3 in the early days of the pandemic in the United States.

(Graphics: U.S. states with record increases in COVID-19 cases – here)

The latest spate of record highs is in keeping with a trend during October, a month during which fully half of the 50 U.S. states have reported their highest daily increases in new cases.

In Wisconsin, new cases rose by 3,747 on Thursday (10-15-20), a fresh daily record. “Our numbers are high and they’re growing rapidly,” Wisconsin Health Secretary-Designee Andrea Palm said at a news conference. – article

The link to the Reuters article is here:  https://www.reuters.com/article/us-health-coronavirus-usa/new-coronavirus-infections-rise-to-record-highs-in-u-s-midwest-and-beyond-idUSKBN2702HS

With the physical returns to school by many students, including but not limited to college students, this should not have been unexpected. There is a similar history with influenza episodes when students don’t get their flu shots and live in a dorm. You all know you can pick up a cold from someone in line behind you at the grocery store or cafeteria, right?

I’d copy and keep that link to the CV19 case reports, since they seem to update it regularly. It’s probably best to wear a mask at places like the hardware store, pet supply store, and grocery store, simply because you don’t want whatever cold bugs or flu bugs the other people are starting to sprout, any more than you want this East Asian virus tackling you.

Just remember, goose/duck hunting season is already here, deer season is next, and after that, there’s ice fishing.  If the Dept. of Natural Resources restocked the fishing lake north of me, and no one can go fish there until nearly Hallowe’en, well – Aldi is carrying steelhead trout and Alaska salmon, in case anyone really wants fish. And yeah, I was tempted again, but I’m waiting until month end this time.

Meantime, you can do all those chores you were putting off, like inventorying your ammo supply, cleaning the long guns for hunting season, counting the pheasants and turkey in the freezer, and finding someone who will cut and wrap a deer carcass for you and return the hide so that you can get it cleaned up and make a warm rug out of it for those July, Platt and Walker hounds to sleep on.

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  1. USMC Steve says:

    I read somewhere that a buttload more testing is now being done. If true, more testing would necessarily equal more cases.

    But when looking at how many more cases are notionally being found, what percentage of the total population of each state are those cases? And are they legit? We already are well aware of how much fraud was involved with coronageddon to score federal money.

  2. OldManchu says:

    Lars ♥ masks!

  3. A Proud Infidel®™ says:

    The more I hear about that damned virus that came from Wuhan in Communist China, the more pissed I get about it. It has a survivability rate beyond 98-99%, lower than the annual flu, simply having the Common Cold can trigger a positive test result for the Chinese-made COVID virus, and I’m certain that the death numbers have been fudged as well. I also sometimes wonder if the Communist Chinese didn’t engineer this virus and intentionally release it as a covert Biowarfare experiment?

  4. BruteLarson says:

    My 54 year old baby sister(nurse) is working 16 hour days/5 days a week in her nursing home job dealing with it. Those cases are definately real. A respiratory therapist from an outside vendor was patient zero. Her daughter is an ICU nurse in our biggest area hospital. Also inundated with it.
    The damned test is a coin flip at this point with so many strains. I’ve had it(the test) several times. VERY unlpleasant. My sister and her husband contracted it, and both tested neg, and continue to do so.
    Universities are a big reason for the uptick, but I’m at the point that I can’t even guess what in hell is going on. Every single person I know that has had it had different symptoms except that persistant dry cough, which, from what I’ve read is from a thing called, ‘The bradykinin-kallikrean loop.” At least that is the going theory.
    Take care if you take an ACE inhibitor(lisinopril, ramipril, captopril etc) or an Angiotensin receptor blocker(losarten, candesarten, irbesarten, etc). Your ACE-2 receptors are upregulated by your body as a reflex, and are the main open door to the thing.

    I am on a high dose ACE inhibitor. I’m taking zinc to try to mitigate that. Not recommending, I don’t know if it will work. Complicated reason why I’m trying it, but I will say; DO NOT, I repeat DO NOT stop taking that blood pressure med without seeing your doc first!!!

    Interestingly, those meds are first line treatment for all of the comorbidities, and when I worked in a hospital probably 75 percent of all patients were taking one.

    Accident? I don’t know. Also read that endogenous glutathione levels being depleted leads to poor outcomes.

    The go to antipyretic; acetaminophen, immediated starts depleting those levels because of how it it metabolized.

    I have those tomes favorited, but I don’t know how to insert a hyperlink to them. I only ever learned how to do my work on a computer. Dumbass…

    They are academic, and would be complicated for most folks without some extensive biochemistry in background, but if anyone wants; I’ll gather them up and type out urls. I’m going to go try to vote, so be patient. Might take a day.

    • Sparks says:

      God bless your sister, Sir! I hope you and yours stay healthy through this.

      As flu season begins, I wonder if every case of the common flu is in some states and locals chalked up as another Covid stat?

      There are political reasons and places where the higher the Covid rate the more traction they feel they can get against the current Administration.

      Again, tell your sister, that someone thanks her for her service.

      • BruteLarson says:

        I will, and she will appreciate it! Thank you! I know what you mean.

        Every outlet of standard information has been politicized and weaponized.

        I don’t know what in hell to believe anymore with regard to this damned thing. I just know it is a real virus.

        Take care of yourself.

  5. BruteLarson says:

    ADD ON/DISCLAIMER: I am not saying that I think those tomes are gospel.

    I simply found them very interesting. If I were to make a nuisance virus I might engineer those things.

    Personally, I don’t think the Chicoms are that smart or advanced. Maybe us, Maybe the Israelis, Maybe the Germans. Of course, a blind squirrel CAN find a nut from time to time.

    Some are contradictory to each other, and could be disinformation. They look valid as to methods.

    • 5th/77th FA says:

      Tanks for the info BL anda big BZ and Thank you to your Sister AND all of the other Health Care Folks that are taking care of people and fighting this Chinesecommunist Originated Virus Infecting Disease of 2019. Like API says above, and what I have screamed more months, IMHO this whole thing was an engineered as a deliberate attack on the world. Maybe it got released accidently(?), (yeah right, the check’s in the mail) or maybe it was intended to be for research only (of course I’ll still respect you in the morning) and there is a possibility that the blind squirrel did find the nut (I’ll only put the tip in). When this thing FIRST cropped up my Boy in SD caught some kinda “flu type thing” when one of their IT people came back from a seminar in Wuhan. Younger man, non/never smoker, excellent health. Knocked him and his Lady on their ass and everybody that they came in contact with got sick too.

      I do find it odd that the bug came from a place that had all kinds of research monies poured in, and there were Chinese Communist researchers let by their Chinese Communist officers that got out of the US with “computer files” right before a US Professor got busted for “aiding and abetting.” And that said bug started taking root right after the whole impeachment sham was unraveling.

      I guess the murder hornets weren’t needed after all.

      • BruteLarson says:

        I told my sister what you and Sparks said, explaining what kind of site this is, and it made her very happy. She is one of the hardest women I know walking around free, and I think she wanted to cry. She picked me up to go vote shortly after I last posted.

        She actually had to come out of her office and work. Her rules, not the facility’s. A bunch of younger employees bailed. She’s a nurse working as an aide, and has been sort of out on the ledge all week.

        Those attagirls were a help. Thanks to you and Sparks.

        The damned virus does seem to hit specific groups that some actuaries and bean counters might find troublesome. I can think of lots of types that might have helped with it.

        I am with you on the Chicoms. I have hated them since I was a lad. Photos of Mao used to give me the willies, and when Nixon went over there even though I was pretty young my first reaction was,”why?”
        They raised my hackles way more than the USSR.

        They are not to be trusted with anything. And letting them in our wheelhouse was treasonous. Like the Aesop fable. We knew what they were when we brought them in to thaw. OUT.

        These URLS are for anyone who cares: all start with https://

        1) pubmed.ncbi.nlm.gov/32463221
        2) pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/32435607
        3) elifesciences.org/articles/57555
        4) http://www.aaai.org/ask-the-expert/kinin

        Most let you link to other stuff, especially the pubmed ones.

  6. David says:

    Seems obvious that as you test more, you get more positive results at a given infection rate. Question is, what is the fatality rate amongst all those positive tests?

  7. The Dead Man says:

    It’s been harped on before, but same advice. The mask isn’t helpful if you keep touching it or wear it wrong and it’s to reduce the odds of infecting others. Your best options are to wash your hands and avoid touching your face. That’s for both the Flu and for the Wu-Flu. Basic public health.

    As for the rise in cases, it’s not surprising at all and there have been predictions for quite a while that it’d spike again as soon as people went out in the wild again. The question is, which strain is running around. Even as early as May we were hearing of a strain that had mutated to be even less lethal than the flu, which is honestly what’s bound to happen until it becomes part of the other corona and rhino viruses that constitute the common cold.

  8. JTB says:

    They are also reporting Probable cases as a Positive…And incentivising getting tested…

  9. My neighbor mentioned that a test could be positive but the danger level on the chart is so low that one wouldn’t get the china virus. He mentioned something like rems or mems that is the measurement but I don’t remember what it was. So that low number would be included in the number of positive cases which would boost the numbers.

    • The Dead Man says:

      I’m not sure off-hand, but it might just be shorthand I never saw. I don’t know what the viral load of the Wu-Flu is before it flags positive, but before you’d hit that tipping point of being actively sick with it.

      I’d offer to fish the CDC’s info for it, but finding any detailed info on their site becomes increasingly frustrating. If I didn’t hold to Hanlon’s Razor I’d almost assume it was to obfuscate info to keep the panic up. Instead it’s just general incompetence.

  10. nobunny says:

    There’s way too much good critical thinking in this thread. Who’ll blow it up first?

  11. Ex-PH2 says:

    From what I see each morning on the news, it looks like there’s a 2nd go-round going on around here, but a state to the north has a higher infectious level and ditto, east and south, so you have to ask if that’s where the increased CV-19 exposure is coming from?

    Part of it is college kids returning to campuses and mingling, and part of it seems to coincide with cooler weather. Remember that last winter was when it started and spread quickly, and then as warmer weather – spring and summer – came along, it began to taper off, depending on where you were looking for statistics.

    So how much of it is people going back to workspaces to work, how much of it is school/students back at it, in all age groups, and how much of it is related to the chillier weather – and I’d look at that one factor a lot, because it coincides with a rise this past week in an increase in positive tests. But there is no notation on whether they are repeats or NEW tests, which does make a difference, too.