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| October 5, 2020

Colt Walker

Asian Man Fights & Kills Robbery Suspect in San Francisco

21-year-old attempted robbery suspect, Vermond Jones of San Francisco died after a shooting in San Francisco’s Union Square area on Thursday, October 1, according to FOX2 KTVU.

Sources from The Marina Times San Francisco stated an Asian man wearing a Rolex watch exited Neiman Marcus in the 100 block of Geary Boulevard at Grant Avenue around 5 pm. A group of African-American suspects then tried to rob the Asian man at gunpoint.

A struggle soon ensued between multiple suspects and the Asian man who eventually managed to wrestle a gun away from Jones and shot him point-blank multiple times in the chest. The other individuals in the group jumped into a getaway car and drove off.

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Read the rest here: Asian

Suspect flags down constable for help after getting shot at by car owner

by Danielle Moody
Police said a man flagged down a constable for help after he was shot while trying to break into someone else’s car.

At around 10 p.m. Tuesday night, someone was in the process of breaking into a car in a neighborhood on Cosby at MLK, when the owner of the car saw him.

The owner allegedly grabbed his gun and shot at the suspect.

The suspect was grazed in the side of the head with a bullet and then drove away. He then went down the street and saw a Constable Deputy and told him that he had been shot.

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Read the rest here: News 4 San Antonio

“You know why there’s a Second Amendment? In case the government fails to follow the first one.”
-Rush Limbaugh

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It’s been a good while since there was a FGS about a hard working urban entrepreneur having his weapon taken away and then shot “multiple” times with it, so the TAH Name Scrabble (Home Version) Whiz Wheel®™ spins up the following:

Vermond Spencer Jones (SIBLDAM*) 36×6= 216

* Self Inflicted Bernathian Level Dumb Ass Move

5th/77th FA

Excellent work on removing the dindunuffin parasite on Society. A good score from the Wheel Check out the linky for a list of his other accomplishments, with his departure, some public defender may have to find other gainful employment. Too bad!

It is good that the FIRST (ht 2 R-D) Responder can provide FIRST (ht 2 R-D) Aid AND the arresting needed.

Just had to post that linky article on the Cold Walker gun pr0n, didn’t ya? Knowing it would keep me occupied and out of your hair for a while. Thanks!


Y’know, they claim the Walker was the “most powerful” based on muzzle energy, but around ball is about the worst possible shape possible for carrying that energy any further. Think I’d vote for .45 Colt… a few pounds less at the muzzle, but that big 250 grain bullet at about 950 fps is gonna have the edge within a few yards and hold that energy a lot further. Good enough that the military used it, changed away, then changed BACK. Only round to do so.


Walkers were designed for a conical bullet, a rather pointy one. This resulted in the unfortunate misunderstanding of driving it into the cylinder point-down, like a nail, which did not work very well.

A .44 conical is around 200 grains, and was driven by 60 grains of powder at around 1300-1400 fps. That is in the low end of rifle performance for the era.

The metal used was not up to the power. Cylinders frequently burst, which is one reason so few remain in operable condition.

Many years ago, I was allowed to examine a good condition original Walker, with correct case and accessories as issued. The owner offered to trade it even for a house of modest size. Ouch. I set it right back down.


Good info, thought they were round ball!


Your life > a Rolex.
Bullets tend to reduce life expectancy to zero.
Life is hard, it’s even harder iffn you stooped.


Pavement predators are incapable of learning from their own bad decisions, let alone from the bad ideas of others of their ilk.


According to the Mug Shot website that listed Verdumb’s middle name (for Whiz Wheel®™ purposes) when he was arrested in June 2019, he was charged with 16 different violations for whatever escapade he got into that night.

I guess attempting to take that Rolex freed up a lot of time on the court docket and put his defense lawer out of a job./s


Now -that- is “Big Iron”

“…and the Ranger’s aim was deadly with the Big Iron on his hip…”