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| August 14, 2020


Prosecutors: June fatal shooting on Saginaw Highway was self-defense

Author: Kara Berg
CHARLOTTE — No charges will be filed against a man who shot and killed Ronnie Holmes after Holmes walked up to the man’s vehicle and pointed a gun at him, according to the prosecutor’s office.

Prosecutors determined the man acted in self-defense when he saw Holmes point a gun at him, according to a seven-page press release from the Eaton County Prosecutor’s Office.

“Staring at a gun that Holmes was pointing towards him, (he) was forced to make a split-second decision,” the release read.

Holmes, 26, of Walker, was killed at 8:25 a.m. June 15 on Saginaw Highway in Delta Township, after he walked in and out of traffic on the highway, stepping in front of vehicles and firing a gun in the air, more than a dozen witnesses told police.

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Read the rest here: Lansing State Journal

To the Archives.

Fatal shooting outside DeKalb gas station was justified, police say

By Asia Simone Burns
A weekend shooting that left a man dead outside a DeKalb County gas station was justified, and the gunman will not face charges, police said.

According to an incident report obtained Monday by, authorities got to the Texaco on Gresham Road just before 7 p.m. Saturday and found 22-year-old Brian Jackson-Swinney face down with a gunshot wound to the head. He was pronounced dead on the scene.

According to the report, the shooter approached one of the responding officers and said, “I’m the one who shot him.” Without prompting, he put his hands in the air and told the officer he had a gun in his right pocket, which the official retrieved.

The gunman said he was parked at a gas pump when a black Toyota Camry pulled up next to him. Three men, including the victim, got out of the Camry.

The shooter called Jackson-Swinney over to his purple Dodge Charger, where he was selling cologne. The Camry’s other occupants were headed toward the gas station’s convenience store when Jackson-Swinney called them back. He returned to the Camry and had a brief conversation with the duo before walking back to the Charger.

That’s when the gunman noticed a gun tucked in Jackson-Swinney’s pants, according to the incident report.

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Read the rest here: AJC

California shop owner fatally shoots masked robbers, 3rd suspect on the run

By Lucia I. Suarez Sang
A California smoke shop owner fatally shot two armed robbers in ski masks when they tried to rob his store Friday night, police said.

A third suspect is on the run after he fled from the Smoke N Vape Smoke Shop near the intersection of Blackstone and Cambridge avenues in Fresno.

Police Lt. Tim Tietjen said the three armed men, dressed in dark clothing and ski masks, entered the shop around 9:30 p.m. and demanded money from the clerk.

The store owner, who was outside, re-entered the shop and confronted the robbers as they were trying to leave, the Fresno Bee reported.

Tietjen said the owner pulled out his own gun and multiple shots were then fired.

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Read the rest here: Fox News

A mixed bag today, Delta Whiskies and Whiskettes, of current and archived articles. I suspect that reporters attention has been diverted to bigger stories, and we’ll get back to normal when the news cycle isn’t inundated with COVID and elections.

“There are more instances of the abridgment of the freedom of the people by the gradual and silent encroachment of those in power, than by violent and sudden usurpation.” — James Madison

Today’s Editorial

Democrats, Media Need Reality Check on NRA Coverage, Gun Control

By Dave Workman
Democrats cheering the legal attacks on the National Rifle Association might be celebrating too soon, and the media perpetuates a myth about gun control; now comes the pushback from people who see things through different-colored glasses.

Writing at Politico, Bill Scher quotes progressive ‘rising star’ Mondaire Jones asserting, “Dissolving the NRA would remove one of the biggest impediments to gun safety measures at the state and federal level.”

That, Scher says, is “a dangerous assumption for Democrats to make.”

“Even if the NRA is gone or tied down by litigation,” Scher reasons, “about 43 percent of Americans will still live in gun-owning households. A fervent gun rights culture of hunters, collectors, open carriers, militia members and self-defense enthusiasts would still persist. Conservative media outlets would still cater to their fears. Other competing gun rights groups such as Gun Owners of America, National Association for Gun Rights and the Second Amendment Foundation would still channel the views of the gun rights grassroots to elected officials and new organizations could crop up to do the same.”

It may not be “fear” that conservative media outlets cater to, but an understanding that the liberal viewpoint is not as all-encompassing as it claims. As for “channeling” the views of gun owners to politicians, many in the firearms community would ask, “What’s wrong with that?”

From the conservative, gun-owner viewpoint, Democrat anti-gunners are living in a bubble; a fantasy world where there is but one opinion and if you don’t share it, you’re an outcast.

More to read here: Liberty Park Press

Besides the NRA, GOA and the SAF receive some largess from me as well, and it’s not for my love of spam and junk snail mail.

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  1. 5th/77th FA says:

    An archived trifecta of DRT is just as acceptable as a plasticized Heinz and Kraut wanna be hideaway. Us beggars are not gonna be choosers. Hope that it puts a grin on WW’s face. Hey Willy, are you OK, we haven’t heard much from you since your stubble? Wilted Willy to the white courtesy phone.

    The abridgement of the freedoms of the people has come about since the ones in power have forbidden the true teaching of our history. The headlines of today have been brought to you by those in power because a certain murderous trash from hell didn’t get “her turn.”

    The NRA should be held up as the shining example of the people coming together. An organization started by members of the Grand Army of the Republic that has as it’s membership, millions of Southerners. I repeat, they would not be coming for the gunz if they were not planning on doing things that would make us want to shoot them. In the grand scheme of things, it is not gunz control that is the objective…it is people control.

  2. MI Ranger says:

    The DeKalb County shooting leads me to believe something else might have been going on. I don’t live in a “big city” so I am not familiar with selling cologne from the truck of a car at a gas station, but does this kind of thing happen often?

    • KoB says:

      Happens all the time MI Ranger, and not just in the big city. Usually the idea is not so much to sell something as it is to set the stage for a robbery or carjacking. This particular case, and location, is the midst of the ‘hood, easy access to I-20, I-75, I-675, I 285, other state/federal routes and numerous surface side streets. Many of these streets leading into areas that the po po won’t go into after dark. This could have very easily gone bad for the shooter. There are very few areas in any of the metro regions that are safe anymore, especially after dark.

      • rgr769 says:

        After the sun goes down in these shithole cities, the feral pavement dwellers with their pants down around their thighs go on the hunt for prey. If possible, one should avoid their hunting grounds.