Berkeley, California: Unarmed Civilians Proposed for Doing Traffic Stops

| July 16, 2020 | 47 Comments

Berkeley, California proposed a plan to remove armed police from conducting traffic stops. Instead, unarmed city workers will do this task. They also plan on cutting the police budget by 50%. One of the justifications they used for this effort is that Blacks are more likely than Whites to be pulled over.

From ABC News:

Numerous studies have shown Black motorists are much more likely to be stopped by police than whites for minor traffic infractions and the results sometimes can be deadly.

Philando Castile, for example, was fatally shot after the 32-year-old was stopped for a broken tail light during a traffic stop in 2016 in Minnesota. Sandra Bland, 28, died in a jail cell three days after being stopped for failing to signal when changing lanes in Texas in 2015.

The Berkeley Police Department said Monday it does not comment on council legislation.

In a joint statement, the police unions for Los Angeles, San Jose and San Francisco said that reckless driving, speeding, driving while under the influence are all dangerous “traffic” enforcement violations.

“We do not believe that the public wants lax enforcement of those incidents by non-sworn individuals,” the unions said. “Traffic stops are some of the most dangerous actions police officers take. What happens when the felon with an illegal gun gets pulled over by the parking police? Nothing good, we’re sure of that.”

Being in a jail cell for more than a day, for being pulled over for failing to properly signal? Was there something else going on in this situation? You could read the rest of the article here.


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  1. MK75Gunner says:

    Unarmed civilians attempting to make traffic stops. What could possibly go wrong…

  2. Graybeard says:

    I think there is intentional obfuscation in this:

    Philando Castile, for example, was fatally shot after the 32-year-old was stopped for a broken tail light during a traffic stop in 2016 in Minnesota. Sandra Bland, 28, died in a jail cell three days after being stopped for failing to signal when changing lanes in Texas in 2015.

    While one may be stopped for a broken taillight, one is not shot for a broken taillight.
    While one may be stopped for failing to signal, one is not imprisoned for failing to signal.

    But for my part, I would love to see some Commifornia unarmed pansies do some traffic stops.

    It is one of the most dangerous things an LEO does.
    We may get rid of a few pansies that way.

    • Ex-PH2 says:

      Yes, there IS more going on there than just traffic stops.

      Where I inhabit this planet, if a cop pulls up behind you with the bubble lights ablazing, and you don’t know why, the correct thing to do is pull over and stop and be polite.

      And if you’re carrying drugs, don’t chew up the bag and swallow that crap, because not only will it kill you, but the cops may try to revive you while the camera is running.


      I feel much better now.

    • JBUSMC says:

      I am not on board with any of this nonsense… That being said, the Castile shooting should have never happened. In my opinion the cop was a moron in that case if memory serves me correctly.

    • Mason says:

      These articles do that intentionally. Philando was shot because he was reaching for a gun. Bland killed herself for God knows what reason.

      • JBUSMC says:

        I was under the impression he was reaching for his wallet after he told the cop he was going to get his wallet.

        • David says:

          Castile had already told him he had a CCW and was armed. He kept reaching for an inside pocket despite the cop warning him three separate times not to do so (autopsy showed both alcohol and pot in his system.) You are facing someone armed who keeps reaching in his jacket despite three separate warnings not to do so… you want to take your chances on what he pulls out of his jacket? You think you are the world’s quickdraw champ?

    • timactual says:

      Here ya go; it’s a twofer.

  3. A Proud Infidel®™ says:

    No matter what shit hits the fan, the left will always blame President trump. AS TO those picked to do that, I would first choose the crusading college snowflake monkeys and see if they’ll even last five minutes at it!

  4. 11B-Mailclerk says:

    Prediction: Two tier traffic law.

    Those who stop get tickets, pay traffic fines, get license suspended, get arrested for “wants and warrants” etc.

    Those who do not stop get no tickets, pay no fines, do not get suspended, do not get arrested for “wants and warrants”, etc.

    To make up the lost ticket revenue, fines will go up significantly, incentivising more folks to evade.

    And for reasons that the puzzled authorities will be unable to explain, crime will go up, especially violent crime.

    • just lurkin says:

      Adam Carolla says that there are two types of law enforcement-one for those with a checking account and one for those without one. He uses the example that near the one of the big cemeteries in LA cops sit and target drivers (with a checking account) for speeding meanwhile Hispanic immigrants (without a checking account) sit by the road without cops bothering them and illegally sell flowers to those going to visit graves.

      • Mason says:

        I watched a guy plead out to theft, an actual misdemeanor crime. Judge buys his sob story about having no money, no job, etc. Fine is waived, court costs waived.

        Next dude up is a speeding ticket. $125 fine and $75 court costs. You have 30 days to pay.

  5. 3E9 says:

    Apparently they’ve never seen the “Officer Down” video series.

    • Mason says:

      Or J.D. Buck Savage. Watch the hands!

      • Graybeard says:

        82nd Airborne brother was also an LEO in post-Army life.

        He tells of responding to a call where the driver was passed out at a stop sign. He walks to the drivers side and looks for weapons etc near the drivers hand.

        His (female) partner looks in the window and screams.

        Seems the driver was on his way home from spending time with his boyfriend. Nekkid as a jaybird.

        My brother had not noticed the fact up to that point.

        I think there were some other substances involved as well, come to think of it.

  6. Hack Stone says:

    Have you ever seen the Barney Miller episode where the Sanitation Police Officer pulls a gun on a litterer? Good chance that will happen here.

  7. USAFRetired says:

    Bland was pulled over for a minor traffic violation on July 10 by State Trooper Brian Encinia. The exchange escalated, resulting in Bland’s arrest and a charge for assaulting a police officer.

  8. Berliner says:

    We’re Police Officers! We’re not trained to handle this kind of violence!

  9. Mason says:

    You can’t see from behind what race a driver is. You can’t see what gender (I know that’s fluid now) is driving after dark, let alone what race they are. Even in great lighting conditions I’ve thought the driver looked one race before I got up to the car and saw he was another.

    I don’t know any cop that based stops off race. Not only would that be illegal, it’s pointless. You base your stops off behavior.

    I do think it interesting that Berkeley wants to remove highly trained police officers from traffic enforcement and put in civilians who will not have anywhere near the education requirements. I guess when your orders are “Go stop speeders, but only if they’re white” the training will be simplified.

  10. JTB says:

    I’m a bit twisted…But I hope they wear boy cams or live stream the interactions…

    • The Dead Man says:

      Haven’t you seen? After all that screeching for body cams, they suddenly became racist to wear. People suddenly wanted them gone again.

      Incidentally people requesting the body cam footage to get details on a situation that showed the context behind the police slamming a guy into the concrete has gone up.

  11. 5th/77th FA says:

    Is Larsie Boi gonna be heading this new Traffic Farce, I mean Force, up? Think we talked about this bad plan from the good idea Fairy the other day.

    Literally millions of miles driven, several traffic stops, and no telling how many “license” “safety checks” in 50 + years of driving. Hadn’t got shot yet. Is that the “white privilege” we keep hearing about? Or does it have something to do with not doing stupid stuff?

    • USAF RET says:

      whatever happened to him? Took his ball and headed home?

      • 5th/77th FA says:

        Don’t think so USAF RET. He had a comment yesterdays(?) or the day before. AW1Ed hasn’t banned him outright (yet) but had put him in moderation/comment review status for a bit. AW1Ed has been taking care of some “distractions” of late and either hasn’t reviewed the spapos seagull’s blatherings and/or he hasn’t approved the drivel spewing from the spapos seagull’s beak.

        All in all, it has been a very pleasant reprieve from the vulgarity of his delivery.

  12. Doc Savage says:

    Well, the body cams may be useful in determining who exactly melted the snowflakes as they attempted to pass out tickets….and it’ll make for some nice video clips at the annual Darwin Awards.

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