Democrats Charged with Mail-In Voter Fraud

| June 30, 2020

These four individuals have been charged with crimes related to voter fraud. Patterson New Jersey conducted a 100% mail-in election. (New Jersey Attorney General)

Paterson, New Jersey, held an “all mail-in” election. This opened the door to fraud. The article mentions that one took an unsealed ballot and turned it in sealed. Charges include tampering with public records, knowingly delivering fraudulent ballots, falsifying records, obtaining more than one ballot, etc. Almost 20% of the ballots had to be thrown out.

According to Breitbart:

Jackson, 48-years-0ld, has been charged with third-degree fraud in casting a mail-in vote, third-degree unauthorized possession of ballots, third-degree tampering with public records, and fourth-degree falsifying or tampering with records.

Mendez, the charges allege, violated state election laws when he too collected ballots from voters and delivered them to election officials without ever identifying who he was. The charges claim Mendez delivered mail-in ballots that he knew were fraudulent, in that they were filled out by an ineligible voter.

Mendez, 45-years-old, has been charged with second-degree election fraud, third-degree fraud in casting mail-in votes, third-degree unauthorized possession of ballots, third-degree false registration or transfer, third-degree tampering with public records, and fourth-degree falsifying or tampering with records.

Khalique, likewise, has been charged with third-degree fraud in casting mail-in votes, third-degree unauthorized possession of ballots, third-degree tampering with public records, and fourth-degree falsifying or tampering with records.

According to prosecutors, Khalique did not identify himself when delivering mail-in ballots to election officials.

Razyen has been charged with third-degree fraud in casting mail-in votes and third-degree unauthorized possession of ballots for allegedly procuring and possessing more than three official mail-in ballots that were not his and for which he was not authorized to deliver.

Breitbart has more information here. New Jersey’s Office of the Attorney General provides details of the mail-in election fraud in this link.

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  1. Ret_25X says:

    Mail in voting is a very bad idea.

    So bad only a media hack could defend it.

    Both parties take advantage of the inherent weaknesses and stupidity.

    But I’m sure Kummissar will be here any moment to tell us how raysis it is to point this out.

    • Hack Stone says:

      Do you mean Director Of Media Relations for a proud but humble woman owned business that sells software to the federal government Hack Stone? Hack has not been to Jersey in months.

    • Poetrooper says:

      Ol’ Poe’s so damned rayciss he at first glance thought all those perps were minorities.

      Oh wait…

  2. 5th/77th FA says:

    Tip of the iceberg. Imagine how many you’ll have in November.

  3. USMC Steve says:

    There are well over those four suspects. I heard there were like a dozen arrested so far, and more to come.

    Hopefully this might get some coverage. Most of the country does not know that over 700 people currently reside in prison, all socialist democrats, for election fraud across the country. But if word got out tht your ass might land in jail if caught, people might not want to commit election fraud and go to prison for their “beliefs”.

  4. Skippy says:

    Anything dealing with the mail and voting
    Isn’t going to turn out well

  5. AW1 Rod says:

    Gee…..who EVER could’ve predicted THIS???

  6. The Other Whitey says:

    Paterson’s population is listed as 146,199. Per the State of New Jersey’s own figures, 82,253 are registered to vote. Only 11,893 ballots were cast in Paterson for the 2019 Passaic County general election, for a depressing turnout of 14%.

    20% of the ballots in the most recent (all mail-in) election were thrown out. If we use the 2019 number (all I could find), that adds up to roughly 2,379 ballots thrown out due to fraud. 2,379 voters who were disenfranchised by these assholes. If this mail-in ballot increased voter participation the way some want to claim it would, the problem only gets worse. If the turnout were 100%, then the number of fraudulent ballots rises to 16,451. In a city with less than 150,000 people!

    Is disenfranchisement not one of the worst forms of oppression? Is it not completely antithetical to everything America stands for? These four cocksuckers did it to thousands of people. THOUSANDS. Four of them did this—that we know of.

    “Not a significant problem” my Black Irish ass.

  7. So who is really in Michael Jackson’s grave. I say call in Nick Carter Master detective to check it out. Oh by the way, the PC crowd wants to get rid of the word Master which I heard on WFTL 850AM, Fl.

    • Hack Stone says:

      Now we know how Michael Jackson won all of those MTV awards. He stuffing the ballot box.

  8. David says:

    We have had mail in ballots for years in Texas for people unable to get to the polls, with few problems. Now people are weaponizing them… this is why we can’t have nice things.

  9. SFC D says:

    This cannot be. It’s fake news. Nancy and Chuckie said so.

  10. EODJay says:

    Seagull: ThErE iS nO vOtEr FrAuD!!1!

  11. Ex-PH2 says:

    Geez, vote fraud goes on all the time in some states. Nothing new here. The Tammany Hall crowd perfected it.

    • rgr769 says:

      But, but, our commie cuttlefish says this sort of thing never happens. He has binders full of empiric evidence from his parallel universe.

      • A Proud Infidel®™ says:

        Yeah, I thought that ‘ol Major Moonbat would come and screech about this as well!

  12. Slow Joe says:

    At look at the picture of those 4 dudes charged, and I cannot see anything in common…

    Nope. I cannot see anything.

    It must be really hard to profile criminals.

  13. Comm Center Rat says:

    This mail-in ballot tampering makes the “hanging chads” of the 2000 presidential election seem frivolous by comparison.

  14. Dustoff says:

    If a certain candidate with the initials DJT, gets re elected November 3rd, expect endless re-counts and lawsuits, ala Jill Stein in 2016. With luck maybe by June 1, 2021 we’ll know who finally won.

    • UpNorth says:

      Look for suits to throw out millions of votes from both sides of the aisle. First off, I can see the R’s filing suit to have the results held, or thrown out, of any state that has passed a winner take all scheme for awarding electoral votes. Or any state that has passed a Winner of the Popular Vote Gets All of Our Electoral Votes law. That’s just for beginners.