Saint Louis Couple Defend Home From Protesters

| June 29, 2020

Couple defends home and ends up on a video that President Trump retweets. (SomeSAHM/The Donald Win)

A group of protestors headed to Mayor Lyda Krewson’s residence. They demanded that she resign. They also demanded that she take the cops with her. On their way to the mayor’s residence, the walked by a residence with an armed couple standing outside. Key leaders within the crowd coraled the entire group to continue to move to their destination.

From Townhall:

A married couple brandished firearms at a group of protesters who marched through their upscale St. Louis neighborhood on Sunday night on their way to the home of Mayor Lyda Krewson.

The male homeowner stood barefoot on his Renaissance-style porch in the Central West End neighborhood while carrying a semi-automatic weapon at around 6 p.m. local time, while his wife pointed a pistol at the gathering.

The couple confronted the group of about 300 protesters after they broke down a gate in the neighborhood, according to a local NBC affiliate.


The protesters were en route to Mayor Krewson’s home to demand her resignation after she released names and addresses of residents who suggested defunding the police department, the report said.

The couple’s “Midwestern palazzo” home was featured in St. Louis Magazine in August 2018 after they completed a major renovation.

Townhall has more information regarding the couple here. CBS News has more information regarding the demand for the mayor to step down in this article. They also talk about the couple defending their home.

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  1. JBUSMC says:

    Their neighborhood would be ashes right now had they not done what they did. Fact. Good for them.

  2. RCAF_Chairborne says:

    ” Karen, liberate the Pottery Barn. I’M storming TGI Friday’s “

  3. SFC D says:

    The “peaceful march” ended when they broke the gate and moved past the clearly posted “no trespassing” signs. Your constitutional right to peaceable assembly stops at my property line. After that, it’s discussion between you, me, and St. John Moses Browning.

    • The Other Whitey says:

      Agreed. They can do whatever the hell they want on public land, provided they don’t hurt anyone, threaten anyone, or vandalize anything (and provided they pick up their goddamn trash for once…). They crossed that line almost immediately.

      I don’t care if you live in a mansion or a single-wide, every American has the natural right to defend their home and property—and the family within—from these assholes.

    • 5th/77th FA says:

      Howitzer Be His Name SFC D!

      I can fully agree with some of comments here, ie…needs some training, ect; but, at the end of the day, they took a stand and this is what it is coming to.

      It will be up to us to train and mentor the Karens and Kens of the world. They will be the ones standing shoulder to shoulder with us.

      If our dear readers have not looked at the attached linkys, you need to. I don’t think you’ll have much problem figuring out the political leanings of the people in opposition to the homeowners of the Mayor. This comment is in n o way condoning what the Mayor said or did, but this is part of that whole goose and gander thing. Or, even, God forbid, that pot and kettle conversation.

      Oh and btw SFC D, may have to bring Mr. Kahr, Mr. Remington, Mssrs Smith and Wesson, call up Ol’ Mossy, an Oriental Friend Studly Kinda Sinner, possibly Colonel Colt and some feller that had a Ford Automobile named after him. They like to party too.

      • timactual says:

        They seemed to know enough to keep their fingers off the triggers. That alone makes them above average.

        • USMC Steve says:

          That is true, but you don’t point a loaded weapon at anyone unless you are going to shoot them. He was not so bad, but she was waving that handgun all over the place. In St Louis that is probably a crime in and of itself.

          • MI Ranger says:

            While I am not a lawyer…and slept at home last night. They likely were not arrested due to the fact that they were brandishing on private property behind a locked gate…which was broken down. Therefore they were lawfully brandishing within city limits.

            But yes, they need more range time…and she needs to sit through the initial training again to be reminded of rule number four!

        • Green Thumb says:

          Some of the “other” media is hitting the couple pretty hard.

          No mention of the smashed gate.

          I mean, you are taking a nap, eating lunch, getting on with the old lady, whatever, and 300 folks come marching, screaming and hollering down the road (in a private community).

          Yeah. Its cool. Happens everyday.

          In the video, one can see some of the protestors pointing fingers and yelling at the couple. But hey, its cool. Happens all the time.

          • Fjardeson says:

            I noticed that media spin – omitting the broken gate – also. The broken gate and illegal entry to private property negate any brandishing charges. The marchers are trespassing (and also, committed breaking-and-entering). The lady, though, needs some safety courses.

        • MustangCryppie says:

          Look at the pic at the top again. She’s got her finger on the trigger for sure.


          I am a huge believer in the 2nd Amendment, but it scares the shit out of me at the people who get a gun and have no clue how to handle it safely.

          • The Other Whitey says:

            Once saw a guy (swear to God, it wasn’t me) bring his stripper girlfriend to the range once. At least, I assume she was a stripper, based on the excessive makeup, huge fake tits, skimpy clothing, and lack of a single functional neuron. It took her swinging a shotgun 360 with her booger hook on the bang switch and flagging the whole range three times before the RSO kicked them out.

            I’ve successfully taught at least a dozen women to shoot (also succeeded in having sex with most of them* afterwards—the last of those being the one I’m now married to, but that’s beside the point). I never took one to the range without first making sure she was smart enough to not kill anybody via stupidity.

            * Not including one who is my cousin and another who’s a lesbian. The latter is a friend & coworker who asked me for instruction.

      • The Other Whitey says:

        In addition to Saint John Moses himself, my household is secured by (among others) Mr. John Garand, the Mauser brothers, Sergei Gavrilovich Simonov, Grandaddy Winchester, Carbine Williams, the good folks of Royal Small Arms Factory Enfield, and some Croatian dude whose name I’ll never be able to pronounce.

        There was a time when events like these would have me stashing guns and ammo all over the house for quick access, but now I have small children, so that’s no longer an option. Still, pistols are easy to place out of a 6-year-old’s reach, and I can get whatever else I need out of the secure storage appliance in a hurry. I doubt I’ll need it in my out-of-the-way mountain community, but better to have it and not need it, as they say.

    • rgr769 says:

      The entire subdivision, including the couple’s home is private property. The law is clear that one has the right to defensively threaten deadly force even when one is k not privileged to use it. Also, Missouri has one of the strongest Castle Doctrine laws in the nation. The “peaceful” protestors were threatening to burn down their house and kill them. And some of the BLM mob were armed. That is when this proggy lawer went inside and grabbed the guns. You can hear his side of the story on TuCa’s show tonight.

  4. Comm Center Rat says:

    I love it when rich people take a armed stand rather than hire others to “protect” them. Granted I would probably have been wearing my hiking boots and my Spousal Unit would have been armed with more than a single pistol. Anyway I like this couple’s efforts.

    I used to live in a private housing development with a substantial HOA fee. Many of the homes sold for over $500,000 and over half the residents were second homeowners who spent the winter in Florida. It was not a gated community and once some undesirables rolled up to our clubhouse to take a swim in the pool with their youngins. I put an end to that shit right quick. If you don’t fight back from the first violation they’ll keep coming back for more.

    No retreat, no surrender!

    • NavyNuke says:

      I love how you feel like keeping poor people out of a pool is your task and mission in life now lol. If you ask me, I hate my HOA more than any protesters. Talk about first amendment rights and freedom, HOAs squash more expression than my COVID mask.

      Forget the rich. They should invest in some small arms training if they want to play peacekeeper and I’ll stomp their lawn in the meantime.

      • Comm Center Rat says:

        No I gave up that “mission” seven years ago primarily because of the high HOA fee which tripled in just 7 years. The Kens and Karens telling me what kinds of flowers and plants are authorized in front of my unit also pissed me off. I’ll never live that way again.

        Today, my compound is on four acres on the edge of a small town in a rural area. I’ll never apologize for defending what’s mine. I learned long ago that most Americans interpret kindness as weakness and there is no nobility in poverty. Doesn’t mean I’m not generous and charitable but property rights are inalienable.

        Just be careful who’s lawn you decide to stomp. Wouldn’t want some rich guy with firearms training taking down a Navy submariner. LOL

        • NHSparky says:

          Don’t assume he’s (or she) is a submariner simply because they’re a nuke. Targets such up lots of nukes.

          Too bad this one isn’t smart enough to figure out private property is just that.

      • Thunderstixx says:

        It doesn’t matter if they are rich or poor, if the pool is for exclusive use of people that pay for it, then the general public may legally be excluded

  5. I read the demoRAT lame stream media Reichstag on my PC which is one of the arms of obamas shadow govt slow moving coup and the real deal was that the road the A-Holes were marching on is the communities private road which the home owners pay for and is private property.

  6. Slow Joe says:

    That couple look like rich liberals who always voted prog, but the harsh reality forced then to use their 2nd amendment rights and buy black evil guns to protect their life investments.

    I can tell from a mile away they have never even fired a gun in a range. Zero gunz skillz.

    • The news a couple of weeks ago were that liberals were storming gun stores trying to buy firearms and were pissed off that they had to go through the process of buying a firearm. turns out that they watch cnn and LSMFT cable, and think that they could go into the gun store and buy firearms over the counter like you would buy stuff in your local super market.

    • Ex-PH2 says:

      Where I come from (here on the top of an ancient dune), if I want to rent a gun at the local run range, I have to have a license or they will just say, ‘Bye, see ya’.

      Guess I’d better get that part taken care of….

      • David says:

        That’s because you don’t live in a free state.

        Joe is right,, I would not worry about anything but that woman hitting me accidentally once. She’s gonna limpwrist that .380 so bad it won’t fire twice.

        Not mentioned is that not only is this street private it is gated, and the marchers broke through one of the gates. More interesting, the mayor whose dismissal is being demanded is a (D) – they are indeed starting to eat their own.

        • Green Thumb says:

          In the original article that I read online (CNN I think), they left out here political affiliation.

          First time I have seen that in a very long time. I wonder why?

          • David says:

            “The route reportedly passed the home of Mayor Lyda Krewson (D), where protesters chanted: “Resign Lyda, take the cops with you.” The Post-Dispatch reported that demonstrators also painted “RESIGN” in the street outside her home.”
            HuffPo says it so it must be true!

          • NHSparky says:

            Did a little Google-Fu and if this is the correct gent, he’s Republican (and a Trump supporter.)

            • Comm Center Rat says:

              OK Sparky, then I’m gonna overlook him wearing a pink Polo shirt.


            • Thunderstixx says:

              No he’s not, check Instapundit…
              Supports BLM, votes d-rat, practicing attorney currently representing a black man in a police abuse situation and all the other left wing blue checks.
              They think that because they do all that liberal crap that they should be immune to the protestors and that the “peaceful protestors” should go after whatever conservative lives down the street…
              The worst part to me was the complete silence of the GOP Governor Parson, a Veteran with 6 years serving in the US Army, no further information given.
              He also was the Sheriff of Polk County Missouri for 22 years before entering politics in 2005.
              He didn’t say a single word of support for the couple that clearly were in the right after the bml broke through an iron gate and proceeded to accost them as they stood up to the pukes…
              Parsons as well as most of the rest of the GOP are a huge bunch of lily livered, linguini spined bunch of crybabies looking for their binky’s when the time to stand up for America comes knocking…..
              Makes me sick.
              Trump is the only one that stands up for us, even here in Texas, Cruz and Cornyn have ran for the exits as the big meanies in the press have started ganging up on them….
              Fucking asswipes…

    • Anonymous says:

      He’s at least been in the service (or watched The A-team a lot as a kid). She shouldn’t have a Slinky, let alone a Walther PPK.

  7. Arby says:

    I see them as a couple of dumbasses who give other legal gun owners a bad name. They have no clue about how to handle their weapons safely. They wave them around like toys, even at each other. They really need an NRA Gun Safety course.

    • Green Thumb says:


      But no one messed with their shit.

    • Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH B Woodman says:

      I see these two as ignorant, not stoopid.
      Ignorance can be educated, stoopid is forever.

    • Club Manager, USA retired says:

      My thought exactly. Absolutely no reason to display a weapon at that point. Nothing wrong with having one nearby in the event the crowd turned on their property. This is exactly the type of dumb shit behavior by amateurs that gives gun owners a bad name.

      • Cobrakai99 says:

        Except the crowd was on their property. Not just on the private road in the neighborhood. There are also photos of “gentlemen” in the crowd pointing weapons at the couple.

    • Sapper3307 says:

      Send them to Thunder Ranch!

  8. JustALurkinAround says:

    From the Wikies:

    “While alderman of St. Louis’s 28th ward Krewson took out a home equity loan in 2003 to help fund an unsuccessful campaign against Missouri’s concealed carry law, which passed. In 2011, she led the city’s successful effort to pass a smoking ban.”

    This paragon of liberty seems to have some pretty nice digs if that house in the video is any indication. So unusual that a Dim politician would chose to live in an upscale, gated community, while “serving” as the Mayor of Saint Lew-ie.

    In a tragic note, her first husband was murdered during an attempted car-jacking. The thug shot him with a shotgun in the presence of the [now] mayor and their children. She’s still against concealed carry though.

    Something about liberalism being a mental something or other…

  9. Green Thumb says:

    Nothing to see here.

    Moving along….

  10. Bill R. says:

    They showed piss poor firearms safety but I fully support them regardless.

  11. A Proud Infidel®™ says:

    I don’t blame then ONE bit for defending what’s theirs, but they could REALLY use some good Firearms Instruction!

    • Green Thumb says:

      Pissed of women with pistols would keep me moving along a nice pace.

    • Comm Center Rat says:

      Absolutely. It’s embarrassing watching them both carelessly handle their weapons and parade around crossing into each other’s field of fire. But I do give them credit for taking a stand to protect their property. If I was rich enough to live in a gated community and the gate was crashed I’d take that as invitation to deploy my arsenal of liberty too.

  12. E4 Mafia '83-'87 says:

    No shots fired, no property damage, the ‘crowd’ moved along. I’m sure this will become SOP, and you’ll see these looneys stick to their own territory lest they be educated by thew likes of Mr’s Walther, Browning, Smith, Wesson…ect.

  13. Hack Stone says:

    In the homeowners defense, those Jehovah’s Witnesses can be pretty aggressive.

    • MustangCryppie says:

      My father was sick for years with emphysema and was pretty much house bound.

      The Jehovah Witnesses used to come by the house fairly often. My dad was so bored and lonely that he would invite them in for tea and a snack. I bet THAT didn’t happen often!

      I think in the end they just came back for the chat and snacks. There wasn’t a snowball’s chance in hell they would convert my Ireland born and raised, hard-core Catholic father. I guffaw at just the thought of it.

      • Fjardeson says:

        I always offered the Mormons a drink of ice water. Those guys always looked overheated and tired.

  14. nobunny says:

    Does anyone have a good source for home defense
    advice (book, website), as far as tactics, firing positions, cover/concealment considerations, etc.? We live in a typical cornfield community. I wish we had a compound right now.

    • OWB says:

      Best place to start is at your local gun store. If they don’t have what you want, they can order it for you – and you are supporting a local business. Besides, they can get into more detail about your specific needs, something none of us can possibly know, nor do we need to know.

      • nobunny says:

        We are good on weapons. Would just like to hear or read thoughts on if a mob is moving towards your house. Most home defense articles discuss a home invasion, a few invaders.

        • 5th/77th FA says:

          nobunny, Foo Gas and Claymores are ideal perimeter defense items, but unfortunately, there are restrictive laws against using them. Damn It! In some areas of the country a fence, with a locked gate, and posted signs is considered to be just like the doors/windows of your home, giving you the right to defend against intrusion. When the SHTF you may not concern yourself so much with the legalities of what you had to do to defend hearth and home. A chain link fence with a switchable electrification system may be an option. Brigading up with neighbors and family in a hardsite is all well and good, but remember, in the battle between armor and warhead, warhead will eventually win. One major concern that we all need to keep in the back of our minds is the #s of sleeper agents out there that may have an arsenal of heavier weapons than the average homeowner has. And what about the antifa types that may have infiltrated the Active duty or Reserve Components with the keys to the arms rooms and or tracks?

          Too bad we can’t all have an A10 warthog, or an AC130 gunship loitering on station waiting for a target to be identified.

          • Firebase says:

            In lieu of an A-10 or a C-130, how about the civilian version of an MWD, Military Working Dog, which is generally of the Belgian Malinois or German Shepherd breed. A couple of good-sized MWD’s, barking their heads off from behind the fence, is certainly an adequate (and perfectly legal) first line of defense.

        • USMC Steve says:

          If it is a likely event, go out and paint a solid yellow or red line about 50 meters out from your house. That is the death strip. Should a herd of dumbass come up on you, give them one loud warning that if they cross the death strip, you are considering them as a potentially lethal and dangerous threat, and you will open fire. (be sure to have a loaded weapon handy at this point.) If they continue to brandish their pitchforks and act stupid, and cross that line, aim for the heads of the ones in front. The spray of brain matter on the ones behind them will most likely bring on an attack of common sense and they will depart. Don’t just bang one or two, but keep firing until they retreat. Remember that next to trained infantry, a mob is one of the most dangerous things you can encounter. Don’t take them lightly.

          • nobunny says:

            Thanks KOB and Steve. I have to wonder though, do you think it would be better to stand out in the open (in a “I know damn good n well how to use this here weapon” stance) or remain inside partially concealed near a window and shout commands? I realize this would be a so very fluid situation… but I am a scenario thinker. Best way to save your buddy’s life? Be prepared. And yes, access to an A-10 would be oh so fine.

            • 5th/77th FA says:

              Semi concealed and shout out. The bad guy most probably has a back up, out of your view. Practice that whole situational awareness thing and be prepared to fire and move. This couple woulda got their asses handed to them in short order. The devil dog has some straight up good intel with the deadline. That’s where the fence can come in handy. If the barbarians are coming thru the wire, there is no doubt that they intend to do you harm. When you can’t tell the sheep from the goats, that makes them all goats.

              • nobunny says:

                Thank you both for your advice. Believe it or not this is an ongoing debate in my household. I am in the “stay the hell inside and shoot out… as much as you can.” Tactics. My DH (not combat arms) thinks a presence on the lawn is necessary. I have nothing but cadet knowledge and “Well, HONEY, I think my cop/Army/USMC friends (I have those IRL) would tell that is a good idea if you wanna die.”

            • USMC Steve says:

              I am very sorry, I didn’t mention that. Having done stuff like this, it is kind of second nature, and I forgot to mention that. Definitely find some decent cover. Make sure they can see you a little though, so they can see the weapon about to be fired at them.

          • Fjardeson says:

            A tasteful sign that says

            “IF YOU CAN READ THIS,
            YOU ARE IN RANGE.”

            often works. My Godfather had these on his farm.

  15. Anonymous says:

    Reached for comment, Joe “Burnin’ Rubber on the Short Bus” Biden had this to say:

  16. xyzzy says:

    BLM – Burn, Loot, Murder.

  17. Bubblehead Ray says:

    To be fair, the husband said that his wife knows nothing about firearms, but she knows about being so scared she grabs one anyway. Perhaps now they’ll both get some training. As for facing down a violent mob with one weapon, I would adopt the Steven Segal philosophy… if rushed, I’ll get an “A” for effort

  18. 11B-Mailclerk says:

    That video just goes to show that what you -have- when the stuff hits the fan is probably not how you imagined it, or planned it.

    In so very many ways…..

    Barefoot and wearing a pink golf shirt, to face a potential violent mob. Yeah, that was -not- on his “likely to happen” list.

  19. Carmen says:

    You’re right.The couple only was protecting their home.