Another Night, Another Rampage

| June 25, 2020

This may also frost your patience, but there’s a reason for the Wisconsin governor’s response.

The Wisconsin governor activated the National Guard after two statues (one of them an Abolitionist/Civil War officer who fought on the side of the Union) were toppled by rioters and a state senator was injured by the rioters when he tried to take a cellphone video of them.

From the article:   MADISON, Wis. — Wisconsin’s governor activated the National Guard on Wednesday to protect state properties after a night of violence that included the toppling of two statues outside the state Capitol, one of which commemorated an abolitionist Civil War hero.

Protesters also attacked a state senator, threw a Molotov cocktail into a government building and attempted to break into the Capitol Tuesday night, only to be repelled by pepper spray from police stationed inside. The violence broke out as a group of 200 to 300 people protested the arrest of a Black man who shouted at restaurant customers through a megaphone while carrying a baseball bat.

On Wednesday night, about 40 people gathered peacefully outside the county jail where the man was being held, calling for his release. A crowd of about 100 people congregated outside the Capitol, where one of the statues used to stand, as Madison police watched. There was no sign of the National Guard.

Gov. Tony Evers, who toured the damage from Tuesday night and said the violence was in “stark contrast” to earlier peaceful protests, said he was activating the National Guard “to make sure people can exercise their First Amendment rights while ensuring the safety of members of the public and state buildings and infrastructure.”

“If your goal was to advance social justice and policing reforms in the state of Wisconsin and making sure systemic racism is a thing of the past, you failed,” Evers said of the protesters on WTMJ-AM. – article

Sit through the Sheriff’s address (video embedded in the article) to the media. It’s worth it.  There was no reason to do what those people do, but they are attacking statues of anything including war heroes, period, and they don’t care which side those veterans represented in any war.

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Just Lurkin

Ann Althouse lives in Madison and has been covering all this on her blog


The hardcore Marxists will continue escalating until they draw live-ammo fire, creating martyrs, then shriek “massacre!” And “excessive force!”.

They intend violent overthrow of the Constitution and the US Government, and they are going about it in the same-old Marxist way, including use of various front groups, stooges, “anarchists” who are not, and outright “useful idiots” who are both.

Folks best wake up to that reality.

George V

Agreed. This is no longer about BLM or any other issue other than tearing down the USA. It’s the same playbook followed in the Russian revolution, Germany in the fall of the Weimar Republic, China, and Cuba.

The people now inciting these mobs don’t care about rights, improving lives or making this country better. They simply want to be the ones holding the whip over the other citizens of the nation. All the words about equality are just empty slogans.

At some point local governments have to say “Enough” and start enforcing the law. Peaceable assembly is in the Bill of Rights. Vandalism, looting, assault of bystanders is not.

By enforcing the law is the republic kept safe. Allowing violence will beget more violence from the rioters. It will not miraculously get better on it’s own.


“This time, it is -non- violent”
“This time, they will get Marxism -right-!”


Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH B Woodman

“escalating until they draw live-ammo fire, creating martyrs, then shriek “massacre!” And “excessive force!”.”

Which is why I advocate the use of paintball pellets (indelible UV paint) and beanbag rounds. No dead, but lots of “OWIEs!”


If you freeze some brands of paintballs…

Huey Jock

I advocate the re-introduction of the M-1 Garand with a box magazine like the M-14, and a 7 inch bayonet just for stateside National Guard. Because the Mattel shoot-n-shell M-4 doesn’t have the jaw and teeth crunching mass to effect respect from the demonstraters/rioters that insist on trying to intimidate local law enforcement.

No weapon since the M-1 has the close in intimation factor of the full wood forestock.

Huey Jock

I forgot to add, re-chamber for NATO 7.62. Or even 5.56 but keep the barrel mass and length for effective head-whuppin.

Huey Jock

Meant to say intimidation on first post.


So if the statue just looks old, it must be a racist old Confederate and they just pull it down.

This is what happens when education systems suck, a lot of these folks don’t go to school or are socially promoted even if they never cracked a book, and no one even attempts to teach true history anymore.

Fuck them and start enforcing the laws to protect public and private property and lives.

Sooner I hope than later this will come to an end. It came come easy or come hard. But if it comes to a hard end, no one will care to even listen to their rants anymore. They will be worse off than when they began this crap and have no one to blame but themselves. I know they will never see it that way.

“You can’t teach a pig to sing. It wastes your time and it annoys the pig.”

Green Thumb

History eludes these folks.

Green Thumb

I also loves how the Lt. Gov blames everyone but the folks who actually did it.

What a clown.


Love how they want to tear down the Emancipation statue because, even though funded by freed slaves and erected in 1876 it was “done without their consultation.”

Fucking idiots, the whole lot of them. Disgraces.


Yeah…when in doubt, if it’s a statue…..TEAR IT DOWN!!!

These clowns defaced the Stevie Ray Vaughan memorial in Texas.


Hanging is too damn good for these fools.

A Proud Infidel®™

Mindless maggot minions, all of them. I wonder if even a single one of them has ever had a job doing anything other than flipping burgers, mopping floors , washing dishes or taking out the trash?

5th/77th FA

It will not end until the destroyers are destroyed themselves. Don’t like it here? Then leave.

Anybody still think that all of this is not a concentrated attempt by the foreign and domestic enemies of our country to destroy our way of life? Keep feeding your useless idiots lefties. They may eat you last, but you will still be eaten.


Kinda sorta related, as it is part of the “outrage index”:

Turns out – it was a noose. The picture in the below article is pretty clear. Not a proper 13-loop “hangman”, but that is a noose.

I suspect some bored/juvenile person tied multiple pull-ropes that way, long before Bubba was even in consideration. I have seen such antics elsewhere.


Yup. It was a noose tied by some bored dumbass. It wasn’t a hate crime, just random douchebaggery by someone who probably didn’t even consider the racial aspect.


It’s been in that garage stall since last year.


Yeah that kinds threw a wrench on the whole “hate crime on Bubba” narrative.


Giving the benefit of the doubt.

He sees “noose”. It is a “known hate thing” used to send hate. (Burning cross, white hood, noose, etc)

I can see him being a tad peeved.

Yup. Pre exists him. Probably put in several places by some bored person, or metalhead.

Maybe someone(s) decided to ad-lib some drama. Who knows?

But yes, that -was- a noose.

Best response to a hate-thing noose? Get a white hand towel, make a cone. Use a sharpie to add “eyes” near the point and KKK on the “skirt” to make a “Klan doll” , and hang it with the noose.

Back at cha!


Definitely a noose. Also one of the most efficient slip knots at neatly packaging excess line accessibly, but who cars.

Slow Joe

Why is it that Republican appointed Supreme Court Justices “evolve” Left while Democrat justices never evolve right?

Why can Democrats trust their justices will always vote left?

What’s the secret?


Insanity is infectious.


Always follow the money, bought or compromised or both.


I believe people want to be liked. If you are a conservative in DC, I can imagine it’s a pretty cold place, not being invited to all the right cocktail parties and such. So it becomes a case of conform or be frozen out.


So throw your own parties. Don’t go to theirs. Be yourself, boldly.